NORML PAC Endorses State Representative Diane Russell in Maine

vote_keyboardNORML PAC is endorsing State Representative Diane Russell in her campaign to be re-elected to the Maine House of Representatives for Maine’s 39th Legislative District.

“There are few lawmakers, at either the state or federal level, that have exhibited the same level of passion and commitment to the responsible regulation and legalization of marijuana for adults as Rep. Diane Russell,” state NORML PAC Manager Erik Altieri, “Voters in her district should elect her to another term so she can continue to fight for an end to the state’s prohibition of marijuana, a battle she is uniquely equipped for as one of the country’s strongest champions of reform.”

Rep. Russell has been the lead sponsor of measures that would legalize and regulate marijuana in Maine every year since 2011, and she intends to reintroduce a similar measure in 2015. She was also a key proponent of Portland’s 2013 vote to legalize adult marijuana possession in the city.

Commenting on the endorsement, Rep. Russell said, “NORML has been so supportive of our work here in Maine to responsibly legalize marijuana, and it’s an honor to have their endorsement this year.”

You can learn more about Rep. Diane Russell’s campaign by following her on Facebook here.

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  1. These laws have to change I know first hand how bad it gets when a grower is caught by the husband has a chronic medical problem and grew .he isn’t some violent thug.hes a sweet father and family man who has never hurt anyone and would give you the shirt off his back.its funny how everyone talks about legalize.but once the law comes everyone loses your number and you become a leper why is it the lawyers are the only ones winning here’s a link you should look at #gofundme

  2. NORML makes a point of not including the political affilation of their endorsements. Presumably this is no accident, so I won’t undo it; but look at the websites of NORML’s endorsements for this election. The tally of political endorsements for each political affiliation is STRIKINGLY lopsided.

    Sadly this is currently a partisan issue. It is not ‘just on t.v.’ as I’ve been assured.

    For the first time in decades, I voted straight down the party line. It’s not because I embrace one political party; it’s because I’ve grown to despise the other.

  3. My point and maybe I should have made it clearer is that every where you read it’s the evil dea and the evil prosecutors and as my husband has said to me countless times he doesn’t blame them at all.they didn’t treat him poorly in fact it is the total opposite but as long as we classify this as a dangerous drug they have know choice but to do the job they are paid by the taxpayers to do and there are many of them that don’t agree but what choice do they have it’s their job.and the crazy part to him is he could go to prison for something out goverment is recovering tax money from .you don’t see the goverment refusing the taxs but let’s lock up our citizens and still take the taxes is how can it be legal to imprison the people but still take the taxes how can they rationalize that part

  4. @Galileo, that one political party which forfeited your vote “coincidentally” (1) opposes cannabis legalization compared to the other party by 20 percentage points among the electorate, and (2) receives 2/3 of the Big 2WackGo campaign contributions. “DUH”?

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