Here’s What Colorado Looks Like 6 Months into Legalization

July 1st 2014 marked the 6 month anniversary of the launch of Colorado’s great social experiment – the legalization and regulation of marijuana for all adults age 21 and over.  News coverage of the state’s highly scrutinized, yet burgeoning retail cannabis industry has been lukewarm, but a review of the last six months shows that (although inconclusive in its early stages) this policy has not only failed to cause the reefer madness social breakdown predicted by prohibitionists, it appears that this new industry is starting to positively impact the state and its communities.

Colorado is projected to save tens of millions of dollars in law enforcement expenses this year.  Job opportunities continue to open up and revenue is expected grow at an unprecedented rate – a significant portion of which has already been allocated to public schools and education programs.

 Below are five positive social and economic developments that can be attributed to Colorado’s 6-month old retail cannabis market:

$69,527,760 in retail marijuana pot sales.

10,000 people working in the marijuana industry(1,000-2,000 gaining employment in last few months)

– 5.2% decrease in violent crime in the city of Denver.

– No Colorado stores found selling to minors.  

$10.8 million in tax revenue (not including licensing fees)


All in all, these first few months have shown in practice that the benefits of legalization significantly outweigh those of prohibition, both morally and economically.   One can’t deny that there will be bumps in the road.   As this new market continues to evolve we should be prepared for the emergence of new, unanticipated issues.  However, one can be comforted in the fact that any rising concerns are being addressed and rectified in a responsible and expeditious manner – both on the part of lawmakers and industry leaders.  As Colorado moves forward, and more states begin to implement similar policies, the politicians and the population will see that this is the right policy for our children, our economy and our society.

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  1. I under stand that beer and wind sales are down 9.4 percent. I belive this is why V-Crime is down.With more and more cannabis stores opening up in Colorado u shuld see a drop i V-Crime. If they would pruduce a strain that is cheaper than the black market and cut down on the over tax u will see the blake market slowy go away

  2. The reasonwhy beer and wins sales are down is because booze heads have learn its beeter to get stone than drunk

  3. I’m proud of the folks in Colorado. They’ve done a great job getting the legal recreational mj shops going, and keeping to all the rules.

    I’ve noted in another post that I went to Denver some 3-4 weeks ago with my wife. Besides seeing a Rockies game, we, of course, paid a visit (or two) to Denver’s version of a coffeeshop. As I noted in the other post, it felt like we were in a candy store, what with all the choices, and all the delicious smells.

    I wholeheartedly recommend going to that great state for a visit, if you can afford to. I’ve been to Amsterdam twice, and the feeling I had in Denver was similar: it was a distinct feeling of freedom. The fact that you can walk down the street, with 1/4 oz on you (a full oz if you’re a local), and not get bothered by “the man” is an indescribable feeling. If felt that way in Amsterdam, too.

    Amsterdam was better in that you could smoke there at the coffeeshop, or take it back to your hotel.

    Denver was better in that it is actually legal–unlike Amsterdam, where it’s essentially “tolerated.”

    For those of you who can’t afford to visit the Rocky Mtns anytime soon, keep the faith, your day is coming. I’m gonna give my Rep a call again soon. I’m also thinking of getting actively involved in legalization.

  4. I think among the biggest bumps on the road so far are the sweetened edibles. I like brownies and the long lasting, intense high, but little kids like brownies, too. I saw on CSPAN regulators are looking at eCigarettes and their use of flavors to appeal to children. The good news is a stoned kid would not OD and not develop a lifelong, energy draining addiction. On the other hand I keep hearing weed is bad for a developing brain. I’d like to see studies following the developmental progress of the children whose seizures respond well to marijuana.

    Incidentally, I saw DC is likely to have a legalization measure on the ballot this year. I also saw that a representative in congress had sponsored a Bob-Barr like amendment for DC’s new decriminalization law. Who would do this? My own representative Dr Andy Harris. The physician who responded to my medical marijuana letters by citing irreproducible studies from 30+ years ago.

  5. I think the biggest bump is the Federal Banking laws that make it hard for stores to do anything but a cash business. I understand that there are few banks out there that do do business and they are on the forefront of the next fight. I hope those in Colorado(like me) and Washington don’t give up the fight for the other states to have our kind of freedom.

  6. @Gailileo, Andy Harris sent me 3 studies all of them over 30 years old and DOJ funded. His answer to my question about the un-regulated and unfettered access children currently have to cannabis was for more robust enforcement. Let’s ruin our children’s chances for jobs, and educational loans because Andy has friends in the pharmaceuticals business. Blacks are 3 times more likely to be arrested for possession in his district but represent under 20% of the population. He is not in my district but I will be supporting his opposition this fall. Prohibitionist like Andy Harris should not be allowed to self-serve his puppeteers.

  7. Colorado got it right. Tax. Regulate. Spend the revenue on education. Wasnt it like the first $5 million that had to be spent on public schools? And the revenue has already doubled? Does anyone know if this revenue is paying for a defecit of funding for fire fighters that arose out of the federal sequester? Could the responsibility of Congress to deschedule cannabis ever be more clear and obvious leading up to elections? There’s a headline; “Marijuana Revenue Keeps Colorado Firefighters Looking for Smoke.”

  8. Soooo weed is paying for law enforcement instead of law enforcement being paid to confiscate weed. Ohhhh how the tables have turned hahahaha

  9. “And what abaout negattive aspects? Is there any?”

    Hmm, what could be bad about legal marijuana? If you think it is just another kind of alcohol, then yeah I can see someone making the mistake of believing there will be trouble that there will have to be some negatives, but it is not like alcohol. It does not turn off a person ability to think and right there that makes it so much safer than alcohol. Alcohol can turn meek people into rapists–why? Because three quarters of their brain was turned off on the way to passing out. And since you know it turns off your ability to think before you start partying, you’re totally responsible for whatever problems you then cause even if you can’t remember what happened later on.

    Don’t set yourself up for criminal liability with alcohol, smoke buds instead.

  10. All of the medical marijuana and legalization in other states is downright killing me. I live in a red state and may well be the last place on earth to have legal medical (which I could easily qualify for) or recreational weed and it’s driving me nuts. I read articles about people in California who are discussing dabbing and oil rigs (I don’t even know what the hell that is !), etc. as if they live on another planet where they are free and have been for a long time. Yet, where I live, they’re still kicking doors down, shooting pets or anything else that moves.People are spending thousands of dollars hiring lawyers , going to jail, paying huge fines and doing community service,drug counseling and drug tests, etc.and 23 states have medical & 2 states legal recreational. It sucks to be me !


