NORML Releases Open Letter to Vice President-Elect Mike Pence on Marijuana Policy

chapter_spotlightNational NORML, Michigan NORML and dozens of other state and local chapters have released an open letter to Vice President-Elect Pence seeking clarity and common sense from the incoming administration regarding marijuana policy. During the campaign, President-Elect Trump, on multiple occasions, has voiced support for allowing states to move forward with medical and recreational marijuana laws if they chose to do so. Yet his nomination of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be the next Attorney General, who infamously stated that  “good people don’t use marijuana” during a Senate hearing in 2016, the administration is currently sending mixed messages in regards to the future of marijuana law reform under the incoming administration.

In keeping with President-Elect Trump’s message of economic growth, the marijuana advocacy groups wrote: “Voters are less and less convinced that cannabis is a criminal problem and no longer want their hard earned tax dollars used to arrest and prosecute non-violent users or entrepreneurs and employees of state licensed cannabis businesses.”

The letter, co-signed by over 50 NORML chapters throughout the country as well as the national organization, represents tens-of-thousands of advocates for cannabis reform.

“As a Michigan resident, I know that Mr. Trump would not have won my state had he campaigned on the continued criminalization of responsible marijuana users,” said Brad Forrester, Communications Director of Michigan NORML, “as the transition Chairman and soon to be Vice President, Mr. Pence has an enormous responsibility to his voters and the American people to support federal policy that respects adults to make their own decisions.”

National NORML recently released a petition to President-Elect Trump with a similar request for marijuana clarity with the letter reading “On behalf of the millions of loyal Americans who use marijuana, we hope he will respect the right of states to determine their own marijuana policy, as you advocated in your campaign. Can you clarify whether you will support states’ rights and allow states that chose to reform their laws to do so or will you use the force of the federal government to interfere with or shut down these programs?”

The three biggest winners on election night were Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and marijuana. Given the broad support for marijuana reform across essentially all demographics, the Trump-Pence administration would be wise to allow states to continue to set their own marijuana policies without fear of federal intervention. This is not just good policy, it’s good politics.

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Below is the full text of the letter sent to Vice President-Elect Pence

Trump Transition Team
Chairman Mike Pence
1717 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington D.C, United States

December 20, 2016

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence,

American drug policy is at an important crossroads and the incoming Trump/Pence Administration will inherit an unprecedented schism between state and federal law in regards to the regulation and enforcement of cannabis statutes.

Where will the new administration take cannabis policy? President-Elect Trump has said he supports medicinal cannabis and states’ rights to set their own policies without interference by the federal government while on the campaign trail. Now that you both are about to assume office, we ask for clarity regarding the new administration’s plans.

Currently, twenty-one states have legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes with a combined population of over 123 million people, fifteen states have enacted CBD cannabis oil laws with a combined population of over 97 million people, and eight states plus the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis for adult consumption with a combined population of over 67 million people.

Only six states still reflect the federal prohibition of cannabis, composing just 11% of the U.S. population.

However, recent cabinet appointments have sent shockwaves through patient communities, emerging industries, and responsible private citizens as many of the recent nominations that have been selected are historic opponents to cannabis law reform. In order to maintain economic stability in a rapidly growing market, the country would benefit from the Trump/Pence Administration articulating its priorities for future cannabis policy in a manner that respects state autonomy as guided by the 10th amendment of the US Constitution.

National NORML, Michigan NORML, and the undersigned chapters request that the incoming administration meet with advocates from a cross section of the cannabis community in order to formulate workable policies that reflect the popular will of independent states and protect responsible consumers of cannabis within the parameters of enacted state policies.

The 2016 election was a watershed moment for cannabis reform as it was for the Trump/Pence Presidential ticket. Voters from across the country responded favorably to both the Trump/Pence message of law and order and the message for cannabis reforms that stop the arrests of ordinary cannabis consumers. Voters are less and less convinced that cannabis is a criminal problem and no longer want their hard earned tax dollars used to arrest and prosecute non-violent consumers or entrepreneurs and employees of state licensed cannabis businesses.

Voters recognize that local resources should be devoted to addressing crimes that adversely affect their communities ranging from burglars and identity thieves to murderers and terrorists. Now more than ever, Americans want law enforcement officers to focus on issues that are truly a threat to public safety, not enforce the outdated prohibition of marijuana at the cost to responsible citizens and businesses.


