Chicago Suburb Decriminalizes Small Amounts of Marijuana

thumbs_upOfficials in the Village of Oswego, Illinois recently passed an ordinance that allows local law enforcement to issue tickets and fines to anyone found with small amounts of marijuana or certain drug paraphernalia. For example, if a person is in possession of drug paraphernalia and is convicted of possessing 10 grams or less of marijuana, the charge for the paraphernalia is now considered a civil law violation, punishable by a minimum fine of $100 and a maximum fine of $200.

Marijuana-related offenses became civil violations after the Illinois state legislature voted to amended the Cannabis Control Act in 2016, but it is up to local governments to amend their local marijuana laws to reflect the change at the state level.

“Oswego’s fines will begin at $100 for the first offense and $150 and $250 for second and third offenses. There is a maximum $750 penalty for repeat violators,” said Oswego Police Chief Jeff Burgner.

The City of Yorkville adopted a similar ordinance in October.

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  1. Maybe an advance on whatever prohibber
    criminalism they had before, but noteworthy is:
    (a) lack of respectful tolerance for reasonable personal use quantity, such as one gram (40 single tokes in a 25-mg capacity flexdrawtube oneheater),
    (b) use of sneaky hateword “paraphernalia” (paranoia + infernal + alien) which
    (c) maliciously groups hot burning overdo$e monoxide puffjoints and big bowls into one false fallacious pseudocategory together with safety equipment such as vapes and oneheaters, a gratuitous slap in the face to us harm reduction positivists.

  2. This is great news. I want to hearth is everywhere exactly the same as the song Dancing in the street. Donald Trump may not like it, but we got guns (the 2nd amendment)that says that we like it, and the voters like it. And here aint nothing else that matters without a civil war.
    What a creep the little lice infested fake hairdo Trump is. He needs to be hanged for treason against the US constitution.
    Look at the insanity of rigged election Donald Trump. Rodrigo Duterte president of the Philippines has murdered thousands of citizens for simply using organic medicine or drugs. Their blood because of innocent use is all over the streets.
    Trump called Rodrigo Duterte the mass murderer and told him “You are doing great. Go ahead!”
    This man is a mad man. He has to follow the law or be impeached.

    1. Look, I get as pissed off as anybody about this stuff, as regular readers of this blog will recall… so I wouldn’t have room to criticize you for being angry, even if I wanted to.

      But this blog does not promote violence. We are not calling for hanging anybody.

      Please join with the resistance, we need your help, and email your Senators!

      1. Precisely, Mark. One of the greatest tools of our movement to legalization is the education and subsequent revelation that we have all allowed our fear and anger to impead our clinical judgement. But when we can afford ourselves the pride of recovery and learn from our mistakes we gain the core bud of wisdom that consumption of marijuana can teach us all: We are all allowed to be wrong, but when we make ourselves proud to learn the truth we gain the responsibility to share the truth and it can become our greatest strength. Consuming marijuana provides the bravery, reflection and the valor to do just that.

      2. Thanks, Julian. As you and I both know, cannabis is good for anger management. Anger and outrage are perfectly natural responses, under the circumstances; but I find I must work hard to transmute anger into positive action, or that anger will turn toxic and makes me ill!
        And thank you, NORML, for giving me the chance to vent!

  3. A step in the right direction, next should be full legalization for the state of Illinois. Baby steps, but still better news despite the fines. Would be nice to see Indiana get started!

  4. This is how we chip away at organized crime, collusion within prosecution, law enforcement and asset forfeitures and the whole FDA-DHHS-DEA triad. Every local jursidiction that decriminalizes relieves law enforcement to focus on real crimes like rape and murder, not nonviolent small possession of a healthy whole plant panacea like marijuana. Jail for weed is a gateway to cyclical poverty and oppression not criminal justice. Let doctors and patients decide what marijuana to consume, not judges on the payroll of Sheriff’s Associations using our tax dollars. No where else in the US can we imagine a place that needs this more than Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

  5. Hey, hey, my “old” home town. I moved from there after living in Il for 54 yrs and retired south. Probably in less than 10 yrs cannabis will be legal nationwide.

  6. A thought but I say with the help of NORML we start a blacklist to identify those companies that drug test for marijuana in the workplace. To change laws economic pressure is best. Also we create an ally list which identifies those that are pro marijuana and do not test. The blacklisted companies will lose talent especially since this generation uses more and if enough abide by the list they will increase pressure on the states and freedoms to all Americans.

    1. If you “come out of the closet” as a cannabis consumer, your job may be your first concern.

      As an Employee, you can “vote with your feet” and walk away from jobs that drug test for marijuana.

      Nationwide, there are only a handful of truly cannabis-friendly employers. But there are quite a lot more jobs out there that are “cannabis-tolerant”, by which I mean that they officially prohibit cannabis use, but they generally don’t go to the expense or trouble of drug-testing their employees on a regular basis. A stoner can get by on jobs like this.

      True, those jobs typically pay less. But for a cannabis patient, being exploited financially may be preferable to surrendering their access to their medicine.

  7. FYI. Legal rec in CO carries 1 oz non med, 2 oz medical limit, and I think 6 plants under varied restrictions of grow, flowering periods, and end use. How exactly does it work when you’re allowed to posses a quarter, but nobody is allowed to posses or grow an ounce to sell you a quarter?
    How is this going to work if we build a wall and enforce federal prohibition at the same time? That’s a recipe for disaster. How many migrants came here to fulfil the market demand for pot? I am not in favor of building the wall, if that comes with a mandate that marijuana will remain improperly placed as a schedule 1 substance.

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