    Dear Governor Terry Mc Auliffe (and anyone else I can get to read

    As of 2012, 38 states receive a $4,000 incentive for each child
    adopted out over

    the baseline. Virginia is one of them. That amount was raised to
    $4,500 in December of

    2013. I believe extra incentive (more money) is given for older and/or
    “special needs”

    children. This would explain why great lengths are often taken to
    label a child with

    ADD, ADHD, OCD, etc.

    Please refer to this link used by “educators” recruiting and training
    social workers

    across this country. Please
    also see

    Incentives on the latter site state even higher amounts. The money the
    state of Virginia

    made on children is disgusting! This is interesting, THERE ARE NO


    My grandchildren have been “legally” kidnapped from their mother and

    loving family. It seems that Social Services/CPS have and continue to
    shamelessly and

    confidently extort money from the government by doing so.

    My daughter has been convicted of misdemeanor possession of

    (marijuana paraphernalia). My daughter has cooperated and complied
    with the courts

    every step of the way even while under the most difficult circumstances
    (i.e. no vehicle,

    so she walked to visitation, court dates, appointments) . Even so,
    her children have been

    taken, parent rights taken, appeal denied. The children have been
    given to her in-laws

    that were absolute strangers before this nightmare began. The children
    have been denied

    contact with their mother and all of their family even after it was
    stated in court that it

    would be detrimental to the children to be kept from their family.

    As you know, CPS workers get bonus money depending on how many

    they remove from their families and soc service/cps is rewarded
    thousands per child that

    they adopt to different families. The CPS worker involved in taking my

    from their loving, capable mother is named Kelly Young. She is married
    to a cop in the

    same city. I feel that every case she has been involved with should be
    evaluated. She is a

    shameless liar and I feel her “authority” is very misused as is her
    husbands. Their tactics

    are less than honorable. Kelly Young even left her own newborn baby to
    be in the

    courtroom to watch my daughters pain. She was on maternity leave and
    had no business

    being there.

    I could go on and on about the sickening details in our case but I
    would rather you

    hear it from the lawyer who handled my daughters case, Edith Minn

    I have been advised and urged by many people to alert you of all of
    this. No one

    should lose their children forever over misdemeanor paraphernalia
    possession or even

    marijuana possession. I am ashamed of your system allowing our
    beautiful happy healthy

    children to be kept by those self-righteous religious fanatics that
    have addictions to

    painkillers, alcohol and money.

    We tried complaining about Kelly Young to her superiors Mrs. Gaylik in

    Fredericksburg and Susan Power in Richmond… they did nothing (Susan
    Powers didn’t

    even return a single phone call) because they all stand to make a lot
    of money so why

    would they do anything?

    We have made several complaints to social service worker Ali Shilling

    about the mistreatment of the children by the Journigans. She did

    I have pictures taken in the soc service office to back up our
    complaints and concerns…

    matted hair, filthy bottle, (no wonder the baby had thrush) filthy baby
    blanket, nail polish

    on the new born, PICTURES TAKEN IN THE DSS BUILDING!! I even have a

    of “grampy” Journigan hiding a beer behind his back while at a dinosaur
    park. I wonder

    who drove home that night? Why did he feel the need to hide his beer?

    Oh! Ask me about the evaluation that Margret Journigan ordered to try
    to pin

    some ADD, ADHD, & OCD on my grandson.. Tell me how it was “faxed”
    between the

    King George High school (where Margret Journigan works) to the KG

    (where her daughter works) more than a year before the “crime” even

    Someone forgot to white out the dates at the top of that fax when they
    were fudging it!

    The children are not at all being considered! What your system is
    allowing and

    encouraging is abuse and neglect! Its all about money.. Shame shame

    The following people have adversely and profoundly effected the lives
    of my

    grandchildren, the lives of my family members and most likely the lives
    of many other families

    in Virginia.

    KELLY YOUNG- CPS worker : Lies in court. Does she waive her immunity
    to prosecution?

    I’ve never heard her say those words. She also bullies and threatens
    people with police

    (her husband). Of course she wouldn’t want the children with me
    because I would never keep

    them from their mother and I would not be willing to pin false labels
    on them (ADD, ADHD,

    OCD) therefore, none of them would make any bonus money.

    OFFICER JOE YOUNG- Fredericksburg city cop:

    Is he married to Kelly Young? I believe so.

    When asked if he is married to Kelly, did he get nervous and tell me,
    ‘no, I don‘t know her‘?

    Yes he did.

    Would he use his cop uniform to intimidate people when he delivers
    questionable documents for

    Kelly? Yes he would.

    When the subject of Kelly Young was brought up did he then refuse to
    hand over the papers he

    initially attempted to serve? Yes he did.

    BRANDY BENNETT- CPS worker: Lies in court for Kelly young.

    Thursday, August 2nd, 2012. In court, under oath, Brandy reiterated
    Kelly Young’s lie

    about cocaine being found in my daughter’s house.

    Defense lawyer, David Denali, asked Brandy Bennett who it was that
    told her there was

    cocaine in the house. Brandy replied that her co-worker, Kelly Young,
    told her there was

    cocaine in the house. Mr. Denali then asked her, “Did you ever speak
    with any police or

    investigators”? Brandy Bennett said, “No”. To that, Mr. Denali said,
    “So you don’t know that

    subsequently there was NO cocaine found in the house”. Brandy’s face
    became very red and she

    stuttered, “No, I did not know that”.– We are still trying to make
    them remove that from the


    MICHELLE MATHEWS- CPS worker: Tampers with urine tests.

    Friday, July 27th, 2012, Michelle Mathews took the visitation urine
    tests instead of Ali

    the DSS worker who normally conducted the urine tests. Michelle
    Mathews claimed my son-in

    -law’s urine was positive for marijuana. He told her that was not
    possible and insisted she send

    it to lab. He was not allowed visitation that day. (Later, it was
    told in court that the results

    were a “false positive”). Michelle didn’t know that he had passed a
    urine test approximately

    twenty four hours earlier during his court ordered drug evaluation and
    she couldn’t know that he

    would pass yet another urine test approximately forty eight hours later
    at the hospital after their

    baby was born. She felt comfortable lying, he was not allowed to see
    his children.

