DEA Reaffirms ‘Flat Earth’ Position With Regard To Scheduling Marijuana

imgresThe United States Drug Enforcement Administration has rejected a pair of administrative petitions that sought to initiate rulemaking proceedings to reschedule marijuana under federal law.

Although the DEA’s ruling continues to classify marijuana in the same category as heroin, the agency also announced in a separate decision that it is adopting policy changes designed to expand the production of research-grade cannabis for FDA-approved clinical studies.

Presently, any clinical trial involving cannabis must access source material cultivated at the University of Mississippi — a prohibition that is not in place for other controlled substances. Today, the agency announced for the first time that it will be seeking applications from multiple parties, including potentially from private entities, to produce marijuana for FDA-approved research protocols as well as for “commercial product development.” This change was initially recommended by the DEA’s own administrative law judge in 2007, but her decision was ultimately rejected by the agency in 2011.

Below is a statement from NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano regarding the DEA’s decisions:

For far too long, federal regulations have made clinical investigations involving cannabis needlessly onerous and have placed unnecessary and arbitrary restrictions on marijuana that do not exist for other controlled substances, including some other schedule I controlled substances.

While this announcement is a significant step toward better facilitating and expanding clinical investigations into cannabis’ therapeutic efficacy, ample scientific evidence already exists to remove cannabis from its schedule I classification and to acknowledge its relative safety compared to other scheduled substances, like opioids, and unscheduled substances, such as alcohol. Ultimately, the federal government ought to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act altogether in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco, thus providing states the power to establish their own marijuana regulatory policies free from federal intrusion.

Since the DEA has failed to take such action, then it is incumbent that members of Congress act swiftly to amend cannabis’ criminal status in a way that comports with both public and scientific opinion. Failure to do so continues the federal government’s ‘Flat Earth’ position; it willfully ignores the well-established therapeutic properties associated with the plant and it ignores the laws in 26 states recognizing marijuana’s therapeutic efficacy.

Under the U.S. Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the cannabis plant and its organic cannabinoids are classified as Schedule I prohibited substances — the most restrictive category available under the law. By definition, substances in this category must meet three specific inclusion criteria:

The substance must possess “a high potential for abuse”; it must have “no currently accepted medical use” in the United States; and, the substance must lack “accepted safety for use … under medical supervision.”

Substances that do not meet these criteria must, by law, be categorized in less restrictive federal schedules (Schedules II through V) and are legally regulated accordingly. Alcohol and tobacco, two substances widely acknowledged to possess far greater dangers to health than does cannabis, are not classified under the Controlled Substances Act.

A recent review of FDA-approved clinical studies evaluating the safety and efficacy of herbal cannabis concluded: “Based on evidence currently available the Schedule I classification is not tenable; it is not accurate that cannabis has no medical value, or that Information on safety is lacking.”

Added Armentano: “The DEA’s decision is strictly a political one. There is nothing scientific about willful ignorance.”

The DEA has previously rejected several other rescheduling petitions, including a 2002 petition filed by a coalition of marijuana law reform and health advocacy organizations, and a 1972 petition filed by NORML. The petitions that triggered this latest DEA action were filed in 2009 by a nurse practitioner and in 2011 by then-Govs. Christine Gregoire of Washington and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island.

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  1. This is proof positive that the DEA puts MONEY ahead of the health and well being of the citizens of The United States of America!

    With a history of assisting gun smuggling into Mexico, partying with drug cartel prostitutes, STEALING CASH from people without charging them with a crime, protecting wealthy drug companies from a more affordable medicine (cannabis) and filling the prisons of America with non violent drug offenders, they have made it clear that THEY are an ENEMY OF THE STATE.

    WE, as citizens of The United States, should protect our republic from ALL enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC. Our constitution says as much!

    The DEA is an ENEMY of medical advancement.
    The DEA is an ENEMY of freedom.
    The DEA is an ENEMY of The United States, and should be treated as such.

    WE, The People of The United States, must call for, and see to it that this is the END of this criminal enterprise known as the DEA!