The Michigan NORML Board of Directors and The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Also endorsed by the following NORML chapters: Aiken (SC) NORML, Arizona NORML, Ball State (IN) NORML, Benzie County sub-chapter of Michigan NORML, Berrien County sub-chapter of Michigan NORML, Calhoun County sub-chapter of Michigan NORML, California NORML, Central Florida NORML, Central Ohio NORML, Charlotte (NC) NORML, Columbia (SC) NORML, Connecticut NORML, Delaware NORML, Denver (CO) NORML, El Paso (TX) NORML, Empire State (NY) NORML, Florida NORML, Greater St. Louis NORML, Harrisonburg (VA) NORML, Humboldt (CA) NORML, Illinois NORML, Indiana NORML, Jackson County sub-chapter of Michigan NORML, Kalkaska County sub-chapter of Michigan NORML, Los Angeles (CA) NORML, Las Vegas (NV) NORML, Low Country (SC) NORML, Macomb County sub-chapter of Michigan NORML, Madison (WI) NORML, Maryland NORML, Eastern Shore Miami (FL) NORML, MN NORML, Monterey County (CA) NORML, NC NORML, NC NORML of the Triad, NM NORML, North Central Ohio NORML, Northeast Indiana NORML, Northeast Lower Peninsula sub-chapter of Michigan NORML, Northern Wisconsin NORML, Northwest Indiana NORML, Oakland County sub-chapter of Michigan NORML, Ohio NORML, Pittsburgh (PA) NORML, Purdue (IN) NORML, Purdue Northwest (IN) NORML, Santa Cruz (CA) NORML, Shiawassee County sub-chapter of Michigan NORML San Luis Obispo (CA) NORML, Stanislaus (CA) NORML, Washington NORML, Washtenaw County sub-chapter of Michigan NORML, Wayne State Law Students sub-chapter of Michigan NORML, Western New York NORML, and Wyoming NORML

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    1. How about yall update the information cause not everyone is on weed charge thank you cause this was a waste of my timr

  1. Pence is no prize on this issue as well, look at how many people Indiana cages each year under his watch. I don’t trust this fascist politic. Likely, the very reason Sessions, Price, and Pruitt are even in Trump’s cabinet is because of Pence. Best case, they’ll all be flushed into retirement, like they should have been shuffled off before this election, in 4 years time- all in one fell swoop.

  2. If Trump strongly goes after legal cannabis, he will lose reelection. He wont risk it so the mass raids arent coming.

    [Paul Armentano responds: Mass raids are not necessary. The new administration would simply have to reject the 2013 Cole memo and the incoming Congress could simply decide not to re-authorize Rohrabacher-Farr in order to very likely send a chilling effect to state governments to cease licensing and regulating marijuana production/distribution.]

    1. we’ve already heard trump slip out that he’ll nullify every memo, executive order, any flimsy executive action that Obama made – I’ll expect the cole memo to sent to the gallows on Jan 20. What will be interesting is Session’s confirmation hearings. Till then, they’re obviously not talking which doesn’t bode well

  3. Signed it.

    Look, people — we already know Pence is a Drug Warrior. And, just as with NORML’s letter to Trump, posted on a previous blog, we already know what these people’s positions are regarding marijuana: they’re against us.

    The point of the letter, as I see it, is to MAKE SOME NOISE! It’s a critical part of the resistance. For the next four years or more, they will be fucking us; but we ABSOLUTELY MUST MAKE AS MUCH RUCKUS ABOUT IT AS POSSIBLE! What good will it do? It draws attention to the crime! It raises public awareness! It builds support! It forces them to spend time and resources dealing with us — wear them down, wear them out! And it highlights their lies and hypocrisy (not that those were particularly well-veiled to begin with!)

    Let us not go down without a peep! We gotta fight back! We gotta scream at the top of our lungs at every single shitty thing they do! Passivity is our enemy!

      1. My comments along with my letter to V.P. Pence:
        Roger Stone wrote back in December 3, 2016:

        … All told, 28 States & Washington D.C. have legalized Medical Marijuana (MM). A clear majority of States and population are for it, nationwide…

        Many pro-marijuana organizations, publications, and Internet outlets put their support behind Donald Trump based on his positive statements about MM. People who made marijuana rights as their primary political issue turned to Trump, many were Dem’s, in hopes of greater freedom and less abuse at the hands of Federal Agencies.