    Michelle Mathews was at my daughters house, April 6th, 2012, the night
    the house was invaded

    by police. The children were asleep in their room. Michelle Mathews
    stated in court at the

    removal hearing that the children appeared clean and healthy. The
    judge at the removal hearing

    said there was no evidence of child abuse or drug abuse. I believe
    that judge’s name was

    Stevenson. We never saw him again.

    JAY VANCE- Lawyer for CPS (I hear he is now a Judge, Gods help us all.)

    August 2nd, 2012.

    Jay Vance told Judge Peterson, in court, the following lies:

    1. He said that my daughter and son-in-law did not do their
    drug/psychological evaluations. By

    some miracle or stroke of luck, the Doctor who did the evaluations
    happened to be in court that

    morning for someone else’s case and she was able to verify, with date
    and times, to lawyers and

    Judge Peterson that the evaluations were actually done.

    2. Jay Vance and CPS workers told Judge Peterson that my daughter and
    son-in-law had left the

    newborn in the care of someone named “Carlos” and insinuated that
    “Carlos” was a sex offender.

    Defense lawyer, David Denali, asked Judge Peterson how CPS could know
    if this “Carlos” is a

    sex offender (indicated by a #6 after the name “Carlos”) when they
    didn’t even have a last name

    for “Carlos“. Mr. Denali also reminded the court that the baby was
    taken from the hospital so

    there was no opportunity to leave the baby with anyone. Jay Vance’s
    feeble response went like

    this, “Your Honor, I can see why Mr. Denali would think that’s what we
    meant. That is a

    mistake on our part. We meant for that #6 to be on the previous page
    after the #5” .

    He actually said that.

    3. Jay Vance mentioned son-in-law’s “failed drug test” taken on
    Friday, July 27th 2012. At that

    point Mr. Denali clarified to the court that this was not a ‘failed’
    test. It isn’t possible to pass a

    urine tests on Thursday ( July 26th) then fail a urine test on Friday
    (July 27th) and then pass it on

    Sunday (July 29th). It takes approximately 30 days to pass a urine
    test after smoking or ingesting

    marijuana. Mr. Vance then called the test a “false positive”.

    While in the hospital, my daughter, son-in-law and baby all had urine
    test for

    marijuana.. These tests came back negative (no marijuana).. Still CPS
    took their baby from the


    JUDGE PETERSON- Knowingly and willingly allowed lies in his courtroom.

    Even though those lies were proven (by lawyer and doctor) to be lies,
    Judge Peterson

    allowed the lies to stand. Instead of saying to Jay Vance and CPS
    workers , “Why are all these

    lies being told in my courtroom”?! He said, “due to continued drug use
    and past history”

    the children should stay where they are. Mr. Denali pointed out that
    there was no continued drug

    use and the past history was that there was no cocaine found in the
    house. Judge Peterson

    wouldn’t hear that.

    Shocked and dismayed by Judge Peterson allowing the lies we tried to
    get the court transcripts to

    have them published. When I asked about how we get the transcripts for
    that day of lies, I was

    told that transcripts are not taken in juvenile/domestic court. How

    This is all so disturbing! My daughter was convicted of MISDEMEANOR

    of Paraphernalia. Not marijuana, not cocaine, NOT abuse and/or
    neglect! CPS, their lawyers

    and Judge Peterson have shredded my family over paraphernalia. Big
    money must have been

    generated from all of this to make people in such powerful positions go
    to such great lengths to

    take children from their families. You may wonder why the children are
    not with me (biological,

    maternal grandmother whom both parents insisted the children live
    with)? When DSS

    finally conducted my home study (after rescheduling two of their
    appointments with me, insuring

    that the study would NOT be completed before my granddaughter was born)
    they determined that

    my apartment and furnishings were ‘adequate’, but they didn’t recommend
    the children live with

    me because I have ’hostilities’ toward CPS (although I was polite and
    cooperative the whole

    time.. I apologize for not being able to smile and have tea with the
    enemy… do I not have a right

    to my own feelings?). I didn’t realize that CPS had the authority to
    not only regulate our living

    quarters but they apparently have the right to regulate our thoughts
    and feelings as well!?

    I have never heard of anyone losing their children forever over
    marijuana… much less,

    PARPHRENALIA! (no visits, no phone calls, nothing!) Virginia pretends
    to want to keep

    families together, but there is too much money to be made from tearing
    families apart! It seems

    obvious to me that Virginia allows CPS to say and do whatever it takes
    to get children from their

    families… CPS has become big business. Shame on all involved. This
    greedy Bible belt state

    generates so much money through CPS and DSS it doesn’t even fear the
    wrath of God !

    The return of my grandchildren to their mother has become my reason
    for living.

    I will be speaking to media of all kinds. I will not stop talking
    and/or writing until they

    are home with their mother. I want EVERYONE to know what a terrible
    place your

    commonwealth bible belt state is.

    One more person to mention (thank you so much for your patients in
    reading this).

    RYAN CUNINGHAM- Lawyer for my grandchildren.

    Ryan Cuningham stated in court that it would be detrimental for the
    children to be kept from

    their family. As time went on Ryan didn’t say much in court, he simply
    agreed with whatever

    CPS said. This is interesting, Ryan has QUIT THE LAWYER BUSINES…
    guilty conscience?

    I beg you to investigate these people, they should not be working in
    the departments and

    positions that they are.

    You might even think I’m making it all up, but I’m not. Wouldn’t it
    be a shame if I

    was telling the truth and nobody cared enough to check it out?

    Marijuana is still more or less illegal (we all know that is changing)
    but is it immoral?

    Keeping children from their mother, family and all that is familiar and
    good in their life over

    something as petty as difference of opinion… for monetary gain… that
    sounds immoral to me.

    Thank you for reading,


    Heidi Husar
    Jessica Husar

    And , one more time, the lawyer who handled my daughters case is

    Edith Minn (540) 786-4772


    July 1, 2011

    To whom this may concern,
    (For the sake of all families in the system, I sincerely hope it
    concerns someone.)

    Has anyone ever had their child taken from them over marijuana? I
    mean TAKEN… never to be returned?

    The state of Virginia is allowing, if not encouraging, Mr. & Mrs.
    Journigan (my daughter’s in-laws) to keep my grandson who is no
    relation to them. In fact, they are biologically related to my other
    two grandsons (brothers to the one they are holding captive) which they
    seem perfectly content not having any contact with in order to keep my
    grandson from his mother, brothers and myself.

