US Surgeon General Acknowledges “Marijuana Can Be Helpful”

Newly appointed US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy believes that cannabis possesses therapeutic utility — an acknowledgment that contradicts the plant’s present placement as a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law.

Speaking to CBS News, Murthy said: “We have some preliminary data showing that for certain medical conditions and symptoms that marijuana can be helpful.” He added, “I think we have to use that data to drive policy making and I’m very interested to see where that data takes us.”

Dr. Murthy was confirmed as US Surgeon General late last year.

His statements appear to be inconsistent with the Schedule I classification of marijuana under federal law — a scheduling that defines the plant and its organic compounds as possessing “no currently accepted medical use …. in the United States” and lacking “accepted safety … under medical supervision.”

Next week in Sacramento, a federal judge will hear final arguments in a motion challenging the constitutionality of cannabis’ Schedule I classification. In October, defense counsel and experts presented evidence over a five day period arguing that the scientific literature is not supportive of the plant’s present categorization.

Briefs in this ongoing federal case are available online here.

[Update: Perhaps predictably, the Surgeon General has dialed back his initial comments to CBS News. Late last night, The Department of Health and Human Services issued a statement attributed to Murthy stating: “Marijuana policy — and all public health policies — should be driven by science. I believe that marijuana should be subjected to the same, rigorous clinical trials and scientific scrutiny that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) applies to all new medications. The Federal Government has and continues to fund research on possible health benefits of marijuana and its components. While clinical trials for certain components of marijuana appear promising for some medical conditions, neither the FDA nor the Institute of Medicine have found smoked marijuana to meet the standards for safe and effective medicine for any condition to date.”

Interesting that Dr. Murthy cites the IOM which hasn’t formally commented on the issue of medical marijuana since releasing its report some 15 years ago, long before the results of FDA-approved clinical trials like this had been completed. Also notable that he leans on the FDA for guidance when the agency largely does not review the safety and efficacy of botanical products.]

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  1. “no currently accepted medical use …. in the United States”– could PREVENTIVE use (like legalized cannabis preventing 800,000 more young Americans from getting hooked on nicotine $igarettes next year, thus preventing “smoking-related illnesses”) be considered a medical use?

  2. I support the legalization. Before I was put on probation for marijuana use I used it to help my back pain, anxiety, and ocd just to name a few. Now it feels like my problems have been multiplied by 10.

  3. Clearly, President Obama is preparing for the inevitable verdict in this case to allow him to make an executive decision to deschedule marijuana. As Mr. Armentano has pointed out, the verdict will probably not be read on the day of the hearing next week, especially with Judge Mueller allowing such an unusually large amount of testimony and briefs from the defense. The suspense is awesome.

    I am extremely proud to support NORML knowing that our Deputy Director was the one who wrote the majority of the scientific evidence prepared for this defense. Whatever the verdict, Paul, America is in debt to your wisdom and service; And to Judge Mueller as well for taking a very brave and surprising decision to hear the evidence presented; No other Federal Judge has ever taken on the constitutionality of the scheduling of marijuana like this since the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 was signed by President Nixon.

    The endorsement of the U.S. Surgeon General is just icing on the Medible Cake. The ONDCP must be preparing their affirmative defense by now; “We only did what the law told us! Honest!” Accept that this case reveals that the ENTIRE C.S.Act is unconstitutional, much less the scheduling of marijuana. This case, along with a long list of executive orders and guidelines by President Obama relaxing U.S. drug and prison policy is the light at the end of the tunnel for plenty of Americans unjustly incarcerated for marijuana possession or consumption. Since Congress won’t do their job, it appears as if the Supreme Court and the President are going to have to decide what to do with all the wrongfully imprisoned people in private prisons across the country.

    Time to close some private prisons and open some public schools.

    With a Federal Judge’s decision that the scheduling of marijuana is unconstitutional, and the President surrounded by a cooperative cabinet, a supportive voting public and a growing number of Congressman it is about time that marijuana legalization became an election issue for this Republican Congress.
    Even my Congressman, Lamar Smith, isn’t responding with his usual drug-war rhetoric anymore; Most of the time I get a response stating that “Marijuana is a dangerous drug, and I support the DEA and law enforcement and blah, blah blah.” Now I’m getting the “I appreciate your concerns and will keep your thoughts in mind,” card, you know, when Congressman realize their position is indefensible but need to put SOME kind of statement out. Prohibitionists must be watching this case with the kind of stupid face that the Wizard of Oz had when the curtain gets lifted and the gig is up.

