Oregon: Marijuana Initiative Backers Turn In 145,000 Signatures For Proposed 2014 Ballot Measure

Proponents of a statewide initiative to regulate the commercial production and retail sale of marijuana have turned in 145,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office. The total is almost twice the number of signatures from registered voters necessary to place the measure on the 2014 electoral ballot.

State officials have until August 2 to verify the signatures.

The proposed ballot initiative (Initiative Petition 53) seeks to regulate the personal possession (up to eight ounces), commercial cultivation, and retail sale of cannabis to adults. Taxes on the commercial sale of cannabis under the plan are estimated to raise some $88 million in revenue in the first two years following the law’s implementation. Adults who engage in the non-commercial cultivation of limited amounts of cannabis (up to four plants) for personal use will not be subject to taxation.

On Tuesday, the measure’s proponents, New Approach Oregon, debuted their first television ad in support of the initiative.

A statewide Survey USA poll released last month reported that 51 percent of Oregon adults support legalizing the personal use of marijuana. Forty-one percent of respondents, primarily Republicans and older voters, oppose the idea. The poll did not survey respondents as to whether they specifically supported the proposed 2014 initiative.

Alaska voters will decide on a similar legalization initiative in November. Polling data shows that 55 percent of registered voters back the plan, while 39 percent oppose it. Florida voters will also decide in November on a constitutional amendment to allow for the physician-authorized use of cannabis therapy. A May 2014 Quinnipiac University poll reported that Floridians support permitting physicians to authorize medical marijuana to patients by a margin of 88 percent to 10 percent.

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  1. “A statewide Survey USA poll released last month reported that 51 percent of Oregon adults support legalizing the personal use of marijuana. Forty-one percent of respondents, primarily REPUBLICANS and older voters, oppose the idea.”

    There’s a message there somewhere.

  2. Glad to see persons with little or no money can grow some plants after all it’s a food too and nutritious….Go Oregon….

  3. Looks like we’re winning, at least until the cultural conservatives reassert control.

  4. Congratulations, Oregon on your progressive movement toward total freedom to use and let use. This issue, for most of us, has never been an issue of money, however; if that’s the only way our state governments can get over themselves on this issue, then so be it.

    The issue for freedom of choice and freedom from persecution and prosecution has always been the mainstay of this issue for me and the majority of those in favor. It’s a matter of making sense of something that our government has never been able to make sense of due to ulterior motives with big business and it’s inability to allow people to live and let live.

    I live in New York State where we live under draconian laws and have a governor who has a head twice the size of an elephant’s ass. Yes, we now have a medical marijuana passage but it does not even allow for the addressing of many afflictions and doesn’t even allow for smoking of cannabis. This is an indication of how our state government is purely lip service. Maybe some day, we’ll have the right people in there to think and act more on what its constituents want rather than what these figureheads want. I always thought that our government is supposed to represent our viable wishes as a majority …

    Anyway, congrats again. Maybe down the road, we here in NYS will be able to live and let live like you people in Oregon.

    Lee V.

  5. NORML,
    We are on the precipice of an agricultural revolution thanks to grass-roots efforts like this one in Oregon.
    As we have all been waiting anxiously for Washington to roll out their retail shops and for Florida to finally tip us over the half-way mark for a majority of states with pro-marijuana legislation, there always existed the possibility that more states would petition and add initiatives to November ballots.
    We’re not only crossing the half-way mark we are smoking the checkjoint!
    Congratulations to all of us who continue to write our Congressman, (with or without a corporate prohibitionist up the Congressman’s @$$), donate to NORML and volunteer for referendums, petitions and initiatives.
    On this 4th of July, as we gather with our families between the vaporized trails of cannabis mingling with the smoke of celebratory fireworks, let us be proud of what we are doing as a nation; That Americans did not sit idly by as prohibition created injustice and tyrrany; We won’t close our eyes in the face of corruption or shut our mouths from the political power that prohibits our sustainable resources; We will look back on this day as a celebration of liberty that we all had to earn and fight for; And that the dream of a sustainable coexistence with God and nature was not made into a fleeting illusion but a product of our own passion for freedom.

  6. I think that’s awesome! Well done on gaining that many signatures on this ballot measure. I think before long more and more states will continue legalizing it – and hopefully soon, it will be legal everywhere.

    I learned pretty much everything I needed to know about weed and medical marijuana from http://www.cannasos.com. It’s a great, informative website that completely changed my mind on weed.

  7. If first you don’t succeed, try and try again. This is a great step in the right direction!

  8. YAHOO !!! This is great news for New York. Since now New Yuck has such a Hugh success in getting medical marijuana for the sick(JOKE). It’s only naturally NY start the ball rolling for full legalization. Oh, wait a second, that’s right the governor of this once great state is King Cuckold Cuomo . He doesn’t have the heart the people of New York deserve. Why is NY dragging it’s feet?
    Remind him in Nonember who he works for.

  9. This news in Oregon represents the changing culture of marijuana in our society. We the people are frustrated with our uneducated politicians since lawmakers failed to act on this issue:

    Obviously Harry Anslinger was wrong when he said “Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.” Colorado is doing just fine and the California cancer patients haven’t butchered their families since it was legalized as medicine in 1996.

    What else was Anslinger and his DEA wrong about? Hemp, people don’t even smoke hemp. The problem with hemp is that following the civil war the newly freed slaves went on to farming of hemp, also growing hemp were Mexicans and American Indians. This led Harry Anslinger to this quote “…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”

    The effect Harry is really talking about is the ability of “darkies” to make a living of this difficult to harvest crop. And in the 1930’s the KKK had to find other ways to attack non whites because hanging was not socially accepted anymore. So what better than total elimination of a plant associated with economic growth of people of color.

    President JFK was planning to legalize marijuana during his second term but was killed before that could happen.

    President Nixon only enforced the Marijuana Prohibition to quell the race riots and imprison people of color.

    In conclusion let the science speak for itself, marijuana is not only medicine it is so much more than that. If you or someone you love is suffering from Parkinson’s, Dravet, ALS, MS, Dementia, AIDS, cancer, diabetics, alcoholism, opiate addiction, depression, scleroderma, chronic pain, insomnia, blood clots, poor circulation, stroke, spinal chord injury, concussions, PTSD, amputation pain, glaucoma, or just a wrongful arrest for possession then get out and VOTE. Register anyone you know over the age of 18 and VOTE for one platform this November. Reschedule marijuana and make it available to anyone who wants it. Let’s make this our modern day “Tea Party” (not to be mistaken for the political group).

    Our fight is not with the British in Boston Harbor, but with the DEA on our homeland.

    It may not be a cure all but it sure makes the pain and stress of the disease go away for a while.

  10. Congrats NORML on another small victory in the fight against a wasteful prohibition. Hopefully the big towacko states learn something from their peers (hint va hint) and put an end to this hideous regulation.

  11. 51 to 41%
    Get out the vote Oregon, and you’ll be among the first to move this country forward.
    Thank you.

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