NORML PAC Endorses Representative Grayson for Congress

NORML PAC is endorsing Representative Alan Grayson in his campaign to be re-elected to the US Congress representing Florida’s 9th Congressional District.

“Representative Grayson is a proven leader with a track record of tenaciously advocating for causes he believes in and building the necessary coalitions required to see them approved,” stated NORML PAC Manager Erik Altieri, “In 2015, Rep. Grayson wants to be a champion for marijuana law reform at the national level and we’d strongly encourage voters in his district to vote him in for another term.”

This year, Rep. Grayson joined many of his colleagues in the House in voting in favor of amendments that would have prevented the Department of Justice and DEA from expending funds interfering with state medical marijuana programs and help clear the way for marijuana businesses to have access to banking and credit card services.

You can learn more about his campaign, including how to donate and volunteer, on his website or Facebook page.

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  1. know It’s off subject but: Greetings space Nazis, and dead weirdo’s from hell. I heard this morning on CBS News that chocolate is selling at around 6 dollars a pound. I guess that it is an expensive luxury item. that works out to 0.375 cents per ounce, or 0.093 cents for a quarter ounce of chocolate. Tricks on lawmakers who don’t have the honesty , and integrity to legalize marijuana. Happy Halloween.

  2. I have found the history of the ‘prohibition’. It was created to offend people that had crossed lines but essentially did nothing wrong. The laws on the state criminal and traffic law manual is void of any concern about the effects of marijuana, it to is an insult to intelligent people and unconstitutional. Medical marijuana keeps profits and control in the hands of the wrong people. Repeal and pardon.

  3. cbeachinn
    3 minutes ago cbeachinnPlease do NOT send money to this guy. He just had a write in debate–online–most voted questions get asked. Legalization was–get this– #5 for highest votes! Over 5k people! The debate ran 2 hours! Want to know if he even let them ask the #5 question? HE DID NOT. If he’s so pro MMJ–and has been there this long–WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR! Is damn easy to put your name on a bill–act like you care–but see to it the CARERS act never sees a vote! Pants on Fire, Grayson!!! LOL and he calls himself THE SENATOR WITH GUTS? Yeah, so long as you don’t ask him to say marijuana in public! Find another candidate–this one is no help to us

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