    “Hey, DEA Director Michelle Leonhart! We KNOW you’re LYING! We can SEE you STEALING our TAX dollars!!” Heeeeeere’s your law suit…

  4. Finally some science is finding its way into the discussion the Feds should have been having several decades ago

  5. Surely this must be the end of prohibition – they will not be able to ‘find’ new evidence to turn things back now.

    I agree with Holly B Steckowski though. I nearly lost custody of my son and my house due to an incident with a medical using family member and our cannabis (it was only the willingness of a sympathetic paramedic who looked the other way that saved us !!). So be careful, please – it’s not legal yet and the wounded beast of prohibition is at it’s worst now more than ever.

  6. So what if the classification is found unconstitutional under federal law in the hearing? What happens to all of those prosecuted and have had their lives destroyed under the potential unconstitutional classification?

  7. Prohibition at least gave us a good look at parallel universes, one where “inconsistent” means “fix it” and another where nothing gets fixed because no one remembers how or why. These two worlds finally meet at a corner though, that being where there is no more room. No more room to lie about weed. In fact, a doctor takes an oath to help people, an oath is a promise, and promises only apply in the real world!

  8. cary says:
    February 5, 2015 at 5:57 am

    I believe I should be used as medicine

    It does have many health benefits, yes…

    But, would you have relegated alcohol to medicine only?

    Examine your perceptions.

    If I read you correctly,
    the void you left in only delineating it for medical, removes the myriad of other realms…

  9. Every day the dishonest class 1 substance classification remains more of our beloved citizens are criminalized and have their lives and their own potential harmed. This is a propaganda war to continue profiting off the people that they are sworn to serve. Laws made based on propaganda and non scientific facts are a crime against the public. In the 1800’s and early 1900’s cannibis oils were found in pharmacies all over America until being banned. Our great politicians could have found references to this in any library when they were passing the scheduling law. Instead they kept their heads in the sand and went along with playing the ignorant protectors that they were claiming to be. When politicians get into science it is a train wreck of incompetence. Let us hope our new surgeon general can make things right.

  10. “No other Federal Judge has ever taken on the constitutionality of the scheduling of marijuana like this since the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 was signed by President Nixon.”

    No judge in the whole country has bothered to do their job regarding marijuana cases since the CSA had passed; except for Mueller. Apparently, the men really are lazier than the women.

  11. I keep wondering how many more medical professionals and organizations it will take to finally force our Govt to remove cannabis from it’s moronic schedule 1 status. How much more suffering will our Govt cause the people it is supposed to be serving before they do the right thing and legalize this miracle plant???

    I suppose the answer is when it hits them at their home. In the case of Bush brothers (George and Jeb), it seems that their Daddy had their back while both of them used it in their youth. It is infuriating that these two, now grown men, both seem to think marijuana should not be legal and that no one should be allowed to do what they did without being punished as though they were a criminal… I really hate these hypocritical self-righteous jerks!

  12. The CBS comments can’t be undone. I was initially against Dr. Murthy for Surgeon General because I read that he was against legalizing cannabis. An educated professional in the field of medicine being up to date on the current cannabis situation MUST basically acknowledge, as he did, that cannabis IS of medicinal value, with a rather LOW measure of abuse, when one differentiates between use and abuse. Not all use is abuse to the rational thinker. To prohibitionists any kind of use of cannabis is drug abuse.

    It doesn’t surprise me one bit that the prohibitionist attack dogs sank their fangs into his ass back at the office, and forced him to backtrack. I’m not so sure that his giving way on cannabis and hinting about it taking us in an interesting direction being a foreshadowing of Judge Mueller’s decision or Obama descheduling cannabis. If the prohibitionist dawgz have gotten to the judge, then her decision will be watered down and back off of moving in the direction of rescheduling. Does the judge want to be a cannabis quisling in the war on cannabis? We all sense history will prove the prohibitionists wrong in the long run, but no matter how long the prohibitionists stretch out legalization, they will lose. So why don’t the rabid republicans build there wall on the Mexican border, and secure U.S. profits and jobs supplying our own demand for cannabis?

