Democratic Party of Oregon Endorses Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Earlier today, the Democratic Party of Oregon came out in support of Measure 91, which would legalize and regulate the adult use, cultivation, and sale of marijuana in the state.

These endorsements were made by a “voting body comprised of the State Central Committee delegates, alternates, and associates.” A measure required a two-thirds vote for or against for the Party to take an official position.

In a press release highlighting their supportive position, the Democratic Party of Oregon stated that “a majority of Americans and large majority of Democrats now support state regulation of legal marijuana use. Measure 91 is the right approach to legalization in Oregon, strictly regulating use while funding law enforcement and schools. Vote Yes on 91.”

You can read the full release here.

You can learn more about Measure 91, including ways you can donate or volunteer, by visiting their website here.

NORML will be providing much more coverage on this and other ballot initiatives as election season heats up. Stay tuned.

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  1. “Earlier today, the Democratic Party of Oregon came out in support of Measure 91, which would legalize and regulate the adult use, cultivation, and sale of marijuana in the state. …the Democratic Party of Oregon stated that ‘a majority of Americans and large majority of Democrats now support state regulation of legal marijuana use.'”

    The Republicans lost my vote when Reagan assured us the ‘door was still open on evolution’. The anti-science stance against climate change, limits to growth, environmentalism and medical marijuana made sure it stayed lost. It’s easy for me to vote against the GOP.

    It may not be so easy for a lot of folks, but vote. Eliminating prohibition saves money and makes our streets safer. VOTE! Success is not guaranteed.

  2. Legalize this food that people can live on just eating this one plant. It’s herbal medicinal properties like many other plants are a great bonus.

  3. This initiative bans all home made extracts, which is unacceptable. If you can legally obtain the pot, you should be able to do what you want with it at home. Technically, this law not only bans extraction with butane (which can be dangerous) but also ethanol and ice water. Shake is also technically a concentrate, so you better not collect it.

  4. I know this is off subject, but my comment is about the rat cages in Colorado. I think it might be a good idea to launch a experiment were law enforcement personal, and politicians get put in the over-sized rat cages with the watering station filled with plenty of nice cold rocky mountain elk pee. Teenagers,and children could then observe the behavior of grown up men and women under the influence of alcohol. I would then hope that the young people would question the intelligence of state politicians,think about why we put people in cages, and what kind of people need to be put in cages, and why those politicians want to waste the tax-payer dollar on over-sized rat cages. I would like to suggest that our nations leaders, take some tokes on good weed, get some sobriety, use some common sense,legalize marijuana in all 50 states, and stop wasting tax-payer money putting people in cages!

    Irreverently yours, and sober as the judge in godforsaken Idaho.

  5. I was a High Weed Man
    Along the Roach clips I got by.
    Cell phone and pistol by my side
    Many a maiden lost her virtue to my trade
    Many a soldier lost his life blood on my blade
    The DA injected me with lethal 3 in 5
    But I’m still alive…

    I was a sailor
    I was born to run the tide
    On the starboard I got high
    I sailed a scooner round the horn of Mexico
    The Coast Guard found me with some bad informant ho
    And when the assets split they said that I got killed
    But I’m livin still…

    I was a Damn builder
    Buildin houses out of hemp
    With the Koch Brother’s contempt
    In a place called Boulder on the wild Colorado…
    They pushed my profit to the wet Hempcrete below
    They buried me in a patent with no sound…
    But im still around…
    And I’ll always be around… And around…
    And around… N around… N around…

    I’ll fly a starship…
    Across the Universe divide
    And when I reach the other side..
    I’ll find a place to rest my spirit if ah can
    Perhaps ah will become a high Weed Man again
    Perhaps I will become a single gram of “Train” (wreck)
    But I will remain…
    And I’ll be back again, and again, and again,
    And again, and againnnnnnn…

  6. Oregon Measure 91:
    Section 57. Homemade marijuana extracts prohibited. No person may produce, process, keep, or store homemade marijuana extracts.


    Section 5 subsection 13: “Marijuana Extract” defines an extract as: a product obtained by separating resins from marijuana by solvent extraction, using solvents other than vegetable glycerin, such as butane, hexane, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol and carbon dioxide.

    SO does this mean homemade extracts using glycerin ARE ALLOWED? and does this mean that INDUSTRIAL EXTRACTS using the other solvents will be allowed?

    so when they say you cannot keep or store homemade extracts, they are NOT saying you cannot have them, you just cannot have them if they are HOMEMADE !

    (so much for RSO, and curing cancer on the cheap)

  7. I have read that Kevin Sabet, prohibitionist, is using tax payer dollars to crusade in Oregon to “educate” people about marijuana.

    This really pisses me off! How is that he is getting tax dollars for his campaign to try to derail any kind of legalization?

