Michigan: East Lansing Voters Approve Marijuana Depenalization Measure

East Lansing voters on Tuesday approved a municipal ballot measure removing criminal and civil penalties for minor marijuana offenses.

Over 65 percent of voters decided in favor of the measure, which amends local law to eliminate penalties for activities involving the possession or transfer of up to one ounce of cannabis on private property.

East Lansing is the seventeenth Michigan city to approve a municipal ballot initiative depenalizing marijuana related activities. Voters in Saginaw (population 51,000) and Port Huron (30,000) approved similar measures in November.

“Time and time again we keep winning elections,” said Jeff Hank, who spearheaded the campaign. “The message is clear, the legislature and the governor has to start this conversation.”

Statewide legislation to decriminalize marijuana possession offenses is pending, but has yet to be heard in the 2015 Michigan legislature.

8 thoughts

  1. Right thing to do!

    Come on, Baltimore. Make cannabis crimes not arrestable, not prosecutable.

  2. Quantitative reminder: an ounce of herb equals 1132 times 25 mg, or allowing for the removal of stems (teaPOT) and seeds (flowerPOT), usually over 900 single Vapetokes using a screened one-hitter with flexible extended drawtube attached. Aside from a minority of Medicinal patients requiring larger amounts, this is an adequate half-year’s ration for millions of Occupational and Inspirational users.

  3. Jury nullification has made plea agreements necessary. If you do not plea, they will not waste their funds.

  4. I use a little one hitter in a wood carrier with a small chamber for the precious ground herb. One or two hits in the evening or once on a Saturday and I’m good. My 1/4 lasts for months and months. I don’t use much; usually not even daily, so it doesn’t ‘take much’. I guess it’s about economy of scale. If I tried to smoke a ‘joint’ it’d probably put me in a coma and I don’t want that. Just a little buzz to enjoy relaxation whilst hangin’ around the shanty. Everyone have a great weekend and pray for an end to our national silliness.

  5. We will get there. Just hope ole Uncle Sam will leave a little room for those of us who can not afford commercial prices. The ones who really need this! This should be a crop. NOT A PROBLEM!!!!!! But they will make it one. Making sure they keep the farmers poor and the riches pockets full

  6. @Oracle, first priority for UN might be to change some names. How can a “Commission on Narcotic Drugs” presume to discuss provisions concerning cannabis when prevailing medical opinion for decades has discounted any “narcotic” function of cannabis?

    Hint: Combustion products from a HBOM hot burning overdose monoxide Joint might be causing Narcotic symptoms ignorantly blamed on the cannabis. Vape now, LEAP later.

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