Values Survey: 63 Percent Of Americans Say Marijuana Should Be Legal

legalization_pollSixty-three percent of Americans age 18 and older favor making the use of marijuana legal, according to national polling results compiled by the Public Religion Research Institute’s American Values Survey.

The percentage is the highest ever reported by the poll, and marks a 30 percent increase in public support for legalization since 2014.

The poll possesses a margin or error of +/- 2.8 percentage points.

The results come only days after separate surveys released by the Pew Research Center and by Gallup also reported that Americans’ support for legalizing marijuana is at an all-time high.

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  1. Even if a poll showed 100% I am pretty sure that most Republican politicians would still try to stop efforts to legalize… Seriously, let’s vote these people the hell out!!! They are bought and paid for stooges and nothing more. They really could care less about how much damage their idiotic policies have caused. Good citizens have spent countless man-hours in jail or prison because of them and it needs to stop.

    Vote them out!!!

    1. Your absolutely right. Science & societal experience over the past 100 yrs proves cannabis is medicine for the body,mind & souls. It CURES EVERYTHING. That’s why the Republicans & many democrats vie against it. As they are big Pharma WHORES

  2. That is the best news I’ve heard in a while. Now to just vote out the idiots standing in the way…and the rich who want to rule over the people like a king.

  3. I can’t help but think this is the result of what’s going on in Colorado, Washington and other states that are legalizing. 30% is a huge change over just two years. Before 2014 this was all theoretical but now we’ve seen how these states handled legalization and that the world didn’t come to a sudden end.

  4. Americans who want legalization trust the government. We demand descheduling as a start. It would be nice to recover all the pay prohibitionists received from taxes.

  5. Im copying the verdict from my post on Broward County Florida’s Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes removing amendment 2 from certain ballots;

    Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips wrote Friday that NORML of Florida failed to “demonstrate irreparable harm or a violation of a clear civil right.”

    Appeal!!! Norm, not only was Brenda Snipes appointed by former Republican governor Jeb Bush,
    So was Judge Phillips!

    The same Jeb Bush that used voter fraud and stole the 2000 election for his brother;

    We support you Norm! Make a crowdsourcing email to fund the appeal and get a recount for Broward County! Every NORML member; donate $4.20 and we can pay for the legal fees!
    Here is Michael Moore’s documentary clip on how the Bush Florida voter fraud worked back in 2000;

    With Circuit Judge Phillips and Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes both being appointed by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, it is clear this case has to appeal.
    While Trump was right that there would be voter fraud, he was wrong that it would be Democrats doing the rigging. Even though the Primary “rigging” Democrat herself, Washmoney Shultz is the House Representative for Broward county, it is the Republican appointed Supervisor of Elections that is in charge of supervising the ballots.
    This voter Fraud for Amendment 2 in Florida is the single most important problem we can focus on NORML. Broward is the most left leaning county in Florida and supports medical marijuana by vast majority. Lets donate to NORML and Appeal!

    1. Astonishing to think that any judge would allow and justify such a thing!!!! I can’t even get my head around that… even assuming they’re corrupt, it’s just such a blatant abuse of power, how could that even possibly stand? Isn’t Florida headed for the Supreme Court again?

      Only, the Republicans fucked our Supreme court! So what then?

      Geez, what a clusterfuck!

      1. Typical politics, really. Kiss @$$ to the people who got you where you are; lifted but never gifted. Cupled with the disillusion that no one will ever figure out who to sue, or by the time we do, the judges that are purchased up the line will always cover @$$. Comin to you as a proud Texan, the Republican party has no idea whats about to hit them.. like a hotbox in a little red mini cooper. Just watch them start spillin out one by one…

  6. Give the government an ultimatum. Legalize or strike country wide. We the people should get what we want not what they want us to have.

  7. Proof of voter fraud. Ballot questions like yes/no votes on marijuana can be manipulated. Watch the you tube video titled “Fraction Magic”. That may be why Arkansas last voting session only got 58% when they needed 60%. Its very disturbing.

  8. many of our Republican leaders are old in age (Dinosaurs) that have lost touch with the citizens of their state. In Arkansas, there are 3 Republican leaders that have stated they do not support Marijuana of any sort. What we need in Arkansas and other Southern states are billboards with bible scriptures proving Cannabis (Kaneh Bosm/Kannabosm) was use as an ointment or burned in the synagogues in the Old and New Testament.

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