Appeals Court: State-Sanctioned Marijuana Users Not Afforded Second Amendment Rights

marijuana_gavelJustices for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today ruled in favor of a 1968 federal law prohibiting the sale of firearms to any “unlawful user” of a federally controlled substance.

Justices determined that state-registered medical marijuana patients are forbidden from purchasing firearms because cannabis remains classified as a Schedule I substance under federal law. They further opined that the ban “furthers the Government’s interest in preventing gun violence” because marijuana users “are more likely to be involved in violent crimes.”

They concluded, “[The plaintiff in this case] does not have a constitutionally protected liberty interest in simultaneously holding a [medical cannabis] registry card and purchasing a firearm.”

In 2011, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms issued a memorandum to all gun dealers in the United States specifying, “Any person who uses … marijuana, regardless of whether his or her state has passed legislation authorizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance, and is prohibited by federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition.”

In response to today’s court ruling, NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano said: “There is no credible justification for a ‘marijuana exception’ to the US Constitution. Responsible adults who use cannabis in a manner that is compliant with the laws of their states ought to receive the same legal rights and protections as do other citizens. It is incumbent that members of Congress act swiftly to amend cannabis’ criminal status in a way that comports with both public and scientific opinion, as well as its rapidly changing legal status under state laws.”

The Ninth Circuit decision, Wilson v Lynch et al., is available online here.

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    1. Well Audrey, I both “spoke” and smoke pot, 🙂
      and I have to say that being high on THC gives me better aim at shooting skeet, (and not just because im consuming something else than alcohol). And I never robbed a liquor store, murdered anyone or shot into my neighbor’s fence while in possession of a fire arm while under the influence of psychoactive quantities of THC from whole plant cannabis. So the “affect” of marijuana is I handle my firearm more safely and consciously than I would when I was previously without any presrcibed or prohibited substance, when I was just angry, which is why I went to go blow off some steam and shoot some skeet with friends and family in the first place.

    2. Lol. This might be the scariest and funniest thing I have ever heard! Could you imagine what would happen in this country if the government said any person who uses alcohol legally in their own state will lose their 2nd amendment right to bear arms, and can’t legally own a gun to protect themselves or their families. I believe the entire country would storm the Capitol. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do, but there is no way the supreme court can lawfully uphold this decision no matter how hard they try. Ps..when is the last time a joint stopped a mountain lion attact? I imagine a hunter pointing his joint at a deer asking,”why isn’t this working?” It’s OK to snipe police officers, but it’s not OK to carry a firearm through Yellowstone for protection against wild animals. What are they smoking on capital hill?

  1. Do you suppose they’ll be satisfied when they have stolen all 10 of our Bill Of Rights?

    What’s the point of a Constitution which has been so weakened by government and SCOTUS?

  2. $#!+ just got real. The second amendment exercised through cannabis in the Supreme Court?
    And now the courts invoke the NRA to defend medical marijuana patients? How many veterans work security in states with legal medical marijuana?

    “Gun Control Act (Section 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(3)) has some unintended consequences:”

    “One of the most well-known of which is the case, Willis vs. Winters in which Oregon Sheriffs withheld concealed handgun licenses from applicants solely due to their medical marijuana use. Plaintiffs purported that applicants had submitted an otherwise favorable registration and that legal marijuana use was not a sufficient reason to deny a Concealed Handgun License. The Supreme Court ruled that federal law does not preempt state laws and required the sheriffs to issue the CHL anyway.”

    On to the Supreme Court we go…

  3. Pop quiz: Which is the SAFEST object to put in your mouth?
    A) a gun
    B) a marijuana joint

    For any trolling narcs out there who aren’t sure, the answer is “B.” With respect to safety, guns and weed are extreme polar opposites. So let’s be clear on which of the two are actually dangerous. The dangerous object is the gun. The SAFE object is the joint. With me so far?

    Now: It was The Justices in this case who are pushing “the Government’s interest in preventing gun violence.” (I happen to agree with that goal; but I’m also a big believer in Freedom; regardless, my personal views on The Second Amendment are beside the point here.)

    Logically, in order to reduce gun violence, you have to reduce guns. (Or maybe just the bullets, I’d accept that.) If that’s your goal, then logically, there is no other way to achieve it. Why? Because of the fact that guns are inherently dangerous objects, regardless of one’s intentions or purpose. (Take the pop quiz again, if you’re still not sure.)