    I believe the state of Virginia is not trying to help my grandson go
    home to his family because a child in the system generates money for
    the people working in the system. The foster family gets money and the
    more labels they can pin on a kid (ADHD, OCD, etc..) the more money
    they get, the public defenders are paid (weather or not they do their
    job), the court appointed person who is supposed to be looking out for
    the child’s best interest gets paid (even though they aren’t looking
    out for the child’s best interest)… you get my point. Like many
    states, Virginia needs money.

    The Journigans reasons for keeping my grandson are far more
    disturbing. They hate their son and want to destroy his
    life/marriage/family so he can continue being the sad case they make
    him out to be… I think Margret Journigan has a deeply seeded need to be
    viewed as a savior.

    Almost three years ago, while I was in Arizona, my son-in-law thought
    it would be a good idea to grow some marijuana plants in his closet
    and saddly my daughter did not stop him.

    When son-in-law’s mother called the police, child services took my
    grandson out of the house. My daughter was told by Paula Brewster of
    Faquier county that if she didn’t go to jail that night then her son
    would be returned to her in the morning. She did not go to jail that
    night but when she called Paula’s office in the morning a Mrs. Yoder
    told her that he could not go home. Then they told my daughter that
    because of his age (4yrs old) he could become available for adoption.
    Out of fear my daughter asked her in-laws to take TEMPORARY physical
    custody of him since I was in Arizona. She didn’t want him to be with
    complete strangers. Although the Journigans were not all that familiar…
    they only knew him for about a month before this happened. Ironically
    , if she had left him in foster care he may have been home in a matter
    of weeks. This has dragged on for almost 3 yrs. Legally the
    Journigans could just hand him over… just like they promised my
    daughter they would. But instead of giving him back, they have kept him
    from us in every way. Margret Journigan has even admitted to a
    Fauquier county judge that she slapped my grandson in the face. SLAPPED
    HIM IN THE FACE! How can she get away with this? She ADMITTED IT TO A
    JUDGE! A JUDGE!! Tell me how they are not clearly trying to keep a
    kid in the system! His own MOTHER isn’t allowed to slap him in the face!

    Margret Journigan has refused to take my grandson to his own
    pediatrician… the same doctor who has seen him since birth as well as
    all of my children, myself and my late husband for the past 22 years.
    Margret takes him to a doctor who doesn’t mind giving children cough
    medicine with codeine in it. This is probably the same doctor that
    gives her percocets. She says she needs percocets for her headaches…
    more irony, the number one side affect of percocets is HEADACHES. But…
    her drug of choice is “legal“..

    She has had my grandson’s adenoids taken out, his tonsils taken out,
    tubes put in his ears and has had him evaluated at the school where she
    works to try and get someone to say he is ADHD or OCD so she can get
    more money each month.

    They force him to sit in church for excessive amounts of time. Its
    not the church part that bothers me. it’s the people in the church and
    the way things are done. My grandson now thinks he has to pray before
    he opens a bag of chips. I was lucky enough to sit in on a Sunday
    morning with spike. That morning I heard the “teacher” say to the
    children in a nudge-nudge wink-wink sort of way, “I’m sure glad I’m not
    a jew”. On more than one occasion my grandson told me that “grampy
    says that black people are bad”.. How is that a healthy environment?
    So much time is spent at or around church that Spike apparently cannot
    focus on his school work. Margret, who used to be a teacher and is now
    a school councilor , in tandem with her friend who is Spikes
    kindergarten teacher, could not teach him enough to pass kindergarten.
    Spike was held back and given to the same teacher (Margret’s friend)
    for a second year of kindergarten. When my daughter asked for his
    school records they refused to give them to her.. Even ignoring my
    daughters lawyers calls. Finally the school was court ordered to give
    the records to Spikes mother.

    Huge chunks of time are wasted between court dates! The first time my
    daughter filed to get him back (as soon as she did her 25 days in jail)
    the journigan’s lawyer thought the judge would be too much in favor of
    my daughter and so they moved the court date to SIX MONTHS LATER!!!
    That’s a half of a year!

    The courts/social services are not even involved anymore and still we
    have to fight her in court to get him back… or to even talk to him at
    this point. I have seen him only one time in the past year. I had to
    wait outside the church the Journigan’s go to and when William
    Journigan saw me he grabbed my grandson under the arms and ran out of
    the side door of the church. This was a very bizarre scene, at least
    one hundred witnesses watched as William grabbed Spike and ran… and I
    ran after him… I needed to tell Spike that we miss him and we are
    trying to get him home and we want to see him but they wont let us. He
    misses his mother and should be growing up with his brothers. They
    have no reason to keep him from us. They are sick people. Why does
    nobody question their actions?? Money… that’s what it comes down to.

    They say they are better for Spike because they are a “church family”
    and they are more financially stable. Why, with all their money, do
    they qualify for TANIF? Why do they feel the need to pin labels on him
    for more money? $350 more per month if they can get a “doctor” of some
    kind to say he has ADHD… another $350 tacked on to that if they can get
    someone to say he has OCD… and on top of that they are trying to get
    child support money from my daughter and from the biological father.

    I just want to say a few things about the biological father. This was
    another hateful move on the Journigans part. Before Spike was a year
    old my daughter broke up with biological father and moved back in with
    me… while I did encourage bio-father to stay in spikes life … I also
    asked him to stop crying on my doorstep and stop cutting/burning
    himself and showing it to my other kids… one day biological father
    served us with court papers. He wanted full custody of the baby. We
    went to court but he decided to drop the case and wanted nothing more
    to do with us or the baby. We were happy with that. We hadn’t seen or
    heard from biological father for about 2 years. Then, because my
    daughter expressed her feelings about not wanting to contact that bio
    father, the Journigans brought him back into the picture out of spite
    and greed.. they want child support from him.. And they want pain and
    sadness from us.

    And get this. They want bio-father to be around Spike. He is crazy..
    And has the scars to prove it.. and they want him in Spikes life!?
    But, they wont let him have contact with his MOTHER! They also have a
    problem with Spike being with me? I am a kind and loving grandmother to
    Spike… before I went to Arizona I had Spike with me daily… Saturdays I
    took him to the gym where I worked …we did yoga, bowed to each other,
    we went to tropical smoothie… we played at the farm… explored nature.
    All just sweet and painful memories now. He has not been allowed to
    spend time with me since the journigans got their evil, money-grubbing,
    self-righteous talons into him.