      1. It’s the FDA guarding big pharma that’s the culprit here. Big pharma is scared to death that legal weed will cut into its artificially created demand for their drugs including opioid pain medications, and where has that led us, kids?

        It’s all about big business and profit, to hell with the real people that suffer the consequences of these ill-informed laws and guidelines. If congress really cared about public health, then they would have voted for funding for the zika virus instead of indefinitely delaying the vote and now on a long vacation while how many have died?

        congress doesn’t give a crap about people really. prove me wrong.

      2. What if My Heroes havnt always been Presidents? Although it would be nice to see Barack and Bill singing “I’ll never smoke (or inhale) weed with Willie again…”

    1. This what happens when big tobacco and wine spirits coalition is in your back pocket, they are protecting profits for them over the well being of its citizens

    2. It is common knowledge that Marijuana was made illegal when the DEA was formed or its forerunner organization for the sole purpose of giving the Government agency more power and mainly more money. The people in charge were building their empire. I heard a speech by the then head of the DEA and when fielding questions afterwards he stated over and over, like a broken record, “The rule of law will solve the drug problem in this country”! He was stating the “Party line” to keep his fat pay check! His knowledge of history is challenged. Between 1919 and 1933, by constitutional amendment, it was illegal to manufacture, transport, sell, or consume alcoholic beverages. This “Rule of law” was a joke to say the least! It taught people disrespect for the “Rule of law”. All captured Drug Cartel Kingpins make the same statement “As long as there is a demand there will be a supply”! The DEA empire is controlled by the same greed that controls the Drug Suppliers. Greed also controls all of these people with enough money to live like royalty for many lifetimes yet they want more and more money. Time is the only true currency we have. All of the money in the world will not buy you one more second of time in this world when your time comes to depart.

  2. The people in the DEA who have made this decision are nothing short of criminals. They are forcing thousands of ill people to become criminals because they want to get better and they dont want to take pills from companies. I only wish these people had a family member in our position so they could see first hand the suffering they force people to live with.

    1. Sadly they do not care. We all know alcohol is more dangerous than weed. They also use it as an excuse to target certain groups of people. I have an employee that I know smokes but never misses work and is very dependable yet if the company forced me to test them I’d have to fire
      Yet I have another employee who comes to work smelling like a refinery who’s work is sluggish yet that person keeps their job.

  3. I expected this decision. Prohibitionists can’t concede that the basis of their power is a lie and always has been. DEA is a rogue agency, whose purpose is to terrorize and tyrannize. The only hope of recourse is to fight and win elections–but besides supporting ballot initiatives, we must target those politicians whose cowardice and complicity keeps the DEA untouchable.

    1. Another solution that will help is if we legalize in and more and more and more states…like I said, the more states we bring on board makes it harder and harder for them to enforce anything, more expensive as well. They can’t either blackmail the states with withholding federal funds because they would bankrupt much of the country if we get enough states on-board. Rolling out the National Guard or something will not work either, there would not only be mass protests, people would simply not care or listen. There would be hundreds of arrests. Chris Christie, if he was elected, possibly would have actually used the military to crack down on legalization, and Pence might influence Trump or Kaine, Clinton to attack legalization, so we must be wary of this. November will be extremely helpful though, especially if we can secure entire West Coast. So I agree with you, but also, the more states that legalize I feel is an equally powerful solution, and the DEA knows their authority is running out on cannabis. They know they are losing, and there is nothing they can do about it. The PEOPLE have spoken.

      1. exactly, numbers are what will tip the scale eventually. We already have the numbers by far. what we’re witnessing is the type of resistance that has worked in the past few decades because public opinion about pot kept the voting stoners in the closet, but now that’s changed and is only starting to trend upward. I expect we’ll see a bigger pushback at least initially, at least if the likes of Trump take office.

        But now more than half the states allow for medical use, and this year will likely see at least one more state go legal for recreational.

        As the baby boomers move into retirement age, more people will discover the real benefits of mj, whether for medical or “recreational,” (it’s ALL medical) and discover they don’t need the un-fun and often expensive pharmaceuticals, and discover they can be symptom free without side effects, blood tests or dietary restrictions. It will emerge as a human rights issue, right there in the first clause of the Constitution. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. What else does that mean, if you can’t light up a bowl of your favorite herb, either in the privacy of your own home, or socially approved establishments? If you can’t do what you think is best for yourself and your health?