    But here’s the snag: what the fuck does the goal of reducing gun violence have to do with cannabis? Cannabis is in no way dangerous. But, according to the Justices, marijuana users “are more likely to be involved in violent crimes.”

    Huh?? Really?? No, I don’t believe you.

    That’s where I call bullshit. “Bullshit!!”

    1. Reminds me that on 450430 A. $hitler pointed the $hootgun up his $hootmouth and $prayed brains all over the Fuehrerbunker. 3 of 4 top Nazis were tobackgo addicts right up to the Endloesung (Adolf was proud of having had the Will to Quit). On 450501 Magda Goebbels had the 6 children put to death with cyanide candy, then had a glass of champagne and a $igarette before biting down on her cyanide.
      * * * *
      Time to call Bullet$hoot?
      * * * *
      “Ban Guns, Not Ganja” (picture of leaf rising up out of broken-in-two pistol)

      1. That really depends if the gun is loaded and if the finger is on the trigger. Anywho I am a strong second amendment advocate and a marijuana lover. This 9th circuit b.s. is exactly that, California gun hating police state, Nazi b.s. Responsibility with anything is key and just because you smoke pot legally does not give them the right to take away your rights, you are not a felon.

  4. Does this also apply to someone who has purchased a firearm in the past and who is also in the process of obtaining a mmj card? should said person get rid of the firearm before completely registering in a mmj program? Or, is this only applicable to persons currently enrolled in a mmj program with no firearms who tries to purchase a firearm after the fact?

    [Paul Armentano responds: The federal statute simply states that users of marijuana are prohibited by federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition.]

    1. They say cannabis has no medical purpose. Whats the medical purpose of alcohol? Why is it okay for drunk cops and judges to have guns?

  5. Over the last year or so we have seen a variety of high profile marijuana legality cases hit federal and apellate courts. Some news was good, like defending the Rorhabacher-Farr amendment to keep the Federal government from using Congressional funds to attack state marijuana operations in compliance with state law.
    (Which makes one speculate… The DEA makes more than enough money from asset forfeitures to afford a raid on dispensaries… Why don’t they disclose to Congress where THAT money goes?)

    Then ridiculous $#!+ like THIS happens. This court decision better not end up with some farmer in Oregon holed up in a cabin with all his guns and a damn forest fire or something. Of course, Congress COULD do their job and reflect the views of the people, but after the Washmoney-$hultz victory yesterday in Florida its going to be an uphill battle no matter who takes Congress in November. (Uphill for the Dems, up $#!+s creek for the Repubs).

  6. One other good aspect in the court system I would like to point out is that positive public opinion over marijuana is beginning to show increasingly in both jurors and judges.

    Take this case from last year in Muskogee Oklahoma:

    The defense actually tried to defend this cop convicted of 6 counts of first degree rape (8 total) by coercing disadvantaged black women into sex by doing background checks on them and stalking them… By claiming to the court, “they smoked marijuana.”

    “Holtzclaw’s choice of victims and attorney, Scott Adams, aggressively questioned his accusers about their marijuana use, drinking, thefts and suspended driver’s licenses in an attempt to undermine their credibility.”

    This was a rare moment and victory where a cop was convicted for predatory violent behavior. This report received little to no coverage last year, mainly because the press doesn’t report police violence when the victims have extensive criminal histories or stereotyped culpability. But its also a victory, as horrible as we can imagine, that our courts dont let the objectively moral activity of marijuana consumption defend police predators with faulty defense. It’s unfathomable for activists to have to say that these days, but this is the kind of bull$#!+ defense that corrupts every level of government… “Marijuana is bad,” (because it is prohibited into a black market), “therefore this person is bad.”
    Look where we are coming from. Then we may know where we are going.

    1. And right on cue to prove my point;

      A NIDA funded study from the Journal Lancet blows up in their face as adult consumers of cannabis increased since 2007 while “disorders” went down. NIDA is trying to save face by saying they should “warn people about the negative effects of marijuana.” Like what? Curing all the diseases that the alternatives can’t like Chrone’s Disease and diabetes?
      The CSAct is like an alarm going off only when our boat is anchored off of paradise.