    Last summer, we all met at Loriella park to visit with Spike and Nono
    Fisher (the one who was supposed to be looking out for spikes best
    interest). I asked Nono face to face about why were the Journigans not
    yet questioned about slapping Spikes face, spanking him and washing his
    mouth out with soap! …and I told her that if she wasn’t going to look
    into it I would call the King George child protective services and have
    them look into it. Nono spoke to Spike for a couple minutes (he didn’t
    actually remember her at all. That shows how much she was looking out
    for him or his best interest). When she returned to my daughter and I,
    she said that Spike told her that grampa spanked him, but then he
    changed it to grampa slapped his hand… and Nono didn’t think anything
    bad was going on. So she ended the visit, talked to the Journigans
    some more and left. As soon as she was gone the Journigans packed up
    and told Spike he had to go…like every other time he cried… he held my
    hand as we walked to the parking lot. He said to me, “Mimi, I want to
    go home”. I said , “I know you do honey, we are trying to get you
    home, you just keep saying that”. then Spike says, “you tell them
    Mimi”. So I walk up to the Journigans standing by their car and I
    said, “Margret, spike wants to go home”. she wouldn’t even look at
    me… she pretended that I didn’t even speak. I told Spike, ”well
    honey, Margret wont talk to me about it but I promise you we are trying
    to get you home. You will come home ”. at that point Mr. Journigan
    said, “I want you to stop saying that to him”! and to that I replied,
    “it’s a free country, I can say whatever I want to say. We ARE trying
    to get him home and he WILL come home”. That’s when Margret looked
    at me and said, “you go ahead and call cps and we’ll just see when’s
    the next time you see Spike”. and that was the last time I was allowed…
    it was 8 months after that I waited to see him at the church.

    My daughter calls Spike every night… and almost every night they don’t
    answer the phone. A couple times they did answer and told my daughter
    that if she kept calling they would call the police. My daughter said
    they should call the police because she will continue to call her son.

    FORWARD TO 2012

    The Journigans continue to harass my daughter by having her arrested
    for not paying child support.. They once again send police to her house
    in search of “guns and cocaine” .. this time no marijuana is found,
    only paraphernalia and NEVER cocaine and/or weapons of any kind.

    When my daughter was arrested after her house (in a predominately
    black neighborhood) was raided by at least 35 white police, trashing
    their house and holding them captive by MACHINE GUN point, she and her
    husband were held WITHOUT BOND for 4 days! After a lawyer spoke to the
    magistrate, bond was set at $3,000. each.
    At the time of arrest, my daughters charge was ’misdemeanor possession
    of marijuana without a prescription’. That charge had to be dropped to
    ‘misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia’… Her punishment and bond were
    even more severe than that of Brent Taylor (City of Fredericksburg’s
    Chief of police for 23 years) who not only traded nude pictures with a
    minor over the internet via, but he also used a county
    undercover vehicle to pick up this minor from Fairfax county and take
    him to a hotel for his homosexual pleasure (please google his name,
    it’s a disturbing story).

    After being bullied and slandered by the Fredericksburg cps and her
    in-laws (the Journigans of King George county VA) my daughters parental
    rights have been stripped away, appeal denied. These people have
    forced her to move twice, caused her to lose her job, and even tried to
    make her divorce her husband (their son) in hopes of being allowed
    visits with her children. We even have an email from the Journigan’s
    lawyer to my daughter’s lawyer (Edith Minn) telling her that if she
    pulls her appeal they will have a meeting to “discus visitation”. What
    kind of bullshit is this exactly??

    This is very difficult to put in writing.. Most of the time I cant
    even wrap my mind around it .. I just don’t understand how all of this
    can go on and on and on and on!


    Now my daughter is living with me in Arizona. She had their last
    child here on April 16th, 2014. When her in-laws found out they once
    again teamed up with cps worker Kelly Young and actually told the state
    of Arizona that there was a warrant for my daughters arrest for “felony
    child neglect’! this is absolutely false! My daughter and I searched
    her public record.. Police came to my Arizona address, looked at the
    baby to be sure she was ok and then they left. Hours later cps worker
    showed up, looked at the baby, looked around our house , looked in the
    pantries and refrigerator and then informed my daughter she would be
    drug tested. My daughter offered her urine then and there. The cps
    worker told her she would have to call the TASC office daily to know
    when to come give her piss. My daughter has done NOTHING wrong.. Even
    from the very beginning of this terrible nightmare she has only
    misdemeanor marijuana/ paraphernalia charges/convictions.. She and her
    baby were drug tested in the hospital (West Valley Hospital, Avondale,
    AZ) The tests were clean , as they have been since the initial arrests
    years ago and only positive for marijuana, nothing more. My daughter
    obeyed the command for drug test and passed yet again.. That makes two
    clean tests (first in the hospital, then again at TASC office for the
    cps person … both tests clean.. Three weeks later, that same cps worker
    , called and informed my daughter that she would be tested “twice a
    week until she has a clean screening”. My daughter asked her if there
    was something wrong with the last test and cps worker told her “no”.
    And yet she is still being forced to give a urine sample twice a week,
    indefinitely. This puts a terrible strain on our lives. The TASC
    office is approx 60 miles , one way, from our home. That’s at least
    $25 per day, $50 a week to give the urine samples when she has done
    nothing wrong. If she refuses to go that gives cps a reason to take
    her baby! Also, I am forced to take time off work with no notice in
    order to get her there. She has to call the TASC office everyday to
    know if she is required to give urine on that day. This ordeal has
    been terrifying to say the least. We have contacted channel 12 news
    and New Times magazine asking them to please cover this story. I will
    not rest until all involved are held accountable and made to explain
    why they are so eager to deprive my grandchildren of their loving
    mother. The Journigans, my daughters in-laws, are telling the children
    they don’t have a mother. They allow minimal contact with their son,
    the children’s father, whom they have insisted is such a bad person
    that my daughter should divorce him if she has any intentions of
    getting her children back, and yet they will not even allow phone
    calls from their mother.. This makes no sense. They are evil people
    and the children are being used and damaged by all of this. We are
    good people and the children were happy and healthy and safe with us.
    If they are so righteous in what they are doing then they should have
    no problem explaining themselves. How does anyone deny a child their
    mother over something as petty as a difference of opinion. They call
    themselves Christians, I call them evil.

