President-Elect Trump: Will You Support State Marijuana Laws?

take_actionOver the last several weeks, we have received dozens of calls from journalists with the same question: “What does NORML think that President-Elect Trump and his Attorney General nominee Jefferson Sessions will do in regards to marijuana once in office?”

However, the best public indicators we have to go on give mixed messages. Additionally, in nearly all of the articles that NORML has been quoted in about Trump and Sessions, not one indicates that the writer had even attempted to contact the presidential transition team or Sen. Sessions.

So we’ve released our own request for clarification and we need you to join us in demanding answers as to how the federal government is going to respect the will of the voters in states that have ended prohibition.

Add your voice to the thousands calling on Trump to provide cannabis clarity TODAY.

On the campaign trail, Trump promised to take a federalist approach to marijuana stating:

“In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state… Marijuana is such a big thing. I think medical should happen — right? Don’t we agree? I think so. And then I really believe we should leave it up to the states.”

Yet his nomination of Sen. Sessions sends a very different signal. Just this past April, he stated that  “Good people do not smoke marijuana” in the questioning of current Attorney General Loretta Lynch. His legislative track record and public comments show no intentions of ending marijuana prohibition or respecting the millions of responsible cannabis consumers throughout the country. If Senator Sessions’ personal beliefs were allowed to dictate the policies of the Justice Department, we could be in for a rough four years.

With 8 states now having legalized the adult use of marijuana and over half the country having medical marijuana programs, the American people deserve to know what President-Elect Trump’s policy towards these states will be.

Join thousands of others in signing the petition to ask President-Elect Donald Trump to answer this question and clarify his position on respecting state marijuana laws.

Going forward we must be vigilant to protect the progress we have made, keep fighting to protect the rights of responsible adults, and end finally end the prohibition of marijuana nationwide.

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  1. We’re in for a rough four years.
    Marijuana or Republicans,, make a choice,, you can’t have both.

  2. It’s worth a shot! I signed it. Gotta make it clear to Trump that this is gonna be a problem if he makes it a problem.

  3. It may be considered that this is as much as any other thing is a matter of “States Rights” mostly by ballot initiative and thus an expression of popular will–the Federal Gov’t will be at direct odds with Calif. and it popular laws. This could and should be an impetus towards a California secession movement; that should be considered.

  4. If President Trump really wants to bring this country together,he should respect the will of the voters and let the states decide.Also he should recind Reagan’s drug free workplace act and replace it with a new executive order that treats impairment the same as alcohol impairment in the workplace.If Jeff Sessions tries to trump state laws with a federal overide, all hell is going to break loose!

  5. I am more than happy to add my voice. It just bewilders me how someone like Sessions can say that “good people do not smoke marijuana” in the year 2016.

    Marijuana is used by everyday Americans, by responsible adults who hold down jobs, raise families. The most creative marijuana user out there is making your popular music, inspiring your favorite films or creating your favorite art.

    The marijuana plant is not just medicine it is an industrial commodity. Trump would have to be the biggest business fool in history to try and continue to bury marijuana. If Trump is pro business he will not only leave the emerging legal industry alone, he will do the Federal things to get the industry moving.

    If Trump shuts down the legal cannabis industry, which is all USA made, he will be handing the business back to cartels most likely from Mexico. This is an old argument that we all know.

    But the more I see Trump on stage, he seems to be fired up and almost yelling “stop all the drugs.” And when you put all this Reagan rhetoric along with picks like Sessions, Price, and now Kelly, it looks like they are planning for all out war! And if Trump is still okay with legal marijuana for the states, then he, HIMSELF, is going to have a hard time fighting off these drug war barons he is assembling!

    Right before Reagan we had the seventies. The Carter years almost legalized weed, great music, groovy times. Then out of nowhere this Reagan guy turns the country back on some Nixon crazy drug war because Nancy was afraid for the children. And what better way to build an economy, for a mad man, than to build up the prison industrial system. He got part of his economy on the back of marijuana and marijuana users/patients. This was the 1980s and we all got a big wake up call that elections matter and things can change here for the worse when you think you have it made. Just like it has happened numerous times in the past.

