Danny Danko Running for NORML

Dear NORML Members and Supporters,

In the past 24 years I’ve penned hundreds of fundraising requests in the employ of NORML ranging from basic operating expenses to legal defense funds to advertising to match-the-donor grants to computer purchases to initiatives. Unfailingly, NORML’s members and supporters always come through with the needed funding to this venerable non-profit organization.

On this day I bring your attention to a NORML fundraiser self-conceived and implemented from a welcomed–but unlikely source.

I don’t think he’d mind me commenting that when one thinks of a long-distance runner, High Times’ Cultivation Editor Danny Danko does not immediately (or, at all!) come to mind.

So when Dan recently contacted NORML indicating that he’d decided to run in the 2015 New York City Half Marathon, and wanted to do so to raise money and awareness for NORML’s marijuana law reform work, it reminded me of the many types of personal self-sacrifice supporters of marijuana law reform work have been willing to make in support of the organization since its founding in 1970.

Dan has created a CrowdRise webpage for donations to be directed to the NORML Foundation that he is asking us to widely promote, as his employer, High Times Magazine, is willing to match dollar-for-dollar all of the money he raises through his long-distance running effort on Sunday, March 15.

A number of individuals, non-profit organizations and cannabis-related businesses have already pledged to support Dan’s fundraising efforts for NORML and marijuana legalization. Please take a moment and join them in recognizing Dan’s commitment to legalization, and to a non-profit organization near and dear to him and his family.

Dan has already raised nearly 40% of his stated $5,000 goal!

Thanks to Danny Danko, High Times Magazine and NORML’s supporters for putting the ‘grass’ into the organization’s longstanding grassroots efforts to end cannabis prohibition and stop the arrest of marijuana smokers.

Kind regards from a newly liberated Washington, D.C. (where cannabis became legal on February 26),

Allen St. Pierre
Executive Director
NORML / NORML Foundation

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  1. Dear Danny Danko, Allen St. Pierre & NORML membership.
    I was there at the UTAH capital, where a group of epileptic citizens and their supporters asked for the right to have medicine that actually works.
    Those Senators defend status quo, they also have a filed corporate bribery complaint, with evidence and grounds to prosecute their leader, Gov. Gary R.Herbert and lobbyist Cody Stewart…….the case is important to legalization of pot for many reasons….
    UAG Sean Reyes has the filed bribery complaint based on the grounds that Share Holder’s Money must have justification under corporate mission laws.
    Pharma, prison corporations, law-enforcement, etc benefit from pot being illegal.
    And bribery helps secure support through status quo beliefs………..NOT BASED ON FACTS…….But self interest only.

    I have pictures of the ladies who tried to secure medicine for themselves and loved ones in front of the Utah Senate Chambers.
    They the senators have the full 13 page filed bribery complaint…and not one of them will open their oath bound mouths…….they all violate ethics to allow a criminal compliant with proof to be denied DUE PROCESS.
    I propose we humble them before the people so WE THE PEOPLE and defend what is good and oppose what is wrong or unlawful.
    sincerely, your brotherJonathan
    defending our Constitution and its power over unlawful laws like SLAVE-BASED DRUG LAWS AND CORPORATE SHARE HOLDER’S BRIBERY.

    I’m writing in regard to Senate Bill 259, which seeks to provide qualified patients with access to medicinal cannabis preparations from state-licensed dispensaries.
    ******and so one*****

    (added comment)

    DeseretNews Comments about ‘Utah Senate narrowly defeats medical marijuana bill’ (3-10-2015)
    SLC, UT
    Not only did the Senate defeat the Medical Marijuana bill,
    they fully have knowledge that Corporate Bribery is being done to Utah citizen voters and violate ethics to protect what is evil.

    Our House and Senate know of the filed criminal complaint against Gov. Herbert and Lobbyist Cody Stewart With Grounds and Evidence and still remain silent.
    They are guilty of misconduct and so support criminal actions on their door.

    To block corrections in constitutional rights of citizens to treat their illness is evil beyond measure. God will punish those who harm their neighbor and call it good.

    Instinct/Satan is driving their logic and beliefs……Same as with the animal kingdom without moral judgment but only protecting their survival advantage.

    When will the people awake from their sleep?
    When their own children or loved ones need a drug or help that is denied because of our
    unlawful laws that take freedom of and liberty of choice and give it to doctors.

    Ye are ripe for the wrath of God to fall upon us………..love thy neighbor as thy self.

    You bunch of hypocrites who call yourselves Christians.
    your brother in Christ
    Elder Jonathan L. Peterson
    Jonathan L. Peterson
    Behavior Research for Humanity LLC.
    3670 S. Red Maple Rd.
    Salt Lake City, UT 84106 208-650-1346 ph. (or P.O. Box 802, SLC,UT 84101) jlp1997@msn.com

  2. It was done in 1976. Mike Ciaccia, California Norml, and KMET radio out of L.A.
    Paraquat Kelly and Ace Young covered it. Bakersfield to Sacramento.

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