NORML Day of Action on Monday, Jan. 9th – #JustSayNoToSessions

On Monday, NORML and our supporters will participate in a Day of Action to mobilize opposition to the appointment of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General.

Senate lawmakers will be deciding Tuesday whether Jeff Sessions is fit for the position of America’s top law enforcement officer. Unless he is willing to acknowledge that, as Attorney General, he will respect the rights of marijuana consumers in the majority of US states that have legalized the plant, we believe that he is the wrong man for the job.

Our concern is not without merit. Senator Sessions is a militant opponent of any efforts to reform marijuana policy who once notoriously remarked that the Ku Klux Klan “was okay until I found out they smoked pot.” He is a staunch proponent of the long-discredited ‘gateway theory,’ and has called on federal officials to return to the ‘Just Say No’ rhetoric of the 1980s. In fact, he was one of only 16 US Senators to receive a failing grade from NORML in our 2016 Congressional Report Card because of statements like these :

“We need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized, it ought not to be minimized, that it’s in fact a very real danger.”

“[Marijuana] cannot be played with, it is not funny, it’s not something to laugh about, and trying to send that message with clarity, that good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

Senator Sessions’ views are out of step with mainstream America and they are in conflict with the laws of over half of the states. We must demand that Senators ask this nominee whether he intends to respect the will of the voters in these states, and whether he truly believes no that “good people” have ever smoked pot.

If confirmed by the US Senate, Sen. Sessions will possess the power to roll back decades of hard-fought gains. He will have the authority to challenge the medical marijuana programs that now operate in 29 states and the adult use legalization laws that have been approved in eight states.

Will you join us in this important day of action? You can help us amplify our message by signing up for our ThunderClap HERE.

What is a Thunderclap? Think of Thunderclap as a social media flash mob. Supporters can sign up to have a mass message published to their account at a coordinated date and time. Thunderclap is similar to crowdfunding, but uses social currency instead of money. Your audience can “donate” a Tweet or Facebook post to help you spread the word. Your one tweet and post can go along way in helping us bring awareness to this important effort.

Sign up for the Thunderclap. Then, on Monday morning we will be posting in-depth directions regarding our call to action (including a suggested script for you to use when calling your US Senator) right here on . Then, on Tuesday, we will be shifting our focus to the members of the Judiciary Committee to assure that Sen. Sessions is made to defend his past statements, and is asked about whether he will respect the will of the voters moving forward.

Together, we can make our voices heard and demand that statewide marijuana laws be respected and upheld. Stand with us on Monday to send a clear message: The incoming Attorney General must not interfere with state laws that have legalized and regulated marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

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  1. I signed up, but might we also draw attention to Sessions’s blatantly homophobic record while in office? I think if we can expose just how hateful he truly is, many more people would be inclined to sign.

    1. They’ll be no shortage of side-topics. Be more concerned that this firstmost topic will not be duly adressed.

    2. Yes. There are a number of groups, in addition to marijuana legalizers, that are natural allies in opposition to Sessions: gay rights groups, BLACKLIVESMATTER, voter rights groups, women’s rights groups, etc. etc.

      NAACP president Cornell William Brooks, and several others, deliberately got themselves arrested while engaging in Civil Disobedience at Jeff Sessions’ office in Alabama! Surely, these are the kinds of allies we want to have and to be.

      These groups need to all work together, not only to oppose Sessions, but to create a broad vision for a more united progressive America — a powerful voter coalition dedicated to social justice.

      Call it “The People’s Party” maybe!

  2. Thank you all on this blog for taking action against Senator Sessions nomination. This a massive priority for all Americans who love freedom, states rights and the right to self medicate with the only safe and effective medicine available for chronic pain, neurodegenerative disease and a long list of other ailments.
    I havn’t logged onto facebook since I registered once years ago. And that was just so no one could steal my identity. I could give a $#!+ about the fake news and mindless dribble that goes on social media, but we must accept that these are the methods a vast number of Americans choose to communicate on.

    Please take time to contact your Senators:

    We cant let this treason of our Constitution occur without a loud fight.

  3. Excellent research on Sessions’ record in office regarding his stance on expressing hatred for alternative sexual preference. With all of the problems that the obvious “militarizing” of local police departments have seemingly become, he is the last person on the planet that should even be considered for the job!

    I believe that while we still have the right to vote, we have the obligation to vote responsibly, and to stand up for all human kind, by telling our elected officials who not to put in a position of great authority. Remember, that with great power comes great responsibility. It is our responsibility to remind those whom we elect of that.