  6. I believe it should be made legal like alcohol. Also would have to be 21 to buy. Sure don’t cause no trouble like alcohol. Tom

    1. I’ve seen the trouble marijuana cause. You people are afraid to FCE life without being high. You compare this to alcohol which LSO should ba banned. Tobacco is also a commodity and look at the good good it has done for this country. Sarcasm since your minds are mostly gone and you probably cannot recognize it. Democrats seem to want to keep people high and under their mind control. And no I amnot a Republican I am a free thinker who wants to remain free.

  7. Quote: “Answer the question and clarify his postion.”

    Yeah, I signed it. But not to get Trump to answer the question. He’s a bullshitter, and he’s already bullshitted us in response to that question many times, publicly. I signed it to try to force his hand — to “clarify his position” in such a way that he can’t back away from it.

    But there’s the catch: even if he responds, there’s a very real likelihood that he will continue to do exactly as he’s been doing, which is to bullshit us, and then do whatever he wants. He could answer the question by saying “I fully support marijuana legalization and states rights,” and then send in the National Guard to shut down all legal marijuana operations nationwide.

    If you said, “But that would make him a liar,” I would say, “No, he’s been a liar for a long time now.”

    If you said, “There’s too much money involved in legal marijuana now. It would fuck up the economy.” Then, I would say, “So what? It’s not Trump’s money! He’s not there to govern, he’s there to make a buck! He’s much more likely to be personally vested in the War on Drugs.”

    Just as AG Ashcroft promised to ramp up the War on Drugs after he was appointed, Sessions will likely do the same thing, and Trump is likely to downplay it, to pretend to have no idea what’s really going on. (Until after the fact… then he’ll say, “That’s what you deserve, you filthy drug addicts. Die or rot in prison, I don’t care which.” Then, we may get a real good look at his inner Nazi! Of course, by then, it will be too late to stop him.)

    That’s not a prophesy. I don’t claim those powers! But I think it is an extremely likely scenario, because I can’t see Trump giving up the War on Drugs, yet I can’t see him being honest about it either. So if he responds, and responds nicely, let’s not get played for suckers. Let’s still continue to watch carefully, to see what he is actually doing.


  9. This is a far less partisan approach, and not jumping into hysteria.

    Donald Trump is extremely likely to compromise like Obama did, I predict no major infrastructure changes in legalized states.

    1. You’re right — this is not a partisan issue.

      Let us all together, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, affirm unanimously: “Fuck that cracker-ass, pussy-grabbing bigot Trump and his pea-brain, redneck, inbred, numb-nut sidekick, Jeff Sessions! Fuck ’em!”

      Thank you.

      1. Where were the “Thank you’s” of the world during the last 8 years, you know, when we were subjected on this forum to countless diatribes about Obama and his jack-booted thugs? Or Nancy Pelosi and her hypocrisy(!) FOR SUPPORTING LEGALIZATION.

        Now, they’re warning us about hysteria?

        Had Hillary or Bernie won, and stacked their cabinet with Drumpf-like picks, we’d see what real hysteria looked like.

        Drumpf loaded his cabinet with billionaires and prohibitionists, and now the Drumpf apologists on this forum are trying to calm us? To assure us all that everything is going to be fine? We’ll see.

        I never put anything past the American voter when it comes to new displays of stupidity. Here, in the early 21st Century, you’d think we’d evolved past the allure of grifters, what with the advent of the internet and space travel and such. Obviously, we’re no more evolved than the country yokels of the 1920s and 1930s, though even that latter generation was smart enough to know that FDR was trying to help them with Social Security and the Minimum Wage. I don’t think the modern yahoo is intelligent enough to grasp that. The modern yahoo believes that we should let the rich take over everything, with no taxes or regulations, because in the end they’ll always have our best interests at heart.

        And the modern yahoo obviously believes that putting GOPers in charge of this country is gonna help MJ legalization. Simply astounding.

        (I would add that we deserve what we’re gonna get, but the truth is that Hillary, as poorly as she ran her campaign, beat Drumpf by two-and-a-half million votes and counting.)

      2. Humans, as a species, are not as smart as we sometimes think we are. What else could explain a Trump presidency? Utter stupidity! Collectively it seems that we are rather dumb although there exists true genius in certain individuals. One of these individuals was Carl Sagan. He was a cannabis user. Senator Sessions would say he is not a good person. I would say to Senator Sessions that he is a failure a human being.

