Majority of Delawareans Support Legalizing Marijuana

cropsAccording to a poll released this morning by the University of Delaware, a strong majority of residents favor legalizing and regulating the adult use of marijuana.

The poll revealed that 56% of Delawareans support legalizing marijuana while just 39% were opposed. Individuals over the age of 60 and self-identified conservatives were the only demographic groups without majority support.

Commenting on the poll, University of Delaware political communications professor Paul Brewer stated, “I would say the numbers suggest solid support for fully legalizing marijuana in Delaware. The results also reflect what’s going on in public opinion at the national level, where the trends show a growing majority favoring legalization.”

Pro-legalization state Senator Bryan Townsend said he hopes this data helps compel the state to move forward on broad reforms.

“The poll just shows there is broad support for this,” said Sen. Townsend (D-Newark), “I hope this is a wake-up call to the General Assembly that a majority of Delawareans support us moving in this direction.”

The data coming out of Delaware is in line with the ongoing trend to support marijuana legalization at the national level. Clearly, seeing the path blazed by Washington and Colorado has only embolden residents of other states to support similar reforms.

You can read more about this poll here.

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  1. Individuals over the age of 60 and self-identified conservatives were the only demographic groups without majority support.

    I’m 65 and puzzled that more folks my age aren’t pro-NORML. The counterculture did eventually degenerate into the drug culture, so maybe that’s where this comes from???

  2. Why Cannabis is Illegal and Medical Marijuana Laws are Not real freedom

    1) Some people have very little knowledge of the plant and are therefore irrationally scared of it. Only about 15 – 30 % of people actually use cannabis so those who don’t haven’t cared about the rights of others enough to change these hypocritical unjust laws for DECADES ! And those hypocrites who oppose cannabis freedom do nothing to make the destructive hard drug alcohol illegal and neither prescription drugs and tobacco products.

    2) They like to lock people up and have an easy reason to do so scarrring people’s records with misdemeanors and felonies trying to make life harder for people.

    3) Evil people don’t want the masses to have the medical benefits of cannabis and its cannabinoids and to be healthy.

    4) Cannabis hemp provides an alternative via bio fuels, cannabis oils, and many other products therefore reducing the need for crude oil and creating competition to petroleum products.

    5) Prohibition produces an underground monopoly on cannabis providing higher prices, bigger profits, and fewer competition to the cartels that sell it.

    6) Prohibition provides big business for private prisons, lawyers, attorneys, police, judges, politicians, etc. Evil people enforcing evil unjust laws.

    7) Medical Marijuana Laws are Not real freedom. It is Fake Freedom and it creates another form of monopoly through money made on yearly doctor visit fees and cannabis card license renewals. They also limit who can sell it and where, sometimes making people travel long distances to purchase some grand cannabis bud. Also, making someone ask permission and pay money for a natural God-given right to grow and use Cannabis is wrong and unamerica. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and many others grew acres of cannabis. Would these people SWAT team their houses, harm their families, kill their dogs, and take them to prison today ?

    God has given us Every Plant bearing seed and Every Tree, he causeth the grass to grow for the cattle and the herb for the service of man.

    Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. Forgive and you will be forgiven.

    It’s time for people to stop being afraid of plants.

    Legalize Cannabis Freedom !

  3. Finally! A reason to visit Delaware! Now maybe Delaware can maybe recover from that Wayne’s World skit when Mike Myer’s says “…and maybe YOU can escape to a WONDERful and EXITing vacation TO… Delaware.”
    (Theres a bridge 🙂 )
    No worries, Delawarians, thanks to your poll marijuana legalization is coming to a theatre near YOU!
    The irony here is Delaware has the LEAST profitability for marijuana revenue than ANY other state in the union according to, and yet according to these polls, Delaware is going to MAKE their representatives CREATE marijuana revenue ANYway. Now THATS the kind of enthusiasm I’m talking about!
    Party on Delaware… Party on.

  4. Great news for Delaware, and the surrounding states, but does the political leadership in Delaware have the balls to defy the feds and handle the pressure from the prohibitionists in its neighboring states?

    Delaware has become known regionally as a sort of a trendsetter. They’ve had legalized gambling beyond just horse racing for a number of years now already. You can bet on sports there.

    New Jersey is trying to jump on the legal sports betting money train right now, and it’s just a matter of time. Christie is all for that.

    Pennsylvania was slow to jump on the casino gambling money train, but seeing all the money surrounding states were making they finally did. Now Pennsylvania is talking about putting Keno machines in bars, and is looking into sports betting, as well.

    If Delaware goes recreational, surrounding states will see the money they’re raking in for the public coffers, and will do it, too.

    Joe Biden comes from Delaware, mostly, although he sometimes claims to hail from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and I’m waiting to see if he’ll weigh in on the prohibitionist side of legal adult recreational cannabis. After all, I remember Biden having written the forward to a version of the Controlled Substances Act at some point. He was for a long time in his political career a rabid prohibitionist, and based it on an all too sad family tragedy and loss of life. I won’t diminish his loss, as such a loss truly is sad. We need, we want an end to prohibition. We need and want to separate cannabis, a soft drug, from hard drugs. We need and want to prevent a street dealer from peddling cannabis out of one pocket and heroin out of the other, from claiming he’s out of weed but if you just want to de-stress without booze buy some heroin. We need and want the average age of a heroin addict to rise, people to live and get older not overdose, and young people not to get started with heroin in the first place. We need and want prohibitionists to stop blaming cannabis as being the gateway drug to heroin when any thinking person realizes that opiate based prescription medicines are the leading cause for the so-called heroin epidemic the U.S. is experiencing.

    Let’s go, Delaware! Rehoboth Beach here I come!

  5. @Galileo, as people age they also acquire more blackmailability, have more to lose if someone rats on them or they get identified with anything bullies can use as an excuse to target them (such as cannabis of course).

    Don’t let disappointment with your contemporaries dampen your enthusiasm for what improvements they somehow wound up letting their children achieve.

    Get ready to participate in the many further adjustments society will need to make when (not if) cannabis is legalized, and with it VAPORIZERS and flexible drawtube one-hitters now banned as “paraphernalia” are unambiguously legalized, and the all-time champion Plague, nicotine $igarette addiction (200,000,000 deaths since 1853), can through CANNABIS ADVOCACY be retired into ancient & media history!

    PS regarding Plagues– the Ebola scare is a trick (right before the election) to create fear about anything medical, causing some ignorant bozos to vote “NO” on medical cannabis. Ebola has killed 4600, $igarettes kill 16,800 every day.

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