  4. It will not matter much longer. More and more states will legalize whether they like it or not. There is NOTHING they can do about it either. Have faith, friends, They are fighting a losing battle and they know it. Legalization will come nationwide whether the Feds, prosecutors, police, judges like it or not. Have faith. We SHALL win and continue to win.

  5. and it does matter anyway as it is legal as medicine in over half the country. NOTHING they can do to stop us now. Have faith. They can keep it Schedule 1 all they want. Legalization will still happen.

  6. Finally, folks the Feds only have SO MUCH power. Unless they are planning on martial law or rolling out the national guard to stop cannabis legalization, the more states we get makes it harder and harder and more expensive for the DOJ or DEA to enforce Federal law. The fact is, people are not going to care anyway, they would arrest hundreds if not thousands of people and the shops would just reopen over and over again, even if they blackmailed the governors and state govs. with withholding funds. Have faith. November is going to be great and empowering. We SHALL overcome. State by state if we have to. I can’t WAIT to move to Colorado or Washington. First chance I get.

    1. actually, and this will be the last post….one positive of this is at least they supposedly want to expand research….a tiny gain, but, if it actually happens, a gain nonetheless. One thing is certain though, Rosenburg has to go. If he is not a doctor or scientist don’t know if he is I would have to look it up, why should we even be listening to him about “science?”

  7. The more we citizens keep on legalizing it, against the will of our so-called “leaders” and institutional “authorities,” the more irrelevant these vile assholes will become.

    These evil fucks can still do all kinds of damage, but they will never, ever, ever be able to stop folks from smoking weed. The genie is out of the bottle, and even in the darkest days of prohibition, I was still a pot smoker, and you were too. Remember that. They never could stop us.

    Yeah, I get angry… so angry I run out of words… I can’t just keep saying “fuck you fuck you fuck you…” I could give myself high blood pressure. I’ve said it so many times already. I can’t get any louder. I got nowhere to go. Being angry for extended periods of time can do damage to the body… At some point, you have to move on to action, effective resistance of some kind…

    It starts with taking a hit of weed.

    So, come on, smoke one with me! Puff Puff pass…

    I love you folks; I found my peeps. Let’s do this!

    If you can only do one thing about cannabis policy reform, it is to vote for it. So, REGISTER to vote wherever there’s a cannabis issue on the ballot (Yeah it’s a pain in the ass, just do it); and now, VOTE for cannabis!

    A vote for marijuana policy reform is like taking the DEA out back behind the bar and beating the shit out of them! Only, it’s entirely civilized and non-violent! Go for it!

    And if the bastards have stolen your vote, you can’t vote for some reason, felony or whatever, just sit and smoke with me. You still a winner. We’re smoking, ain’t we?

    1. Mark all that anger at 02:39 am. Dude smoke a joint. Look I’m right where you are I’m 60 been smoking marijuana since I was 14. With a couple of dry years here and there. The law abiding citizens would never buy weed on the black market so it’s praying upon the sickest of there very own constituents. What I do is help anyone I can to get there medical marijuana card. They’re(DEA)gonna fall soon enough. The FEDS are going to keep cutting funds and with more research and public pressure this is only a hiccup!

  8. “This is proof positive that the DEA puts MONEY ahead of the health and well being of the citizens of The United States of America!”

    … and this is a surprise?

    This is the same Government that secretly poisoned alcohol during the Prohibition.

    Nothing changes.

