Support NORML: Spring Fundraising Drive Through May 31!

Support NORML - Spring Fundraising Drive Through May 31

Thank you for helping NORML help America away from cannabis prohibition and its insipid public policy results!

With the most recent Gallup polling indicating a strong majority of Americans now supporting marijuana legalization (a whopping 58%), there has never been a better or more productive time in our country’s history to be a cannabis law reform advocate.

With help from our friends at FreedomLeaf, NORML is in the midst of our annual spring fundraising drive, with a slew of new NORML premiums and incentives for new and returning members.

NORML’s Spring Fundraising Drive concludes at month’s end, so please don’t engage in any dillydally!

Thanks for helping to sustain and grow NORML– the oldest and largest marijuana law reform group in the world.

2016 is already the busiest year for cannabis law reformers, with half a dozen states with legalization ballot initiatives, two states with medical marijuana initiatives and ten states with legalization legislation pending.

Four states down…forty-six more to go!

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  1. Good work making a month long pledge-drive so that people’s pay schedules can work together.

  2. Gets kinda quiet in the room when you ask for money! I’m a janitor, so I have very little time or money, but I’m going to donate a bit of that time to Denver NORML, collecting signatures for the petition to legalize cannabis clubs. This gives me very, very limited bragging rights, which I am invoking to the fullest!

    1. I’d like to comment further about NORML, increasing women’s support for legalization, and Hillary. I commented on that recent blog that Hillary needed to come out strong for legalization, my theory being that this would unify the party, possibly the nation! Many Bernie supporters would take a deal they couldn’t refuse: a vote for legalization, a vote against Trump, and a woman as President as well.

      I didn’t say it was likely she would do this, but only that it would be a smart move on her part.

      Now I see today on Huffington Post:

      According to the article Hillary IS ALREADY a progressive, we just missed it somehow!!! So it’s an appeal to progessives to accept her as one of our own. It offers a few examples.

      I scanned the article for reference to the marijuana prohibition, legalization, or just the War On Drugs in general. Nothing. No mention at all! Like it didn’t exist!

      Now how she be a progressive if she’s scared to talk about marijuana legalization? Is moving cannbis to Schedule II a progressive position? No! But that’s Hillary’s position.

      Now watch: having nearly clinched the Democratic nomination, she is likely to move to the center. But… the center of what? Against whom? What is Trump’s postion on legalization, that she might meet him halfway? Unknown, because there isn’t one: he just says whatever works for him.

      So when she moves to the right, is it pragmatic compromise? Not possible. What then? I’ll tell you: repayment for all the vested drug war interests that helped fund her campaign.

      So: NORML WOMEN!! Please! Convince her this is an urgent women’s issue! Because it is! Hillary for Marijuana Legalization! Has a nice ring to it; if only it were true!

  3. If this doesn’t inspire to donate nothing will:

    Look what’s happening in the world; Cannabis culture, kids in wheelchairs from Buenos Aires to Toronto, from Johannesburg to Cologne, thousands upon thousands of people marching in the streets to Free the Weed…
    This is truly some inspirational footage. Now is the time to strike the hammer while the iron is hot.
    (And isn’t it incredible how universal reggae music has become for international marijuana legalization? Is this what Bob Marley was singing about when he wrote Exodus?)

  4. Predictions: Half the people reading this blog are going to vote for Trump. Trump will pick Chris Christie as either vice President or Attorney General. Chris Christie will make Harry Anslinger look like Willie Nelson.
    On the other hand: Half the people reading this blog will vote for Clinton. Hillary will see no reason to stick her neck out for MJ since it’s not going to sway voters one way or the other. ( And she’ll be right, Liberal pot smokers vote Dem, Conservative pot smokers vote Rep.)… She’ll promise more studies, and after that maybe some more studies, followed by some more studies and maybe we’ll look into it after I’m re-elected, when it will be forgotten about just like the last time she was co-president.
    a couple of Qualifiers: Congress writes the law, not the president.
    : Half the people reading this blog probably won’t vote at all.
    Sorry to be a downer, just calling it like I’ve seen it.

    1. Well, no disrespect intended, but that’s three halves…
      Other than that bit of nitpicking, I agree with you about Trump (and Christie) and Hillary. Once again, we’re caught between the party that hates us passionately, and the party that just doesn’t give a fuck about us at all.
      No wonder the third half doesn’t vote! Maybe if America gave them an actual choice instead of a false choice…

    2. @ Anonymous: One more point… although I agree Hillary is unlikely to stick her neck out for MJ, I do believe that if she did, it actually would sway alot of voters. Bernie supporters would be excited, and would finally have a positive reason to vote for her; and I’ll bet quite a few Trump supporters would come around, too, for MJ, ESPECIALLY if Trump goes all reefer madness with Cris Christie. It could, with proper leadership, unite the Democrats, and possibly the nation!

      But I don’t see Hillary going that way. Her allegiance is to the drug war profiteers. (Please, Hillary, if you’re reading this, prove me wrong.)

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