        Drain the Swamp. Limit Federal Power. Reel-in out-of-control Federal agencies. These are all things Donald Trump made as major issues in his campaign.

        We cannot leave it to “Law Enforcement” types to decide what is to be allowed or prohibited. People must decide for themselves, which they have. Their choice is to legalized marijuana.

        A move by Trump’s admin. to change the equation on legal marijuana in the states could bring action by congress where a coalition of liberal Dem’s & libertarian’s are moving towards legislation to legalize the plant.

        “Laws to suppress tend to strengthen what they would prohibit. This is the fine point on which all legal professions throughout history have based their jobs security.” – Frank Herbert

        “If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

        “The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced.” – Albert Einstein

      2. That’s exquisite bullshit from Trump henchman Roger Stone, indeed, but little reassurance. Some fine quotes, and then essentially, “If we did that (fucked with legal marijuana), it would spark an opposition.” He doesn’t sound too scared! Sounds like he’s laughing at you (us) behind his keyboard.

        Here’s a bit of what I found on Roger Stone, from

        Stone: Hillary Clinton Should Be “Executed For Murder.” [, 7/10/14]

        Stone: Sen. Bernie Sanders Is A “Soviet Agent” Who “Should Be Arrested For Treason And Shot.” [, 4/18/14]

        Stone: George Soros Should Be “Executed.” Soros is a businessman and progressive philanthropist (he has donated to Media Matters and other organizations). [, 3/15/14]

        Stone: “Angry Citizens Should Find And Hang” Gov. Dannel Malloy (D-CT). [, 1/22/16]

        Stone’s Tweets Include Attacks Like “Stupid Negro,” “Fat Negro,” “Arrogant Know-It-All Negro,” “Uncle Tom,” “Mandingo,” And “House Negro.” Stone tweeted that commentator Roland Martin is a “stupid negro” and a “fat negro,” commentator Herman Cain is “mandingo,” and former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is an “arrogant know-it-all negro.” He also tweeted that commentator Al Sharpton is a “professional negro” who likes fried chicken, asked if former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was an “Uncle Tom,” and referred to himself as a “nigga” with a Nixon tattoo. [Media Matters, 2/24/16, 4/22/16]

        Stone Called Hispanic And Black Commentators “Quota Hires.” Stone called African-American commentator Roland Martin and Latina CNN political commentator Ana Navarro “quota hires” because they are “so dumb and unqualified that one can reach no other conclusion.” He also tweeted of Navarro: “Black beans and rice didn’t miss her.” He also called Martin a “token.” Stone’s comments led to him being banned from CNN. [Media Matters, 8/4/15, 2/22/16, 6/7/16]

    1. Get behind The Resistance with Keith Olbemann

      Trump is going to be so busy fending off all the criticism coming from all directions (from news sources as well as comedy sources), that it hopefully slows down his wrecking ball.

      It seems no one, but a few fringe crazy people barking from lost corners of the internet and the Russians are behind this guy. The only silver lining to all of this is the great comedy we are getting from SNL, Colbert, Daily Show, etc.

      This huge wave of criticism, will break the egomaniac that is Trump. Wait till he disappoints his simple minded supporters; these hill billies will turn on him like a dime when they see how he takes care of all his billionaire friends and leaves little America holding an empty bag without any weed.

      1. Mark & NORML, I wanted to share with you all a few quotes from an article written by Republican Roger Stone on December 3, 2016 whom is a political operative and pundit. Could Roger Stone have some influence on the leaders of the Republican party? Lets hope so.

        Below is the link to the article.

        “Laws to suppress tend to strengthen what they would prohibit. This is the fine point on which all legal professions throughout history have based their jobs security.” – Frank Herbert

        “If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

        “The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced.” – Albert Einstein

        After reading the article I am optimistic that political operatives and pundits whom may have President elect Trump’s ear may help legalize marijuana in the states. The article also quotes Trump stating “tax revenues from a legalized drug trade could be spent to educate the public on the dangers of drugs.” Portugal tried this model in 2001, and it is considered a great success by the Portuguese more than fifteen years later.”

        Roger Stone’s comments seems to be in favor as he stated “I would urge President-Elect Trump to view this as a business man; U.S. government cannot turn back the clock on federal marijuana law enforcement.” meaning there’s money/profit to be made and lots of possible taxation. As a business man, Trump should see this as a positive move for the U.S.

