NORML PAC Endorses John Fetterman For U.S. Senate

Mayor Fetterman has made marijuana law reform an important topic of his campaign. When asked about his position towards eliminating criminal penalties for the responsible use of marijuana by adults his campaign responded, “As a small town mayor of a community of color, Mayor John has seen first hand how the War on Drugs has failed and how it has disproportionately failed people of color. Mayor John’s position is also based on science, and he sees it as incredibly hypocritical that our country regulates the sale of alcohol, a far more dangerous drug, but puts people in jail for marijuana use, a drug which has resulted in zero overdose deaths.”

In addition to National NORML’s support, Mayor Fetterman has also worked closely with our Pittsburgh NORML chapter to highlight the importance of marijuana law reform in Pennsylvania’s communities. We’re positive he will continue to be an outspoken advocate for responsible marijuana use and will continue to champion it as a candidate for U.S. Senate.

To learn more about Mayor John Fetterman’s campaign for Senate you can visit his website or follow him on Facebook.


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  1. To all our candidates that are championing the familiar message that marijuana is safer than two substances that aren’t even scheduled by the Controlled Substances Act; alcohol and tobacco, here is the key, less familiar message to support;

    We can use fairly taxed and regulated marijuana to turn private prisons into public schools.

    The rest of our drug policy is four-tiered as follows;
    1). Congress can rewrite the Controlled Substances Act into the Certified Services Act, which will use the tax dollars we once used on the made to fail drug war to certify government employees and teachers for continuing education on how to better educate based on peer-reviewed science and serve society based on adequate representation.

    2). Furthermore, the US patent to cannabinoids as neuroprotectants owned by the Department of Health and Human Services must be made open source, and it must be considered state sponsored terror to allow Child Protective Services to force a child to testify against their own parents for self medicating with the only safe, affordable and effective medicine available to them; marijuana.

  2. 3). The VA must unilaterally recommend that all veterans should consume marijuana to treat their PTSD, trauma, chronic pain, and addiction to the lethaly prescribed pills for profit, whose opiate addictions are contributing to more than 17 US soldiers commiting suicide per day.

    4)Finally, we will turn the Drug Enforcement Agency into the Drug Education Agency, so we can finally treat drug use as a medical and educational solution instead of a law enforcement collusion, who continues to lobby state legislatures with our tax dollars using Sherriff’s Associations that place profits from federal drug enforcement grants and unconstitutional asset forfeitures over the needs of epileptic children whose seizures can be mitigated with %75 efficacy using whole plant cannabis.

    No child should have to die so painfully from seizures or testify against their parents because of a collusion between the DOJ, local law enforcement and private prisons that wishes to continue an unconstitutional policy of marijuana prohibition.

    In 1994, Bill Clinton signed into law the Special Operations Division of the DEA. Since then, “parallel evidence” has been legally fabricated to prosecute non-violent, innocent American citizens with fabricated evidence, false drug courts run by prosecutors instead of judges, and a general mockery of the US justice system at the tax payer’s expense. Let’s end this program and use the funds to provide, certify, educate and continue justice for all Americans, and elected officials will have more than our votes, but our unswerving dedication, donations and admiration.

    Thank you for your continued attention and dedication to marijuana legalization.

    1. @ Julian,

      I like your proposals, particularly turning private (for-profit) prisons into public schools.

      Colorado is already pumping money into its school system via marijuana sales. It’d be nice to see other states following suit, especially the poorer states. Hopefully, in November of this year we’ll see another handful of states start the process of doing that as well.

      I can see the plaque in front of the new high school now: “This school was paid for by the stoners of your community.”

      1. I’d do better than that, brother, Id have American Cannabis History as part of a high school graduate’s core curriculum before they go to School High, (which of course would be public Canniversities) that will be providing the world with the latest innovations such as peer-based review, laws based on science and the ever fleeting payment for “free” tuition for public colleges through fairly taxed and regulated marijuana revenue… Watch; we’ll get Bernie to say it. He listens.

      2. Now that’s a curriculum I can get behind! Knowing the kids that I knew in high school, those classes would’ve been filled.

    1. I just thought of a fun yet perhaps creepy way to get the attention of our representatives on the issue of drug testing; Walk into a Congressman’s office and start handing out piss cups.
      “No? No volunteers? Than why force Americans to do this by subsidizing this sort of activity?”

  3. I’ll definitely vote for him. Trapped here in Pennsylvania, he is a breath of fresh air compared to the career politicians who behind closed doors want the money from legalization but who are reticent when it comes to writing and voting for legalization. They want the money so that they can properly fund the state’s budget, but since they don’t have it and are not willing to broach the issue are quite happy to keep underfunding things and drive the state’s economy into the ground. Then out of desperation they can say they reluctantly voted for it.

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