It’s Official: Oregon Legalization Initiative Qualifies For The 2014 Ballot

Oregon voters will decide this November in favor of a statewide initiative to regulate the commercial production and retail sale of marijuana.

State election officials today announced that petitioners, New Approach Oregon, had submitted enough valid signatures from registered voters to qualify the measure for the November ballot.

The proposed ballot initiative (Initiative Petition 53) seeks to regulate the personal possession, commercial cultivation, and retail sale of cannabis to adults. Taxes on the commercial sale of cannabis under the plan are estimated to raise some $88 million in revenue in the first two years following the law’s implementation. Adults who engage in the non-commercial cultivation of limited amounts of cannabis for personal use (up to four marijuana plants and eight ounces of usable marijuana at a given time) will not be subject to taxation or commercial regulations.

Passage of the initiative would not “amend or affect in any way the function, duties, and powers of the Oregon Health Authority under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act.”

A statewide Survey USA poll released in June reported that 51 percent of Oregon adults support legalizing the personal use of marijuana. Forty-one percent of respondents, primarily Republicans and older voters, oppose the idea. The poll did not survey respondents as to whether they specifically supported the proposed 2014 initiative.

Alaska voters will decide on a similar legalization initiative in November. Florida voters will also decide in November on a constitutional amendment to allow for the physician-authorized use of cannabis therapy.

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  1. Gosh, now I don’t know where I’m going to spend my tourist dollars! So many choices emerging!

  2. Aint that cause to Celebrate, by Julian.

    All across the border
    We got drug war refugees
    Chicago is out of order
    Kids say “Help” n Cops say “Freeze.”

    But we got the solution
    And cause to celebrate
    We can stop all the confusion
    Lets legalize and regulate

    Aint that what makes this country great?
    We can spend the revenue to educate.
    We can feed a child, scared and wild,
    Before its too late…

    Now aint this weed some cause to celebrate?

    Weve been gettin all the wrong prescriptions,
    Cuz weve been lettin hate vote politicians
    But if we took some time to grow
    And pass a little love, you know,
    Our health costs could finally disinflate,
    ..n Self medicate…
    Aint that cause to celebrate?

  3. What is needed now is a state with lot’s of sunshine to fully legalise. They will grow so much more weed when lighting and air conditioning are effectively free. I am betting on California in the next couple of years. How far away is interstate trading in cannabis products as well ?

  4. “Forty-one percent of respondents, primarily Republicans and older voters, oppose the idea.”

    When voting time arrives anywhere in the country, NORML fans, the Republicans need to know they won’t get our votes unless they support reform. I don’t much like voting based on a single issue, but ‘to everything there is a season’. Looks like that ‘season’ has come to pass.

  5. …And Florida’s
    Gonna change their Constituion
    The Governor’s
    Gonna lose his restitution
    And they’ll be growin marijuana
    Like Green on the Sunshine State…
    Now brother aint that cause to celebrate?

  6. @phrtao,outdoor is totally different.

    A few years back,i got to try some outdoor Cali medical-OG kush ,that was grown in the lower foothill elevations.It actually looked and smelled like Thai weed,golden brown and spicy, almost like ginger,unlike indoor OG that is usually lime green with a citrus flavor.I think the high altitude UV light, brought out and activated different terpenes than what is normally found in indoor lighting.I googled OG, and found out that it has some ancestry from Thailand so i wasn’t just imagining this.

    Think of all the outdoor micro-climates that could be explored,across the globe,in the same way that grapes grown in certain regions, have been used for centuries to make the best wines.

  7. There is a poll today in the Idaho State Journal. Should marijuana be legalized? Please help us in Idaho. Go to Idahostate clink on the article; Marijuana transporter sentenced and vote.

  8. …And some of us
    wanna git stoned in the mornin
    And live by a nailin gun
    No safety warnin
    But if you take your Evenin Bud
    Up to some good O-re-gon mud
    And listen to the trees
    Off the interstate
    And just contemplate…
    You might just settle down
    And celebrate.

  9. This ballot initiative needs to be changed so individuals growing their four legal plants do not have to destroy part of their harvest or face criminal charges. Four plants can produce far more than eight ounces.

    In addition, this initiative criminalizes home made extracts. That means making your own shatter, hash, kief, or oil is a crime. Apparently, medicating yourself by smoking ten joints at a time and almost suffocating from smoke is fine according to whoever made this law, but consuming oil you have made yourself and sparing your lungs is evil.

  10. It’s official — the NY Times’ Editorial Board has just called for a repeal of the federal prohibition of cannabis. Really.

  11. @ Julian…ah a poet in our midst…wonderful Sunday am reading; “if you take your evening bud; to some good old Oregon mud and listen to the trees…” I listen to the trees a lot; I can tell a storm’s direction by the leaves;
    (anyone can); I hope this is a reason to celebrate and not another “placebo”! thanks !

  12. @cupishere: Apparently, medicating yourself by smoking ten joints at a time and almost suffocating from smoke is fine according to whoever made this law, but consuming oil you have made yourself and sparing your lungs is evil”

    I agree with your summation; I like “one toke weed”; I do not smoke joints; I do not like the paper; so I use a small pipe; I would buy “oil” if I could find any !

    I save money with top quality cuz I use less.

  13. Until the day Marijuana is “re-scheduled” I will not be at true peace with myself or the government; I think The Prez should reschedule the Herb to permit “research…”

    How will the government know if the Weed is a Medicine if no scientific research is done?

    I think Norml should meet with Prez O’bama !

  14. I belive weed should be legalized for many a reason number 1 it opens up your third allowing you to perceive things you would not realize sober number two we could a revenue of around 88millon dollars with in a year witch is not a lot it’ll take a while and also it is not constituanal you cant ban a plant or herbs of any type regardless of how dangerous tobacco is far more dangerous and is toxic in of its self before you even add the other crap that cigarette company’s put in to the paper and filters way more deadly than weed in 2014 alone according to the cdc there has been upwards of 15000 death as a result of alcohol use know what crazy they still sell it is against the constitution to ban a plant simply because of its effects and not mention we are still allowed to buy foxglove witch is not significant until u find out the ingestion of this common flower causes a heart attack and is nearly untraceable weed is a nearly harmless plant that can not be legally banned that is all

  15. dave is it true did they repeal the ban I am from new York can not smoke cause I am in a government rehad program but it would be great for everyone else any one who would like to email me on the legalization of bud my email is have a good one

  16. I’m moving to Oregon soon & looking forward to being able to grow in peace.Anybody in Oregon that can use some help with there grows,let me know.I’ve got about 20 year’s of gorilla growing experience.We have a good growing season in Indiana,just too much HEAT!See you soon West Coast.

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