    I’m fed up with this bullshit about cannabis needing to go through the FDA testing and shit when the feds block studies left and right, have been doing it for years. Who knows, cannabis could very well hold the components for the cure for cancer, and these prohibitionist assholes have pre-determined it has no medical value and disallowed decades of research and profit by the Big Pharma on synthetic compounds and treatments derived from the plant.

    Yo Barry, remember those times in the Choom Gang and all that talk about if any of us could legalize marijuana we would? Just about any cannabis consumer has said that. Well, you’re in a position to orchestrate events to make that happen. Barry, I always supported you and stuck up for you, voted for you twice to be the President. I think cannabis simply needs to be removed altogether from the Schedule.

  13. Without making it complicated. The Controlled Substance Act of 1970 should remove marijuana from any classification.

  14. The FDA is terrible in their time frame of approving new drugs or treatments, seriously it shouldn’t take 10 years to approve an insulin pump for diabetics let alone trying to get them to approve medical marijuana.

  15. I agree with the surgeon general on one point. Smoking is not a effective way to deliver medicine. There needs to be more emphasis on edibles, oils, and vaporizers. I am a combat veteran I suffer from PTSD and nightmares. I have a TBI and marijuana helps with pain mood and nightmares.

  16. Brilliant post Julian! I was “glued” to your wonderfully written statements.
    A million thumbs-up!

  17. @Julian – I sure hope you’re right about the end of cannabis prohibition. Our fearless leaders, mostly the Republicans, have done their very best to keep our favorite herb illegal. They’ve lied and passed harsh laws based on those lies. They’ve created more criminals in the than would otherwise have been possible.

    I’m sure they are just hating that their favorite method of incarcerating and stealing from American citizens may be coming to an end soon.

  18. The last two nights I saw ex-Drug Czar William Bennett on FOX news shows, ‘Hannity’ and ‘The O’Reilly’ Factor. FOX New gives the prohibitionists a pulpit from which to ‘make stuff up’ and sell it to their willing viewers.

    Marijuana policy may be front and center in the 2016 election. If Obama de-schedules marijuana, you can bet the GOP will regard it as one more example of overstepping of his authority. I encourage everyone who cares enough to visit this NORML website to either vote Democratic or change the GOP from within before the election. When the DEA confiscated hemp seeds intended for Kentucky farmers, Mitch McConnell made short work of the DEA’s impediment. GOP conservatives are the last major impediment to reform. We need to wrest control of the GOP from them.

    Prohibitionist have systematically thwarted the attempts of science to establish the medical utility of our favorite herb. To thwart the advance of medical science is a crime against us all. Those most responsible should be identified and pursued with the same cruel zealotry they saw fit to inflict on the rest of us.

    HINT: Ex Drug Czar Bill Bennett is one of these cruel zealots.

  19. @Galileo Galilei – I agree that we should all vote Democratic. The Republican leaders here in Virginia made it very clear what side they are on and it is the side of continuing the insanity! Virginia representatives recently voted on whether or not to decriminalize marijuana here. The results was: All Republican votes were to maintain the harsh and unjust laws as they are. All of the Democratic votes were to decriminalize.

    Never has it been more clear what party is the one that believes in justice and the will of the people!

    Just to keep it simple:

    Vote for Republicans if you want big brother to continue telling you what to do, even if it makes no sense, and then harshly punishing those that dare to disobey.

    Vote for Democrats if you want for the good American people to make decisions concerning their own bodies and to end draconian punishments that are clearly undeserved.

    So far, the only Republican candidate that has any remote chance of getting my vote is Rand Paul. He is the only one who has voiced any common sense or reason regarding the futile and hateful drug war.