  8. @joe hemp; get on the bullhorn up on the highest mountain in Oregon; you need to be heard loud.

    @voice; no Rob Halford here; try Willie, Chris, Wailin and Johnny., with a little puff of smoke in the song.

  9. I think the idea of banning homemade extracts is ridiculous. I could somewhat understand if the wanted to ban home BHO production, due to the dangers involved. However, banning simple methods using grain alcohol – people cook with alcohol all the time, water, ice, and even simply shaking the bud and using screens makes this proposition scary. If people want to concentrate their marijuana, they should be allowed to do so. The alternative is buying it out outrageous prices from a dispensery or retail shop. For people with cancer, most could not afford 60 grams of RSO bought from a dispensery. The only affordable way to acquire it is by growing and making it yourself.

  10. There seem to be a few misinformed “stoners against legalization” on this thread who will find any provision in a measure they dislike and nit-pick it to death. Truth be told, there will never be a legalization measure that these people will support, in all likelihood because they profit off of the black market and the current status quo, just like Kevin Sabet. So for the doubters, I would point out: homemade concentrates are currently illegal anyway. Voting for measure 91 will not change this situation, nor will it have any effect on the medical program. But facts, reality and logic don’t matter anyway, because debating prohibitionists, whether of the Kevin Sabet variety or the “stoners against legalization” variety, is like debating anti-vaxers. They are not swayed by logic and reason, they just spread lies and propaganda for their own agenda.



    MEDICAL PATIENTS can still MAKE THEIR OWN LEGALLY in any way they choose…

    CAN ITA BE TRUE…theres actually some truth to the proposition that this law does not interfere with existing MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAW in Oregon?

    Maybe i will move there !!!

  12. Question: If homemade extracts are banned will vaporisers be banned ?since they actually extract from the weed rather than combusting it. Surely grinders with a screen and kief tray will not be allowed. Ludicrously difficult law to enforce !

    On the other hand – could some one actually run a service where you turn up with a sack of weed and they do the extraction for you ?

  13. This “no homemade extract/ Measure 91 Section 57” is really small potatoes compared to the nearly wide open corruption going on in “medical only” states with weak laws like Connecticut. Connecticut thinks there is nothing wrong with give soul power of cannabis production to 4, that’s right only 4 companies, guaranteeing millions in profits for these individuals meanwhile, guaranteeing short supply and therefore extremely inflated price on the legal market driving patients to rely on the black market. As I’ve posted in the past, just because it comes from a corporation, doesn’t make it safer than a quality job done in a basement? Ya’ll go to farmers markets don’t you? Why? Because the local product is in fact far superior. The science/lab tests don’t discriminate and neither should our laws. As long as it’s medical grade, it should be allowed to come from anyone, even if it must be sold at a licensed dispensary. Just like the local mega grocers will carry corn and apples from the farm down the road. I would really appreciate someone commenting on my post, and please correct me if I am misguided or if my ideas are flawed. I’m all for legalization, just not in trade for a new form of big tobacco.

  14. This measure will give people a lot of peace from narco-tyrrany that they had not had before. At least you guys get to vote on it. In the Deep South, imagine how long it will be before we can. It seems to me a definite improvement over what we had before. The more states that can legalize, the less it will fund organized crime, and the less the “War on Drug(-User)s” can proceed. The more that legalize, the more a saner drug policy can be sought in future years.

  15. l will criticise any ballot initiative that places more restrictions on marijuana than more dangerous substances like alcohol or puts ridiculous rules as to how you can use marijuana at home. If someone wants to produce hash or concentrates in their home, they have the right to do so. You see, I’m not against legalization. I am only against prohibition pretending to be legalization.

    Any law that bans home growing or what you can do to marijuana in your own home is only proposing the continuation of prohibition.

  16. Sometimes I wonder… Where does it says you can’t make hash??? It doesn’t. Where does is say you can’t make concentrates? It doesn’t. It outlines a series of dangerous chemical reagents that sane people should not be mixing with marijuana in the first place as being banned.

    What is the problem with that?

  17. Prove that Oregonians are leaders. Legalize cannabis. See the economic boom Colorado has experienced. ALL you tax benefits will go to Washington if you don’t legalize it, Along with a lot of young smart business types.

  18. Regret that no answer has appeared to @phrtao’s question about vaporisers (which arguably extract) or screen grinding (which I learned to do with a wire screen made from a 6″ x 10″ tape-bordered rectangle with 45-degree volded corners wrapped into a basket-like shape).