      1. …An alarm that creates and summons predatory law enforcement that disproportionately targets the weak, the sick, the impoverished and the disenfranchised to rape, rob, racially discriminate or even kill them without punishment, prejudice or accountability.
        Just needed to clarify my analogy.
        Then weed must be like the tree of wisdom through which God spoke to Moses to set his people free.
        …(The “burning bush in the cave of Moses” ha! 🙂 Sorry, inside joke! I had to say that again… Lol.. )

  7. A travesty of justice. More likely to be involved in VIOLENT crimes? What a joke. What a sick, sad, joke. Another example of how our gov. views on cannabis are WOEFULLY AND PAINFULLY stuck in the past. Oh man…we have GOT to get rid of this outdated prohibition. This 20th century madness MUST stop. 1968 law…..wake up, America. We must put a stop to this insanity…..

      1. The following is from MPP’s website:

        Alcohol is more likely to contribute to acts of violence than marijuana. According to research published in the journal, Addictive Behaviors, “Alcohol is clearly the drug with the most evidence to support a direct intoxication-violence relationship,” whereas, “Cannabis reduces the likelihood of violence during intoxication.”17

        The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 25% to 30% of violent crimes and 3% to 4% of property crimes in the U.S. are linked to the use of alcohol.18 According to a report from the U.S. Department of Justice, that translates to nearly 5,000,000 alcohol-related violent crimes per year.19 By contrast, the government does not even track violent acts specifically related to marijuana use, as the use of marijuana has not been associated with violence.

        Alcohol is a particularly significant factor in the prevalence of domestic violence and sexual assault, whereas marijuana is not. This is not to say that alcohol causes these problems; rather, its use makes it more likely that an individual prone to such behavior will act on it. For example, investigators at the Research Institute on Addictions reported, “The use of alcohol… was associated with significant increases in the daily likelihood of male-to-female physical aggression,” whereas the use of marijuana was “not significantly associated with an increased likelihood of male partner violence.”20, 21 Specifically, the odds of abuse were eight times higher on days when men were drinking; the odds of severe abuse were 11 times higher. The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network’ (RAINN) webpage dedicated to educating the public about “Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault” highlights alcohol as the “most commonly used chemical in crimes of sexual assault” and provides information on an array of other drugs that have been linked to sexual violence.22 The word “marijuana” does not appear anywhere on the page.

    1. This is just nuts. It would be nice to know the data that is backing up this statement that Marijuana users are more likely to be involved in violent crime. This is reefer madness all over again. I hope the NRA will not stand for this.

      1. Puts the NRA in a bit of a bind, doesn’t it?

        Either they have to defend their own arms-bearing stoners, or they have to sit quietly and watch and do nothing, as American citizens’ gun rights are being taken away by the government!!!

        Now, THAT’s what I call being caught between a rock and a stoner!

        Which way are they gonna go? Anybody got a read on that?

      2. This article from 2011 quotes silence from the NRA when the ATF started “shooting blind” after the Fast and Furious scandal according to the only gun advocacy group to respond to the ATF memo to deny weapons to medical marijuana patients, Gun Owners of America:

        As suspected, the NRA was making more profit with the ATF’s illegal “tracer” programs that sold American weapons to both the Mexican Calderon administration and the warring Sinaloa cartel run by El Chapo Guzman. Due to a little known law written in the 80s the ATF have exclusive rights to disclosure of all the serial tracking numbers for every weapon sold in the United States, effectively creating an arms cartel. No surprise the NRA won’t $tand up to the ATF. The ATF also gets a take on asset forfeitures which doesn’t make them the best allies of marijuana legalization. Same goes for the NRA; guilt by association:

        The conflict in law is that federal law prohibits the sale of firearms to people in possession or consuming “addictive” drugs under schedule 1 classification. (I.e. Don’t ask don’t tell).
        However its the Supreme Court’s job to interpret the Constitution and defend the second amendment. I suspect they won’t touch the case at least until a new Justice is appointed, and probably not until Congress makes a move first.

      3. With California legalizing, the NRA has placed themselves in an untenable position; the ATF doesn’t have the resources to enforce gun prohibition to this many marijuana patients and people in possession, its just a prosecutorial tool.
        Real question is at what point will there be so many people in legal state possession of marijuana that we have a constitutional crisis? Theres enough data from Colorado and Washington now to disprove the validity of prohibiting weapons from marijuana consumers, but this battle will be win in Congress before the courts.