  12. @swennie

    I got that same response from Dr. Harris wanting to continue the status quo with arguments that screamed FOR regulation. I’ve seen Dr. Harris on CSPAN. He seems quite capable of independent thought. He’s a doctor for heaven’s sake! But everything I see in his emails and votes suggests a ninny willing to do whatever his handlers deem appropriate.

    You know, if a physician treated you based on irreproducible studies from 30 years ago, he’d loose his license. He’d likely face criminal charges. But inside the beltway this kind of intransigent, incompetence is normal.

  13. @swennie

    Yes, I got that same response from Dr. Harris to letters on medical marijuana and regulation.

    Both of these responses suggest a disingenuous, slightly addled mind. I’ve seen Dr. Harris on CSPAN, and he is quite capable of independent thought. But all his emails and votes suggest a ninny, servile to the whims of his handlers. You would think some staffer would at least take the time to make his responses make sense.

  14. next they need to earmark the tax revenue for drug treatment through the courts to keep people out of jail and prison.

  15. @Heidi,
    God Bless you and your family. You’re putting up a good fight. You are right to go to the press; Sadly, you are right that the kickbacks and payoffs are motivating this most horrific tragedy and humanitarian crisis that has been going on for more than 45 years in the U.S…. Separating families using archaic marijuana laws for PROFIT. Private adoption agencies, the DEA and the D.H.H.S. all pay off agents, switch judges, pay to corrupt judge campaigns and all at the cost if detaining and adopting children for profit.(Alexandra Hill, Texas Mentor Program).
    Dont be intimidated.
    Dont sign ANYTHING!
    In my own family’s case here in Texas, the Department of Health and Human Services switched judges, separated my siblings for maximum profit and detained us for 2 years until the very day after the statute of limitations ran out for us to bring a civil suit against the Department.
    For us it all started when my mother received a $10,000 wire transfer from my grandparents when we were building a house on some property in Texas. My grandfather was a successful doctor and had the money to give. But… Any time a transfer of that amount or more is made, banks have to flag the FBI and the DEA through the DOJ. Soon after, some undercover agents moved into the vacant house next door posing as newlyweds and constantly began offering drugs to my mother and stepfather. My stepfather, weak with vice, accepted whatever was offered and was eventually arrested. But one problem; my mother didnt do any drugs. She wouldnt have minded if all they offered her husband was marijuana because at least that made him calm; but she never liked to smoke weed because she says her “mind wanders enough without it,” but otherwise saw no problem with it. The agents insisted she try anything, whatever drug they could provide her… even after my stepfather was arrested and it was more or less obvious they were somehow involved. My mother investigated the neighbors through some friends of hers that worked as intelligence contractors. “DEA agents” said my mother’s friend, “Why did you ever move to Texas?” she asked. But we came from the D.C. area…
    The D.H.H.S charged my mother with neglect, stating, “she’ll find another man like her husband,” and took me and six of my siblings into state custody. They intimidated her into divorcing her husband and had his Visa revoked and in an unusually illegal move, had him permanently deported. (Ive later learned that taking posession of foreign passports is a trademark activity in the DEA, who pay kickbacks to D.H.H.S for closing drug-related offenses using fabricated evidence. The DEA gets away with this because no one appeals).
    The most revolting part of this hypocrisy is that the same Department that separates families for marijuana-prohibition-induced profit is the very same Department of Health and Human Services that owns patent “…507“ for cannabinoids as neuroprotectants. This information cant be told loudly enough.
    After 2 long years my family was returned together. The County D.H.H.S. was bankrupt for the rest of the year, the house we could have finished with a the money spent on litigation was still under construction. Wounds healed and we can still cry victory in that we didnt lose our land to anyone married to a cop involved in the case, and despite trying to adopt us out for profit, my siblings kept their spirits fighting until we were all labeled “unadoptable.” (Well I guess they could have asked if we wanted to be separated and adopted first). But the only judge to do that and ASK the children was removed from the bench for a dirtier more cooperative Judge.
    These stories do need to get out. Children and families are bullied and victimized by a maliciously incentivised “justice” system based on kickbacks and campaign contributions payed for by our tax dollars through the DEA to close drug cases (see DEAs S.O.D. Program), private prison facilities and the entire Drug-Prison-Military-Industrial-Complex.
    On this fourth of July, we must celebrate what our movement to tax and regulate cannabis is about. THANK YOU NORML for giving us a place to express our civil discontent and educate others.
    Our movement to tax and regulate marijuana:
    Its about ending the exploitation of happy, non violent families simply for the posession of some paraphanalia.
    It’s about freeing the sick and the poor from our prisons;
    And freeing our prohibition-refugees, whether we’re talking about affluent marijuana refugees… parents with epileptic children in Colorado that cant even go home for fear of their children being taken away at state borders by corrupt case workers;
    Or whether we’re talking about the Drug War Refugees… Central American children sitting in private detention cages at our borders; “holding centers” paid for by our tax dollars when even the most racist anti-immigration propagandist knows full well it is from our own demand for drugs made illegal that rogue U.S. agents from the ATF to the DEA have created civil wars throughout Central America for the last 45 years just to sell weapons to cartels and militaries alike… At the expense of children and the most vulnerable people of all.
    Nothing could make me more proud this 4th of July to know that there are NORML Americans out there… People like Heidi here… That refuse to give up or give in. That this insufferable evil we know as cannabis prohibition will be conquered by our indominatable spirit, and that Good will always have victory over Evil.
    Keep fighting Heidi. Tell your story to CNN, to the City Council, to Congress or whoever will listen. Go to the ACLU, NORML’s family legal advisory, the DPA and if you cant afford the legal fees, read your state Civil Practise and Remedies Code and find the documents you need to take your case to a Federal Court (out of the corrupt state courts) and sue the D.H.H.S. For violating the 4th and 15th amendments and for being unconstitutionally contradictory under the Controlled Substances Act. You will find support, and you will win. Stand up. But never give up.

  16. Why is there none of this on television? I am encouraged by what I read in these forums and many people I talk to have similar dispositions. But it seems like the subject will never get any real traction until it is brought into the mainstream media.

  17. Julian,
    Thank u so much for your response and encouragement! of all the times & places i have posted this letter.. u r the ONLY person to respond.. i cant thank u enough.. i have copied your response to my email and will do exactly what u suggested.. i appreciate you.
    thank you.

