Study: Cannabis Oil Mitigates Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s-Induced Dementia

oil_bottlesThe administration of liquid cannabis extracts containing THC is associated with the mitigation of various symptoms of Alzheimer’s-related agitation and dementia, according to observational trial data published online ahead of print in The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Israeli investigators assessed the use of cannabis oil as an adjunct pharmacotherapy treatment in ten Alzheimer’s disease patients over a period of several weeks. Researchers reported that drug administration was associated with a significant reduction in patients’ symptom severity scores. Specifically, cannabis oil ingestion corresponded with decreased levels of aggression, irritability, apathy, and delusions.

Investigators concluded, “Adding medical cannabis oil to Alzheimer’s disease patients pharmacotherapy is safe and a promising treatment option.”

The administration of dronabinol (oral synthetic THC in pill form) has previously been reported to reduce Alzheimer’s-induced agitation and improve weight gain, while preclinical studies have theorized that cannabinoids may be neuroprotective against the onset of the disease.

An abstract of the study, “Safety and efficacy of medical cannabis oil for behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia: An open label, add-on, pilot study,” appears online here.

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  1. May I suggest a liquid inhaler with a lanyard? I don’t know about your Granma but mine won’t find which cabinet she put the bottle in if I don’t get her a vaporizer she can hang from her neck!

    This is going to help sooooo many people… and in the older voting range that usually opposes legalization…

  2. It would be interesting to know if the patients had used marijuana in the past, sometimes 1 or 2X week or never or quite often

  3. Where can I find a doctor who will prescribe medical marijuana in the form of cannabis oil? My entire being is an unrelenting ball of physical and emotional pain.
    Thank you for any info on this.
    I live in SC.

  4. Sooo, if we self medicate daily, we help protect ourselves from the onset of diseases like Alzheimers? I know daily use helps me stay alive in spite of asbestosis, arthritis, and anger issues.

  5. Just trying to get a batch of scientific studies for our health ministers so they don’t use the study excuse to delay access for more years. It amazes me, even as a long term enthusiast to see just how much good science is out there demonstrating genuine disease modifying benefits from cannabis at a molecular level, especially in the brain. Again and again severe diseases with poor outcomes proven to be properly treated with cannabis. They are at least 5 different mechanisms by which cannabinoids block the cancer progress from cell death, and blocking migration to loss of blood supply. In neurodegenerative disease, not just are cells saved, but pathological processes such as neuroinflammation blocked, and neurogenesis stimulated. How wonderful to think that instead of trebling dementia cases by 2050, some of the smarter elders will keep their mental functioning. Great to for staff and family, less aggression is two word but for a carer what a life changer..i’m encouraging Australian politicians to remove the delays, the science is done for safety and efficacy.

    1. @Melissa, set yourself up a woodworking shop and make walksticks (usually 36″) from scraplumber, dead branches or (if available) cannabis stalks, because by 2050 there will be 500 million alert ambitious centenarians and most of them will use a walkstick to get the walkinaround exercise they need to keep mentally sharp. (Check the internet, varnished natural wood walksticks are selling for over $100.)

      @Julian, thanks for suggestion about lanyards, don’t let scrappers get old 50-wire landlinephonewire cables from tear-down buildings, gather and braid those wires to make billions of lanyards.

  6. Theocannabinoid thoughts in search of a theory:

    Cannabis helps instigate an uprush of LEAP Long-term Episodic Associative Performance memories out of the unconscious vaultbank, which jostle and jiggle with each other resulting in new syntheses suggestive of new LEAP logics, exercises, actions, procedures keeping the psyche alive and kicking.

    Anything Alzheimer made you forget might abruptly be replaced by something better.

  7. I have heard that marijuana can help with Alzheimer’s symptoms. I am happy to see that there is some concrete evidence of this. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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