      4. Thank you, Julian, for answering my question. Now I know who is sticking up for principle (NORML), and who has been bought-off and is just talking shit (NRA)! Now I see: money is more important than principle to the folks at NRA.

        Your link to The Cannabist article led me to this gem of a paragraph:

        “On this gun issue, the permanently-stoned probably-pacifists over at the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws support Second Amendment gun ownership rights more diligently than the conservative culture warriors leading the National Rifle Assocation.”

  8. More good court news:

    Arizona is on the full legalization ballot after the Arizona Supreme Court rejected a final court challenge to the legalization measure.

    “A lower court judge had thrown out the challenge, saying the group called Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy didn’t have a right to sue. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Jo Lynn Gentry’s ruling went on to reject all of the reasons opponents laid out for keeping the initiative off the ballot.”

    1. LMAO, Mark, while its a good habit to keep your last name off of posts just for crazy people, rest assured that unless you’re growing a big illegal operation the Feds have bigger fish to fry.

      1. The bigger problem with regards to revealing your identity as a cannabis user isn’t the Feds, it is the locals. If you live in a backwards state like Virginia or Kansas and the local police are looking for easy busts they just might come after you.

        It’s just so crazy that you can legally drink yourself into a complete stupor every day, without breaking any law, but lighting up a joint can get you in prison or jail for a long time accompanied by a hefty fine.

        By the way, Joe Biden and Mike Pence are both big time prohibitionists; one democrat and the other republican. Hillary isn’t much better but can at least read the writing on the wall that says “We the People want to end the stupidity and harm of marijuana prohibition!”.

  9. It is obviously ridiculous that someone who uses alcohol can have a gun legally but not someone who uses cannabis; even medically!

    Alcohol tends to make many people feel more aggressive whereas cannabis tends to make people feel more peaceful and friendly. So, how can this make any sense?

    I’d love to hear either the Republican or the Democratic presidential nominees answer that question! In all reality I don’t expect that answer since I’m quite confident in saying they don’t want to go there…

    1. Right on, Miles. All you got to do is watch a COPS marathon for a few hours to see the effect of alcohol on people’s behavior.

      Marijuana creates very few problems.

    1. I believe that cannabis can be performance enhancing both physically and mentally. My evidence is personal but probably applies to many consumers out there.

      First the mental: It seems like, once I have learned something, that I can perform it even better when I have consumed a small amount of cannabis. This applies to my computer programming skills, my ability to play top level chess, and my overall creativity and thinking outside the small box society tries to keep our minds in.

      Second, the physical: I really love to exercise after using cannabis. I find myself getting more into my workouts and exercising even harder than I would otherwise. I get into a zone where just feel really great. When I was younger I used to practice karate under the influence and felt more in control than when I was totally straight.

      Finally, regarding the physical enhancement, I think that if Michael Phelps would be honest, he would have to admit that using cannabis enhanced his swimming practice!

      Of course, to a large extent, the effects depend on: the users tolerance, the amount consumed, the strain consumed, how it is consumed, and probably more. I use a vaporizer, typically, and load it every day with a sativa strain, and set the temperature to 375 to get my perfect enhancement buzz!

      1. Bravo 375!

        Thanks to @Miles who has it right about exercise– note, he uses a vaporizer! Joint-rolling follows after $igarette-$moking in being an utmost enemy of exercise. Every account and picture of holding a smoky torch in the hand is propaganda militating against any idea of exercise as a consequence or purpose of cannabis use, for you then have primarily the duty burden of fire prevention (and/or mess prevention) hindering you from any vigorous activity for up to several minutes after “lie(t) up”.

        The waste-and-buy-more psychotic lifestyle propagated on behalf of sales-maximizing corporations counts on hot burning overdose monoxide paperpuff $moking to dumm down millions of sucker/buyers, who in the case of cannabis are led to expect cannabinoid rewards from passive waiting-out rather than from responsive positive activity. Note litany of “relax”, “mellow out” rhetoric (accompanied by a picture of someone sucking a joint of course) in popular media publications regarding cannabis. Someone wants you to “cool it”, “cool out” etc. and spend more money “feeling” good, not practice and learn how to do anything.

        “Ask not what it will do to you, experiment and find out what you can do with it.”

        Oh by the way, a $igarette (or anything resembling it) is a symbolic (toy) gun, something helping pretend you are a groanup tough guy. Learn how to use an electric drill, screw some shelving together, be a musician, carpenter, engineer and scientist.

