Maine Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

According to the Associated Press, voters in Maine have approved Question 1, the Marijuana Legalization Act. The Associated Press’s final vote count is 50.17 to 49.83 percent.

“In 2013, over 70% of voters in the city of Portland decided it was time to reject the failed policy of marijuana prohibition and embrace legalization. Tonight, a majority of voters statewide agreed with that assessment. With the approval of Question 1, Maine has elected to take a sensible approach to marijuana and reject the flawed ideas of the past. Thanks to them, Maine will no longer arrest otherwise law abiding adults for choosing to consume a substance that is objectively safer than alcohol and tobacco and in the process generate tax revenue that will be used to greatly improve education and other vital state services.” said Erik Altieri, NORML’s new Executive Director.

Question 1, the Marijuana Legalization Act, permits adults who are not participating in the state’s medical cannabis program to legally grow (up to six plants, including all of the harvest from those plants, and/or up to 12 immature plants) and to possess personal use quantities of cannabis (up to two and one-half ounces of herbal cannabis) while also licensing commercial cannabis production and retail sales. The law imposes a 10 percent tax on commercial marijuana sales. Under the law, localities have the authority to regulate, limit, or prohibit the operation of marijuana businesses. On site consumption is permitted under the law in establishments licensed for such activity.

The new law takes effect within 40 days. Regulations for marijuana-related businesses are scheduled to be in place by August 8, 2017. You can read the full text of Question 1 here.

“To those who allege that marijuana law reform is a west coast phenomenon, tonight’s votes tell a different story,” said NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano. “The majority of Americans throughout this country recognize that marijuana prohibition financially burdens taxpayers, encroaches upon civil liberties, engenders disrespect for the law, and disproportionately impacts young people and communities of color. That is voters are rejecting the failures of criminalization and embracing these sort of regulatory alternatives.”

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  1. Congratulations to Maine, Montana, Nevada, Arkansas, Massachusetts, California, North Dakota, and Florida! (And according to the Denver Post, the social club initiative 300 is too close to call, but squeaking ahead 50.8 percent in favor to 49.1 percent opposed. Stand by.)

    This is all wonderful news, and I’m as delighted as the next medical marijuana patient.

    But…any thoughts on who Trump might go to for Attorney General?

    I suppose we’re about as well-positioned as we could be, as we head into what might well be a showdown with Trump’s new Attorney General, whoever that might be. If it’s a Chris Christie type, he/she might simply decide to shut it all down! That’s not a prediction, but it is a contingency which worries me.

    Hate to rain on the parade, honestly I do; but “Heads up,” people! Just saying.

    1. You know there is such a thing as amendments right? Getting a law in the books is the most important part in making cannabis legal for all. It can be refined to perfection over time.

  2. I’m so glad that this has happened in my lifetime. No more hiding and dealing with sketchy characters. America is great again!!!


  3. Legalization is up in the air just now though as the numbers are 50 50.

    Maine Question 1, 2016
    Updated Nov 9, 2016 12:41 PM EST
    95% reporting

    I watched this thing most of the night, and I watched it go to 50 50. I hope that they look at the actual number who voted yes, and go by that. But this could end up going to a court before decided what to do.

    Massachusetts on the other hand, it won by a majority.

    The only one of five where it didn’t win is Arizona. I kind of doubted it would win there, but still hoped.

    california prop 64 results is almost not even surprising to me, after the way everyone talked about it.


    I have high hopes that this will be looked at closely, as now there’s not four but eight states with legal recreational marijuana… and DC. I hope that Trump will look at that and consider doing something at a Federal Level. I also hope that now that is probably did pass in four of the five states, maybe Tom Wolf will reconsider the legalization bill here in Pennsylvania.

    Glad things are moving in the correct direction.

  4. Are we sure that it passed? I’m still seeing a virtual 50/50 dead heat with 4% of the votes still uncounted.

  5. Don’t celebrate just yet.

    It’s currently at 96.6% Reporting and still very very close.

    Yes – 50.3% [745,246]
    No – 49.7% [737,808]

    It could flip even with 3.4% left, most of those being definite no areas. I hope it passes, but this election cycle has been full of surprises.

    1. For Maine, even though I believe it is still 50 50, I believe has been declared a win for legalization.

      This helps, and I hope will help legalize for all of us.