  9. Doesn’t our own government hold a few pattens on cannabis and its medicinal properties? Doesn’t our government give tins full of cannabis to patients grandfathered into one of the first medicinal cannabis government programs? Wasn’t cannabis supposed to only be temporarily put in schedule I due to the lack of science during the time it was placed in the highest category? The lies and the lives that have been destroyed due to the prohibition of this benign plant is a great travesty on this time in our history. Cannabis has never killed one soul on this planet. Everyone on the earth has a right to grow it. Men have never had the right to take a benign plant away from others, yet in our day and age it has happened and caused nothing positive for our nation or others in the world whatsoever except profits for those on the black market (which mind you was created by prohibition itself). Can someone please tell me again what health benefit we get from cigarettes? Why are cigarettes not classified as schedule I? The war on this plant is nothing but a shame on all those who know its not dangerous but yet do nothing in order to stop the farce of mass incarceration, theft of property and ruining of lives in every way shape and form. It’s time for the people to stand up and say enough is enough. Without a massive vocal uprising this struggle will only continue. This 40 year plus war on an innocent plant must stop and it must stop now!

    1. Science and politics mesh so well with those who think they are destined to power by moral judgement of others. Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.
      Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910), U.S. author. Pudd’nhead Wilson, ch. 15, “Pudd’nhead Wilson’s Calendar,” (1894). Paternalistic ,arrogant just like professional politicians, time for Willie Nelson as write in candidate!

    2. if we leave it to the government to do research on marijuana they grew themselves, it’ll be a foregone conclusion that mj will be found to have no medicinal value. That crap they grow in MS is probably worse than the 3 month old moldy pressed regs that goes around my neighborhood during the dry season.

  10. I was expecting this. When I saw that the Dems had made it part of their platform, I knew nothing positive would happen before the election. I also seriously doubt anything will happen even after the election. The issue is more important as a means to buy votes. Why give that up before the masses figure it out.

  11. This decision was timed so that anti medical marijuana forces could have their commercials up and running in time for this year’s election. Anyone on the fence about voting for medical marijuana will see the commercials that say ” the federal government reaffirms marijuana has no medicinal value and is a dangerous substance and vote no.

    1. People used to believe the Earth was flat, for intuitive reasons. Now we understand the Earth is approximately spherical; to believe otherwise is to deny scientific fact. Just like the DEA denies the scientific facts about marijuana!

      …And kicks in your door and shoots you!

  12. I honestly don’t think this matters. Come November when several more states free this wonderful plant there will be no turning back. It will only become more and more ridiculous to keep the industry underground until it is completely removed from the CSA; which is superior to downgrading to II. Patience my friends. Patience…

  13. I still get really good weed and stick my middle finger up to the DEA anyway. I’ll decide what I want to put in my body.

  14. They’ve been lying. They’re too proud to say, “Yup, we’re wrong. We’ve been lying. We want to enforce a Stupid rule. A law born of racism. Made in a time when no one did it and didn’t know any better. It has medical uses. People abuse fatty foods and they’re dangerous but if people abuse a safe plant – that is NOT ok.” 400 years ago it was illegal to be anything but Catholic in England. And you had to be religious. That stupid law gave birth to the USA. Not a perfect country because you can be greedy and evil (a member of Neo-Nazis) but feeling good is NOT ok… God will punish these neo Nazi dea agents or allow them to punish themselves… Lol The DEA does NOT have supreme power over God(s). Their evil deeds are being recorded.

  15. This is the DEA’s pathetic attempt self-preservation at the expense of the chronically and terminally ill. Let’s all hope the next administration’s “reasoned pathway” includes the forced exit of Chuck “medical marijuana is a joke” Rosenberg.

  16. So I assume that Sativex (DIRECT extracts from the plant), Cesamet (some sort of cannabinoid – I have to do more research into this) and Marinol (Synthetic form molecularly identical to ?-9 THC) ALL APPROVED BY THE FDA, will be pulled from circulation immediately. Also, any patients that currently use these drugs should probably be informed that they suddenly have no therapeutic value. Gosh, I bet the pharmaceutical companies that make these are gonna be pissed.

    [Paul Armentano responds: Sativex is not yet an FDA approved drug.]

  17. Flat Earth, why doesn’t it surprise me that the DEA hasn’t de-scheduled cannabis altogether and continues to perpetuate the lie that cannabis has no medicinal value? They’re not giving up and admitting they have been wrong all these decades and up and de-schedule it. Oh no, they’re going to drag out prohibition as long as possible, use prohibition to inflate their budges as long as possible. Waste of money, instead of making money.

