Take Action: Oppose Jeff Sessions For US Attorney General

jeff-sessions-f (1)Senate lawmakers are only days away from taking a vote that may have a drastic impact on the future of marijuana policy.

Beginning Tuesday, January 10, members of the US Senate will begin confirmation hearings on the nomination of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for the position of US Attorney General — the top law enforcement officer in the land.

As a US Senator, Sessions has been among the most outspoken anti-marijuana opponents in Congress, and he was one of only 16 US Senators to receive a failing grade from NORML in our 2016 Congressional Report Card.

Senator Sessions has a long and consistent record of opposing any efforts to reform marijuana policy. He once notoriously remarked that he thought the Ku Klux Klan “was okay until I found out they smoked pot.” More recently, he condemned the Obama administration’s ‘hands off’ policy with regard to state marijuana laws, stating, “We need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized, it ought not to be minimized, that it’s in fact a very real danger.”

Fast-forward to today: Senator Sessions is on the cusp of becoming the top law enforcement officer in the United States. That is, unless your members of the US Senate hear a loud and clear message from you!

If confirmed by the US Senate to be US Attorney General, Sen. Sessions will possess the power to roll back decades of hard-fought gains. He will have the authority to challenge the medical marijuana programs that now operate in 29 states and the adult use legalization laws that have been approved in eight states. Senator Sessions views on marijuana are out of step with those of the majority of the American public and also with those of President-Elect Trump, who has said that questions regarding marijuana policy are best left up to the states, not the federal government. In short, the appointment of Sen. Sessions would be a step backwards at a time when the American public is demanding we push marijuana legalization forward. He is the wrong man for the job, and he represents a clear and present danger to the marijuana law reform movement.

Please take action today to assure that he is vetted properly. At a minimum, Sen. Sessions must be asked whether he intends to respect the will of the voters in the majority of US states that have enacted to pursue alternative marijuana policies. If he is not willing to act on the behest of the majority of Americans and to respect the laws of the majority of US states, then he does not deserve the support of the cannabis reform community.

Contact your Senator and ask him/her to take a critical look at Sen. Sessions. You can do so by visiting NORML’s Take Action Center here.

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  1. NORML and all, I have to run to work, but I will be coming back to this article. Jeff Sessions is our biggest potential threat right now and we all know it. Again, I appreciate the last paragraph here in this article. It is true we should give him a chance, it is POSSIBLE….possible, Sessions will realize it is not a wise idea at all to crackdown, might realize that times have changed and that legalization is an INEVITABLE reality even if he manages to delay it. So while this is a grave, grave time and while he might be confirmed, sorry NORML, but it does seem likely perhaps, we must at least get some IMMEDIATE and serious answers from him about what his plans are, if any, for our struggle. Will he stand aside and let history and progress be made, or will he take the side of ignorance? Time will tell. Listen, I am coming back as this is confirmation and the AG is a very, very serious problem we face, the most serious of all. Running to work, but I am coming back. Jeff Sessions is coming, and we MUST stand strong.

    1. Will he stand aside and let history and progress be made, or will he take the side of ignorance?
      Pray for a miracle.

      1. No. There will be no concessions from sessions. Sessions is trying to hide his embarrassing record from the Senate hearings, has dodged questions in his SJQuestionaire and then slumped 1500 pages of lies in the answers he does give like falsely trying to claim credit for civil rights law as a US attorney when instead he went on witch hunts for voting rights activists. Don’t expect any less than him reversing the Cole memos and taking state legalization to federal court, and then raiding dispensaries even though he can effectively shut state legalization down as USAG. Contact your Senators. Use the link:


        Then call your Senators that represent you in your state. Make it clear your vote for them hinges on them blocking a nomination of Senator Sessions.

  2. This is zero hour, a grave, dire time for our struggle, the most dire perhaps in history, and we MUST stand strong and defend our progress! Back later!

  3. Please keep these laws in place so that the people who have certain conditions can get the treatment to see need and deserve without using heavy prescription narcotics that affects the liver their focus memory so they can function on a daily basis with the medicinal marijuana seems the governments only Priority is to make money is to help the BigPharma and not the citizens of the United States

  4. I was going to join the Klan …until I found out in time!

    Pot smokers don’t lynch people.

    Sessions did not say klan membership was bad…he did object to the consumption of cannabis.


    1. This Constitutional crisis has too many characters for him to think about. Kinda like the 50 Trump electors that were appointed illegally:


      And here I thought emoluments would be enough reason for Congress to grow a spine and uphold the law. Trump doesn’t give a $#!+ about the Constitutional integrity of anyone he appoints.

  5. Trump claims to be a real tee-totaler. He may be at best indifferent to NORML’s cause.

    I think a strong case for reform can be made and presented to the man in terms of savings and harm reduction. In other words, let’s make a deal.

    If we’re successful we may see a tweet claiming he knows more about marijuana and reform than any of us.