    I still pray that President Obama does the right thing sometime soon regarding prohibition. I am among the millions that voted for him, twice, since I believed that he would. That said, it was incredibly easy to decide to vote for him the second time since Mitt Romney (the typical Republican who stated he will fight legalization or medical use tooth and nail) was the competition…

  20. I’d love to be the miniaturized drone-disguised-as-fly on the wall that overheard how the prohibitionists dialed this guy back.

  21. @Julian

    “Time to close some private prisons and open some public schools.”

    This is poetry.

  22. I am so tired of this.

    I am bi-polar. I smoke a lot of weed.

    I get by… with a little help..

    But fuck the damn democrats who want to fuck the world… and fuck the, stuck-up the arse, Republicans who want to fuck us.

    Their generation needs to go. The revolution only happened because we waited until the old fuckers died. We have not won anything through the system.

    But watch out they are tricking us with this tea-party / 99%ers bullshit.

    We don’t want to hear their bullshit, so we tune out while they continue to rule us.

    When are we all going to stand up and demand that they get the f@#k out of our face.

    Their is no common mans party… because the common man can not band together and create a force able and willing to take on the establishment and make America great again.

    Where freedom reigns and common sense remains… F*&k this I am going to smoke another joint and wait for them to reclassify the drug under schedule 2 or something to appease us while keeping the powerful forces that profit from this bull shit rich, fat and happy… because we are just a way to generate cash-flow and we follow like sheep as they will never be able to take back all the damage they have caused since Nixon got out from under Eisenhower’s control.

    Like I said… f&%k this shit I am getting high and then I am going to write some poetry and finish my script to take over the world!

  23. says – we can make a huge statement and if we ALL come out… if we ALL stand up… if those who support us will stand with us… We can return to sanity and stop this madness that the elite have used to control the masses for centuries.

    Throw off their yoke – they are only a joke,
    which they entertain – to blow apart my brain,
    for who will do it – it seems so foolish,
    to tell them they are wrong – united we are strong,
    but they depend on our division – and manipulate the opinion,
    of those who vote – those who blow smoke,
    and tell me that its okay – to make the innocent pay,
    for decisions they’ve made – to truly forsake,
    throw me in a cage – beat me in a rage,
    cause of a dope deal I made – So tell me who’s to blame,
    who owns the shame – of the beatings they gave,

    for I have never hurt you – or the children you cling to,
    I just cannot believe you – would treat me this way,
    after all that I have gave,
    you don’t know me – I served my country,
    And I am a good man – who just tried to buy a bag,
    when you pounced me, denounced me, and pronounced me,

    A stone cold criminal,
    I lost my job, my wife,
    my home, and I cry
    Why do you treat me this way?
    Let guards beat me this way,
    My heart is beating so strange,
    I feel the fury,
    My life is rearranged,
    So what is the hurry…

    I’ve got a tie to the net,
    And I am going to tie it around their necks,
    I can speak to y’all…

    So spread the word,
    Tell them that you have heard,
    The ‘Pot Heads Call!’

  24. Here is an article about an Alabama politician who won’t release the results of a survey on medical marijuana because he’s “tire of these people.” The survey probably didn’t turn out as prohibitionists as he wanted.

    Here is the link to another article, this time in RollingStoned. It’s about British prohibitionists pinning all these deaths on cannabis use. Scanning it, it seems that there is some bad synthetic marijuana and shit going around in Britain, and the authorities want to pin the deaths on the real kind of cannabis. Other factors come into play in their twist of the fact.

    It’s in Dutch, and I’ve not time to translate it.

  25. It really pissess me off to read arguments for pot liberalization touting its medicinal properties and taxing possibilities. Not one word is officially said about the racist and fascist origins of its prohibition. Or of the fact that it was never a problem until it became illegal. Or that our forefathers grew it. Or that it was used for thousands of years as the first line of treatment of illnesses. Or that we have pot receptors, or that Ainslinger used it to persecute black people, that Hearst and Mellon used prohibition as protectionism for Hearst’s forest products, that pot and drug prohibition forms the drug cartels that are killing so many, like alcohol prohibition did, that it is a jobs program for cops, spies, corporations, armies and so on…

    Government doesn’t tax other weeds, why should it tax this one? The government and Wall Street Mafia have to get their cut of everything they can.

  26. I understand that the new black female attorney general will keep pot prohibition on the books. Bend over for more conservative assholes in government.

