Study: Marijuana Smoking Does Not Promote Head and Neck Cancer


Marijuana smoke exposure is not positively associated with the development of cancers of the head or neck, according to the results of a systematic literature review published online ahead of print in the journal Archives of Oral Biology.

Investigators from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil reviewed nine case-control studies to assess whether marijuana smoking favored the development of head and neck cancer. Authors reported that subjects who used cannabis were no more likely to develop the disease than were subjects with no history of use, after researchers controlled for potential confounding such as age, gender, race, and the use of tobacco and alcohol.

“The result of this study indicated no association between lifetime marijuana use and the risk for development of head and neck cancer,” authors concluded.

A separate analysis of six case-control studies published last year in the International Journal of Cancer similarly identified no positive association between cannabis smoke exposure and lung cancer, while a 2009 case-control trial published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research reported that the moderate levels of marijuana use were associated with a reduced risk of head and neck cancer.

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  1. Good, we have the Favorable Negative findings!– now for the positive: can cannabis PREVENT head, neck, lung and other cancers by the Three Substitutions?

    1. SUBSTITUTE cannabis (and basil, marjoram, OREGANO, rosemary, sage, savory, thyme) for tobacco

    2. SUBSTITUTE Vape for $moke (heatshock, 4221 Combustion toxins and that monoxide)

    3. SUBSTITUTE 25-mg-serving-size Single-Toke Vape-Inhalant Utensil for 500-mg-in-5-or-10-puffs Joint, $pliff, Blunt etc., or 700-mg $igarette, Beedi, Kretek etc.

  2. I can’t help but wonder what government lawyers and SCOTUS has been doing all these years to prepare for the inevitable law suits?

  3. I got some to smoke a while back, just like in the olden days. I was very aware of the vile combustion products in the taste. Sometimes you just can’t go backward in life.

  4. It’s time for the fear mongering to stop, the young generations are able to independently find correct information and are able to for their own conclusions. Hopefully soon, marijuana smear campaigns will end.

  5. The fudderal govt is trying to lie their way into a utopia. I would not believe the Fudds if they said the sun was coming up tomorrow. I would see for myself. There useless.

  6. well ohio has started absentee voting! thus one can vote at “home”. as it is our turn to legalize, the only way is to vote. i know a 21 year old girl, despite her usage, she will not vote. this is her right, but she does not realize the horrible, social cost this fight for rights, has been. only by voting, in spite of the abuses, we must persevere till all 50 states are legal! the fight will not be over till all are free to grow and consume.

  7. This is certainly fantastic news, but inquiring minds want to know, what about forearm cancer? Does cannabis cause forearm cancer?

    It’s no secret Americans want to consume cannabis but are fearful of the potential to be stricken with cancer of the forearm. Please conduct the studies and report back immediately.

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