New ITEP Report: Marijuana and Taxation in America

A new report by the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) adds considerable information to the base knowledge accumulating at the state level on new changes in laws and custom regarding cannabis legalization circa 2013, starting in the states of Colorado and Washington after citizens voted to end cannabis prohibition via binding ballot initiatives.

The ITEP report joins other mainstream reviews and analysis of changes in cannabis laws from The Brookings Institution, RAND Corporation and Drug Policy Alliance.

ITEP’s principle donors are found here.


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  1. The news is out; Colorado is making so much revenue from fair marijuana taxation that their state laws say they owe money BACK to their citizens! Of course Colorado wants to see that money build some public schools first so the state legislature is working across the aisles to fix the problem.

    Who knew it would take marijuana legalization to bring our country together again. Thank you Colorado for getting it right. God Bless those beautiful, high rockies… May fairly taxing and regulating marijuana teach us all to participate in our Democracy and call our Congressman… From Purple Mountains’ majesty… From sea to shining sea…

  2. Increase you State’s chances of appearing in the next ITEP report by signing this petition to instruct the new DEA administrator to
    enforce the marijuana laws in a manner that conforms to our Constitution. Maybe then it will be titled, “Issues with Taxing Cannabis at the State Level”.

    This year is a good time to take action.

  3. Shifting where “the gun” is pointed does nothing to increase freedom. Taxing a person to ingest something is Orwellian.

    Free people don’t need permission to own themself.

    Paying the state for “granted permission” when that same state would have jailed them a bit ago for the same act is also a bit of a boot licking posture and the epitomy of hypocrisy.

    Somewhere the Uncle Tom’s of Weed-dom got this wrong.

    Slaves need permission to control their bodies, free people do not.

  4. It is amazing the amount of tax money that legal Marijuana has generated in states like Colorado and Washington. The info contained in the ITEP report is another great piece of info to argue for the benefits of legalizing this great herb.

    The link that YearofAction shared above is worth your time to continue to push the issues that could push on the fence voters over to our side.

  5. I was a bit put off by the cavalier grouping of marijuana with alcohol and tobacco. Hard to argue with the conclusion, though.

  6. Somewhere the Uncle Tom’s of Weed-dom got this wrong. – Bob Constantine

    For whatever it may be worth, I could not agree more.

  7. I was a bit put off by the cavalier grouping of marijuana with alcohol and tobacco. – G.G.

    Comparing tobacco and alcohol with cannabis is like comparing guns and bullets with flowers?

  8. The ITEP report confirms that prices will drop dramatically (by 90%) as legalization spreads. For those of us who can’t afford today’s outrageously priced legal pot, this is welcome news, indeed.

  9. I do not think marijuana should be taxed on a Federal level. State, only maybe. I think marijuana is a Human Right and should really not be taxed at all. Apparantly our Gov’t does not remember “Taxation without Representation” and what it did for Britian.

  10. A vaping utensil so designed as to make it equally easy to use cannabis, tobacco, alfalfa, basil, borage, buchu, catnip, chamomile, comfrey, coriander, OREGANO etc. etc. is RDA Rediversificative Democracy in Action, and yes you can make your own device with some #40 screen and $1.29 worth of hardware, see that free wiki article “12 Ways to Make Pipes from Everyday Obj.”.

    @Don is right, the CPD Cannabis Price Drop is on the way– and one thing it will do is make possible a Ganja Witnesses ecoecumenical propa & ganda drive to repopularize those other somewhat neglected herbs! And as we have lately seen with cannabis itself and also with Salvia divinorum, there may be unimagined additional medicinal or even psychosuperactive functionalities lurking in their genes for resurgent researchers to render us within 18 months from now.

    Colorado and other progressive $tates, don’t worry about your post-CPD tax revenue, after vaped panherbalistics kills off the nico$ig format you’ll save $Billions no longer treating combustion-monoxide-related illnesses (2014 Surgeon Gen. Report: US “$moking” medical co$t $135B/year).