        I personally agree with Herbert, Jefferson and Einstein. I mean, who would disagree with Einstein?!

      2. Right now I would say the odds are 50-50 as to whether a Trump administration is supportive of legal marijuana.

        Rodger Stone is on the fringe side of Trump, as if Trump isn’t already fringe. He, along with his pundit Alex Jones are for individual liberty and states rights. However, if Trump really supports this view, why is he filling his cabinets with old time drug warriors? Why has Trump not clarified when he screams he wants to “stop the drugs,” he does not separate the opiate problem, meth, imported hard drugs, with the safe alternative, and USA job creating benefits of legal marijuana? He seems to have a blanket approach, without acknowledging how things are different for marijuana. This scares me and suggests to me that Trump is going to try and demonize marijuana by claiming that drugs are rampantly being produced and being transported throughout the country because of legal states. He could claim that legal USA grows are being run by illegal aliens, and cartel criminal groups to scare the public. He could gain momentum for his illegal roundup by paring it with a rampant “drug problem.”

        This is what con men do. Let’s hope that Trump has a heart somewhere inside, and wants to be a humanitarian instead of a ruler. Time will tell….

      3. The Fabes,
        Whether it’s Trump, or one of his henchmen talking, regardless: if you buy anything he says at face value, you’ve already been played for a sucker.

        Please don’t be a buyer, or a seller, of his deceptions.

  4. Let’s hope if he does stand behind what he says we can get a bill passed protecting states rights at the Fedral level.

  5. What does anyone expect Trump to say that wont contradict what he does?
    I commend NORML chapters for the perpetual commitment to clarity, and btw, I signed this petition, but are we asking for clarity from the poisoned waters of Trump River with a leaking pipeline of lies?
    Its a tragic contradiction, isn’t it? Clarity is requisite to accountability…
    Then perhaps the clearest weapon we have is the revenue from well regulated and accountable state marijuana legalization. Like how Colorado just topped $1billion of revenue in 10 months of this year. Surely that should perk up the attention of a saprophagic Trump team to stab their own prohibitionists in their asset forfeitures? When we add all the legalized states this adds up to more revenue than the asset forfeitures from which prohibitionists such as $e$$ion$ depend.
    Lets talk to Congress, please. As Micheal Chay eloquently put it on Weekend Update from SNL, talking to Trump is like talking down a chimp with a machine gun; “all we can do is hope he gets bored and sets the thing down before he realizes what he can do with it.” (Hence, shiny objects of di$traction are our allies under this administration; emphasize the revenue Trump can invest in… clearly the emolument clause doesnt concern his lawyers much… lets payroll his cabinet…)

    1. You’ve brought up an interesting concept: the ratio of legal cannabis tax$/forfeiture$.

      I don’t have the skill sets to make an actual financial analysis here, I admit that. But I figure there will always be more money to be made from prohibition than legalization, if you disregard civil and human rights (which is what marijuana prohibition does.)

      Still, it would be interesting to know where the exact financial tipping point would be. With legalization, the government gains formerly illegal money in taxes(at the expense of the drug cartels), while the cops lose government drug war money, AND asset forfeiture money from citizens.

      So it’s not all coming from the same people. It gets complicated! But I would think, yes, there must be a financial tipping point of some kind. I just wouldn’t know how to define it.

      1. “Noise” at the Federal level may serve as a distraction if it serves to distract from a massive resistance from a state and international level. The way I see it California needs to double down on opening dispensaries before the April deadline then use the tax revenue to hold up the pending lawsuits from the AG until we gain a federal majority of legalizers in Congress. We can certainly make states rights a loud campaign issue leading up to 2018.
        Meanwhile we need to lobby our new US UN ambassador Nicky Haley and get her on board with UN Sec Gen Guttuerrez to decriminalize world wide. Canada and Colombia are showing valiant leadership and its time to capitalize on this brave diplomacy. You wanna good trade deal Trump? Wait until China sees the political wisdom of legalization.

      2. Incidentally, dispensaries in California are scheduled to operate in Jan. 1st 2018, but individuals can grow their own up to 6 plants per household as of NOW. Flood the market. Break the banks. Do the math.

