Give, Get and Grateful

America’s oldest and largest marijuana law reform group turns 45 years old this month, and there is much to be grateful for in the way of substantive, sustained and forward-looking marijuana law reforms in America.

NORML is over-the-moon grateful to a loyal base of cannabis consumers, patients, ganjapreneurs and civil liberty-minded citizens to see the organization through to this day, when, 4 states have legalized marijuana (the nation’s capital, District of Columbia, has de-penalized possession and personal cultivation), 15 states (and dozens of cities) have decriminalized possession, 36 states and District of Columbia have medical access for cannabis-related products and a few states (example: Kentucky) are for the first time since World War II legally cultivating industrial hemp.

Much more marijuana legalization is on the near horizon in 2016 in over a half dozen states!

To both celebrate these long-sought socio-political changes in law and to keep NORML’s reform efforts rolling along into the new year, please consider making a donation of $50 or more to the organization, in return, we’ll send you a cool vape pen that have very kindly been provided to NORML by VapeWorld.

These vape pens are only going to be available through an online donation to NORML for one week–so please don’t procrastinate or space as these are unique donor premiums.

Again, many thanks to supportive companies like VapeWorld and NORML’s broad and colorful array of individual supporters for empowering the organization for over five decades to help end cannabis prohibition once and for all in America (and around the world).

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  1. Great deal on the vape-pen! Thanks!
    Question: Where’s the option for direct deposit?
    I’m happy to make flat donations, but I think it’s important to have direct deposit options so state chapters can plan their budgets in advance. I want to make sure Jax is getting paid by us and not the competition! (Although MPP’s agenda is fairly in synch with ours with Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy; What Im really worried about is scheduling our marijuana legislation on off presidential seasons, especially when Texas has no voter initiative and when younger people don’t vote so we end up $#!+ creek without a paddle like Ohio…)

    Nonetheless the 2016 election season is gearing up for a fantastic climax to our Epic American Marijuana Tragedy. I love getting reactions on people’s faces when I tell them Bernie Sanders is the only candidate willing to deschedule, (not reschedule) marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act. Its the wide-eyed look like the college student who sat in camera view behind Sanders when he first announced his position. His eyes lit up and his jaw dropped like Buckwheat. Classic.
    At least young voters will unwittingly vet out the majority of prohibitionist Congressman just by showing up at the polls for Sanders. Not that we don’t have prohibitionist Democrats, but here in my region of Texas, R. representative Lamar Smith is up for reelection, who has stood in the way of any reform as law enforcement lobbies like the Sherriff’s Association cash in on the 35 and 281 corridors for drug trafficking. How can anyone campaign as a supporter of veterans while obstructing their medical access to marijuana? With the shifting sway in Congress, I have to commend the Texas NORML agenda to focus on PTSD and marijuana for veterans. Representatives like Lamar Smith need to be called out for the obstruction to safe and effective medicine for our veterans that he is. Swallow your pride and stop the suicide!

  2. 1. “Swallow your pride and stop the suicide!”–@Julian

    That’s brilliant, one minor suggestion might be to substitute “SHELVE” (aren’t we all carpenters with inspirationary fingers? for “swallow” which has gulpliquorish connotations.

    2. Among @Julian’s report I noticed one possible reason for concern– does the Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy realize their doubtless well-intended acronym TRMP might suggest a sneaky way of stumpthumping for a current $#!+creekleroid candidate? Just wonderin’.

    3. To VapeWorld: I wish you the Best of
    Success, your product not only already services plenty of knowledgeable cannabis users but may also soon save millions of nicotine (Combustible $igarette) $laves from premature death (provided they imitate us soon enough). I admit not everyone is emotionally ready to even LEARN how to vaporize with a $1.29 flexdrawtube one-hitter, your Pen is still worth the extra money for many users. Maybe you and NORML will share a Knowitwell Prize ($1.5mil, for Preventive Medicine, preventing Combu$tion-related di$ea$e$ widely blamed on cannabis) for this promotion? Good luck!

  3. I would really like to see the issue of employee drug testing addressed more because there are many people like myself that still can’t enjoy what should be our civil liberty even if my state (Texas) legalizes it. If I understand correctly that should change when federal prohibition ends but I’m not sure that it will. I know drug testing was started to prevent being under the influence of anything while at work but now it’s just protocol and prevents hard working, tax paying, law abiding individuals like myself from being able to enjoy marijuana on our own time. Drug testing should be for impairment ONLY and ONLY with probable cause. This should be as big a part of the “movement” as all the other issues involving legalization and if was to be addressed and dealt with a lot more people would get behind it. And save the comments about safety sensitive jobs because people with safety sensitive jobs are able to consume alcohol on their own time and it should be the same for pot smokers.

  4. Genesis 1:12) He gave hemp for people to use with our free will. God gave us all the plants. Who on earth as a right to keep it from us. It cancer and and saves lives without side effects as in hair from chemotherapy. Weed does no harm as booze and livers
    Drunk people are at risk of losing control and angry.
    Stone people get funny and bond together. amen.

  5. Have worked for the same company for 25yrs
    with a near perfect attendance record,top in my field. and was fired for smoking marijuana in a state where it is legal. I believe that this is the real criminal act!

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