  10. millions of good,otherwise, law abiding citizens in this country consume cannabis….how can we prove this?

    1. Agreed.
      However, it will be interesting to see how this plays out… if a privileged, young white lady gets a slap on the wrist while, just around the corner, underprivileged young black men are getting the shit beat out of them for the same thing, then you’ve got a pretty good snapshot of what’s NOT GREAT about America.

  11. Personally I am hesitantly hopeful that Trump will at least let the issue remain a state issue. I don’t have any direct quotes of him speaking on this, however I will point towards his commentary on the subject of Gay Marriage. In that case he has ultimately been hands off for that issue citing that it’s already been handled anyway on the state level. I believe that he may treat state level marijuana laws the same way and not push for any over arching charge to existing laws and agreements.

    The choice of Sessions as AG however does worry me. But even though, I don’t think there is a lot of will to push for a full reversal of existing agreements. Let’s also not forget every action requires political capital. And I also don’t think there’s enough will to spend that capital on this issue.

    1. It’s a given that Trump will need to be contained and restrained. The extent to which this is possible is worrisome.

      I’m not sure he really cares too much about political capital, because he’s not there to govern — he’s there to enrich himself. His agenda (himself, and his own personal wealth) is really only about raw power now. It won’t take any political capital to issue executive orders. And he’s filling his administration with people who are regressive, like himself. As was pointed out in another comment, Jeff Sessions will be Trump’s “get-out-of-jail” card, literally.

      We should demand that our representatives in Congress treat him as the fraud which he truly is.

  12. i am a retired military leader and recently retired again as an employment counselor . i’veworked with 1,000’s of people. some boozers or other drugs scripted & street drugs like meth and heroin, users. all walks of life econimcally. i research and being sober 36 yrs i have studied the aforementioned. the pot users were the most consistent in their behavior. i taught a 5 day job search system the issue is the whole infrastructure itself. would impact a lot of things ie; the entire medical arena <chiropractors etc. It would change the mexico brder. they could pay an import tax for pot brought in. which the gov't could have control (jobs jobs) many people use it here & across the world. DEA could focus more on the harmful drugs like herion an meth. it would hurt the gangs who make $ cause it's illegal. prohibition the violence ended once booze was legal. it would effect jobs with boarder security and law enforcement… it would change the culture of i feel it should be legalized across the board. i think if the giants like the hospitals , prescription drug companies and health ins. co. could become part of the solution and not the resistance. they could serves as dispenceries or a place of referral. there will always be a need for hospitals and they will make their money and probably more if they add marijuana to how they can treat people. and the mental health professionals will still need to diagnose. i believe wall street would be licking their chops. industrial hemp has unlimited uses from oil to paper and housing products, clothing etc. if you look at the big picture. it would create countless new jobs, provide a great mount of tax $$ to the gov't. it could eventually be a global market like it is now bout it would be legal and taxable. "Make the country great again." Mr Trump, i voted for you and i feel with your innate business savvy this will make sense. The medical Marijuana for obvious reasons and the recreational for the revenue

  13. I don’t believe Donald Trump could be honest about anything, or has in his entire life. I was reading Trumps long list of offenses he has gotten out of with the law and the rape accusation of the thirteen year old girl actually has the legal testimony under oath of a male witness that was helping the child prostitution ring. I read about Trumps business dealing and losses and how his dad helped him out of bankruptcy how it was illegal and Trump had to pay a small fine, how Donald usually breaks the laws and pays small fines, how his university is not a university but a seminar on how to get rich costing 35 thousand dollars to attend, money he had to refund, and how Donald during the RNC even bought his own books. 55 thousand dollars of them. “How to make America great again” Also Donalds ties with organized crime and the Bambino crime family. New York Times reporter Tim O’Brien said Donald was only worth $150-250 million, not the billions he claimed. So Donald sued him for 5 billion.

  14. He seems to be able to say anything he wants; do just about anything.

    He has to come up with the money for his plans somewhere.