      3. The following annual report on the audit of Federal asset forfeitures includes assets seized from all federal crimes, not just marijuana possession or trafficking, but it does not include state and local asset forfeitures which would not surprisingly exceed the federal amount, as cities like San Antonio ususally cap more than $2million annually:
        “Total assets, which present as of a specific time the amounts of future economic benefits owned or managed by the AFF/SADF, remained stable in FY 2015 at $8,735.4 million compared to $8,708.4 million in FY 2014, a slight increase of .3 percent. If seized assets, which are not yet owned by the Government, are not included, the adjusted assets of the AFF decreased to $6,513.1 million in FY 2015 from $7,335.1 million in FY 2014, a decrease of 11.2 percent. Although total assets managed by the AFF/SADF remained relatively stable, forfeited assets decreased as a result of an overall decrease in forfeiture activity during FY 2015.”

        The federal agencies that “take custody” of the assets are the ATF, FBI, DEA and USMS (US Marshalls, not “US Masters of Swimming” which is the first thing Google posts up). Naturally, just like local Sherriff’s Associations, this money muddies up Congressional audits to know how much of their own tax payer budgets are used lobbying our Congress to maintain prohibition.
        “The Asset Forfeiture Fund was created by the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 to be the repository of the proceeds of forfeitures under any law enforced and administered by the DOJ (28 U.S.C. § 524(c)).”

      4. The AFP is comprised of two funds, which are under the management control of the Asset Forfeiture Management Staff (AFMS). The AFF is a special fund listed in the U.S. Treasury Federal Account Symbols and Titles Book as 15X5042. The transparent accountability of an audit of Federal asset forfeitures is in further question by the fact that the ATF, one of the agencies that takes custody, operates out of the Dept of the Treasury, without overview of the AG who heads the DOJ. This fund involves seized weapons and would appear to take us into the properties of a whole new cartel aside from marijuana related seizures, except for the fact that a Federal court enforced the law in the CSAct that makes it illegal to possess a firearm in possession of a schedule 1 substance, namely marijuana. This allows for an overlap in seizures the federal government does not want to reveal much less give up. Its a super powerful and unjust prosecutorial tool and prosecutors work hand in hand with law enforcement.
        Use of the AFF is “controlled” by laws and regulations governing the use of public monies and appropriations (e.g., 31 U.S.C. § 1341-1353 and 1501-1558, Office of Management and Budget Circulars, and provisions of annual appropriation acts). The AFF is further “controlled” by the AG’s Guidelines on Seized and Forfeited Property. But the funds can be simply transferred out of audit or investigation to the ATF.
        While this money shouldnt end up bribing our Judges and Congressman, without an on-site audit and without an independent investigation from an agency, judge or Congressman that does not directly benefit from the forfeitures thats impossible. Read the Inspector Generals report in the link. There are hundreds of millions of missing dollars from simple “errors” like not reporting seized funds properly to the Treasury. Its easy stolen money that can disappear and get “donated” into campaign funds, tax free. Trump’s favorite kind. This is what were up against.

      5. Wow. It makes me think that even when we finally legalize it nationwide, the forfeitures for marijuana growing and transporting, etc, will continue right on, like some kind of headless horseman!

      6. It’s going to have to be a purge in every city and county in America. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 set a horrible example for state and local governments which promptly created their own asset forfeiture laws, written into county penal codes and State Rules of Civil Practice and Remedies Code. Prohibition begins swiftly at the Federal level. Legalizing marijuana begins slowly at the state and local level, with some places maybe never changing, like some counties that still prohibit alcohol.
        We have to focus on our local jurisdictions, Republican Democrat or Independent, and we have to expose corrupt Judges by getting respected retired judges to call them out in local papers during campaigns for accepting bribes in the form of “donations.” We have to visit with our state Congressman and let them know how much revenue they could trade with a legalized medicinal or recreational marijuana compared to the tax-payer dollars being used by Sheriff’s Associations to lobby the fear into them for more asset forfeitures.
        It’s a shame how quickly a bad, unconstitutional federal law like the CSAct can infect local jurisdictions after a fear campaign, and how slowly we have to fight the infection back out from within. Law Enforcement should never have had the right to have write our drug policy. But that’s exactly what the CSAct did; and the executive branch and law enforcement within the DOJ and abroad wasted no time amending the CSAct to add asset forfeitures and infect every branch with hush money and every Sheriff’s Association with slush money.
        I spoke with my Republican State Representative Jason Isaac about this years ago and now he’s coming around as a leader on this issue. Citizen lobbying is vital to stop asset forfeitures.

