Maine: Legalization Opponents File Petitions Challenging Election Day Vote

Maine Yes on 1Marijuana legalization opponents in Maine are formally challenging the results of Question 1: The Marijuana Legalization Act, a statewide ballot initiative that received slightly over 50 percent of the vote on Election Day.

Legal counsel for the No on 1 campaign today turned in petitions to the Secretary of State’s office formally requesting a recount. If the recount goes forward, the process is expected to take approximately 30 days and cost taxpayers nearly $500,000.

If the vote is upheld, the measure will become law by January 7, 2017.

The Act permits adults who are not participating in the state’s medical cannabis program to possess personal use quantities of marijuana (up to two and one-half ounces and/or the total harvest produced by six plants). The measure also establishes regulations for the commercial cultivation and retail sale of cannabis to adults. Regulations governing marijuana-related businesses are scheduled to be in place by August 8, 2017.

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  1. The following commentary has been sanitized for your protection:
    “Why those dirty rotten yeller no-good varmits!”

  2. Let this tyranny remind us of whats at stake here; the freedom of the American people, our right to self medicate, perchance to dream…
    And for God’s sake if youre going to exercise your right to voter initiative use a reputable notary!!!
    ( NORML, start verifying your dates!!!)

  3. Has anyone said how you prove that the quantity of weed you possess is from 6 plants (that you have grown). If done right, with perfect conditions, it is possible to harvest 50 lbs or more from 6 plants. Have these people not got access to youtube ?

    1. They would have to if the pro side margin were wider.
      I think the threshold is 1.5% of the vote, which in this case is below this number

  4. That’s fine, but if the count is correct or shows more votes for the initiative then the challengers should be responsible for the cost.

  5. Hey, I got an idea for the opponents; nobody’s “making” you smoke, so if you don’t like it, JUST DON’T SMOKE IT!

    1. Best advice I’ve heard yet!!
      My brother lived and worked in Maine for about 6+ years until it literally drove him to suicide. The countryside and the scenery are beautiful, except for the month of Februugly and March, YUCK! It was the people that drove him batty!! And, everyone he knew, smoked weed??!! So, where are all of these NO votes coming from??

  6. While were talkin about gettin out of the fire and inti the frying pan:

    Jeff Sessions has been nominated as attorney general. Jeff Sessions is quoted as saying he thought “…the KluKluxKlan was alright until I found out they smoked pot.”

    Any questions about Trump’s administartation being a right-wing nationalist-socialist coup? Germany is terrified theyre next. As we may recall, the Nazi-lead nationalist-socialist movement didnt work out so well for the world.

    At least Bernie Sanders cleaned up the word socialist, revealing that when we take the “nationalist” aspect out, social security, medicaid and military spending are all socialist prograns. But I also find Sessions comment particularly interesting that the NAACP was “unamerican” and “communist” considering that the CSAct was inspired by Nicon’s visit to Communist China, as he was impressed by the police state control China had on minority populations.

    All thats left is a racist prohibitionist nomination to the Supreme Court. But can the federal government enforceable with a %60 majority of state legalized mmj? Can Democrats filabuster a Supreme Court nominee for 2-4 years? Republicabs are already threatening to pass a law to remove the 60-vote majority for a filabuster;

    Sessions will most certainly take state legalization to court, bringing new meaning to the phrase Federal law “Trumps” state law.

    I’ll help read a filabuster! Put me on the podium! Have you seen my posts over the last 4 years? I’ll go 4 more!!! 😉

  7. Thank Gawd (or Ganja) the Counties of Maine don’t have an Electoral Culliage system. Would have lost already.

  8. Yay Maine!!! And voters in other states that are making mj progress.

    We KNOW the reality when it comes to mj. Alcohol is SO much worse…

    Thank you all for ending the absolute insanity of mj prohibition. So many have been waiting SO long for Justice

  9. I believe this recount thing is dumb… especially considering it’ll cost the tax payers of Maine half a million.

    The prohibitionists better leave it alone after this, if the count comes back the same.
    As others said in other ways, we aren’t forcing anyone to smoke… we just want to be allowed to.

    1. am.
      As others said in other ways, we aren’t forcing anyone to smoke… we just want to be allowed to ourselves.

  10. Yeah and in front of the kids who are talking about it with a far higher level of sophistication than their prohibitionists parents. Greed kills

  11. Why are you people freaking out? A recount is a noble action, we would want a recount if we fell by a slim margin as well no?

  12. in the days after the polls close,
    there are no ‘poll watchers’,

    the prohibitionists have had PLENTY of time to throw away a few thousand ‘yes’ votes,
    and replace them with ‘no’ votes,
    so the total number of votes stays the same.

    why didn’t they ask for the recount immediately ??

    they needed time to do their vote swapping.

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