    1. Nope. The NRA is a right wing group interested in preserving all things protected by their corporate masters and their support in Congress. This means no, they will not stick out their neck for a bunch of left wing legalizers.

      1. If that’s the case, then the NRA should be nailed to the freakin’ wall for turning a blind eye as The Government blatantly and fraudulently takes away American citizens’ right to bear arms.

  10. Just ruin the careers of every single one of the people who prosecuted the case against this Nevada woman. Where’s the NRA on this shit? Are they siding with the prohibitionists on this because they’re making more money off selling weapons to people engaged protecting their product and settling scores for illegal reasons, even in states where cannabis IS legal? I mean, is the NRA really for common 2nd Amendment recognition by the government, or are they cafeteria cherry-picking profiteers? They ought to be telling the prohibitionist politicians, mainly Rs to back off. Most of the Rs are for gun rights and basically against restrictions on gun ownership. If you can get the NRA to stick up for legalization, well, the feds had better just give up on prohibition and legalize.

    1. Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought after I posted. Marijuana decreases violence and the paronoid need to stock up on any gun you don’t plan to use to hunt with or shoot skeet. Hand guns were made for killin and I find them less sporting for target practice. And if it aint on you when you need it better whip out a joint and defuse the bad situation with a good fuse and create a good situation.

  11. Cannabis smokers are the ones more likely not to commit violent crimes,cannabis relaxes people,when I feel like smacking rude irritating neighbors with what ever yard tool I’m using in yard,i have a smoke,and realize the idiots are not worth the hassle

  12. On NOV. 8th we will either have a democratic POTUS who is anti gun. or a GOP POTUS who is anti marijuana. neither of which will let you have both.

  13. Where is the evidence to support the statement that cannabis users, especially medical cannabis users, are more likely to be involved in a violent crime.

    If anyone should be barred from owning a gun, it should be alcoholics. Most law enforcement and medical personnel with state they are the most violent.

    There should be a way to collect evidence disputing that statement and appealing the appeal.


  14. Seems to me the average medical marijuana is far more competent to own a fire arm than the zealots at the NRA.

    Wayne LaPierra! He insisted on natural television that 30 rounds per clip as opposed to 10 rounds wouldn’t have made a difference at Newton, MA. Every first person shooter I ever played showed firepower makes a tremendous difference. Paintball, too.

    People like this should be NOT permitted to own firearms. At least not without adult supervision

  15. Cannabis Tip:

    Unlike narcotics, there is no lethal dosage threshold for THC, allowing someone to consume as much is needed for its palliative effects.

    One of the effects of CBD is that it moderates the effects of THC. It actually knocks THC off the CB1 receptor.

    If someone is experiencing THC intoxication, a strong dose of CBD can counteract those effects.

    Cannabis prohibition is a crime against humanity.

    Contrary to popular belief cannabis actually is good for people unlike the neurotoxin alcohol.

    The reason cannabis can help people with epilepsy and other conditions is because it has Cannabinoids that are Neuroprotective Antioxidants.

    Oranges have Vitamin-C which is an antioxidant and Cannabis has cannabinoids that are antioxidants and neuroprotectants that kill cancer and promote neurogenesis, alcohol doesn’t.

    People need and deserve Real Cannabis Freedom not Tyrannical Swindler laws of Babylon.

    People must be free to grow cannabis with no restrictions or license like any other plant.

    It’s time for people to stop being afraid of plants.

    De-schedule Cannabis and End the Hypocrisy.

    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness !

    Legalize Cannabis Freedom.

    CBD and THC are Neuroprotective Antioxidants

    Cannabinoids and Neurogenesis

    This study suggests that long-term, high dose cannabinoid usage may not be as unhealthy as previously thought.

    United States of America Cannabis Patents

    Cannabis and Neurogenesis

    1. Very good post Ruben, though I must correct you on one major error in vocabulary;
      “If someone is experiencing THC intoxication,” must corrected to “If someone is experiencing their threshold of THC psychoactivity…”
      It is VITAL that we get this stigmatized word of intoxication corrected… and replaced with psychoactivity. We use the word intoxication involuntarily as we have been conditioned by bad drug laws and other propaganda to use this word in association with marijuana. But as you well point out in your post we cannot overdose through excessive amounts of THC, therefore by definition THC is neither toxic nor poisonous. Our enemies from Project SAM to local prosecutors rely on our ignorance of this language and will continue to do so until we correct and edit ourselves.