  18. @Keith, (Stroup?)
    Im really of the opinion that “mainstream” media reports from who they get paid a mainstream of income.
    1). Know your audience; advertisers want to know the income levels and data they’re fishing to match what they’re selling. This is why Sanjay Gupta’s “Weed” series on epileptic children represented by more affluent “marijuana refugee” families in Colorado was on CNN, while the story on Alexandra Hill, the 2 year old murdered in private foster care (Texas Mentor Program) in central Texas last year after her less affluent, epileptic mother admitted to social services that she smoked marijuana after hours… Was only reported on a local KVUE news channel, and a few other select local media stations.
    Unfortunately, it costs money to cover a story, so we have to dress up and convince the camera that we buy more expensive products and possibly just buy some air time (like a commercial) if we want our story covered.
    2). Prohibitionists are underwriters of major news networks, influencing the debate over marijuana and hemp. Even the prestigous PBS Newshour that McNeil and Lehrer just ended their long production of the most impartial, professional journalism in American history… Yet the Koch brothers have been underwriters of the PBS Newshour for years. Charles and David Koch own petrochemical and timber patents that will be rendered useless with a healthy domestic hemp industry in the United States. That means PBS may cover the stalled Farm Bill, but no mention much less in depth coverage of the hemp amendment to that bill.
    3). And if the Koch brothers dont own the story yet they will… The New York Times broke the story on the Koch brothers being behind the shutdown. They were ready to publish the significance of the hemp amendment when all of the sudden they were publishing anti-marijuana op-eds and David Brooks was writing about what a “horrible” experience he had in College after smoking marijuana, and it should remain illegal (Even though if he was caught smoking under prohibition his career and education would have been ruined… But yeah, that makes alota sense David). Journalists and stories get purchased.
    4).NIDA; propoganda. Fortunately, this is one area that is running out of steam, thanks in great part to the success over the last 6 months in Colorado with legal marijuana regulation. Nonetheless, our tax dollars are being used to refuse the medicinal value of cannabis by the National Institute for Drug Abuse under authority of Congress by the Controlled Substance Act, even while the Department of Health and Human Services owns the patent (…507) for the medicinal value of cannabis, (cannabinoids as neuroprotectants from a variety of mental disorders including brain cancer).
    1). Colorado; Tax and regulate cannabis and spend the revenue on education.
    2). Research patents and expose how they affect our society through social media. Many more Americans receive their information from social media like Facebook, twitter, etc. A brief statement like,
    “The Department of Health and Human Services own the patent “6630507“ on marijuana’s cannabinoids.” With a link to the U.S. Patent Office;…/nph-Parser?…6630507...
    3). Make this hypocrisy a political issue during election season. Do what parents did in New Jersey when they confronted Governor Christie in a local diner. Join local activist groups, march in the streets. Never give up hope.

  19. Dear Heidi, I’m pretty sure a lot of people feel overwhelmed when they read your story. I did. Anyway, I’m not sure what to say other than you have my support, but I’m not sure what that’s worth to you. After all I can’t fix what is broken in Virginia when I can’t even fix what is broken right here in Jersey. When all my elected officials agree it is time to end the War on Drugs and also it is time to Legalize Marijuana-yet they can’t get anything done.

    We get to sit here and watch the system abuse people like, it like you pulling winning lottery ticket, yet the way this lottery works is now you are a target for endless harassment. Instead of getting money, you get treated like a junkie or that Walter White from Break Bad. We tell them to stop the harassment and these idiots say they are just doing their jobs. And they aren’t doing their jobs by pretending you’re a criminal. They are pretending to do work, even breaking the constitution; yet still get paid. What they are really doing is treating you like shit, having the system focus on you, so they can pretend to fighting the War on Drugs, but for everyone like you in the system, there is a real criminal out there the system is ignoring by wasting time on you. Thus “the system” is protecting real drug users and drug dealers by still allowing police and child services to pretend marijuana is a crime. What can we do??? Maybe start acting like real Americans? Not a bunch backstabbing douches? I don’t know how our system has even gotten so broken that your problems can even occur.

  20. Heidi, just think about it. Virginia and several other Southern States have been treating black people like this year decades. Now marijuana user are added to mix of people targeted for abuse. They didn’t get enough blow back from pinning crimes on innocent blacks, even murdering people in the name of justice. And nonce that corruption got stopped and as far as I can tell is still the law of the land in the south.

    Targeting minorities for persecution is American Tradition at this point. Marijuana users at about 10% of the population are a minority and we get treated like shit for no reason other than we can’t fight back with enough numbers. Classic American Crackertude. It sucks, when is it going to die?

  21. I think that religious people should not be allowed to serve in public office of any kind being noted that we should keep separate Church and state. They are always trying to promote religion in sneaky ways so as to fly just below the radar. When someone ever tells me that they are a “Good Christian” it makes me want to run away. Many say that they are christian but don’t even follow the bible so there are no good christians.

    God’s laws below – see how many THEY obey?

    Alcohol absolutely forbidden:
    Ephesians 5:18. Proverbs 20:1, Proverbs 23:20-21, Isaiah 5:11, Leviticus 10:9, Romans 14:21, Galatians 5: 21, 1 Corinthians 6:10

    Killing disobedient children commanded by God:
    DEUTERONOMY 21:18-21 “If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey the voice of his father or the voice of his mother… then all the men
    of the city shall stone him to death with stones.”
    LEVITICUS 20:9 “Anyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death.”

    Women inferior to men:
    CORINTHIANS 14:34 Women should be silent in the churches, for they are not
    permitted to speak, but should be submissive, as the law also says.
    TIMOTHY 2:12 “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence”

    Killing commanded for these offences:
    DEUTERONOMY 13:13-17 A town that allows the practice of more than one religion must be burned to the ground and its citizens slaughtered.
    DEUTERONOMY 21:18-21 “If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey the voice of his father or the voice of his mother… then all the men
    of the city shall stone him to death with stones.”
    DEUTERONOMY 22:13-21 A woman not a virgin on her wedding night must be executed.
    DEUTERONOMY 22:22 If a married person has sex with someone else’s husband or wife, both adulterers be stoned to death.
    DEUTERONOMY 22:28-29 A virgin who is raped must marry her rapist.
    DEUTERONOMY 25:11-12 If a man gets into a fight with another man and his wife seeks to rescue her husband by grabbing the enemy’s genitals, her hand shall
    be cut off and no pity shall be shown her.
    LEVITICUS 18:19 A married couple who have sexual intercourse during a woman’s period shall both be executed.
    LEVITICUS 20:9 “Anyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death.”
    NUMBERS 15:32,35 Anyone who picks up sticks on the Sabbath must be killed.