  27. @Fat Freddy – We should all give the new AG our input and hope for the best. She may turn out to be just what our country needs.

    As for Govt not taxing other so called weeds, it’s because they are not the hot commodity that cannabis is…

    You’re absolutely right in thinking that a great many of those in power are dishonest and would throw the American people under the bus in a heartbeat if it made them a bit more rich and powerful.

    Still, as angry as I often get at our not so great leaders, I try to remain optimistic and do what I can to further the cause of ending prohibition.

    This is America and we Americans need to take a stronger stand on this issue. Too many Americans fear getting put on some list (of marijuana users) that will prevent them from getting a loan, employment, and might even cause law enforcement to start watching them. Seriously, even the gay/lesbian crowd didn’t have to worry about that; in most cases…

  28. They say most them folks in Congress
    Are idiotic fools
    Some are crazy as a fox
    Just makin breakin rules
    But just share a bud of herb with them…
    Recreation taxin tools…
    And lets close some Private Prisons…
    And open Public Schools…

  29. Miles:
    If our new AG is that ignorant of the facts, she will make a lousy one. If she knows all this and persists on prohibition, she will be even worse.

    I’m sick of Democrat politicians pandering to their Republican ignoramus counterparts by placing conservative ignoramuses in positions of authority. All to please their Drug War profiteers and moronic religious conservative backers at a public cost of 28 billion dollars this year.

  30. I agree with what the Surgeon General has to say. Marijuana can be very helpful in many cases, but because it is illegal in many states people use it out of spite, just like prohibition. If Marijuana became legal we would have less people in jail for minor possession charges, saving money, and the taxes would bring in great amounts of revenue. The Pros just outweigh the Cons.

  31. There are some great medical benefits to marijuana, I agree. However, what isn’t being addressed with the article are the economic and social advancements that will come with the legalization of Marijuana. The nation will make a lot of money with the legalization of marijuana. We are already seeing this in Colorado and Washington. Also, socially marijuana will became less forbidden and will no longer be the bad boy substance that it is seen today.

  32. “They say most them folks in Congress
    Are idiotic fools
    Some are crazy as a fox
    Just makin breakin rules
    But just share a bud of herb with them…
    Recreation taxin tools…
    And lets close some Private Prisons…
    And open Public Schools… ”


  33. @Miles, Galileo & Picard et al;

    The question over the end of prohibition is not “if” but “when.” President Obama and the Democratic Party have everything to gain by descheduling marijuana. What remains to be seen is if the President is waiting for final judgement from Mueller or… He may wait for a more solid contender for President for the 2016 elections; and I’m not only talking about Republicans. (See “Billary” below). Rand Paul and Paul Ryan both have come out in opposition to marijuana prohibition, but they can’t seem to stop themselves from saying stupid $#!+ on a regular basis to be serious contenders for President. Republicans I have spoken to here in Texas think Paul Ryan is an idiot for catering to the Chicken Little crowd of voters by saying that vaccinations, (specifically Measels) should be optional. Marijuana scheduling is a subject based deep in prohibited science, but the Measels vaccination? That’s public knowledge you genius. Ryan is out.

    Rand Paul is much like his father, Ron, in his defense that the government should stay out of drug enforcement, but when you corner either one of these Libtards in a bus and talk to them or even get them out on a podium they start saying zany things like “and while we’re at it, we need to abolish the Department of Education!” It just leaves you shaking your head wondering how much of these libertarians and Republicans base their decisions on scientific fact or are they just pandering to the “Sky is Falling” crowd. (We sure do appreciate your Libertarian donations though! I still have NORML Foundation as my charity on Amazon Smile Mr. Bezos! 🙂 ). But Please, we don’t need another fear campaign, brought to you by;
    “…Koch Industries; Because running around in circles like a chicken with your head cut off is better than Googling the TRUTH! …And by… Libertarians… Sure millions of kids wandering the streets that can’t afford a public education is a health problem but just think of all the targets we’ll create for the Zombie Apocalypse!” (I know; they had me at Zombie Apocalypse too…)