  11. The Legalization of Marijuana in the U.S.A. has finally reached the “Tipping Point”. With the many States that will be voting for legalization in 2016, one can’t help thinking that, even with all of the manufactured propaganda that the Corporate Elite Companies (ie petroleum, pharmaceutical) have sponsored over the past 80 plus years, their greediness will be coming to an end. This whole issue came about for the “Elimination of Industrial Hemp” from the open market. In the 1930’s, public opinion was influenced in such a way that Congress was artificially forced into passing the “Marihuana Tax Act” in 1937. Most of the representatives voting on this measure didn’t know that Marihuana and Industrial Hemp were from the same plant family, Cannabis. This major bill went through Congress in just two days, mostly on “Anslinger’s Propaganda Testimony”. Throughout the years since, corporate moneys have influenced our elected officials in keeping Cannabis illegal and there for keeping Hemp from being grown here in the U.S. We can import Hemp into the U.S. but our Farmers can’t grow it. The selfish greed from a selected few has had their way for way too long. Take Marijuana off the “Schedule One Drug List” will save a lot of time and headaches.
    In 1938, Popular Mechanics Magazine said that Industrial Hemp is the next “Billion Dollar Industry.”
    Most people don’t know that over 200 gallons of BioDiesel can be made from one acre of Hemp. The U.S. Navy will be using Biofuels to help power their ships and planes.
    A major portion of the crude oil consumed worldwide goes into the making of plastics products. Plastics can be made from “Hemp Oil.”
    These are only two of the thousands of products that can be made from hemp. Now you can understand why “Crude Oil Industry Giants” want to keep Hemp off the open market.
    Gov. Ducey says he wants to bring new industries into Arizona, well, it won’t get much bigger than what “Industrial Hemp” can do for our economy here in Arizona. I have spent years researching what it would take to make Arizona the “Hemp Capitol of the Southwest.” NOW is the time to begin setting up the “Infrastructure” needed to make my vision become a reality.
    I hope to meet with Gov. Ducey in the near future to explain to him that the time to act is now.

    Danny Adams ( (Director of Hemp Education and Environmental Quality for NORML of Arizona)

  12. @cannafriend

    “Fines” are a tax in disguise.

    Taxation minus representation is illegal and un-American.

    Those who forget the past…

  13. The time has come for little dictators to stop throwing people in jail for breaking whatever taboo these fear driven troglodytes, protectionist corporations and sold out politicians can come up with.

  14. Bob Constantine, the problem is far too few have had that gun pointed at them for no good reason. They keep hearing about how this is needed for the greater good. Just like in Germany before WWII. However, unlike the victims of Nazis Germany, we now have an internet that lets people check things more or less in real time.

    We have a punishment fetish in this country. I think it is related to our Puritanical past. Puritans were kicked out of Europe and most came here were they got busy oppressing Native Americans.

  15. Thanks @Dave for setting up my chance to post the $lavery table.

    Old (Negro) $lavery:

    1. If you don’t obey you get PUNI$HED.
    2. If you try to run away you get PUNI$HED extra hard.
    3. If you try to help a $lave escape you get ultra-PUNI$HED (could be death by hemp rope).

    New (Nicotine) $lavery:

    1. If you don’t have another $igarette within 48 minutes you get PUNISHED with “withdrawal symptoms”.
    2. If you try to escape by SUBSTITUTING another herb such as cannabis you get PUNI$HED with arrest, court shaming, blacklisting, family collapse syndrome etc.
    3. If you try to help a $lave escape by providing cannabis you get PUNI$HED ultra-hard with jail time etc.

  16. Boss/SSOB = Sorry Son of a Bitch

    Yas Sir, MusterBossmain!…is we free yet , Mr. Bossman?

    I wonder if our Bosses in Congress are listening?

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