Poll: Over 60 Percent Of New Mexicans Support Regulating Marijuana Sales

ballot_box_leafMore than three out of five New Mexicans believe that state law ought to be amended to permit retails sales of marijuana to adults, according to statewide polling data provided by Research & Polling Inc. and commissioned by the Drug Policy Alliance.

Sixty-one percent of respondents said that they supported legislation to regulate and tax retail sales of marijuana to those age 21 and over. Respondents’ support rose to 69 percent when pollsters indicated that sales taxes would be used to fund health-related programs.

Majority support for regulating the adult use of cannabis have previously been reported in a number of other state and national surveys.

Legislation to allow for the retail sale and adult use of cannabis, House Bill 75 and Senate Joint Resolution 5, is presently pending in the New Mexico legislature. Similar legislation is pending in over a dozen other states, including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, Kentucky, and Vermont.

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  1. As we have seen with the state of Maryland, polls drive legalization forward. This is vital since New Mexico is a state without voter initiatives and has recently introduced legislation to legalize marijuana. New Mexico, a border state… heeeey, just like Cali and Arizona… Cali is sure to legalize and Arizona needs the momentum. Cant wait for my next trip to Angel Fire and Taos. Looks like the Texas legislature is about to get singled out and the curtain lifted on the Sherriff’s Associations, Federal grants and cartel collusion. Legalize! Go New Mexico!

  2. Removal of the curtains from LEOs use of institutional theft and enslavement to police for profit will help serve a public long at war with the police organizations seizing and enslaving the wealth of americans.

  3. Of course New Mexicans want to legalize! Why would that state be any different than the other 49 states?

    The problem is that a small handful of powerful people have decided they will not let it happen if they have anything to do about it. After all, they are mostly paid off one way or another because of the laws against it. In some cases they probably have direct ties to illegal sales. Others may have investments in private prisons. Many get paid off by corporations like Big Pharma. Still others are just too ignorant to understand the harm that prohibition has caused.

    It’s pretty disgusting that many of our elected/appointed officials seem to be such petty lowlifes but it is what it is…

  4. I’d posted a comment earlier and it isn’t here, so I must’ve not hit the “submit comment” button or something, who knows.

    Anyway, in that post I just mentioned that I was proud of New Mexicans for polling that way, and just wish they’d called me to so I could give my opinion, too.

    I’d also said, similar, to Miles’ post above, that it was a shame that the effort to legalize in NM, mentioned in the article above, would probably go nowhere because Susanna Martinez, the queen teabagger herself, is still Gov here.

    Though I expect this effort to fail, because the GOP currently has control of the state houses, and a GOP Gov, I am nevertheless happy for the impending attempt at legalization, and fully believe that once the Dems are back in control of the state, which I’m hoping will occur after this coming election, that the next legalization attempt will succeed . . . whew.

    Anyway, I still consider the attempt to be good news!

    (@ Julian, Angel Fire and Taos, that’s pretty country up there, isn’t it. The southwestern part of the state, the Gila Wilderness NW of Silver City is really nice too, would love to do a dooby in the woods down there.)

    1. There is approximately zero chance I will vote for any Republicans in the next election and I’m pretty sure the same goes for my friends and family. It seems like most Republicans are just a small step away from being outright Nazis!

      That said, I really don’t want Hilary either… I sure hope Bernie Sanders ends up being our next president :O)

    2. You got that right brother. New Mexico is full of places that seems like a crime to NOT get stoned… The mountains, the desert landscapes… How bout those red buttes and bluffs in region where that museum for Georgia Okeefe is at… Holy $#!+ that’s beautiful. I could get stoned and look at that landscape forever.
      I hereby declare, as a citizen of the United States of America, being of sound mind and body, that it is a crime to prohibit the consumption of marijuana in the state of New Mexico.

      1. @ Julian, lol, back in the ’70s when I was a little spunkier and carefree my friends and cousins and I often followed your edict; you would’ve considered us perfect “law-abiding citizens,” lol. The Jemez Mtns, with the hot springs, was a regular destination.

        @ Miles, Bernie’s my man, too! If Hillary wins the Dem primary, I’ll pinch my nose and vote for her; otherwise, it’s Bernie all the way. Republicans? Yeah, right!

    3. I gave up on the GOP over a decade ago when I watched FOX News for several months and finally realized it was anything but ‘fair and balanced’. I guess it still influenced me enough to think Bernie Sanders is a ruinous socialist, but he certainly appears at this point to be the most pro-marijuana guy out there. I’m wary of the anti-Hillary stuff, but if I’m going to push the vote-marijuana-first vote in the way I have in this forum, I guess November 2016 will be the time for me to step up and practice what I preach. I do like Bernie’s rhetoric on limiting the sizes of banks and such. My impression is we have not fixed the fundamental problems that lead to 2008’s meltdown. Another meltdown at this time could really result in the voters putting the wrong people in power.

      I’ve become a bit of a centrist after watching the bizarre political show we’ve all witnessed for close to a decade now.

      It’s a long way to November, but the journey will be interesting indeed.

      1. @ Galileo,

        Your post offers an interesting insight into your views, one I hadn’t seen before. The only thing I’ll say is that I am positive that Bernie’s comments about limiting the size (and power) of banks is not rhetoric.

        For one thing, he opposed the weakening of the Glass-Steagall Act, an act put into place to keep commercial banks from engaging in risky investments (similar to investment banks). Hillary’s hubby, Bill, signed the Gramm-Leach-Bililey Act, which weakened Glass-Steagall, permitting commercial banks more freedom to engage in investing (with the public always available to bail ’em out, if their investments go sour). It was this weakening of Glass-Steagall that contributed heavily to our economy’s near collapse in 2008 (along of course with GW Bush’s huge tax cuts for the mega-rich and the unpaid for $2 trillion invasion of Iraq).

      2. Hey Galileo,

        I reread what you posted and realized that I’d misinterpreted what you’d said about Bernie’s “rhetoric.” My apologies (that’s what I get for reading too fast).

        In fact, I totally agree with you that we haven’t “fixed the fundamental problems that lead to 2008’s meltdown.”

        But I believe “another meltdown at this time” would actually send us into another Great Depression. That’s precisely why I believe we need Sanders so badly right now. (See my other post, regarding Glass-Steagall.)

        Hillary, IMO, is, like most GOPers, too cozy with the banks, corporations, billionaires, etc. She will, like Obama, make cosmetic changes to our still-shaky economy, and will do little to help our still-dissolving middle class.

        As regards legalizing pot, as you noted, Bernie is definitely more progressive than HRC.

  5. I just mentioned the article above to my wife, about the 61% wanting to legalize in NM, and she pointed out an article that ran in today’s (Fri, 1/29) Albq Journal on the front page, about that heavy support. Of course, the Journal, being the Journal, could not help but add an accompanying article, on the front page: “Traffickers seek safe haven in Colo.” The conservative Journal, the state’s largest newspaper, just can’t help itself on these issues–it always HAS to run something negative every time there’s good news about pot.

    It’s okay, its days are numbered, thanks to the internet. Like all out-of-date entities it no longer serves much purpose.

  6. We in southern New Mexico have a problem with a dictator that controls the accessibility of medical cannabis. I thought you couldn’t be associated with more than one dispensary but natural ex, mj expresso, cg-corigan are all controlled by one dictator Trevor Reed!!!

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