    The REAL problem for Democrats: (I mean BESIDES all the lazy California voters too content with their mmcard to get out and vote to end prohibition once and for all)… And that problem is… Billary Clinton:
    Our Democratic candidate, our ONLY one so far for Presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, is not helping our cause at all. She needs to drop her prohibitionist sponsors like a bunch of useless rocks and buy a good vaporizer if she plans to win this election. She should be watching this case of the U.S. V. Picard et al like sharkweek on the Discovery channel. She could change her stance all together and start supporting legalization, but she just carries too much baggage from the Bill years. I’m still dismayed that it was Bill Clinton who started the D.O.J.’s S.O.D. Evidence Fabrication program. Somehow the polls are showing women don’t support marijuana legalization as much as men, which Hillary perceives as her base. So vaporize the debates! It’s not marijuana that mothers object to so much as the sight of their sons and husbands choking on a roach clip. So endorse vaporizers, Billary, and get on with it. Its better than PRISON! (Sorry Dave, but with Judge Mueller as an grand exception, Billary is proof that men are not lazier than all women 🙂 ).

    Then there’s HUD Secratary and former Mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro. He NEEDS to run on his own ticket instead of going VP for Billary. I admit that I worry about him after watching him on the Daily Show. At times he looks nervous and perhaps at times a bit too callous in his description of the disfunction of his own Department of government, (although HUD IS corrupt… And so is Bexar County Texas where he was Mayor… Better get ready to mop up that mess, beginning with ending asset forfeitures for private property, like Holder has begun to do) …but it appears as though Democrats have vetted him well because despite his sarcastic demeanor, he convincingly answered all of Jon Stewart’s tough questions. And besides, I’ll take a fresh young face with the naiveté to take on prohibition swinging with both fists over a tired old shark covered in special interest parasites anyday.
    Bottom line is that President Obama has to show leadership in the wake of the verdict in the U.S. V. Picard and deschedule marijuana. Republicans may have the majority in Congress, but they don’t have the two thirds to impeach or override a veto. Don’t allow the debates to shape your decisions, Mr. President; make your decisions shape the debates. I believe that Obama learned this lesson during the last elections when he lead from his pocket, played coy for a few anti-Obama Democrats and Mary Landrau lost Louisiana ANYway. Hmmm… Looks like the so called “Democratic base” doesn’t rally around smear and fear campaigns that are not based on scientific fact but rather on baseless chicken $#!+ lies? Whoda THUNK it?
    Wanna see what the Democratic voter turn out will be like in 2016 with marijuana, drug and prison policy all as an election issue?
    Deschedule marijuana, Mr. President. Tear down this wall.

  34. Cannabis was never a “bad boy” substance…that bad boy substance is alcohol.


    No credible evidence exists proving cannabis causes any negative behavior…if I am mistaken, please point out the research?…Anyone?…Kevin S.?

  35. Who at the DHHS spoke on Murthy’s behalf? We need a direct response from Our Surgeon General, not some prohibitionist propaganda. I find it inexcusable that the same Department of Health that patents cannabinoids (#6630507) separates babies from their mother’s breast for self medicated marijuana consumption, and then tries to edit and muzzle our Surgeon General.

    Dr. Murphy, if you can read this, your Country needs you to man up and speak up. Your bravery now will be rewarded quickly and for generations to come.

  36. Julian, I suspect Hillary and Bill are nuts–together. Seriously, the contards are busy telling each other stories about how Michele Obama is really a man and their kids are adopted. I mean, really… Do their eyes work? The Obama children actually do resemble their parents. But, really where was this idea when Clinton was in office? His wife does look like a man and his daughter doesn’t really look like him either. They literally took the Clintons’ issues and applied them to the Obamas.

    So, I don’t really know. Is Hillary really a woman? I’ve never seen another woman try quite so hard to resemble a man and wasn’t gay or going for gender re-assignment.

  37. Bhang (Hindi: ????) is a preparation from the leaves and flowers (buds) of the female cannabis plant, consumed as a beverage in the Indian subcontinent.
    Comment: As the son of Indian parents; I am sure V. Murthy is very familiar with “Ganga”!!