  16. I stand with my brothers and sisters on this total BS. People who smoke cannibis are more likely to be more vilolent with fire arms than anyone else are still living in the dark ages wake the F*** up and put down your alcohol and do some research on the subject. I’m a veteran and it seems to me that people who smoke cannibis are far less likely to engage in any type of violence. This is just another excuse for the so called Suprem court to take away more of our constutional right

  17. So what about the states that have legal recreational marijuana, like Oregon,Washington,Alaska,Colorado? Maybe thats the loophole!Can we ban guns for every citizen in those states as well,to make it fair,or are the courts just going to pick on sick people?

    Don’t want to give out any insane ideas,because there is enough of them already,but its just so absurd.I think the cat is already out of the bag LMAO

    1. Woops! That was meant for the previous blog;
      Aah, hell but it works here too.
      Look, conspiracies and beurocracies and hat-switchin lobbyists aside, if we ever wanna cut through all the bull$#!+ in politics, America, load a bowl, take a puff and ask ourselves two questions:
      How do we pay them and where are the resources?

  18. It’s about time we adressed this matter! ABC, NBC, & other lamestream news have joined in, on this, today! We have to really reach out to the NRA, for help on reform!

  19. Hey Norml! It’s time to hold hands with the NRA. Last year’s NRA conference had many speakers talking about joining with the marijuana crowd as both are issues of liberty and personal freedom and neither should have any federal involvement. It is time for both sides to realize this and join forces. Don’t wait on the libertarians to get a president in office. An NRA/NORML lobby for personal freedom from Federal interference would be unstoppable.

  20. marijuana users “are more likely to be involved in violent crimes.”

    I guess if they don’t require actual evidence this is a valid concern.

  21. There are two issues that our government has decided to trample on,POT and guns. Wake up people this is not a war of ideas and facts,it is a propaganda war to accomplish two goals. Disarm Americans on technicalities and keep using pot to criminalize and discriminate. All the logic in the world can not equal what our government is giving us. Lets face it our government does not work for us when its main goal is to use fear to control us into this nonsense. Vote any politician out of office that goes against these issues. Americans are losing their freedoms to these terrible leaders we have. Obama and his” I do not want to take your guns away.” I have yet to see a bill that just wants a background check! They always are accompanied with some kind of ban. The newest issue is Obamas ban on transporting one element of making gun powder with the goal of stopping bullets from being reloaded by citizens.
    Our leaders have fought the public every inch of the way on the pot issue. Obama could remove the class I substance rating but I would not hold my breath. The NRA does not use media to respond enough to this sleazy idea. The NRA is made up of citizen members and is not a group of crazies or a giant evil machine as it is portrayed by government and media. The gun issue is fighting a battle with government just like our marijuana issue so government is linking the two evils together. THANK WASHINGTON AND REWARD THEM WITH YOUR VOTE!

    1. On an earlier post I revealed an article from 2011 that links the Fast and Furious tracer program of the ATF and their open letter condemning sales of guns to medical marijuana patients;

      The ATF is essentially the world’s biggest arms cartel. They have sole authority from Congress to disclose the serial tracking numbers of all US weapons sold in the US and abroad.

      So imagine the irony when I stumbled across this article from the NRA-ILA;

      The NRA has been watching the Obama administrations memos from the DOJ, advocating a distinction between guns and marijuana, with a rather weak argument that guns and ammunition sales are somehow less corrupt or equally regulated as marijuana businesses, a false comparison.
      Even better, remember one of the 8 DOJ enforcement priorities in the Administrations memos prohibiting, “the diversion of revenue from the sale of marijuana to criminal gangs and cartels that use firearms in the cultivation and trafficking of marijuana.” ?
      Well… Considering what we know from the Fast and Furious scandal, the ATFs tracer programs arm cartels in this definition and category exactly, resulting in the death of thousands of innocent people and an “off duty” DEA agent in full kevlar.
      So… according to the DOJ’s own memos, and the Rorhabacher-Farr Amendment, the ATF should return all their asset forfeitures from marijuana farmers and dispensaries that operated legally under state law. The ATF is an organized criminal cartel that armed both the Mexican military and other criminal cartels that illegally traffick marijuana. And US banks like JP Morgan were complicit.
      Send that to Congress and the Supreme Court. Then lets see what happens when the second amendment and cannabanking meet legalization of marijuana.