    This information leads me to believe that the DEA has no intention of re-scheduling cannabis, but are positioning themselves to recommend more authorized producers for research other than only Ole Miss. They’re going to use the old “cannabis needs more research” stalling tactic. After the DEA approve more producers, they can stall the research with forms, fees, applications, red tape. They historically have taken many years to release their answers to applications and requests for de-scheduling/re-scheduling to the public.

    After some research, the DEA will finally recommend a rescheduing, years into the future. They should have cut to the quick and done all that back in 1996 when Cali passed the first MMJ ballot initiative. Now we have four states and the District that have legalized adult recreational. We have moved past merely re-scheduling it for medicinal purposes, because the American People have de facto de-scheduled cannabis there. The genie is out of the bottle. People know what it’s like to feel out from under oppressive anti-cannabis laws, and they are not going to want to give up that freedom. Freedom like that spreads. It gains momentum.

    I’m hoping the momentum to legalize continues in the elections. Keep hammering that legalize message into the heads of federal politicians.

  18. our taxes fund these asshole but they dont care cause they know america would never united cause if we did they will be fucked

  19. At one time there was no DEA. This is 2016 already and have waited 42 years to have freedom to medicate for many things! Time to let US decide what we want for medication and not the Doctor or DEA.
    Great for all my ailments and if Washington DC has it….WHY CANT WE ALL HAVE IT! Nations Capital is playing favoritism and I don’t like it. I live near MSU. Ole Miss been studying for years for the Government so now let us have some!

  20. we as americans need to stand up they say we are free but that only works if you do as they say if not your not free so land of the free my assets

  21. Screw the DEA and those that support their actions; like Trump’s choice for VP: Mike Pence!

    Americans love their freedom and will use cannabis whether or not those jerks like it or not. We will use it even if it embraces the black market. We will use it even if it means potentially purchasing a pesticide laced product since, in most states, we can’t buy a safe regulated product.

    Many of us will choose to just grow our own since, for many of us, it is the only way to get cannabis that we can feel safe about consuming. It is also the only way we have to know what strain we are getting since, when purchasing from the local dealer, they generally have no idea. To them it is just marijuana…

    I believe that history, 30 to 40 years hence, will show the DEA and it’s supporters to be no better than the witch burners of Salem MA.

  22. Instead of doing the right moral and scientific choice the status quo has been checked. If my state doesn’t legalize mmj in Nobember I’m moving to get treatment elsewhere. Sick of being in constant pain with more harmful pills and these policy mongers can’t acknowledge the fact of real science and patient rights.

  23. Look at the attention and value to the poetic prose and scientific merit of our deputy director Paul Armentano;

    Every major news outlet is quoting Mr. Armentano’s “flat earth” quote for the DEA. Good job!!
    Ive said it before and I’ll say it again, Americans are in great debt to your services Mr. Armentano. This is the kind of educated yet comprehensible perspective of language we need to get Congress to finally do their JOB and reform marijuana laws to reflect current attitudes and SCIENCE.
    I mean if back in 1970 ignoring peer-reviewed evidence in the Shaeffer Commission that marijuana reduces brain rumors wasn’t enough so Congress could hear some rumor that “marijuana makes you gay,” to pass the Controlled Substances Act, just look at what’s on the cutting edge of marijuana science today;

    Thats right Republicans; marijuana could have treated and prevented Ronald Reagan’s deteriorating death due to alzheimer’s! Oh well, at least my grandma still has a chance at dying with some of her marbles left.

  24. Ah yes, how “our” government agencies love to flex their muscle, deny people their rights, and seek ever more control for the corporations. Honestly the DEA can go f**k itself.

