Maine: Recount Effort Halted, Question 1 Victory Stands

Maine Yes on 1The group opposing Maine’s marijuana legalization initiative has withdrawn its recount effort.

Last month, representatives from ‘No on 1’ requested a recount of the vote totals specific to Question 1: The Marijuana Legalization Act. On Saturday, the campaign conceded that the recount would not impact the Election Day result, which estimated Question 1 winning by slightly over 4,000 votes.

The measure is now expected to be enacted 30 days after Gov. Paul LePage affirms the result.

The Act permits adults who are not participating in the state’s medical cannabis program to possess personal use quantities of marijuana (up to two and one-half ounces and/or the total harvest produced by six plants). The measure also establishes regulations for the commercial cultivation and retail sale of cannabis to adults. Regulations governing marijuana-related businesses are scheduled to be in place by August 8, 2017.

Speaking live on WGAN radio last week, Gov. LePage criticized the measure, stating, “If there was ever a bill that the legislature should just kibosh, that’s it.” The Governor further suggested increasing the retail sales tax rates associated with the measure, as well as abolishing the state’s medical cannabis program, which has been in place since 1999.

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  1. Wow, Very sad to see Big Brother (GOV) trying their best to Tread on us !
    Increase Sales Tax and want to abolish the Medical Cannabis Program is taking way to far Mr. Gov ! How dare you GOV LePage !
    If you miss treat your citizens who by the way pays your salary, I strongly suggest that you find a New JOB because the Citizens of Maine won’t stand quietly and tolerate your Barbaric Draconian Rule with and Iron Fist behavior shame on you ! People Need their Medicine who gave you the right to play GOD with their Lives in that manner.

  2. “LePage’s budget “drastically” reduces funding for the state’s tobacco program and “all but eliminates” the Healthy Maine Partnerships, coalitions that address tobacco and other health problems in the community, the Maine Public Health Association said in a news release late Wednesday [January 2015].
    LePage also recently opposed a $igarette tax increase– but now suggests “increasing the retail [cannabis] sales tax rates associated with the measure”.

  3. Congratulations Maine!!
    Finally some pay off where I donated way out of my Texas state lines. (Hey Rick Steves campaigned there and he’s from Seattle…) I was worried Maine would get neglected but NORML held firm.

    Let this be a lesson to every NORML chapter to make sure to use a reputable notary (hint: if they work casinos? Probly not the pick of the litter…)

  4. It’s dumbfucks like LePage and Trump that give white folks a bad name!! Trump has a shriveled, blackened prune for a heart; LePage is also very racist, and just flat-out lunatic nuts.

    Then you have the rank-and-file Republicans who put these assholes in power. They’re too stupid not to vote against their own interests! They can’t wait to enable and defend their own abusers, even as they’re being screwed by them.

    That’s what we’re up against. But we did the job! We (broadly speaking — I don’t live in Maine) put the thing right on LePage’s desk.

    Look out, LePage! “Shifty” and “EZ-Money” are gonna be setting up their “impregnate-a-white-woman” storefronts all over Maine! (The phony racist names “Shifty” and “EZ-Money” are LePage quotes from public statements!)

    1. I think “Shifty” and “EZ-Money” fit LePage very well. Fortunately, as with my own sleazy NM Gov, Susanna Martinez, LePage’s days as Maine’s Gov are numbered.

      I read his bio that he had 17 siblings!! He’s living proof of the need for legal abortion.

  5. Politicians no longer lie and going behind our back, there sense on entitlement has them sticking it right in our face and daring us to do something about it, SO LETS DO SOMETHING AND CALL EVERY POLITICIAN OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! Reminding them this country was meet to be governed by the will of the people, not some dictators who cheat lie and steal

  6. Tell me LePage doesn’t go home to a drink at night. Tell me LePage doesn’t use some kind of prescription drug to deal with an ailment, as he is certainly no physical specimen. Both of these things are far more dangerous than Cannabis. Why isn’t LePage going after the real demons, the pharmaceutical, alcohol and tobacco industries? I know why, it’s because you are either ignorant to the truth, bought and paid for by lobbyist, or both. I say its both. The truth is out, it’s time to stop denying it.

  7. 1998 Washington DC votes to legalize medical marijuana 69% in favor, Republican House refuses to count the votes.
    2016 Justice Scalia dies, Republican Senate refuses to hold confirmation hearings on President Obamas nominee Merrick Garland.
    2016 Democrat wins race for governor. Republican legislature restricts powers of incoming governor.
    2017 Republican Paul Le Page refuses to affirm results of marijuana legalization initiative.. ” What part of NO did you not understand “

  8. So happy that the initiative I voted for will finally come to fruition! Our governor needs to reevaluate and come to terms with the fact that the people who elected him (us!) want leagalization and his personal beliefs need to be set aside!!!

  9. take a page out of Colorado’s playbook. the tax revenue made from both medical and recreational marijuana is insane. Maine could use the boost in cash for all kinds of other issues. Do the right thing and get the process started already!!! Watch how much it really helps, take it from someone who knows!

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