  6. finally legal
    this is what this state needs to bring
    money to help get this state rolling
    as there are no jobs here

    its about time this passed along with the rich paying there fair share towards schools and min wage increase ought to get people out of the red not right away but in the right direction and say goodbye to overpriced Obama care

  7. Sad day for Maine. Maine’s children will suffer as their parents become apathetic pot heads and their IQ tanks from their own casual use.

    1. You cannot back up your statement with facts. So what you have is an opinion, which you are fully entitled to. The rest of us will be celebrating.

  8. I live in NH so now I have a choice to go to either MA or ME. Only thing I worry about is NH anti-marijuana sentiments. An ounce will get you up to 7yrs in state prison. Wow! Totally backwards ass state full of malcontents.

  9. NH is he only state in the north east that HAS NOT decriminalized Cannabis while supporting Medical Marijuana. Talk about backwards and being inconsistent. Norml needs to educate and bring NH Government up to speed on the reality that cannabis is not going away and that 60% of its people want legalization.

      1. New Hampshire is the Green Mountain State; I like VT; I lived in ME; NH + VT; I live in CT. I was a student @ Goddard College VT; lotta MJ;

      2. there were famous people at Goddard College; the Band “Black Sabbath” visited our dorm; a lot they are a famous Rock Bank from England. Many Medieval plays; YardBirds played there; 🙂

  10. Maine has screwed up like Washington and Colorado , corp. take over so all money is funneled to politicians and Companies like The big chems co. To engineer and control while Wall Street rolls in the payoff. Hope Christie is AG

  11. Now let’s get to the good part,the actual selling of it in state run stores,how long do you suppose that will take?

    1. Will Portland,ME begin selling recreational earlier due to the fact that it was all ready legal there? I’d love to have a medical card,but the only state I qualify in is California. There stress is a legitimate reason,nowhere else.

  12. Maine should of done this years ago when CALIFORNIA RSN THE WED T COAST MAINE COULD RULE THE EAST! WE HAVE THE BEST MARIJUANA GRPWERD IN MAINE DRRSL PROGEDDIONALS IT WILL SAVE THE MIDDLE & POOR CLASS IMMEDIATLY!! THE MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSORYS LIED TTO MAINERS SAYING OH $20 FOR 1/8 THEN CHARGES $45-$50 1/8 THATS DOUBLE THEN ON THE STREET THEN THIS LOSER GENERATION THAT DIDNT GROW UP IN THE $25 1/8s are trying to sell it for $501/8 IT MADE THE MARIJUANA BUISNES IN MAIME PLUMMIT. NOW THE POOR WILL BE ABLE TO SELF MEDICARE AND THE RICH WILL NOT HAVE TO BOTHER WITH GROWING THEY CAN BY IT THREW WHOEVER. MEDICAL MARIJUANA WILL STILL BE NEEDED TO JUSTIFY CERTAIN THINGS BUT THATS ONLY THE PROGRAMS THAT ARE FEDERAL PROGRAMS! Maine should of been 20years ahead of everybody this state us already a great irony state know how fro crossbreed and everything and eeverything state ofmaime could of sold to medical marijuana states that didn’t want Iit grown I’m th state!!!we should already habe control and PATENTS name brands ropes, oils, cloth, paper, not just the buds are worth it the stock can plant waste can be turned into paper, wood burning, oil, cloth for cloths shoes hats, rope we SHPULD already be over powering Amsterdam as the tourist attraction place to go for the way life should be but i think we waited until to many states started maines been wanting rhis for 20years its j hd t not right or slow gobernmemt makes everything everybody is strictly green or drink but I knew something was up it was the people getting rich cuz th ere caregivers so they want the thousands while poor& middle-class get ripped off. $10 1/8 max in the state of Maine!

  13. I was a card carrying member 40 some years ago.long since lost the card but still hold you in HIGH regard.

  14. Govenor Lapaige says that marijuana is a gateway. This especially true while it was illegal. People kids included went to a pusher who may encourage worse things like opioids or cocaine and its byproducts or worse meth. Now that marijuana can be bought legally in a legitimate outlet. No more black market doorways or trunks of cars.

  15. This is definitely a win for the whole marijuana community. One thing we need to take care of is not to let the recreational marijuana impede the growth of medical cannabis. There are many medicinal benefits of the herb and self-medication may not aid in the treatment of the symptoms of a particular disorder. There need to be more research and development for developing effective strains for many conditions.

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