    • No marriage will be sanctioned between people who have been divorced. (Matthew 5:32)
    • No marriage shall be sanctioned between Christians & non-Christians. (2 John 1:9-11, 2 Corinthians 6:14-17)
    • No marriage shall be sanctioned in which the wedding ceremony shall
    occur during the women’s menstrual cycle (Leviticus 18:19, 20:18, &
    Ezekiel 18:5-6)
    • No marriage shall be sanctioned of people of different races. (Deuteronomy 7:3, Numbers 25:6-8, 36:6-8, 1 Kings 11:2)
    • A married couple who have sexual intercourse during a woman’s period shall both be executed. (Leviticus 18:19)
    • No marriage shall be sanctioned involving a widow (unless it is to her
    brother-in-law). All women whose husbands have passwed away shall
    refrain from intimacy & pleasure for the remainder of their lives.
    (1 Timothy 5:5-15)
    • No marriage shall be sanctioned for any man who has had sexual thoughts of any woman other than his intended (Matthew 5:28)
    • A woman not a virgin on her wedding night must be executed. (Deuteronomy 22:13-21)
    • If a married person has sex with someone else’s husband or wife, both adulterers be stoned to death. (Deuteronomy 22:22)
    • A virgin who is raped must marry her rapist. Deuteronomy 22:28-29)
    • If a man dies childless, his widow is ordered to have intercourse with
    each of his brothers in turn until she bears her deceased husband a male
    heir. (Mark 12:18-2)

    BUT Polygamy endorsed by God:
    • Solomon … had 700 wives … and 300 concubines. (1 Kings 11:2-3)
    • Rehoboam … took 18 wives, and 60 concubines. (2 Chronicles 11:21)
    • But Abijah waxed mighty, and married 14 wives…. (2 Chronicles 13:21)

    God hates disabled people:
    21:17-21 “Speak to Aaron, saying, ‘No man of your offspring throughout
    their generations who has a defect shall approach to offer the food of
    his God. | ‘For no one who has a defect shall approach: a blind man, or a
    lame man, or he who has a disfigured face, or any deformed limb, | or a man
    who has a broken foot or broken hand, | or a unchback or a dwarf, or one
    who has a defect in his eye or eczema or scabs or crushed testicles. |
    ‘No man among the descendants of Aaron the priest who has a defect is to
    come near to offer the LORD’S offerings by fire; since he has a defect,
    he shall not come near to offer the food of his God.”

    God approves of slavery:
    COLOSSIANS 3:22 “Slaves, obey your human masters in everything; don’t work only while being watched, in order to please men, but work wholeheartedly,
    fearing the Lord.”
    PETER 2:18 “Slaves, in reverent fear of God submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.”
    EPHESIANS 6:5 “Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.” —

    Left handedness is an abomination to God:
    Genesis 48:13-19 (King James Version)
    13 And Joseph took them both, Ephraim in his right hand toward Israel’s left hand, and Manasseh in his left hand toward Israel’s right hand, and brought them near to him.
    14 And Israel stretched out his right hand, and laid it upon Ephraim’s head, who was the younger, and his left hand upon Manasseh’s head, guiding his hands wittingly; for Manasseh was the firstborn.
    15 And he blessed Joseph, and said, God, before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac did walk, the God which fed me all my
    life long unto this day,
    16 The Angel which redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads; and let my name be named on them, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac; and let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth.
    17 When Joseph saw his father placing his right hand on Ephraim’s head he was displeased; so he took hold of his father’s hand to move it from Ephraim’s head to Manasseh’s head.
    18 And Joseph said unto his father, Not so, my father: for this is the firstborn; put thy right hand upon his head.
    19 And his father refused, and said, I know it, my son, I know it: he also shall become a people, and he also shall be great: but truly his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his seed shall become a multitude of nations.

    Matthew 6:3 (King James Version)
    But when you do alms, let not your left hand know what your right hand does:

    Matthew 25:33-34…41 (King James Version):
    33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.
    34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed
    of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation
    of the world:

    41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

    Ecclesastes 10:2 (King James Version)
    A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.

    Psalm 118:15-16 (King James Version)
    15 Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous: “The Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!
    16 The Lord’s right hand is lifted high; the Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!”

    16:11 (King James Version) Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore
    Psalm 110:1 (King James Version) A Psalm of David. The Lord
    says to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your

  22. Cyndysub get off your soapbox.I’m a conservative catholic christian god fearing veteran and don’t by into all that is written in the name of God or government.I would rather be judged by a believer in god as he or she may have some compassion & wisdom in judgement beyond the written word. We need more people to think about what there actions have on other people otherwise we have more of these prohibitionist type thinkers in life.I know that a man who believes in a higher being is stronger than one who stands alone.

  23. Wounded, is the problem with that logic. God might be more compassionate, but not these assholes. Stop voting for them just because they talk a good game, they don’t represent wisdom and they don’t know God. Some of them are like the idiot Taliban–And all of this is in the Bible. There is section about the coming of thousands of false prophets, remember? They will twist the Words of Jesus until you work for their evil ways.

  24. See, there is a reason there is an old testament and a new testament. Jesus didn’t create a new sacrament; rather he created a new paradigm! He went into the church and told the corrupt people there to start respecting his Father’s Words. To stop working for themselves, and rather do their jobs working for the people. He said if your job is normal to heal the sick, there is no such thing as not healing the sick on Sabbath for the purpose of honoring the Sabbath–you continue doing God’s work healing people. To think opposite is to deny reality and place your ideas above everyone else. This is exactly what Jesus was preaching against.

    See laws like those which call for stoning a girl because she had per-martial sex are flat out evil. 1) the guys in her age group want to have sex with her. 2) there isn’t anything wrong being sexual, that is how God made us. 3) If we weren’t ever supposed to be with more than one person how then why doesn’t God pair us from birth? Simple, that wasn’t ever His intention. We are supposed to find our own ways in life, not have kooks trying to control us via brainwashing.

  25. So you think someone who holds their own is weaker than a man who needs a fairy tale to sleep at night?

  26. In this movie log of my pot op grows, four bins were completed by me with
    two kinds of weed seeds – therefore I have eight various ranges of cannabis that I’ll germinate to see what are the results because they mature!

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