  25. This bad news has a few good silver linings;
    1). The retreat of the government pot farm at Ol’ Miss is beginning in earnest. Does the DEA smell a lawsuit? It can’t be good weed because the $#!+ weed they have comin outta that farm is virtually useless for research.
    2). As predicted, the DEA’s hubris has them behaving like the puppy that lost its food barking at its own reflection; They are using the hypocritical government patents on cannabinoids like USPAT#6630507 to broker “biopharmaceutical” compounds such as CBD to various pharmaceutical bidder$ such as GE Pharm. and more recently, KannaLife Services Inc. Problem for the DEA and Big Pharma is, as were discovering with recent alzheimer’s research at the Salk Institute in California is that THC is the MAIN medicinal compound for safe and effective treatment for a variety of brain diseases. So the irony is the DEA just opened access to marijuana research permits at the farm at Ol Miss identifying their unconstitutional selective collusion with these various pharmaceutical companies in direct violation of antitrust laws. What was my question if the year Paul? How many Congressman does it take to shut that fu€king farm down? I think its less than 60 now…
    3). This whole event with the DEA denial to even reschedule is bolstering our marijuana reform movement right before the most pivotal and climactic elections to legalize marijuana ever in our nation’s history.

    The DEA is digging their own grave folks, and they know it so theyre trying to cash out. If we wish to keep them in the run, please share the NORML Congressional Scorecard by typing those two words in the custom search engine above and get your friends and family to vote this year. Marijuana Legalization today is all about electing, donating to and supporting Congressman who support the best marijuana reform policies and supporting our local governments to keep reforming at the local level. We gottem on the run!

    1. Does anyone else think that the DEA opening up research to different facilities is a legal dance to avoid a lawsuit for violation of antitrust laws? And even if it was successful, wouldn’t 45 consecutive years of violation constitute reparations?
      Did the State Department’s interpretation of the Special Sessions Treaty provide the President authority to force the DOJ to provide more facilities of research for marijuana? And if so, couldn’t the President do more before leaving office? Such as forcing the DEA to award permits for research to any qualified institution to grow every variety of strain possible for science?

  26. Actually, this might be a good thing for cannabis reform. There’s no doubt that the DEA is an out-of-control bureaucracy, now. There’s also no doubt left that cannabis policy needs to be taken out of the DEA’s hands.

    The cannabis legalization community needs to highlight the Flat Earth press byline and press for Congress to act on legislation formally turning over cannabis policy to the States.

    I was sure they’d reschedule it to Schedule II and turn it over to Big Pharma. However, it looks like the military/prison industrial complex neocons won this battle within the DEA.

  27. Obama laughed off MJ early in his first term despite the issue getting the requisite number of people asking for an answer. He and Clinton are in a political love embrace. So much for liberals being pro-freedom.

    At least Trump is happy to let the states have their way and compete. No point in voting Libertarian since they can’t win. The choice is binary, stick with the devil who has done us in since taking office and his succubus successor or give The Donald a chance at bat.

    1. I will NOT! I will vote for the good side – Democrats! Donald Dump is full of shit just like his followers who both make up shit like you just did. Repugnicants = Greed = Evil = The true Satan. Please stop polluting our media with your hocus pocus BS! We care about the well-being of the USA.

  28. Really is anyone surprised by this? Anyone whom is actually mad or Realisticly though that the DEA of all agency’s would be the ones that act to reclassify your living in a bubble. The DEA makes its bread and butter of marijuana being illegal.

    Maybe our “second Amendment” people could do something “wink wink”
    Donald Trump is a prime example of the DEA’S decision, personal gain is put before everything. If the DEA rescheduled marijuana they would be telling the us government,- DEA to gov-” hey you know all that money you give us every year to enforce drug laws in this country, only give us half next year, yeah we no long need billions of dollars next year because we at the the DEA no longer want to pursue our easiest target black and hispanic violent minor drug affenders, no were going after hard criminals that shoot back at us”…… crickets before a huge crowded mix of laughter breaks out. J/k that would be WORK and we don’t want to do that so build more privet prison space cause I see a lot of color headed your way!

    DEA is a racist joke with no f*****g punch line. Vote in November to make change happen, the DEA is not going to do it for you!

    1. You’re absolutely right to focus on voting, specifically for Congress in November. I would add to check our NORML Congressional scorecard, vet our local reps from state reps right down to the schoolboard on policy and talk to your local NORML chapter before citizen lobbying to get some reconnaissance before determining a stategic approach.
      But it’s not like the DEA even could change their terrorist drug policies even if they wanted to go after real criminals. They are required to deny the medical efficacy of marijuana. Its written into the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. But there’s hope; check out this debate between Tim Canova and the prohibition queen Washmoney Shultz;

      This is how we’re going to buy our country back.