  15. Signed,
    Now if you havnt signed this yet, please sihgn here;
    And block the nomination of Sessions to AG. Sessions WILL take state legalization to Federal court and dismantle everything we have worked for. Dont play around with this NORML; stop pretending there is any other agenda; playing coy will NOT result in any leverage here.
    Let’s be clear;
    Nothing Donald J. Drumph says can be trusted. This is a dangerous demagogue with Narcissist Personality Disorder. He preys upon those who trust him. Its Bribe, Fire, Sue then bankruptcy, in that order, and he now has the Presidency of the United States. It’s important to understand that even entertaining the thought of praising Drumph into legalization has no gaurantees. He has praised a ruthless mass murderer and dictator, President Duterte of the Phillippines, for his terrorist Drug War killing thousands of his own citizens in the street for alleged possession or even suspicion of consumption of drugs. Let me repeat that: The President elect of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump has PRAISED President Duterte for the mass murder of thousands of Philipinos without due process, without even trained police officers, simply forcing his own citizens to commit the murders in name of a Drug War crackdown.
    Furthermore, Drumph has already screwed up his Presidency before taking office to the point where he will have no other choice but to delegate the responsibility of executive decisions to his cabinet. Im very upset that NORML is suggesting that these circumstances are of any other expectation regardless of what Drumph says, IF he even responds. Its like leaving a lame duck in front of an alligator then asking the gator if he will eat the duck. Ive got one guess; dead duck.

  16. Mr. Altieri, we met a couple of years ago while Allen St Pierre was still executive director of NORML. (The activist from Texas with the wife and two kids in the lobby…)
    You have done well so far following in the footsteps of Allen by continuing to open up new revenue streams for NORML. Thank you. I appreciate the petition to make Trump respond where no one else has.
    But toying with the idea that Trump, who praised the domestic terrorist of an inhumane Drug War, and who appointed Sessions to AG and now another drug warrior to the Dep. of Homeland Security, will do anything less than dismantle state legalization is dangerous and irresponsible.
    This web page should carry a direct prescripted link to petition our Senators just as the DPA has done.
    Do you think by feigning ignorance or casting doubt as to what is about to happen will spare NORML from the imminent prosecutions from the DOJ? What are we supposed to do, lay down and play dead in front of the Drug War train? No, thats not fair; at least trains dont LIE to you before they run you over. They usually warn you with a horn! Well beyond the campaign lies, the war-horn has been blaring from Trump’s recent actions. (Although I still dont understand why so many couldnt hear it coming when he opened up his campaign with “Mexicans are sending us their rapists” echoing the words of Harry Anslinger). His ties to Trump Towers in the Phillipines are more important to him than the American people. The emolument clause to our Constitution is nothing but an irritation to Trump. We havnt even seen him inaugerated yet we already have Constitutional justification for impeachment.
    I understand the need to write letters when no one else will… thats why I filed a Public Information Act form with TX DPS over their hiked dispensary application fees. But PLEASE lets not pretend we can negotiate with anything Drumph says when his actions and interests are as clear as the headlights on an incoming Drug War train.

    [Paul Armentano responds: Find NORML’s Jeff Sessions action alert (Urge Your Senator To Oppose Jeff Sessions For US Attorney General) here:

    1. Thank you Paul. You have been a vital pillar and library of knowledge and peer-reviewed links to truth for NORML, front and center. A Take-Action link and a few words can be the most effective blogs we can write. And we need them now more than ever.

  17. We would like to know where you stand on this topic. You said your for the people. Well the people have spoken!!!!!!!!!

    1. That slogan you quoted of pig Trump was originally Ronald Reagan’s during his first presidential run which was “Let’s Make America Great Again” Sort of the same as his Yugoslavian (Russian territorial) wife’s speech done exactly the same as Michelle Obama’s speech. Finally the Trump Russian pig admitted she (they) admired the presidents wife is why they copied hers.
      Yes Reagan started the drug war in 1980 and for some strange reason pig Trump gave head of law enforcement over the nation to a serious anti-marijuana activist.

  18. He needs to get the Federal government up to date with the reallity of medical uses for cannabis. If not at least respect state law including Calofornia’s Eastern District.

  19. The fact that Trumps is quiet on this issue means that he does not want to face it. Which means he is not for prohibition but feels legalisation may make him seem soft on crime.

    Of course we know he has appointed Sen Sessions as Attorney General but that does not mean we will get a revived war on drugs. In the bad old days of Reagan and Bush we used to hear how much the war on drugs cost and they continually pledged ever bigger budgets to pay for it.