  6. Once Trump appoints Chris Christie to the Supreme Court I would predict a flurry of lawsuits challenging every area of pot liberalization.. Recreational,, Medical,, they’ll probably even go after CBD oil and hemp while they’re at it.

  7. It’s great that you are seizing the initiative in this way but why is the letter addressed to the vice president ?

    Even if (president – elect) Trump does believe that good people don’t use marijuana that does not mean that criminalising those who do will make America (or the world) a better place. I am sure the money argument is something a business man like trump can understand. Legalisation is Jobs for US citizens (taken back from foreign gangsters – such as the Mexican Cartels), Wealth creation and worthwhile taxes for the local community.

    He can be backed into a corner on this one – hoist him on his own petard

    1. “…does not mean that criminalising those who do will make America (or the world) a better place.”

      You forget, Trump’s brother died of alcoholism, among other drugs he was using. He did not use pot, as I understand it. But this drug, unlike all the legal ones, could have saved Trump’s brother’s life.

      Trump does not believe in alcohol or tobacco, so I doubt he is any more sympathetic to legal recreational pot. I think he will support medical, but try to tighten and restrict it.

      People can’t forget the morally high ground, hypocrite, conservative republicans, think they can play god and tell peaceful, otherwise law abiding citizens what and what not they can put into their bodies. With these religious zealots, it is difficult to sell them on the business potential of legal marijuana when a highly profitable criminal justice, and for profit prison system has been in place for decades, just ready to be dusted off by a group of people who think “they are smart” and that means smarter than you and the rest of society.

      Let’s hope that Trump realizes that marijuana is safer than both alcohol and tobacco. And by supporting legalization, a president Trump will be giving mankind a safer alternative, one that could have SAVED HIS BROTHER. This is the message that Trump needs to get if there is any hope he will see the economic value of legal marijuana, because a hard hitting drug war creates jobs, buys equipment, creates court cases, and allows for cheap prison labor. Because this is the home run if you are looking for the bigger payoff between legal pot and a drug war.

      Let’s hope Trump does not want to play king and force a morally bankrupt, overly religious republican vision that will continue to kill alcoholics and tobacco smokers. Because there is big money in a drug war.

      1. Be careful Jeedi; You are a just and logical person operating under the false pretense that Trump, a 70-year-old sociopath with Narcissist Personality Disorder, is even capable of the empathy required for his own family over his own personal benefit and profit. This letter is “open” so it may draw attention to our Congressman and local legislators, more than any response we will probably not receive from the addressed target of Pence or Trump.
        We have to keep open letters when we address the President elect or his nominated group of evil Batman villains. The real letters we need to send “religiously” are to our state and federal legislators, hence, Congress, not Pence.

  8. Well worth the effort. This Pence guy may be the one who ends up actually running the country.

    I’d like to see a similar effort from the DC voters to Representative Andy Harris.

  9. Pence wanted to make the penalties for possession stiffer in the state of Indiana his administration shot the conversation down before it even began now we not only have to tackle new state leaders but Pence is our vice president who knows what they are going to do

  10. Write a letter like this to Trump’s son – the one who lamented gun owners’ inability to use MMJ. Seriously – Trump’s son is more likely to receive the message, and do something helpful.

  11. “As a Michigan resident, I know that Mr. Trump would not have won my state had he campaigned on the continued criminalization of responsible marijuana users,” Than you must not have paid close attention during the campaign, because the republican party reiterated their opposition to cannabis the night they nominated their candidate. And Trump himself only supported the states right to regulate “medical”.

  12. Dear President Trump and Att.General Jeffery Sessions.

    Marijuana is NOT a problem for the American People. In fact it is helping Millions of people lead a CALMER happier lives.

    The Old thinking is out dated and NEW studies show Proof that Legal MJ is causing TEEN Use to DROP Constantly, Traffic accidents that are Fatal are Dropping fast, and Many people are replacing Alcohol with LEGAL Marijuana and it is making people much less dangerous and much more likely to stay away from trouble and crime overall!

    Marijuana has a Calming effect on people.. Crime is Dropping and people are drinking less also.. Proving that marijuana is NOT a Gateway Drug at all!

    Anyone who still believes this is very much uninformed and out of touch with Reality and the Real world statistics.

    I am about to get on the Medical Marijuana program in PA. I have had several traumatic injuries to my neck and back and have searing and shooting pain that is very very hard to deal with..

    Marijuana helps the pain almost instantly and helps me deal with the depression and other effects the injuries have left me with..

