Israeli Researchers To Study Anti-Tumor Effects of CBD In Cancer Patients

Israeli investigators intend to evaluate the potential anti-tumoral effects of the canabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) in select cancer patients.

Researchers at the Hassadah Medical Center in Jerusalem will conduct a Phase II clinical trial to assess the impact of CBD as single treatment in cancer patients who have failed to respond to conventional therapies. Participants in the trial will receive CBD therapy for a period of eight weeks.

Data documenting the potent anti-cancer activity of various cannabinoids – including THC, CBD, and CBG – both in culture and in animals dates back to the mid-1970s. To date, however, virtually no clinical trials exist reproducing these results in human subjects.

In August, pharmaceutical provider Insys Therapeutics announced that it had received orphan drug status for its proprietary formulation of CBD for the treatment of glioblastoma, a hard-to-treat, aggressive form of brain cancer.

Organic CBD remains classified under federal law as a schedule I controlled substance.

Further details of the forthcoming Israeli trial are available online from the website here. Patient recruitment has yet to begin for this study.

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  1. As elated as I am that Israel is conducting this indispensable research, considering the ONDCP has been using out tax dollars for 45 years to prevent us from doing that here in the U.S., I am truly ashamed that our government has been allowed to deceive the American people for so long by preventing scientific study of medicinal marijuana.
    The only thing that could bring a smile to my face is when Florida changes their Constitution in two weeks to allow for research and medicinal marijuana use in their state, tipping us well over the edge of electoral votes to end this rotten deception we call prohibition. C’mon Sunshine State; show the world you can grow what you know!

  2. I am very happy to hear that this study is happening. It’s exciting to keep discovering new ways to use this wonderful plant. My only question is how much longer must we tie our own hands and deny our academic researchers full access to cannabis? If this Israeli study produces something significant, I’m getting my torch and pitchfork and heading to DC. Who’s coming with me?

  3. Our Congress led by John Boehner and DEA led by Michelle Leonheart should tell beautiful people like Brittany Maynard “Sorry but while defending a 1930’s era unscientific prohibition we were denying the one medication that could possibly have saved your life, oops”.

    What if the absence of THC, CBD or CBG in our diet was the cause of glioblastoma? Without these neuroprotectants wouldn’t cancer stand it’s greatest chance to survive and thrive?

    Jobs, jobs, jobs, the cure for cancer(?)

  4. I agree with other commenters about being ashamed of our Govt’s actions regarding cannabis. Truly, if I were to travel to another country, I would not want to admit I’m an American thanks to our Govt’s ignorant and predjudicial war against cannabis users; even though I am one of the many fighting this idiocy…

    Thanks a lot John (Bonehead) Boehner and Michelle (Supreme B*tch) Leonhart! You have done more to screw up this country than terrorists ever will.

  5. “Data documenting the potent anti-cancer activity of various cannabinoids – including THC, CBD, and CBG – both in culture and in animals dates back to the mid-1970s. To date, however, virtually no clinical trials exist reproducing these results in human subjects.”

    To thwart the advance of medical science is a crime against us all.

  6. The Entourage Effect.
    While I welcome all genuine attempts to increase our understanding, and develop the potential, of cannabis/hemp and all it’s many derivatives we need to focus on whole plant therapies. The down side to studies like this is that they tend to perpetuate the demonization of THC/THCA and can lead to the patenting of less than optimal medications by companies whose bottom line is profit.
    Just my 2c.
    Patrick Monk. RN Hospice Case Manager. SF. Ca.
    **Society Of Cannabis Clinicians
    **American Cannabis Nurses Association
    **For Identification Only.

  7. Alcohol has been successfuly. Regulated for quite. Some. Time. Compare everything to it concerning. Marijuana. Sorry for my messed up phone.

  8. 1. “Gotta get you into my country”– we need to tender an invitation to Israel to join us as the 51st State! They’d get about as many Congressbodies as New Germany, oops sorry Jewsy, be allowed to pass a Legalization Initiative (Daniel in the Lions’ Denver) and $$$ Federal Big Bucks for Cannabinoid Research. This Glorious Reunion would put an end to disputes over which one is Gawd’s Country.

    2. We’d shoehorn Egypt into absorbing Gaza, and if the Egyptians don’t trust the radicals, we can import several hundred thousand of those to work with paid and volunteer partners clipping and picking up deadwood in California and other drought-infested states preventing billion dollar fires, paying them a Friendship Wage of $5/hr etc. and guaranteeing Halliburton-standard trailer housing, multi-language courses, tech training, comuputer access, daycare for toddlers too young to work etc. (Deadwood Harvest Brigade).