  6. This is exactly what I feared from a Republican victory. Reform could be set back a decade at least. Bummer, man.

    The GOP is just flat out anti-weed. Trump is a foreshadowing of the interesting times we are destined to live in. The Dems are more sympathetic to our cause. At least they are not rabidly against it like the rancorous cultural conservatism in the GOP.

    Vote NORML first.

  7. I won’t be surprised to watch his hearings and witness him not even being questioned about his stance towards this topic

  8. Stopping Sessions isn’t going to accomplish much, Trump will appoint someone else just as bad if not even worse (Chris Christie).
    Then there is the Supreme Court, once Trump announces his pick for that post, why Jeff Sessions won’t seem so bad after all. And Trump will probably get to replace 2 or 3 justices. Then there’s probably hundreds of Federal Judges, They won’t be very pro weed either. Then he gets to appoint Administrators at all Federal agencies, guess what, weed warriors from hell.
    Us baby boomers remember 1980 when marijuana legalization was inevitable and soon. 6 months later, it was unthinkable.

    1. The choice is, either fight back, or lay down and roll over for the marijuana prohibitionists. So what’s it gonna be?

      I say, fight back! Join with the resistance effort, and call your Senators, and tell them to oppose the Sessions nomination!

    1. Cali might have to write the federal legislation for DC because Congress is full of prohibitionists who certainly won’t write and legalization legislation and non-prohibitionist sloths who won’t do the work, won’t write the legislation, so somebody has to do it for them. Jared Polis and sponsors and co-sponsors are doing something, but more should go bandwagen on legalization.

  9. This was a rigged election. A boy scouts Sessions facing civil war is like the Aerosmith song that says if you want some of me line up.

    Get in line.

    1. Everyone knew already the casino bizness is rigged in favor of, guess who, the house. And by the way, the very word “trump” (as in trumped up) is house slang used more in casinos than any place else on earth.
      One crusade we can jihadize up right away, without mentioning Trump or anyone by name, is to demand laws shutting down casinos or anything that promotes gambling– a pastime destined to disappear from the planet anyway when billions of present-day idle ignoramuses learn how to use cannabis and start Working.

      1. PS A Trump Se$$ion might be the very name for something that happens at casinos. Aerosmith? Oh yes that guy Tyler bragged about $pending $6,000,000 on cocaine. Could we lobby him to donate some $$ to NORML & help get our herb legalized?

  10. PS – in essence, we can show them that opposition to low impact marijuana and the self-reliance of freemen is opposition to God.

    1. NORML is a consumer activist organisation with a priority on ending unjust marijuana arrests. Were headed for more of a secular angle based on state and local policies that represent the needs of all marijuana-consuming local communities. Texas State Representative and Republican Libertarian David Simpson of Texas tried to pass full state legalization in 2015 by stating “marijuana is a plant from God, and God did not make anything that needs prohibiting.” We all agree, but it just doesn’t make passable legislation. (Didn’t pass, but tell your reps to consider all laws that legalize marijuana to any degree). Dont let the perfect be the enemy of the good. If God is perfect, then give to God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Even if you happen to be Rastafari or belong to the “First Church of Cannabis,” there is a recognition that the laws of man do not consistently reflect upon the laws of Creation.
      With that said, if your State or Federal Representative is a faithful Christian, try quoting Mathew 25:47 in your next letter.
      “Lord, when did we see you hungry, or sick or in prison and bring you food, medicine or clothes?” And the Lord said “Even what you did for the least of these, my brethren, you did it for me.”

  11. We need to collectively express that a revised Republican prohibition is not acceptable and will be party suicide for them. not just the elected officials, but the entire party needs to be condemned. the numbers are on our side behind this stance.


  12. How do you like it? Fine, not too much….

    probation rehab courses, and WHY marijuana is dangerous and a problem in our society, followed by other various comm. service expectations, fines.

    Marijuana is just another part of your addiction…..

    Jeff Sessions will be confirmed. Legalization will fail under Trump. All we can do is try again. THAT IS ALL.


  13. A new president that has priority to create jobs is going to shut down thousands of businesses along with tens of thousands of jobs?, declare all out war on pot which will do wonders for improving police and community relations, making millions of otherwise law abiding people in marijuana legal states criminals overnight, deny the thousands of veterans dying on opioids medical marijuana, deny the people in medical legal states their medicine as well? Half the nation does not want trumps administration in office, if he lets a racist hillbilly senator AG pull the rug out from under legal marijuana, you can add millions more people to that list.

  14. sessions thinks reefer madness was real, he also thinks the kkk was alright to. i think we have hard times ahead of us. what about our children that need the cannabis oils that are helping them to stay alive,what about the businesses (possibly worth billions) that are going to be affected. if you want something done start with the money. the businesses that are making hundreds of millions of dollars should start coming forward to help keep him out of office, after all, they will lose to.

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