BREAKING: Marijuana Legalized in Nation’s Capital

UPDATE: FINAL VOTE TALLY 69.4% to 30.6% NO with 100% reporting. Resounding win.

With about 30% of the vote counted, analysts are calling it a win for Initiative 71 in Washington, DC to legalize marijuana possession. The current results are 68.6% YES and 31.4% NO.

“Voters in the nation’s capital have taken a strong stance against marijuana prohibition,” NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri said about the initiative’s approval, “This victory sends a resounding message to Congress that Americans are ready to legalize marijuana for adult use and, with it right in their backyard, it will be a message that is hard to ignore.”

We will update with final vote totals tomorrow. For now, let’s enjoy the wonderful symbolism of adult marijuana possession and limited home cultivation is legal in our capital.

The measure will now have to be transmitted to Congress and undergo a 30 day review period before implementation.

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  1. What does this mean, though, in practice? What’s the 60 day review period? Can this be denied by congress?

  2. Congratulations D.C.! This is an incredible milestone for marijuana legalization. Wake up and smell the green grass America, legalization is coming!

  3. Get Legal today! Its about time! And now natures botanically most advanced plant Hemp/Marijuana will be fully unleashed!

  4. So this is only for possession, and not for regulated sale? Basically decriminalization?

    [Paul Armentano responds: At present, yes, but private cultivation is also included. However, members of the D.C. City Council are currently considering separate legislation to regulate the commercial production and sale of marijuana to adults.]

  5. I recently relearned why we have secret ballots in elections. It’s so votes can’t be bought off or influenced. If someone tries to buy your vote, they have no way to no if you actually voted that way. What if the secret ballot was extended to congress and they could vote their conscience?

  6. Does that mean, that I as A Disabled person in chronic pain might one day see Marijuana as a suitable pain med? I’ve ran the gamut in pain meds and my current pain med has mysteriously disappeared from all the pharmacies in the past two weeks leaving me in bedridden pain.

  7. Attempts to block decrim measure were unsuccessful. This will not be as simple as the House is controlled by GOP = game over. They will have a real fight on their hands.

  8. If Congress tries to block it, they’ll have hell to pay in answering for it. Especially Republicans with their constant espousal of states rights. One of their few main sticking points will be gone, not to mention the fact of 4 states now with it legal that the federal government is backing off of, they will ultimately have to do the same with DC.

  9. Don, sad to say you’re right about congressional republicans, but ain’t it ironic that with all the “get government out of our lives” song and dance that it doesn’t apply to adults smoking marijuana? talk about a nanny state!

  10. Bullshit – the soul-selling conservatives will do everything they can to keep marijuana illegal. Expect a big push to RE-criminalize it in all states and D.C. – the conservatives won’t stop until we’re back to the ’50’s… the 1850’s… Stay tuned.

  11. @Dan

    If we don’t know how members of Congress have voted, we have no information on who to vote for in elections.

  12. I wouldn’t worry about 60day review and the GOP senate win, GOP senate is not even seated till January 4th, that said I don’t know when the clock starts, but it’s not likely to be acted on during the first days of the new congress.

    Jeff – I disagree, it’s not high on the priority list at the federal or at the state level like in the CO state house where gop gained seats.

  13. It would be a great change if our ‘leaders’ would start considering what the people want and the fact that marijuana is helping a lot of people and harming none. Assuming that protecting people from Themselves is a government job is a farce long overdue for abandonment.

  14. If our legislators will not pass cannabis legalization, will vote our displeasure again in the next election.

  15. Christie in NJ scares me. He said no way would he support legalization and has hindered access to medical. If he gets in the White House, he’ll ef it all up! Never thought this day would come, but hopefully the tsunami of approval will come. So ridiculous the amount of $ spent on the war on drugs are/were wasted on eradicating a plant! Maybe Obama will sneak in something as he exits stage left?!

  16. John,

    Killing off a species of plant is not even remotely moral and is highly immoral from two perspectives: Historical and Biological. Us Americans have always used hemp and Cannabis, so why isn’t this celebrated? Why haven’t we heard about this subject from people that study bio-ethics? There is nothing ethical about killing off the Cannabis plants and their very useful hybrids. Just from a genetic diversity standpoint, targeting and killing off all cannabis plants called marijuana is by itself is immoral without even going into the part where they then arrest and prosecute someone for growing those plants.

  17. @John – I don’t think we need to worry about Chris Christie becoming president. If that loudmouth bully is the best candidate the Republicans can offer they are doomed to fail!

  18. Yes, Congress can still put a stop to the entire process, but with 70% in favor of legalization,I don’t recommend it. I think they would feel the heat from all over the world for not respecting the will of the voters. Either we’re a democracy or we’re not.

  19. It is the will of the people that should decide what is best for our government, not the other way around.

  20. John, i hope your right about Obama sneaking something in on his way out the door. Like an executive order to pardon the wrongly accused cannabis plant that has done too much time under an antiquated system that leaves more victims in its wake than anything resembling justice.

  21. I don’t see what the big issue is here. Unfortunately I wanted to retire on the Gulf Coast. But because of money matters it is the MS. Gulf Coast. Now I can see LA. just to our West legalizing it but we still can’t sell mixed drink (hard liquor) in our American Legion Hall. MS. (and now that I am a MS. citizen I can say this,) is the most ignorant and pitiful state in the union. However if we show LA. and MS as well as ALA. how much on average their states would bring in in tax money off Marijuana sales, we could afford new highways and the desperate & dangerous crumbling bridges in our state but I would say all states are looking for a way to improve their bridges and highways but they can’t figure out how they can pay for it. Uncle Sam can’t help. We as individual states must take this issue on our own. Simple tax made off legal sales to people over 21 in liquor stores of the Marijuana tax they would be bringing in as well as a bigger pay check for every store who sells it. It only makes sense and it is time to legalize it in all 50 states. This includes MS. BTW.

  22. @ Michelle: I am sorry to hear your “meds” have not been available at a pharmacy. My comment to you is: “Get to the root cause of your disease”; begin taking “supplements”. For example Vitamin B12 is a “Nerve Nutrient”.

    I can help you with a protocol. annroc2004@ (free advice from a Vegetarian).

  23. @ Michelle: I would suggest you begin your Nutritional Protocol with “Herbal Teas”. Mint is an excellent Herb. MMJ is from Mint Family.

    The Mint include many species of herbs/plants.

  24. That’s great! BUT, remember, Congress (Rep and Dem)don’t give a damn what the American people want. Let’s hope anyway.

  25. Prepare for the exodus of Marylanders and Virginians.

    I wonder how many people know the boundaries between the District of Columbia and Federal Property?

    I wonder how long a law can last that allows up to 6 personal plants, all the paraphernalia you want, and yet allows the Department of Health and Human Services to take custody of children whose parents possess marijuana, even in minor quantities?

  26. @ Kathy (who has the daughter)

    Read this book:
    Mothers Guide to Herbal Extracts

    Ask Doc about “Green Tea Extract with GABA” for your daughter. Try Hemp Seed Oil; (chck to make sure daughter not allergic to sesame).

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