NORML Election Night Live: The 2014 Marijuana Midterm



Get the latest updates from the 2014 elections in our live blog below! Blog auto-updates, so please don’t spam refresh, our servers thank you. – NORML Team

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  1. This is a great feature for NORML’s blog, but the text is getting cut off on the right size. Fix please?

  2. Hey Erik, I’m on a Mac desktop using Firefox. I just tested it in Safari and it works fine, so it might just be one of my Firefox addons. I will keep testing and let you know.

  3. Actually nope, it’s doing the same thing in Firefox on my other Windows computer. It looks like it’s having problems in Firefox, which is not a good thing because that’s a major browser.

    If you have someone who can edit the HTML/CSS, I would recommend a quick temporary fix of setting overflow=visible on the first div with the class “span-19” underneath the “container” div. That at least makes the text visible in Firefox, although not very pretty, and it should not break anything major in other browsers.

  4. I already submitted my Oregon vote, I expect that by the time I am out of my precalculus class tonight there will be cause to celebrate! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’ve been poking around in your CSS, and I found a better fix. Your divs aren’t labeled very well, so I will try my best to explain:

    The div containing the live updates with the id “24lb_thread” is contained in another div that only has a style=”float: left;” element. That containing div needs to have a class=”span-19″ to match the blog’s layout. Pretty simple fix if you can get someone to do it real quick.

    I’m happy to help with anything else if you want to email me. Use the email in this comment. Also feel free to delete my earlier comment with the spelling error ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. I am also seeing the text on the right side cut off using Firefox on my laptop as my browser. Looks ok with chrome for your reference.

  7. Everyone at the office is really excited about the vote today! Glued to the news screen over here waiting for the results. This legislative reform is WAY overdue! Lets get out there and SMOKE THE VOTE!

  8. I live in PA, I’m seeing an ad for Tom Corbertt on here. He is a anti marijuana candidate , Tom wolf pledged to immediately work on medical legalization and decriminalization. Why would Norml sell ad space to Corbertt?

  9. Man, I moved from PA to Missouri because I thought Missouri was going to pass a MMJ law and got here 5 months ago and found out when I got here the MO state gov changed their mind on MMJ and at the same time PA puts MMJ up for a vote. Man, I should have stayed in PA… Ugh!

  10. Mitch McConnel is the projected winner of Kentucky. While he championed the hemp research amendment to the farm bill, he is not for legalization like Grimmes was. But after a battle like this, maybe he got the point?

  11. Interesting there is so little coverage of these developments on the cable networks. But we will be celebrating shortly, no doubt.

  12. So I’ve been on Politico’s and CNN’s websites to name a few and none of their updates are as current as NORML’s. Fast fingers Erik! Keep it up and thank you.

  13. I am using Firefox and its not showing all the text on the right.

    Firefox 33 for Ubuntu if you want that specific.

  14. I’m not able to expand the comments where it says “details.” when I cursor over there the whole field turns blue n the “details” link doesn’t work ๐Ÿ™

    THAT BEING SAID, I’m so excited to see that Wash DC is so far ahead on their legalization campaign. I was in Colorado and from what I could see and glean from residents, they’re doing well. Of course while I was there I did the tourist thing and visited some shops and purchased some and enjoyed it immensely. the difference isn’t so much that you get that much more intoxicated, but the flavor, body, quality of effect, duration was all there. Much of that has to do with how it’s cured, which most basement gardeners don’t really know how to do. I think the taxes are a bit high but not off the chart, and all in all I think it’s a better deal than just street regs, in that the quality and duration is so much better. I would be happy to pay that price locally if it means having my choice of strains, knowing it’s been professionally prepared by people who can be held accountable for safety and quality. Aside from a huge bias on my part I do believe that legalization could fix so much that’s wrong with this country. And I applaud NORML’s initiative and foresight in establishing a business bureau. Huge opportunity to show the world a new way to do business.

  15. Legalization in DC means much more than other states. Legislators will now have evidence its over on every street and right in there faces. Another brick in the wall is removed.

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