    Well Trump has dug himself a big fiscal hole with his pledges on tax cuts (amongst other things) – there will not be enough money to fight the war. And this time it will be a fight since we are now talking about a wealthy, organised industry with legal defence and lobbying power to contend with.

    If he does anything I think they will have a half hearted attack at the officials who regulate the laws in states that have legalised. But we’ve got to think those people will be ready for such an eventuality and it would not be popularity winner for the new president to appear like a dictator.

    My guess is he will just let the agencies involved discover more and more evidence to guide them away from prohibition and take a back seat, but with Trump, who knows ? Either way I don’t see him stopping or even slowing down the move towards legalisation.

  20. the GOP has proven unreliable in their claimed support for limited government and personal responsibility. If Trump truly is the outsider his supporters claim he is, then clearing the swamp of nanny-state prohibitionists is a good place to prove himself.

    Otherwise, it’s more of the same.

    1. Oh they don’t care that “it’s more of the same.” You’re dealing with hard-line conservatives of long past years in government not people wanting you to get high.
      That’s why they voted Trump into office not because hard-line conservatives care what you think, it’s because they want a return to ownership of the United States by the conservative Christians.
      What I keep trying to get posted is I live in conservative country. They are not going to let you get high if they can stop it.

  21. Pondering these articles:

    Congressional Commission on failed war on drugs…

    President Obama to sign executive order removing cannabis from Schedule 1. That might at least get cannabis banking legal. Why not de-schedule altogether. Is this federal commission like Pennsylvania’s Shafer Commission, and will President Trump ignore it like Nixon did?

    1. Holy Crap! Obama is going to RESCHEDULE cannabis, down from schedule I????

      I though it would never happen.

      Is this for real? If so, President Obama — THANK YOU!

      Now for the naysayers: still not enough for you? Look, it’s progress. Will it end the War On Drugs? No. But damn, c’mon, that’s some serious progress! No one else has been able to do that much, and we’ve been trying for years. If this comes about, this will be a huge blow to marijuana prohibition.

      TheOracle, thanks for the link!

    2. You should read the comments on that link Oracle; Obama rescheduling to II would be ineffective on arrests and would put a red flag in front of a Trump administration. Perhaps if Hillary were taking office with a Democratic Congress, but not when Trump is picking US DC Judges.
      But here is some uplifting news;

      Tom Angell has been covering the conference between Director of the Veterans Legion Vera Jones and the Trump administration and reports that Trump advisors “snapped to attention” when she explained how marijuana is helping our veterans cope with chronic pain and PTS.
      Better stock up on some Trainwreck, cuz Trump is headed for a big one full of angry veterans.

  22. In the long-run you’ll probably defeat yourselves not only because I see my post not showing up which is censorship, but the people you are helping to get high are aggressively opposed to legal marijuana, but like stupids you’ll allow them to experience the thing they’ll never be able to legally do, emphasize this, or want anyone to do, but you’ll let them easily do it in your state. You fooling yourself that they support you.
    They know what they’re dealing with maybe you should get off the high for awhile so you’ll know what is going on.
    I live in conservative country. The LAST thing they want is legal marijuana and Trump is their conservative elect.

  23. I seriously apology I did not see the older post section I am embarrassed. Perhaps you could scrap my other post so I don’t look completely stupid. Yes I drink a lot of beer, and conservatives are really a bad affect here. They are mean. They want full control. Thank You I am really sorry.

    1. Don’t worry, buddy, you’re not the first! Expect the moderators to post comments about 24 hours later, more or less; and on weekends, wait till Monday for comments to be posted!

  24. The easiest way to find out would be to send one of your people with press credentials to Trump Tower and ask somebody. If you don’t have press credentials try sending somebody anyways. Has NORML considered that?

    1. Interesting theory.

      So, Trump and the others would be decent individuals, were it not for Pence, is that it? Maybe you are suggesting Pence has some kind of mind control over them? Hmmm… Might Pence be an alien? Not an illegal alien — an actual, real alien, from another galaxy?

      Or have I missed your point?