  4. I really don’t think I can sign up I attempted to have Alex Jones deported from the country on treason charges against the US citizens by assisting Russia’s efforts to demoralize and destroy any integrity and faith in the United States and petitioning this my senator ignored me entirely which usually he doesn’t probably because as a Republican he had appeared multiple times on the Alex Jones radio show and Alex Jones worships Putin and Alex Jones worships Donald Trump, Donald Trump worships Putin and Putin worships Donald Trump.
    Donald Trump is now saying he will not listen to US intelligence, the US citizens intelligence but instead his new intelligence agency will be Russian intelligence (intelligence which is not elected by the American people) the US citizens intelligence. So Trump has to be removed from public office being that he is incompetent and doesn’t understand he is not boss, this is not his company this is the peoples government, it doesn’t matter if a nut appoints Sessions, because he has to be removed from office. Although I love you here at

  5. In addition Donald Trump is a madman who can’t in reality separate the peoples government from how he has been boss and done whatever he wanted like the well documented raping his wife to raping children, no reality to the separation of his business and the billionaire authority he has had, to the people he has oppressed, now he’s eluded to who is is employed by, his limitations, his requirement to obey US laws, and he’s saying he’s not going to do that and has to go. We will fight all those 18 year old info-warriors threatening civil war, not problem kids, and we trust our intelligence agency and our military are not lunatics like Donald Trump and WILL NOT violate US laws because Trump thinks he is boss of those whom employ him.
    So even if Trump appoints Sessions it doesn’t matter because surely the US government hasn’t coward to 18 year old threaten civil war if they don’t get a criminal president.
    I applaud your efforts
    I love you all here.

  6. I apologize for the typing errors my point without going any further is. Trump has to obey US law, US intelligence. He’s on our time not his.
    So he can appoint Sessions but Sessions can’t over-ride the ballot box without a civil war.
    And Alex Jones’ 18 year old combatants are that just stupid kids threatening mature adults. Wont go well, because this is not Mother-land Russia, and Trump can’t bring in Russian troops to help him without being hanged dead from a tree for treason.
    Some of us are still old constitutionalism Americans and we know treason when it’s shoved in our face, Trump is going because of his illegal activity. He’s a criminal.

  7. We need to get behind the now revolution now/ we should have put Bernie sanders as POTUS. Would help our cause. For now get behind Him and also also this revolution. We are building a new progressive Democratic party> With all of the Russian influence on our election, holding a new election from the primary on is not a impossibility.

  8. Excuse me, Jeff, but it is kind of funny, but more pathetic, an educated man who refuses to inform and update his knowledge base trying to pass off outdated malarkey as worthy or relevant.

  9. This is the time to reach out to our political leaders: Marijuana is the conduit that can help bridge the disconnect between so many of our countryman.

    1. In 1863 it was the United States of Colombia our great legislators from rules at that time to import hemp so we could have ropes,oils,to sealing there ship’s.

  10. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to witness sessions not even being asked about his intent towards action or inaction towards states rights, cannabis in general, if he were to be positioned as the AG. Cannabis was squashed as a topic during the debates, it’s not implausible for that to continue next week as well.


  11. Seriously – just stay on point. The Founders would stay on point for this topic, and so must we.

  12. I keep telling all you snowflakes that Trump will be the best thing that has ever happen to legal cannabis. I have heard Donald say nothing but positive things about states rights in legal cannabis states and he is 100% behind medical cannabis. That’s hell of a lot more then we got out of 8 years of Obama. BTW: Sessions isn’t the President, Trump is. As always most of you are too short sighted, it’s wonder we have legal Cannabis any where.

    1. Now it is I who must question when you were made stupid or did you do this to yourself? “Appointing” is a decision. And for Presidential decisions, a cabinet appointment is more of a revelation of who financially and politically backed the campaign and who is iwed favors to. Furthermore, Trump’s attention span does not allow the mercy of thought required for Attorney General of the United States. As a result, cabinet appointees will be deciding for Trump, while Trump enriches himself on insider trade deals, which will engulf the lion’s share of his ephermal, Twitter-charactered attention. I’m sure you can understand that.

  13. I foresee many possibilities, if he gets in.
    I have a feeling, he’ll try to put a stop to marijuana, and it’ll end in the supreme court with states suing the US Government for the right to select their own laws regarding marijuana. I believe either-way, there will be some major changes.


    I’ll be a slow 4 years for marijuana law reform, which at its end, will result in a few more states voting toward legalization when the next election comes around.

    I do NOT believe Trump will last past one term, unless he really turns things around, and actually makes good on his, “Make America great again.”

    For some reason, I just do not expect him to be as good as the voters think he will be.

  14. Just understand changing our government is our responsibilities it’s what the population want….

  15. Just understand changing our government is our responsibilities it’s what the population want….

  16. Remember 1863 our government was the United States of Colombia therefore will ever die…….

  17. Marijuana legalization is American history of outstanding legislative process for our people we need to be thankful of our government well it take our fear not to stand up for our decision to vote….

  18. Trump won on “Make America White Again”…Trump can not deal with overt criticism and will resign due to that common narcissistic deficit.

    Does anyone at Norml have the guts to overtly criticize Trump?

    1. You can talk about “guts” when you are brave enough to use your real name, “Anonymous.”

  19. Here is great news for the state of Virginia: The Arlington County Civic Federation, which is comprised of eighty organizations, is pushing to legalize medical marijuana in Virginia.

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