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So far this year, the top 20 Political Action Committees have raised more than $12 million for candidates running for elected office.

It’s time for elected officials and candidates to recognize that marijuana law reform is a priority for voters. Four states and the District of Columbia have LEGALIZED the personal use of marijuana, 23 states have LEGALIZED medical marijuana programs, and we’ve seen an increase in the number of local municipalities opting to DECRIMINALIZE the possession of small amounts of marijuana. When will politicians and candidates recognize that campaigning in favor of reforming America’s archaic and failed marijuana laws is smart politics? When we, the cannabis community, puts sufficient pressure on them to do so.

We all know money talks. And with other PACs routinely raising millions of dollars to donate to and endorse candidates, the NORML PAC needs to become more influential. But we can’t do so without your support!

Make a donation to the NORML PAC today and you’ll be helping to elect and re-elect candidates that recognize the benefits of marijuana legalization. Recipients of a NORML PAC donation and endorsement speak out publicly for policy changes that benefit the millions of Americans who choose to enjoy cannabis responsibly. Help us support those candidates that will push marijuana law reform to the forefront of politics.

Back the PAC today! For a limited time, those of you who respond with a donation of $100 or more will receive a NORML & Rick Steves Travel Hemp Backpack. These unique backpacks are made available by Rick in support of NORML’s longstanding law reform efforts and are only available from NORML.

This premium will only last for one week so be sure to make your $100 donation as soon as possible before the backpacks run out! Any donation is greatly appreciated.

As always, thank you for your support and generosity. NORML wouldn’t be here today without you!

5 thoughts

  1. I donate $250 a year. Does that make me eligible for the backpack?

    [Editor’s note: Thanks for your strong financial support annually! Donations for NORML membership are separate from NORMLPAC donations for legal and logistical reasons.]

  2. The link is completely not working. . .

    [Editor’s note: Many donations have been received into the NORMLPAC, including a $1,000 this morning from FL. Your computer and/or browser may not be up to date to interface with NORML’s secured server.]

  3. yeah its good way to donate or just read an ive read this past news letter from NORMAL, watch the web sight if you dont see a reciept to your email box!

  4. Donated but never rcvd any email responses or membership info. I understand that $25 of my donation would go to becoming a member but how do I know if I am now a member?

  5. I have one of those! It’s an excellent backpack, and I expect many more years of good use out of it. I’ll see what I can scrounge together to send more. I’ve started seeing anti-cannabis billboards trumpeting the pseudoscience that cannabis is somehow worse than alcohol in anticipation of 2016 already. I don’t know what it was like in Colorado or any of the other places it’s been legalized, but the right-wing authoritarians and racists are going to put up a fight before seeing cannabis legalized anywhere near flyover country.

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