  29. Some fool on Fox News, a commentator/news employee, just reported on this, failing to mention the research expansion, only stating the position of the DEA. When he stated that advocates hope to legalize fully, he responded, with a smile “Don’t hold your breath, we have been fighting the war on drugs for many years.” Yeah, idiot, and how is it working out for you. I hate Fox. Can’t stand the Republican police-state stink that comes out of that news channel.

    1. JON SCOTT…It was JON SCOTT on Happening Now on Fox News. His little smile when he made that don’t hold your breath comment disgusts me so much. Nevertheless, we shall prevail and he knows it.

  30. Jon Scott on FOX Happening Now just said “don’t hold your breath, we have been fighting the war on drugs for many years” in response to a report he did on this issue, and advocates hoping for full legalization. I wonder how that war is working out for him? I sent him a message.


    Interesting take from this article; Hoban suggests calling “medicinal” marijuana “botanical” or “herbal,” if were ever going to get out if the DEA, HHS, FDA “triad” of bureaucracy that is selling our health nd security to the highest patentable bid for “biopharmaceuticals.”

  32. oh! I forgot the weeny butt politicians! do we have to littery reorganize our us to get things right! Is there really that much corruption?

  33. Does anyone have the contact info (email, phone) of the guy at the DEA who announced this decision, or the department, etc.

  34. Good reporting. I have spent fifty years in the trenches and will vigorously tell the truth about the war on drugs, the worst decision ever. We have won this war regardless of the ongoing bloodfest here in the end game. How the story is told is really critical. A culture has been born without a shot fired, that’s pretty cool.

  35. Interesting that Tom Angell from Marijuana Majority foots President Obama with the blame;

    Even though its clear knowledge the Triad of FDA, DEA and HHS holds the bar until we vote for Congress to do their job and reform the CSAct. Even If President Obama pressured his secretary of Health, who does the FDA or the DEA obey besides Congress? What decision could President Obama make that wouldn’t end up in court and potentially delay descheduling even further?
    The CSact is the fault of Congress allowing the executive branch to write drug policy in the first place. Its up to us to vote them in or out;

  36. This decision was controlled by Big Pharmacal companies that keep feeding drugs to Americans for profit without other alternatives. These drugs keep killing while a drug where there is no reported death is outlawed. Just follow the money of Pharmacal lobbyist that have the resources to control government laws. The American public is being cheated.

  37. And so just yesterday I posted because the photo of Hillrod connected to the idea that the DEMOCRATIC party will be the one to advance marijuana directives is pure bullshit. The bottom line is this. Marijuana is NONTOXIC. You can not smoke or ingest enough to kill you. Other schedule one drugs… quite the opposite. I believe the last 7 years have found a democrat as POTUS… hows that working? You think Barry would subject to a drug test? He cant wait to retire in Hawaii and reunite with the choom gang! Absolutely hillarious! Some people LOVE to be lied to..its a fact. If youre one of them, hire Hillary!!! Hahahaha

    1. That joke was not funny. I don’t know if you’ve been reading but, the Democratic party IS for legalization… Trump would do nothing but screw up This country. Don’t vote trump. Vote Democratic!!

  38. Huh? The DEA wants applications from mj sources to supply mj for testing? How’s that work if it’s illegal federally? Why not grow their own?

    I’d like to believe something good is in the political morass of such a profoundly irresponsible thing as letting the DEA decide mj scheduling since they’ve made billions fighting mj for decades, but I have a suspicion this is just throwing us a little bone to postpone change. A bite of pie is not better than a whole pie if it’s all you’re gonna get for a long time….

  39. Looks like clear conflict of interest to task an agency to rule on its own original lie which its power is based.

  40. Whoops – I meant a bite of pie is not always better than no pie. Some legislator in Louisiana said “a piece of pie was better than no pie” when they met to amend mj laws. They reduced the simple possession jail time but not the mj as multi felony qualifier so if you have two strikes for bad things and get caught with a joint you can get many years in prison. Remember Bernard Holder(?)

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