    If anyone’s interested, make four quality-variant fractions by

    (a) grinding through 1/8″ screen; save seeds for flowerpot and stems for teapot;

    (b) shaking sifted part through 1/16″ (16S);

    (c) grinding remainder through 1/16″ (16G, less good but still tokable; save stems for tea);

    (d)then optionally shaking both fractions through 1/32″ to get nutrient-rich powder-like kief (32S) which can be included in cookies or butter etc.

  19. I am not a smoker as I live on a government faceility but I was and belive that it should be legalized due to the fact that its unconditional to the rights of the country there are far more dangerous things are on the market cigerettes alcoholic products are far more dangerous and unlike the movie reefer madness hetting high does not make you crazy the best president George Washington refered to filling his Tabaco pipe with hemp to take of stress so I conclude with the fact that if we were to legalize instead of penalize our economy would boost and did you notice that it was dureing the great depression waz when weed started being illegalized and that was part of the depression.

  20. @ Steve,

    I wholeheartedly agree. Those are the same types who helped to defeat legalization in Calif a few years ago. I consider them traitors. And if anyone gets busted for pot–I hope it’s them.

  21. As a supporter and contributor to MCLR 2016 for California, i have been studying the issues for a few years. It seems to me that Prohibition is dying a horribly slow death, full of complications and currently on life support. The good news is that the whole attitude about legislating morals or private use has terminal cancer and there is no cure that can save prohibition. They will try to write legislation that creates a mini-prohibition, a version of legalization that allows the police state to keep it’s jobs, and its power over US Citizens and others. The problem we have here is laws crafted by Cannabis Industry Experts (who really care about peoples freedoms) and the state officials and police organizations who cant write a good law if their lives depended on i. We have a real Hatfields vs McCoys situation here, and only through education of the public at large, can we take their power away from them. Please get involved as much as possible, watch all the videos, read all the literature, and study the legislative proposals…by doing this you can strike up intelligent conversations at the market, 7-11 your church and anywhere else you can to get the discussion going full blast among the general public. This will remove the stigma imposed on society by the prohibitionists…that’s what they fear most..The Truth !

  22. I just want to say I’m a hard working American like everyone else who posted on this blog.but all I can say Is that the governments and medical pill manufactures doesnt want to legalize because, they won’t be able to controll the out flow of marijuana as well as the medisona help that it could provide that the tabaco and alcohol manufactorer controll and how the kill someone with it every 10 minutes which is sad and they get away with it and they suffer no concequences and all the company’s that brew alcohol and grow tabaco are out for our hard working dollars to fule their own addiction which is money and its rong that they are accusing a harmless plant that helps people who are suffering from so many ale menus.that has been growing in our nation and around the world for thousands of years and all governments want to do is slander a simple weed that has been helping thousands if not millions of people every year for hundreds or thousands of years which makes no sence that they would rather kill someone every ten minutes instead of helping someone.and let me say this they use to sell cocaine and heroin and and anfetimines OVER THE COUNTER FOR TOOTHACHES AND HEAD ACHES well fuck even tho people wer odeing they blamed cannabis and that hemp is one of the most maluable substances on earth today when it can be used for rope,paper,laces,string,tshirts,blue jeans,and biodesle all these things that could help save our world and nnnnooooooo the government would rather kill where we live and destroy the human race as we know it…………….. And all I can say is fuck the governments for what they are doing killing the human race as we know it.and so u all know this articall is spaced around because I’m FUCKING STONED..JORDAN FUCKING BARINGER

  23. So fuck all of u who are agents it and when y’all get cancer and u want something to sooth your pain get hooked on pills pill popers

  24. Geez,,, some of you need to take a chill pill… Everything is going to be ok,,, it has been for a long time… Fact being I’ve probably smoked weed longer than several of you have even been alive judging buy the way you sound… Over 40 years now… Never been busted either because I always kept a low key about what I was doing… I suppose that means go big or stay home doesn’t apply…
    This whole law is supposed to be about growing for yourself and being happy with what you got inside the law… Yeah I know,,, some of you want to make your killing in the weed world from those who have brown thumbs and don’t even have the gumption to mow their own yard…
    Well here’s the deal,,, I’m going to vote ok for this KNOWING that the SCHOOLS aren’t going to see shit from this,,, just like they said the lottery was going to be helping out the schools to get it voted in,,, fucking liars… No problem anyway because I have terminal cancer (advanced prostate) and I’m not going to be around in another 3 or 4 years,,, who cares,,, I don’t,,, I’ve had a great life… I advise you youngsters to just keep working,,, grow your weed and smoke it,,, keep your mouth shut and stay out of the big spotlight,,, you’ll be much better off doing that than trying to make your first mill and get tossed in jail because you broke some stupid assed rule that never should have been there to start with…
    BTW,,, I was born in Oregon and have never lived anywhere else as was my mother and my father… Be safe and have a toke for me when you think of this post years down the road…

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