House Floor Vote To Protect States’ Marijuana Laws Pending In Congress

Members of the United States House of Representatives are anticipated to vote this week (perhaps as earl as Tuesday night) on a series of amendments to a Justice Department spending bill. These amendments seek to limit the federal government’s intrusion in states that have regulated various aspects of marijuana production and access.

Specifically, Representatives Tom McClintock (R-CA) and Jared Polis (D-CO) are introducing an amendment intended to halt the federal prosecution of individuals involved in marijuana-related activities that are in compliance with the laws of their states. Last year, Congressional members approved an amendment to the DOJ funding bill that restricted the Department from interfering in activities specific to state medical marijuana programs. (That measure is also up for re-authorization; to learn more click here.) This year’s McClintock/Polis amendment is broader in its scope as it seeks to halt Justice Department interference among individuals and businesses engaged in state-compliant transactions particular to both the medical or recreational use of cannabis.

Please call your US Representative today via NORML’s Take Action Center here to support the McClintock/Polis amendment. Let them know that this amendment is supported by a majority of voters. According to a 2015 nationwide Pew Research poll, 59 percent of Americans agree that the government should not enforce federal marijuana laws in states that allow its use. Majorities of both Democrats and Republicans endorse this position.

Twenty-three states now permit the medical use of cannabis, while four states now regulate the plant’s production and sale to all adults. Tell Congress that federal officials should not stand in the way of these state policies and to vote ‘yes’ on the McClintock/Polis amendment.

You can also e-mail your House member and tell them to vote ‘yes’ on the McClintock/Polis amendment by clicking here.

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  1. Hear the people speak …legalize marijuana for recreational & medical use now … .

  2. Thanks for the update Paul.
    What kind of protections will this amendment provide neurologists authorized to prescribe cannibis oils in Texas?

    [Paul Armentano responds: Julian, it is my interpretation of the new Texas law that no neurologists will be compliant with it because of its wording. Licensed physicians cannot ‘prescribe’ schedule I substances regardless of the wording of state law, unless the substance is distributed as part of an FDA-approved/NIDA-approved research protocol.]

  3. Jared Polis (D-CO) – is a national hero and I give him a big SALUTE!!! The world is a better place because of him. He seems to be one of the few who are truly trying to end the insanity of marijuana prohibition and get our country back to the ideals of freedom and democracy.

    Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA) is also worthy of a big salute in particular because he is a republican, and as most of us already know, the republican party is the party of “Just Say NO” and want to continue prohibition; with the sole exception of Rand Paul, every single republican presidential candidate is against legalization and many are even against medical use of marijuana – friggin’ idiots!

  4. Please allow us that live day to day in chronic and severe pain to receive the relief we need without becoming “legal junkies!!

  5. Why write an article about amendment when you don’t place any numbers that can be referenced if you’d like your Congressman to vote positive on this?

    [Paul Armentano responds: Legislative floor amendments, unlike legislation, are not assigned bill numbers. They are identified by their sponsors, which is why we are asking people to act on the McClintock/Polis amendment to the CJS Appropriations bill:

  6. I wish People would know that Industrial Hemp is imported last Data I have seen is $600 Million Dollars worth of Raw hemp. We could allow American Farmers to Grow this crop by passing a law. also I get different data maybe someone could help all of uS 1 Acre of Hemp = how much hemp seeds cold pressed how many Gallons of hemp oil, how much fiber would a Farmer get for Nutrition to use in Products. I think this is a Money Maker that would be the driver for the economy for New Jobs Health Factory Work.

  7. @Paul,
    How interesting… so what we need in Texas until a real advance in medical marijuana law transpires is the “Dr. Sisley” of epileptic marijuana research willing to jump through all the fiery hoops for research then martyr themselves for science and the treatment of all who suffer from seizures when the Feds bust them because even if Congress cuts DEA and DOJ funding they have enough money and collusion with asset forfeitures to arrest without due process anyway. I wonder how the Sheriff’s Association of Texas and all the other drug warriors sleep at night?
    I still have hopes for the future. Guess Ill keep lobbying my Congressman.

  8. Please allow us that live day to day in chronic and severe pain to receive the relief we need without becoming “legal junkies!! – Mike

    Sorry Mike… 1%er owned Big Pharma Drug Dealers don’t want to lose you dope fiends…They know the business secret known to all drug dealers (especially Tobacco and Booze Dealers)…the money is on the “comeback”…so addictive drugs are the most business efficient Way…to make ’em Come Back and Pay!…with dangerous side effects (including premature death via overdose), dependence , addiction , and miserable withdrawal…ad nauseam.

  9. Congress is now a very different organization than we’ve seen for most of the Obama presidency. The Dems and particularly the GOP seem determined to prove that they can lead the country before the 2016 election. I can actually watch CSPAN again without retching! I’ll probably never be able to watch the Sunday morning talk shows again, though.