  22. Why arent all the people who drink alcohol banned from owning a firearm. We need to stand up and use our 2nd amendment rights to start over with a new batch of gov.representative s

    1. No, that’s a really bad idea. Killing off everyone in Congress in a horrific blood-bath, and then holding a special election to fill the vacancies? No way!

      This website does not advocate violence.

      I know, you were only kidding, right? Like Trump? Only you weren’t kidding, were you? Like Trump. Kinda meant it and and didn’t mean it at the same time, eh?

      It’s still a threat, regardless of how you meant it. I’d check that shit if I were you.

      1. Like I said fuck it take the guns & alcohol away!
        Marijuana is the answer, I’ve never had an disagreement that couldn’t be resolved with a little green incentive. Let’s puff puff pass that beautiful miracle around, find common ground, and build a better tomorrow for EVERYONE!

        Twist one up and put it in the air!!!
        Vote Arizona citizens!!! recreational usage is up for grabs!!! Let’s take back our freedom!!!

  23. Fuck it take my guns, I’d rather have my medicine.

    After a long shitty day/week at the office,having my boss & customers belittling everyone cause they are alcoholics and hate their lives, so everyone else must be miserable too. I don’t rush home to get my guns to relieve my stress and PTSD away – if I did it would only happen once, considering the prison sentence or death penalty for releasing my stress with my guns….

    No I’d rather grab a ediable, take a few pulls off My e-cig, volcano, bong, pipe or doobie and drift into my true happy place far from any fucktard politician, boss or any gun toting idiot who thinks guns are the cure for EVERYTHING. Don’t get me wrong I have guns for protection, but there are so many other ways to protect yourself and family, it first starts with having a clear mind and sound judgment, if you take my herb away your also taking my clear mind and sound judgment, leaving me with anger, rage and plenty of guns and infinite ammunition instead.

    One is left to ask, was the decision made in an effort of public safety or public sacrifice

  24. This is arguing about apples and oranges.
    The 2nd Amendment is our birthright.
    The war on marijuana was a Congress mandated thing and subject to time.
    Thomas Jefferson said that when a law is enacted, that within 13 years, one third of the people who voted for that law have passed on…therefore at some point, that law needs to be revisited to see if it still applies.
    It is still about personal responsibility .

  25. It is far from constitutional for a judge to make random and biased assertions with nothing to back them up, and I think USSC will overturn it by necessity, because:

    1) If there was no study to support the claim of marijuana smokers being more likely to commit violent crime, there was no evidence to support compelling interest on behalf of the government;

    2) The very same government claiming compelling interest severely restricts any kind of clinical studies that could prove the violent crime assertion false.

    3) If the violent crime / cannabis link is suggested due to a non-causal relationship, such as if a ratio of violent inmates reports use which is similar to the ratio of marijuana smokers in other segments of society, there really is no conclusion to be drawn from this irrelevant information.

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  27. Hey Folks, have you ever wondered why cannabis is really illegal? It makes no sense to me, because I have used it for over 45 years. They say it leads to heavier drug use but I have never used any other substances. It would bring a world of new income and industries to the entire USA. You never hear: marijuana smoker kills 5 in deadly auto crash on highway, cause it just doesn’t happen. On the other hand Alcohol kills thousands and it is legal, go figure. Marijuana is finally getting some recognition in the medical field as it well should. I have 2 sisters and have several friends that have cancer. They could benefit immensely by the use of marijuana but their state laws do not allow it. Their appetites could be greatly increased plus the benefit of pain management would be there also. I know some states have legalized it and even more states have medicinally approved it. This is not enough, All states should follow in the footsteps of these few that have had the courage and knowledge to legalize marijuana. It should be treated as tobacco like cigarettes, if they are substantially cheaper in one state than another then bootlegging it should also be illegal (meaning interstate commerce). As far as growing your own, that should be up to the individual growing the product. I see no reason to limit, or penalize anyone who wants to grow. Smoking marijuana in public should be just as cigarettes, if there’s no smoking that means everything. All smoking should be done outdoors except in one’s own domicile. Who does it actually harm when marijuana is smoked? All in all it is a very controversial issue and I just wanted to give my views and opinions

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