Federal Survey: Marijuana Use By Young People Declining

no_marijuanaSelf-reported marijuana use by teenagers has declined since 2010, according to annual survey data compiled by the University of Michigan and released today.

Authors state that adolescents’ use of cannabis has fallen slightly since 2010, while respondents’ self-reported use of other drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, are at near-record lows. Young people also reported finding it harder to access cannabis, a trend that has stayed consistent since the late-1990s.

The conclusions are consistent with other studies — such as those here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here — finding that the enactment of state laws permitting the use of marijuana for medical or social purposes is not associated with overall rises in cannabis use by young people.

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  1. There really is no viable reason that prohibition can continue. Some thing I wonder is that why the laws on drugs can’t be considered crimes against humanity, or can they?

  2. This is further evidence that the prohibition of cannabis is counter to minimizing use by underage partakers.

    Legalize it so it can be regulated.

  3. Lol!
    “Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and HERE! ”
    It’s RIGHT frickin HERE!
    Don’t turn away Senator Mitch McConnel, it’s RIGHT HERE!!!

  4. Well imagine that. Can we ever stop this wringing of hands and just legalize, so the rest of the world can move along ?

  5. “the enactment of state laws permitting the use of marijuana for medical or social purposes is not associated with overall rises in cannabis use by young people”

    Seriously? I’ll bet every Republican presidential candidate, except Rand Paul, would disagree with that statement!

    That my friends is why the Republican party needs to go the way of the dinosaurs. They are petty, greedy, racist, religious extremists, violent warpigs and more. They disgust me.

  6. @ Don M,

    I could not agree more with your assessment of the modern GOP party. You could add that they are directly responsible for the terrible economic situation that America is currently in, as well as our poor reputation around the world today.

    And they are still, here in 2015, the primary hindrance of MJ legalization in this country, with every poll that I’ve ever seen showing that they lag far behind Dems and Indies in supporting legalization, indeed, in supporting MJ prohibition.

  7. Wonder if the decline in use doesn’t follow on the recent emergence of HIGH TECH SNEAK DRUG TESTING, along with well-publicized warnings that you will be hypersurveilled, busted, prosecuted, pinned with Criminal and Drug record, blacklisted from high class diploma institutions, high wage starting job, high promotion escalator, hated by family (groanups wanted you to make more money to take care of them in old age), etc.

  8. Fear in an inhibiting factor in personal experimentation with cannabis. Someday, the truth shall set cannabis free from federal intolerance and healthcare indifference.

  9. There was an article on KRDO News in Colorado that said Colorado is #1 in the nation for youth mj use. The survey was done by Human and Health Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health. This is going to bring out the drug warriors in full force and they will be banging their war drums like crazy.

  10. It’s too bad that most prohibitionists don’t seem to realize that education, not incarceration, is what’s going to give them what they claim to want; which is less usage.

    I believe that kids are more likely to want to try something that is not allowed as compared with something that adults legally do. It is ironic that, in my opinion, the prohibitionists way of doing things has caused more overall drug usage in our country.

    I sincerely hope that marijuana is legal all across our country sometime during the 2016 year. It is way past time to get over the stupidity of marijuana prohibition.

  11. @Cat Cassie – I take to the results of that survey lightly because people in Colorado are much more likely to admit using marijuana than people who live in states where they could easily get locked up for it; like Natzi-Virginia where I live…

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