    The putative lock-em-up policies of the Drug War are now being replaced with the sudden realization that drug abuse is a medical problem, not something we can clobber with the police state mentality.

    Vote reform, NORML. Make them pay attention to us.

  10. Thank you, Paul! This is great for legalization momentum, and I certainly hope it passes.

    The article’s summary of the legislation leads me to believe that only the DOJ’s funding will be affected. That would mean that the IRS is still free to unleash its dawgz on the cannabis community, cannabis banking is still a problem, and DC would still not be allowed to spend any federal funds to implement adult recreational legalization either.

    Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania one prohibitionist is holding up legal medical marijuana.

    If protests on the steps of the state capital in Harrisburg are not working, then might I suggest protesting in front of his office in his home county, Tioga County. I also suggest that attending a church service–not a protest, but attending and following the service without disruption–and then mingling with the churchgoers and introducing them to yourself and your medical conditions and introducing them to your children, and just basically telling them how cannabis can help with the seizures and help with the affliction. Matt Baker needs to be shamed into action on his home turf. Give that a try.

  11. That is if you can find out where Matt Baker goes to church, assuming that such an arch conservative prohibitionist attend some kind of regular religious services.

  12. If we are free to kill ourselves with alcohol then why are we not free to heal ourselves with cannabis ?

    Almost no one believes that cannabis is many more times harmful than alcohol any more but our social and legal attitudes to the 2 substances are based on this old fashioned and incorrect assumption. So the law has to change sooner or later – people’s opinions have moved on from the notion of cannabis prohibition.

    Keep pushing for change — thanks !!

  13. Legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use for those adult who are 21. End the war on marijuana now

  14. Greetings,

    I am a sufferer of many mental illness law included on the medical marijuana law in Delaware. If someone could please spread the word around, I would be very grateful. The conditions I battle with include schizo-affective disorder, major anxiety(generalized and social), depression, obesity, hyperactive thyroid, and diabetes.

    Thanks for everyone’s time.

  15. You let the FDA approve all these medications and its all about MONEY not the people that are in need CANNABIS on the other hand takes money away from the people paying you not to legalize cannabis make more money put people to work do the job you were elected to do not what big corpratateions are paying you not to do ……

  16. The vote is on in two hours! Call your Congressman or hit the Take Action link above! 17 U.S. Soldiers commit suicide per day for symptoms of PTSD treatable with %75 efficacy through the consumption of marijuana. Go tell it on the mountain…

    [Paul Armentano responds: Votes just took place. Rohrabcaher/Farr amendment was reauthorized while McClintock/Polis narrowly failed. Update to the blog is forthcoming.]

  17. Please allow myself and others living with chronic pain conditions to self medicate without being considered criminals, I’m not a criminal,I am a patient trying to get my meds!!

  18. all these bills being introduced on state and federal levels to protect states rights.What about states where 80% polls want medical marijuana and their fearless leaders in republican party say no, Virginia comes to mind.Who can help us. Thanks for listening.

  19. Hemp Seed Oil is very effective for general overall metabolism; Marine Minerals(Seaweed Kelp)benefit the Thyroid. Hemp Seed Protein Fiber helps “obesity”; @ Manitoba Harvest has Hemp Protein Powder with added fiber:@ bobby~

  20. John, you are going to have to do it. Your Virginia Pigs are getting away with breaking the law by arresting marijuana users, so please do something already! I recall this one VA cop that had me pulled over explaining, “how I doesn’t mind people smoking or using marijuana, but he hates people that sell it.” So I said to him, “Look we just established that I don’t think you are stupid, so why are you now making me revaluate it?” He asks what I mean, and I say, “Well where is the marijuana you don’t mind supposed to come from if not a marijuana dealer?” To which he replied, “Yeah I get it.” Didn’t even get a ticket for the reason I was pulled over. The cops understand things, but you have talk to them in a really weird way that doesn’t make them feel like the truth is “attacking them”.

  21. We all need to get involved there is so much support but not enough people willing to step foward if the feds call off the dogs and leave the state’s alone that put the effort in to go the proper way through congress they shouldn’t have to worry about their buisness’ getting raided by the federal govtgovernment if the state goes through the proper channels of congress they should be allowed to govern themselves and if the feds call off the dogs most states won’t b afraid to legalize marijuana everyone is still scared to step foward cause of federal regulations so let’s all step foward n help this happening faster it will help with addiction and the taxes alone can pay for things like the school budget so we can stop closing schools and start educating our kids and show them that this weed could help medically and financially with our states and maybe some of the next generation that is educated may be the people who make break throughs and find a cure for cancers cause of medical marijuana cause treating everything with pills and turning everyone into addicts isn’t working so let’s band together and stand up for what’s right n legalize marijuana in every state if possible be a voice and stand up for what’s right

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