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thumbs_upIt’s the start of a new year and with that often comes resolutions and goals to improve. Well here at NORML, we are feeling the New Year spirit and we want to ensure we start 2017 off the right way.

How are we going to do that? We want to hear from YOU! Whether you’re a member, long time supporter, or you just started following us, we ask that you follow the link below and take our Membership Survey.


Since its founding in 1970, NORML has provided a voice in the public policy debate for those Americans who oppose marijuana prohibition and favor an end to the practice of arresting marijuana smokers. A nonprofit public-interest advocacy group, NORML seeks to represent the interests of the tens of millions of Americans who enjoy marijuana responsibly. By completing the membership survey, you are telling us about yourself, why you care about marijuana law reform, and most importantly how we can better serve you as advocates.

We hope you’ll take the time to provide us a little more information about yourself so that we can continue growing and improving on the work we do everyday.

Don’t worry, all of the information that we collect will be used for internal assessment only. We will not share, sell, or transmit your information to any other person, group, or organization.

As always we appreciate your dedication to marijuana law reform and your continued support.


The NORML Team

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  1. I think that half the smokers out there probably never heard of NORML. This is due to bending over backwards to be nice and polite, the “regular guy” approach. Which is great, as far as it goes, and certainly vital. But the other half of the equation is the bad-ass, street rabble-rouser with nothing to lose by expressing a radical point of view in no uncertain terms. And that, without worrying much about polite acceptability. We’re few and far between, but I’m finding that a general support for a more radical, in-yer-face approach is there.

  2. I took the survey, and didn’t see any choice in there to de-schedule cannabis completely, only to focus on having it rescheduled.

    I put in there to focus on legalizing (adult recreational too) at the state level, and improving the shitty medical marijuana laws the kind Pennsylvanians are stuck with.

    I don’t know if NORML helped, but MPP made progress, and in the process Pennsylvania’s MMJ got sold out to BIG WEED. Patients can’t even grow their own, and there ain’t shit for sale legally, and who knows how the hell long they’ll drag that out. And then, you can’t buy any legal vegetable matter such as bud, hash or concentrates, etc. They outta just legalize outright, and then just not make patients pay the tax that’ll be on adult recreational and turn it over to private enterprise, including small mom-and-pop outfits.

    I’m hoping NORML can add more weight to outright legalization in Pennsylvania. The state certainly is hurting for money something bad.

    Look at how much MPP is charging for their seminars in Harrisburg! They are definitely elbowing out the everyman at those prices! Here I am toiling away at my thankless shit job, and they want me to cough up that kind of money just to get in the door.

    [Paul Armentano responds: Thank you for taking the survey. As an organizational position, NORML endorses descheduling cannabis under the CSA, not rescheduling:

    1. Thanks for mentioning that Oracle, and thank you Paul for clarifying to everyone a policy we long term members and bloggers know well… DEscheduling is our goal. Rescheduling doesnt really help our situation much.
      BTW, if you fill the survey out on your iPhone the options of “priorities” just end in”…” and the full script is illegible, no matter which way you turn your phone.

  3. Check this out:

    California is our #1 producer of agricultural product. According to cash farm receipt data from the Department of Food and Agriculture, marijuana is the top crop in California beating the next five crops out of the water;

    Cattle, calves—$3.39

    As in BILLION dollars.

    I love math because its not bias. It cant lie, and therefore its the strongest surveying we can produce. How many Americans die from prescription drugs according to the CDC? +100k. How many overdose from marijuana? Zero. Simple math. Like the revenue from legally state taxed marijuana before Sessions gets a hearing or before the Rorhabacher-Farr amendment needs renewal in April. Sheer, sweet, pine-smelling relaxing math…

  4. it probably would have been easier under obamma, but you asked, so here it is;

    with medical marijuana or CBD oil legal in 40 states,

    it is time for a legal challenge to the official lie;
    that marijuana is a ‘schedule one’ substance.

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  6. Jummy Carter fought for legalalzing pot almost 40 years ago. 61 percent of the US want pot legalized. So isn’t congess listening?

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