NORML Legal Seminars Remain Vital for Defense Lawyers

At NORML, our goal is the full legalization of marijuana for all adults, regardless of why one smokes. But even as we continue to move forward politically, there are still hundreds of thousands of Americans being arrested for marijuana-related offenses each year, and until we achieve that goal, the criminal defense bar will continue to play a crucial role defending those citizens. Until we finally legalize marijuana for all adults, we have a continuing obligation to try to assist the victims of prohibition.

The reality is that marijuana smokers remain the target of aggressive and misguided law enforcement efforts in most states today. Responsible smokers in most states read about the newly-won freedoms in a handful of states, and dream of the day when their state will become more tolerant; but they are still being busted in large numbers and have to worry that the next knock on the door may be the police with a search warrant, about to destroy their homes and wreck their lives, looking for a little pot.

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report was recently released, confirming that marijuana arrests are finally on a downward trend in the US. The marijuana arrests for 2013 totaled 693,481, down from 749,825 arrests in 2012 and 757,969 in 2011. The progress we have been making with decriminalization and legalization at the state level are beginning to be reflected in these arrest numbers.

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  1. Are drug-reform organizations such as NORML, MPP, DPA, LEAP buying advertising in the law publications for every single county in the target states to recruit and win over attorneys? I mean the law publications you have to post notice in of opening a business or corporation. Are you paying for and buying ads in the various state bar association publications actively to recruit new attorneys to legalization and to convince district attorneys and prosecutors to acquiesce in legalization of cannabis, you know, just let it happen?

    What if you could tone down the prohibitionist mutterings coming from FoxNews and their talking bubble heads?

    Consider that if Fox tv channels or the Fox movie channel ran all 8 seasons of the reruns from the beginning. There must be some time slot to run them. Showtime canceled the series after season 8 so syndication and reruns need to make $ome more ca$h for the show. It could improved Fox’$ rating$ in the right time $lot, and the resulting social engineering goals are either to get Fox News blabbermouths to shut their traps and stop advocating prohibitionist positions OR to neutralize the prohibitionists on Fox as just going through the motions or being hypocrites because their employer, Rupert Murdoch’s company, it making money off of Weeds.

    See if you can swing it.

    I saw in the news on tv that state Senator Mike Folmer is going to reintroduce his medical marijuana legislation in Pennsylvania on January 1, 2015 again. The reportage mentioned that Scarnati was in support of medical marijuana, BUT that the state House was the hindrance. Senator Folmer (R) and Senator Leach (D)have been working tirelessly on getting medical marijuana passed the state legislature, but it seems like every freakin’ prohibitionist in the states added something to it so that by the time it came out of committee, if passed, only children or adults suffering from seizures and adults suffering from severe cases of immune-disorders and cancer would be allowed to use tincture oral forms, and that vaporizing and smoking and medibles would still be completely illegal. You can medicate with fine tuning using inhalation, vape to avoid smoking, and get immediate relief RATHER than taking the medicine orally and waiting appropriately (Maureen Dowd) only to find out that you have undermedicated (more time suffering and discomfort) and have to ingest more and wait to see or you have overmedicated with your doctor-prescribed Marinol or tincture and shit. What you need is a Republican and a Democrat in the Pennsylvania House who champion the cause just like Folmer and Leach champion the cause in the state Senate.

    How about an East Coast version of Weeds? Weeds New Jersey? How’s that for a title? East Coast folks look to be a different breed of cat. A show that makes money from advertisers for ShowTime building off of Weeds that makes people want to watch the reruns on Fox AND speeds up the social engineering momentum of legalization for the East Coast. Maybe have it based on that suburban housewife in New York state who unfortunately got busted, loosely based, someone similar, a character like her, but who DIDN’T get busted based in NY or in DC rather than NJ.

  2. If I have learned of any failures in our Democracy due to the Controlled Substances Act, it has been from the illusion that a District Attorney somehow represents the legislative branch instead of the executive branch.

    Your local DA or Federal DOJ are COPS! The attorneys General is our Chief Law Enforcer, NOT Chief legislator. They have NO business representing us for public legislation, much less writing drug policy.
    Ever since Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, that has been our case as an American Society. Secret courts, conflict of interest, and Deception of Democracy.

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