    3. By agreement with Australia, brazil, Chile et al. millions of these workers would travel south in October, north in April, work in perpetual summer (Hemigration). No need ever to bundle the kids in winter clothing.

  9. 4. Wood too rotted or weathered to use for construction, carpentry and manufacturing would be hauled to dry streambeds and laid in a long mound to trap run-off water which evaporates locally feeding rainfall in drought-afflicted uplands. HEMP seeds added to grow long roots grabbing the biomass to prevent erosion, and to deposit rich litter serving as topsoil for planting trees later– Millions of miles of Reforestation Fingers (Bushwater program– bushes into water, get it?).

    5. Hemp4Peace– goes without saying the workers (including those previously in danger of being recruited into suicide armies) could toke high grade California cannabis product to nurture Positive Attitude and World Friendship (Paawf, or do you say paawt).

  10. @ mexweed Israel should absolutely NOT be absorbed into the US. Israel is a nation that has been FOUND REPEATABLY GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES!! Israel has been committing genocide and ethnic cleansing on the Palestinian people since their beginning. The US should end ties with Israel and stop providing them with the money and weapons for their continuing massacre of Palestinians, notably women and children. Dont forget that the Israeli Mossad motto used to be “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Make War”

  11. The only prohibition the feds are following now is the prohibition of education, due to enlightenment beginning revolution. If you keep your people ignorant, you can get them to do anything…just ASK the national socialist movements of the 20th century.

  12. @Hassan, I feel your pain. That motto is horrendous but it couyld be a concise statement of US policy over decades. Israel is no worse than the USA, it is a projection of US power in its way, gobbling it up into Statehood would just acknowledge what has been going on anyway.

    Meanwhile, like any composite of millions of diverse citizens, Israel has its achievements, especially in this case regarding CANNABIS RESEARCH– give credit where due, encourage the best wherever possible. And what Palestinians need is (h)EMPLOYMENT opportunity, that’s what’s behind the Deadwood Harvest Brigade and the hemp-seeded Bushwater project.

    PS after three semesters of meritorious hempseeding work the semi-volunteers would be permitted to choose a new country to settle in– Syrian 5,000,000 displacement problem solved.

  13. While I can appreciate the value of this sort of research, it can not be ignored that this is supported by the same institution that has sustained a military occupation & apartheid for 65+ years.

    This can, and most likely will (if not already), be used in what is called “Greenwashing”. -washing is the cooptation of a discipline to suggest something bad the institution is doing is valid/ because we do other good things.

    Not saying any research that comes out of Israel is illegitimate or less-important, merely that is has connecting, and likely funding, from an institution that violates a lot of human rights.

    We’re talking social justice in the context of weed legalization. If it is seen that Israeli state funded institutions is contributing to that idea while simultaneously occupying and displacing, that is Greenwashing.

    Thank you for your time.

  14. I used CBD oil from an internet purchase for my prostate tumor and in 3 months the tumor was gone according to my Urologist.

    I can tell you that it works, dont mess around with damaging radiation or chemo., get the CBD oil and use it today!

  15. Palestinians, are the problem in Israel.

    Sorry, but no they just elected Hamas in Israel and this makes putting out an invitation to join the US, well, what are you even thinking?

    Hassan, our CIA under Rebublican leadershit has been the main source of War Crimes. They created Bin Laden, Sodom Hussein, and many other threats to US.

    And Islam is a death cult. Sorry to have to say it out loud, but you complain about what Jews are doing to Palestinians, that Israel must be destroyed. Yet, I don’t hear a peep from you Religious Nut Jobs on what Palestinians are doing to each other…? What? When Muslims murder each other, we are just say, “Oh well, that is God’s will”. I don’t think so. Your death cult needs to be put down by the whole, and especially the confused people promoting it. Them, maybe, the people can start thinking for themselves in the Middle East, not being lead around by the nose committing crimes in Allah’s name.

    And don’t start defending Islam, you can’t! Islam teaches people to think like shit so confrontations are a constant part of life. In psychology it is called “black and white splitting”. Everything Islam does is fine, but everything anyone else does is for Satan. This is a scam and exactly how to make people keep War going Forever. Islam leads people to nothing resembling Wisdom. It leads to War, Famine and Death. Wow, Islam is like three of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.


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