    The Opioids the doctor has prescribed OXYCODONE, cause me nothing but problems, and do not even relieve a the pain, rather they cause me to be non functional, I have problems using the bathroom due to constipation and I feel like a total wreak when I use them. Marijuana doesn’t cause me any of the problems related to usage..

    MANY of my friends are DEAD due to the use of these Pills and many others are dead due to cars crashes due to use of Alcohol..

    I feel you are BOTH very Intelligent and compassionate people and I voted to make your Rights for the People campaign a life for you.

    If you and Jeffery Sessions are not Pro Marijuana, at least let the PEOPLE who VOTED d choose on how to handle the subject and laws. Turn a blind eye to it and let nature take its course..

    “Listen to the People”..

    Best Regards Sir/s !

    John V….

  13. Everybody needs to take a lesson from E.B.White. As Gov Gary Johnson also used to require from his staff & legislture: if you can’t sum it up in 2 minutes, then don’t bother.

    Reduce every single dissertation to a 3 X 5 Index Card. The shorter & simpler, the better.

    No one reads all that much else!

  14. Ok, I somewhat conceed the “open” letter strategy, meaning clearly the letter isnt directed at gaining real answers from Trump, if such a thing exists, but merely to protest his failure to govern justly or even answer reliably. And I like the address to Pence; added insult to divert our questions to someone more competant (even if he lacks the courage to respond).
    Do try and let your members understand this strategy. Its important that we educate our fellow members that while reversing the Cole memo and taking state legalization to federal court is a traumatically real and pending threat, Congress is more important than the Presidency. We can prove this come 2018 but it will take massive education and mobilization efforts to get the vote out. Republicans are playing Russian roulette.
    With that said, allow me to explain what I meant earlier by “payroll his cabinet.” Sessions may be a lost cause save blocking his nomination. But look who is going to be in charge of the FDA? Or UN ambassador? Lets $it them down with the legal marijuana industry. Maybe get Bluemenhower or Rorhabacker to meet n greet with them and make progress where progress is due?

  15. While the blog waits to refresh after Christmas break, (and BTW; what the hell happened to Keith Stroup’s posts or Danielle Kean’s political round up? Im looking forward to Keith’s year in review)… I would like to draw attention to a couple of links to that involve marijuana policy and basic civility towards humanity, at least while we still have a President who gives a damn;

    This first one asks not that President Obama de or reschedule marijuana, inviting a Federal Court backlash from the CSAct or whatever the Hell Trump or his supporters care about which is apparently only vengence and treason… but instead suggests the President can force the DEA to tell the truth about marijuana’s medical efficacy, an executive decision based on principals of scientific evidence, challenging the premise of a schedule 1 classification.
    I don’t know how that would work in a federal court system that says “Congress doesnt have to be right,” but if we can delay a Supreme Court nomination into the next Presidency, what the Hell? Its better than betting on this sold out Congress… this blog still prioritized writing the VP over Congress. The damage is done without a Senate block of a Sessions nomination.
    The second link is for Shona Banda,

    Which still only has about 72,000 signatures, while she faces wasting slowly away in prison from Chrone’s disease, denied her safe and effective treatment of marijuana while her son remains out of her custody. Why isn’t THIS our drum-beating “LOUD” focus of NORML? Why isn’t THIS in our letter to Mike Pence, or every Senator we write?

  16. Really appreciate all that you guys do at NORML. It is a shame that the state of affairs in this country is one where we need to fight for the right to utilize a plant, but that is the way it is at the moment.

    Eventually the society as a whole will come to terms with the use of marijuana and the government will have to stop oppressing the people and their will!

  17. Wait till he disappoints his simple minded supporters; these hill billies will turn on him like a dime when they see how he takes care of all his billionaire friends and leaves little America holding an empty bag without any weed. – Keith Olbermann

    When the Wall is not built…and She is not sent to jail…and Trump doesn’t make “Make America White Again”… the Redneck’s will lose their ignorant racist minds…and the above writer is so correct in assessing the damage to Trump’s narcissistic self image…He will quit…after how much damage to our Country?…I wonder.

    Political coups have consequences…leading, inevitably, toward those unintended…as in chaos.

    They do not yet know what they have done.

    They have (?) elected a Human who imitates the dominant Alpha Male tactics ( un-predictability) of an Orangutan.

    I’m waiting for Him to piss on His crowd of sub-dominant fools.

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