  38. Deschedule marijuana, Mr. President. Tear down this wall. (That line worked for President Reagan)

    Deschedule marijuana, Mr. President. We demand it!

    Deschedule marijuana, Mr. President. We condemn this war against peaceful Americans who choose to use marijuana/cannabis.

    Deschedule marijuana, Mr. President. History will show you to be a hero or villain based on whether or not you do the right thing and help end prohibition.

    Deschedule marijuana, Mr. President. It is in the best interest of our country; and indeed, the world.

    Deschedule marijuana, Mr. President. You used it like so many other people now in power here in America. No one should have their life ruined by idiotic laws based on lies and racism.

    Deschedule marijuana, Mr. President. Never mind what the Republican party wants (i.e. apparently to keep prisons full and profitable and to keep the bribes coming in), use your power to stop the madness of prohibition .

    Americans demand the end of prohibition, we condemn ruining the lives of so many hundreds of thousands of otherwise good law-abiding people who break the law by using cannabis. The big question is: Is this a government for the people by the people, or is it a government that dictates it’s will over the people? People like Andy Harris, from Maryland, seems to want to dictate his will over the 70% of voters in the District of Columbia and guess what, no surprise, he is a republican.

    What is it going to take before we can finally end this stupidity??? It truly boggles my mind how a supposedly free society can continue to treat the cannabis using culture as though we are no more than common criminals. The vast majority of us are good responsible people that have jobs and try to care for our families. There is just no possible way that scooping us up by the thousands and putting us in jails or prisons, stealing our belongings (via asset forfeiture), or limiting our ability to get a decent job or education is doing anything positive for our country.

    I served in the marines and worked many years in electronics and computers before retiring. I am not a criminal in any way beyond my choice to use cannabis. Still, here in Virginia, I would be treated like a criminal if I got caught with even 1 gram of cannabis.

    Here is a proposal. Perhaps since you lawmakers can’t bring yourselves to legalize it for those under 21 (or even 25 years of age), can’t you at least make it legal for someone who is over the age of 55? Seriously, is that asking too much? Do you really want to bust people my age for using a bit of cannabis??? I’m really tired of having lived my entire life secretly using it when there is no good honest reason why I shouldn’t.

    Marijuana is NOT a schedule one drug and anyone out there who says otherwise is either a liar or a total idiot!!! I’d love for Michelle Leonhart (of the DEA) to answer this question.

    Which would do more harm?
    a) Drinking a couple of pints of Vodka every day for a year
    b) Smoking a couple of joints every day for a year

    I think anyone who has done even the simplest, most basic, research would quickly realize that “a” is the correct answer. Isn’t it ironic that “a” is perfectly legal while “b” could get you sent to prison?

    Forgive my rant… I’m just so frustrated with our Federal Govts utter stupidity that I just have to let it out occasionally…

  39. Grasping the hands of cannabis acceptance and tolerant respect leaves you without footing, strength of vision, and fearing the one organization paid to protect and serve. Why are we funding an organization trained to demean and incarcerate, confiscate without due process, and shatter the lives of those they disrespect while looking the other way for their family and friends.

  40. what I want to know is…why must we wait on scientific study on cannabis? did they do this with alcohol? I am willing to bet NOT! also, i have found it VERY HELPFUL . as in ocd ,anxiety, my quality of life for 32 years has been one of happiness, comfort, even temper, great peace. the last 6 yrs. have been just the opposite since my employer decided to own my personal life!

  41. ALL political agendas aside (which I know is difficult being a Veteran myself), I strongly feel that if our current Surgeon General believes that Marijuana can be helpful (which it IS for a number of medical conditions), a person is his position with his influence should be doing all he can RIGHT NOW to promote his viewpoint to all of our skeptical, lame duck legislators and get Marijuana legalized NOW so that expedient, in-depth research can be done quickly and uninterrupted. Even if it means isolating the various ingredients found in Marijuana and developing compounds that do not get anybody high, but can benefit their respective conditions. However, we cannot get there with our current Marijuana legislation and scheduling in place. If I could speak to the Surgeon General personally, I would say: “Please sir, I am asking you to become a savior to many in our generation. You could actually be helping people, which I believe must be in the oath that you took as a doctor someplace…”

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