Puerto Rico: Governor Signs Executive Order To Allow For Medicinal Use of Marijuana

Puerto Rican Gov. Alejandro J. García Padilla signed an executive order on Sunday to allow for the therapeutic use of cannabis and cannabinoids in the US territory.

Although the executive order takes immediate effect, the Health Department Secretary has up to three months to issue a report in regard to precisely how the new law will be implemented.

Stated the Governor in a press release: “We’re taking a significant step in the area of health that is fundamental to our development and quality of life. I am sure that many patients will receive appropriate treatment that will offer them new hope.”

The Governor acknowledged that several US states have already legalized the plant for therapeutic purposes and that Puerto Rican patients would similarly benefit from a change in law.

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  1. Two things.

    First it’s good that Puerto Rico will now “allow” people to have a little control over their own bodies?

    Second thing…Who the fuck ever gave the Governor and his Executive branch the right to say that people can or cannot control their own bodies?

    Is he some kind of god?

  2. @Bob
    Yes this is a point that is always overlooked. Drugs being illegal means the government has control over what you decide to consume. The only conclusion that you can make from this is that the government owns your body and only the government can decide what to do with it. This is evident from laws on drugs, prostitution, suicide, etc.

  3. Felicidades Puerto Rico! Que Dios les bendiga y a los enfermos y los pobres.

    Congratulations Texas too! For the first time in the history of Texas and the drug war, a marijuana decriminalization bill will have a vote in State Congress. HB 507 just passed the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee with a 4-2 vote! Special thanks to Representative Herrero, chair on the committee who answered the calls of so many Texans. God Bless you sir.

    Visit the Take Action icon on this page and call your Congressman now! Believe me, if it can work in Texas it’ll work anywhere.

  4. You both are right. freedom of choice is an unalienable right. Expect where taken by unconstitutional laws.
    This is the grounds to file a US Supreme court brief that will strike down “the controlled substance acts”- because they created elite citizenship powers of a public office and gave it to some educated citizens.

    That is not fair or just.
    ((show this to an attorney and ask for their opinion of its merits. Watch them squirm..))

    MSN (2nd comment on) 21 health benefits of marijuana edited*
    Jonathan Peterson:
    Why people are sheep…………Instinct Mechanism/survival logic operating our minds and choices…
    W/low comprehension or awareness of this truth……..

    The ATF sells permits to buy and use dangerous controlled substances= explosives.
    Doctors sells permits to buy and use dangerous controlled substances = drugs.

    The difference is. Doctors of medicine have this Master powers of temporary permits=
    Private enterprise with the power of a government permit office.
    THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE………..if you have the sense to use the facts for your logic and beliefs.

    Why alcohol prohibition did not work: Prohibition of choice causes crime.
    The only way to have a prohibition of a commodity that is needed or wanted is to give that power of choice to one group over another………Powers over other citizens must be a public office,
    under oath of office to be impartial.
    Or you have unfair, unjust laws operating our society =
    Violation of citizen equality not being opposed by group members. =
    Needless suffering caused by our instinct mechanism protecting current status quo operations ……
    Blinding individuals from the facts on hand and manipulating their beliefs =
    Most group members . believe it is moral to oppress and criminalize other citizens for not having permits from other citizens to buy, use or possess a commodity….

    Instinct mechanism/survival logic operates human sub-conscious minds.
    The desire to control others choices is not lawful.
    Constitutional Laws protect us from crimes done directly to a citizen or entity.
    Driving impaired is a danger to society (unlawful to protect public safety). Using alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs (fit into the same category of personal choice, until a true crime has occurred.)

    A mother caring for an adolescent, impaired on prescription drugs/alcohol is the same as a mother
    caring for an adolescent without a permission slip from a doctor: both have the potential to violate law but until the letter of the law is broken. Liberty or freedom of choice is respected.
    Except it is not.. If one temporary drug commodity permit is expired, the citizen falls under criminal penalty for not having that buy and use permit from another citizen. That is what doctors are, citizens with the power of a public office, selling commodity permits.
    Very similar to the permits sold by the ATF.

    Jonathan L. Peterson
    Behavior Research for Humanity llc.
    3670 S. Red Maple Rd. Salt Lake City, UT 84106 208-650-1346 ph. jlp1997@msn.com

  5. Good for Puerto Rico!

    If you want the new DEA administrator to not interfere with this law and other State marijuana laws, please sign this petition:


    This year is a good time to let it be known.

  6. PR activists and Normlizers, please get bizzy and create a domestic/tourist/export 25-mg microvapetoke utensil industry– maybe it could look rather ominous and be named the CHUPACANNABRA? Oh well if you don’t, Jamaica will make it first with their CHOOMETTE.

  7. Here in Texas a full legalization bill just passed committee, HB2165. While I encourage every Texan to click the link, Take Action and contact your Congressman, remember to tell them “And if you dont agree with full legalization, please dont forget HB507, the decriminalization bill.”
    Non Libertarian Texas Republicans, by far the majority, are going to be a tough sell. A bill better produce some revenue and pay some bills or its not going to be attractive to a Congressman. All this “no tax” tomato theory i’m reading in these Libertarian bills needs to stay with the tomatoes. (Sigh, once again…)
    Tomatoes cannot get you high, nor does it possess the utility that cannabis does to provide basic building materials, fuel, shelter or medicine. Cannabis requires unique, variable, annually adjusted tax regulation, and that starts by allowing farmers to plant cannabis for agricultural, regional research, which the Federal government has already provided for with hemp in states that have legalized.

    I’m still encouraging my deadbeat brothers to pick up the phone and call their Congressman.

    Some may not have a vote but may still have a voice. Call.

  8. Texans, while you’re remembering HB507, don’t forget US Patent 6630507, which governmentally acknowledges cannabis Medicinal merit contrary to the antique classifrication Schedule, and sing a tune by/for 18330507 Johannes Brahms whose birthday was today. Pick up that phone, here’s the pitch…

  9. A real breathe of fresh air after GOP potential candidate Chris Christie scolded us yet again about the ‘Gateway Theory’. This irresponsible, ill-considered, downright prehistoric attitude should be seen as the atavistic nonsense it is.

    Plus I wasn’t invited to the damn party!:(

  10. This is a victory over narrow-mindedness, authoritarianism, religionism, drug cartels, corrupt police, justice profiteers, Big Pharma, oligarchs and other little conservative dictators that try to run your lives.

    Hasta la victoria siempre!

  11. I heard through the interwebs that the governor of PR reneged his executive order to legalize mmj.

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