Florida’s Amendment 2 Falls Just Short of 60% Needed

Florida’s Amendment 2, which would have legalized medical marijuana, fell just short of the 60% support required for passage.

With 95% of the vote counted, analysts are projecting the amendment will end up with just a hair over 58% of the vote. While not enough to make it a part of Florida’s constitution, it was still a strong showing of support for medical marijuana in a campaign that faced unfriendly voter demographics and a very well funded opposition campaign.

“By no means is this a rejection of medical marijuana in Florida, as the results show that a strong majority of Floridians support it,” stated NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “We hope state lawmakers will honor voters wishes in 2015 and act to pass medical marijuana legislation. This was a hostile climate for us and an ideal one for them, that they only got 43% of voters to agree to maintain prohibition of medical marijuana is more a defeat for them than us.”

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  1. Yep, Florida is for Losers and Jason is one of them. Can’t even understand what medical marijuana is. Just too fucking dumb.

  2. Rush Limbaugh has admitted that he voted to end marijuana prohibition in Florida, making him to the left of Obama.

  3. Stupid florida voter.. They were all to busy stuffing there faces with food or listening to rap music. IDIOTS YOU FUCKED IT UP.

  4. I’m from Oregon where we just passed a MJ law with 54% in favor & 46% against. Why does Florida have to actually amend their state constitution to legalize pot ?

  5. I’m so glad medical marijuana didn’t pass. Now all the Miami Jews, Orange County Pillheads, and old timey crackers in Florida, will continue to BUY MY FUCKING PILLS

    -Your Friends at PillPharm Thank You Florida.

  6. Hey Dave!
    People like you are the reason people can’t come together on this subject.
    Okay, Davey?
    Stop being a simple minded jerk and capitalizing the word losers. You are the one who looks like a loser when you criticize an entire state of people like its a handful in numbers. That is no more morally right than racism and I’m sure most people would agree with me. The only ones who wouldn’t are probably the ones who raised you to be so ignorant…

    Have a great time being miserable and secretly hating yourself for what you’ve become. =)

    Bring on the hate mail

  7. This is still hopeful. Just need to make sure it’s up for a vote again in 2 years. And, really spread the information to everyone you see. It’s not a complete loss.

  8. Anova, it will not be available for another vote until 2016, according to John Morgan, the attorney who is heavily involved in writing this bill. Sorry to get your hopes up.

  9. Jennifer, 2016 is 2 years as I stated. I don’t live in Florida, and we aren’t even that far yet to get that on the ballot in Indiana.

  10. No Really, Florida is full of ignorant people, just ask anyone from Florida.

    There are reason for this. One, for decades Florida refused to honor warrants from other states, so Florida become a place where all the fathers with benches warrants for nonpayment of child support could go hide out. Literally, women in Florida are surrounded by LOSER’s that would like to knock them up and later disappear.

    In Florida they hand out Felonies to Black People like candy on Halloween! I’ve seen this shit happen to people in my family! The Florida Government is hostile toward the success of its own people. And you have to be a LOSER in order keep asking for more abuse.

  11. 60% threshold is the problem. 58% is a higher percentage that Alaska and Oregon had. Stay motivated Florida and change the 60% rule.

  12. Mike W, the reason they did it this way is because the Florida Politicians are a bunch of weasels. They already promised to void the law if the people just vote for it. So the people tried to go around them with a Constitutional Amendment. However, ignorance won the day in Florida, like every other day for the last, I don’t know, fucking 100 years. They can only see profit in Oranges, Tourism and Locking Up Their Own People.

  13. How about all the convicted felons for marijuana laws that were not allowed to vote because of the stupid laws that made them felons. I think the best plan is to see why the fuck it needed 60% to pass. I might not be a math wiz but I know more than 50% is a majority. It goes back to the ignorant politicians we have in place. Do they really think it’s better to let the cartels control marijuana? Wake up people we are allowing people to suffer everyday instead of giving them the right to improve their quality of life. The politicians are allowing people to ruin their lives with addictive pain pills so that the rich pharmaceutical companies to lobby and pad their wallets. Our government has failed us again. This is no longer a democratic government, instead it us a oligarchy now allowing the rich to control us. Let’s do something about this!

  14. yeah Florida is the only state where 59% is losing and 41% is winning, just like the G.W. Bush election, I think the sun bleaches their brains down there. Ask someone about the Florida state law that a girl (this law only applies to females BTW) can’t wear a bathing suit that covers less than 1/3 of the total butt surface. Doesn’t matter if you’re on the beach or in your fenced in back yard. This is the kind of legislation Jeb Bush pushes for, very important stuff indeed. . . . . sunbleached idiots. . . . .

  15. Mike W. . . . . you should see the Florida State Constitution, stuff like men can’t wear hats on Thursdays during even numbered months unless the temperatures drop below 50F, it’s crazy stuff. I think most of it was plagiarized from the Dr. Seuss Books

  16. Dave, it is? I know they passed for farmers to grow hemp and controlled marijuana for use in products. But have not heard of it being in the 2016 election. I’m seriously considering looking into how to open a despencery in Illinois. We are just over the border.

  17. In Florida we have too many older retirees, they just don’t get it! They think marijuana is the devil and it is their responsibility to kill the devil! If it were up to me, I don’t think anyone has any right to tell another person what they can and cannot consume, smoke, inject, pop, snort, or however they want to do whatever it is they do. It should be up to them what they do. The government needs to stay out of peoples business and stick to their job. It should be up to employers to drug test prospective employees, and decided whether or not they want to hire that candidate, and I also think that the government should have a say in what people put into their bodies when they are on welfare, and popping out kids every 10 months. Really people? Just because I am from Florida, that does not mean I am a moron, with a sun bleached brain! That pissed me off. Whomever ever you are, you are ignorant, uneducated and need to shut your pie hole! You sound like a moron saying that!
    Semper-Fi Americans.

  18. Kinda ironic seeing everyone bad rap Florida, when actually they had the highest percentage of yes votes than any of the state’s that passed it. Alaska 52% Oregon 54% Florida 58% ….just saying, might as well bad mouth Alaska.

  19. Daws, Those other states were legalizing marijuana! Florida was legalizing Medical Marijuana. Why are you people still confused about this??????

    Medical Marijuana has 80% support in the USA.

    Marijuana legalization has about 52% support.

    The fact is Florida’s vote was spit in the faces of all the sick people in Florida that can a already do benefit from Medical Marijuana.

    If you voted against it, you literally voted for more Cracker Bullshit!

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