  25. Trump is a businessman /billions to make do you think hes going to listen to this dinosaur/legalization will come as more progressive younger people take office .if trump lies and shuts everyone down.every politician in the future will use legalization as their platform to run for office sessions is old and with any luck will
    fade away in 4 years like a bad case of cramps and if trump wants an additional 4 years he better start listining now / the american people have spoken it would be time for the new king to listen

  26. Hey Sessions: Good people don’t tell other good people how to live. That’s called fascism. Are you going to be a fascist? We’ll see

  27. Just legalize marijuana and leave well enough alone. I was very angry to see Sessions get appointed and his quote about good people not using marijuana. I felt betrayed after I voted full Republican, and I’m a strict conservative! Popular opinion absolutely disagrees with him. One man should never,ever, hold such a sway over the freedoms and over the will of the people; states or national. Let’s hope that his ridiculous and false assertion doesn’t result in more lives lost, freedoms taken away, growing prisons and cartels growing in numbers, and every day people being turned into felons for using a plant that God Himself created to be used in the first place. To go after marijuana, in 2016, would be to ignore science, “good people” who are suffering, and the will of hundreds of thousands of Americans who’ve already voted for marijuana’s legalization in their states. The war on marijuana has killed many. The plant hasn’t claimed any lives other than its Schedule I placement. Go figure. Prove me wrong Mr.Sessions and be a servant of the people and by the people and protect me from true crime and terrorism.

  28. I am a Disabled Combat Veteran who served in Desert Storm 1991. The Department of Veterans Affairs has drug their goddamn feet since 2003 denied cases having to be overturned then granting a portion etc. I am now at 90%service connected over 7 years lawyers fighting my case for me for 100%. My medication is so Fucking strong that I can’t even work and, I’m still in pain. Marijuana is the only medication that takes the pains away and, lets me get rest. I can’t even get my marijuana legally here in Texas due to the DEA and, BIG PHARMACEUTICAL Companies being in bed together.
    I see meth heads every day around here and, the Cops are concerned over marijuana Really???. You Fucking Dick faces, DEA, Cops cocaine, and, methanphetamine Shit is the dangerous drugs out here. Marijuana is not a gateway to anything other than the fridge or a pack of cookies or another snack before a nap. The idiots who want to “blaze and drive” are the same idiots who do the drunken driving and, crack smoking etc. They are the idiots who need to be arrested for DUI etc.
    Think about this stuff, I’m just an old man who knows what works.

  29. Trump will only legalize or leave the states medical marijuana programs alone if he can profit from it. Thinking anything otherwise is literally just a pipe dream “blowing smoke”

    Sessions was picked with a purpose, just as all of him appointments, to further corporate dominion, mandatory minimums for upholding racist laws. Privatized prisons will not fill them selves if we have sensible policies. The DEA’S decision this week to classify CBD as a schedule 1 narcotic is proof positive the war on marijuana is just getting started! Medicinally, recreational is all the same to them. A proverbial a cash cow to the drug wars bottom line.

    I read articles stating “$1 billion in marijuana sales in Denver in 2016” Yet the DEA’S interpretation is public acknowledgement of at least $1 billion drug cartel operations waiting to be STOPPED/BUSTED. I can see the FOX NEWS headlines now “$200 million dollar drug ring infiltrated in Denver or Boulder Colorado ect.

    Not to mention his upcoming Supreme Court picks will undoubtedly be old, privileged, WHITE men whom still remember and ENFORCE the “Good Ole days” when racism and sexism was never spoken of but a dominant force in our society, these ideological nut jobs will begin to reinforce these ideals and Trump will censor the media to keep it quiet. And believe me this isnt going to be 4 years or even 8 years. These Supreme Court picks will stay employed for 15-20-25 years.

    I would like to say to anyone whom voted 3rd party this year, I hope you get everything that’s coming to you, I hope these policies touch your personal lives and YOU get to see first hand the continuation of atrocities that are about to take place.

  30. How can this country be called free when we don’t have federal freedom to use medical cannabis over the deadly poison prescribed by our doctors. I’ve been taking large doses of pain medication for 16 years now, and will need something for the remainder of what will be a very short life if I am forced to continue. Recently I was arrested and given sic months in jail and 10 years probation for jucing cannabis leaves. No flowers, just leaves. I’ve been disabled sin the age of 12 for a rebuilt spine from a birth defect. And now at 50 I’ll spend the last of my years being pissed tested every two weeks regardless of any legalization. Don’t think these criminals in power won’t jail crippled people because they are committing genocide every day this very first plant god put on this earth is denied to us.

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