What Would A Federal Marijuana Crackdown Look Like?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Photo by Gage Skidmore
Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Ever since the 2016 election, marijuana legalization supporters have been wondering if President Trump will crack down on state-approved recreational and/or medical marijuana programs. The Heritage Foundation believes it knows the answer.

According to the conservative think tank, there are actions the government can take without needing to pass any new legislation or expend much political capital, such as reaffirming the federal government’s position as supporting marijuana’s illegality under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and reasserting support for the international treaties that require countries to enforce marijuana prohibition. These actions would make headlines, send a chill across the industry (particularly in states that have yet to formally launch their legal marijuana markets) and make clear the direction the White House has decided to go when dealing with legal marijuana businesses.

The Washington, D.C.-based group calls for rescinding the Obama Administration’s Cole memo, which gives leeway to the states to implement legalization and replace it with a memo that makes it clear that the DOJ “fully expects states to not permit commercialized marijuana production and sale.” With this memo in place, the DOJ could then select a number of marijuana businesses for prosecution of a violation of state and/or federal law, which would create “a real threat of prosecution.”

The right-wing policy shop recommends overturning previous guidance from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, which opened the door to very limited banking for a handful of businesses in the marijuana industry. This would scare off the already minuscule number of financial institutions working, or considering working, with marijuana-related businesses. Using the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, the government could target investors.

With all of this in mind, the only option we truly have to ensure our victories are upheld and that we move forward with nationwide legalization is to change federal law. Amendments such as Rohrabacher-Blumenauer stem the bleeding a bit, but require a new political fight every year. Congress needs to pass The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act, which would prevent the federal government from interfering in state-approved adult use or medical programs. Even better, Congress should remove marijuana from the CSA entirely.

If you want to see the cannabis revolution continue, call your members of Congress today and tell them to support federal marijuana law reform. For more information on pending legislation and to easily email your elected officials, visit norml.org/act.

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  1. They are going to have one large problem on their hands, if they try to push federal law, and ignore the majority who want marijuana legalized.

    Cannabis is not a dangerous substance, and hasn’t killed a single person in all its years. Not even concentrates have killed anyone. And if they start cracking down as suggested, they might just end up with a war they can not afford. Or the states will fight it federally. They’ll sue the federal government for interfering. Either way I believe it’ll be legalized within five or 10 years. I was reading someplace someone stating it would probably be 10.

    In a way I hope so, as I want to invest in it before it jumps in the Stock Market. Once legal, stocks on it will go up, than come down a little after it has been legal for awhile.

    The feds should listen to its people in its decisions. Not just uphold tired legislation which doesn’t make much sense. It is time to legalize, not in 10 years, but NOW!

  2. Been waiting for an article like this. Sessions could shut down every shop and it would STILL bbe legal in the states. Problem is, he would then order the governors to repeal the laws. Even if all THIS happened many people would simply go underground as well as turning to the black market. Many people would not CARE what the Feds wanted. There would be protest, speakeasy shops constantly popping up, even though state and local police would now be free to crackdown as well. The black market would be HUGE. Many more weed arrests. Just a theory, I know some may disagree with me. Personally, I sadly DO think he is going to use the DEA, in addition we would lose Nevada, Maine, and Mass. Why? All REPUBLICAN governors who would listen to Sessions and carry out repeals. I DO expect that Wash, Colo and especially Cali would IGNORE Sessions demands to repeal. Oh, we would also lose Alaska. So we would be left with three states. Sessions would drag them into FEDERAL COURT to force a repeal. Let us HOPE he does NOTHING. Which, and I know it is highly unlikely, believe it or not, MIGHT happen. He has alot of work on his hands if he wants a crackdown. DEA agents will also I predict face violent protests and resistance from some store owners, this is an issue Americans are SICK AND TIRED of, law rather. He also would have to worry about other states legalizing as well. Crackdown will probably happen in fall, as he has to figure out some way to deal with the movemment and the popularity, but it could happen any day now. I wake up outraged and sad every single day and check the news to see if the crackdown has begun. Let us stand STRONG, friends, and resist Sessions. We can do this. And, like I said, we need MORE STATES. If Cali had it’s over 1K shops open it would nearly impossible for him to crackdown, he would have to take it in segments as thee DEA only has several or so thousand agents. Let us hope he does NOTHING, and stand strong.

    1. Governors cannot repeal laws. He has no authority to “order” a state to repeal a law. All he can do is go to Federal Court to try to get courts to declare the state laws invalid and that’s a years long process that will wend it way up to the Supreme Court. I just don’t think he can subvert the will of millions of voters and survive politically—too much fallout.

      1. There is a thing in the constitution that is about state sovereignty. I’d the people who live in a state have a public vote the law voted in overrides the federal laws hands down. Look it up. This was done after the articles of confederation by Thomas Jefferson to make sure states could decide there own fate aND laws TJ also stated that state sovereignty will keep the government in check. If they try to take away the recipient states rules and the med states rules there will be civil war. But colleges are not teaching this stuff anymore. But I teach my kids in my class

      2. I don’t believe there will be a Civil War.
        But if there is, I am willing to die for pot.
        The law makes no sense, and a lot of the Government knows this.

      3. I agree. Sessions is trying to subvert the will of the people. He will have a fight on his hands and has no right to demand any state to do anything. The people are speaking for this issue. Just what the Republican party needs to do, start more underground problems.

    2. the states will not give up the revenue that has been generated in legal states,with more to come.repeal is a non-starter…….

      1. He can’t order legalization on the state level be overturned. Obviously it would never happen, but to make a point a state could legalize murder if it wanted to and even that couldnt be overturned by the feds. It would only be illegal for the States to impede federal enforcement. The states keeping legalization would be the equivalent of a parent catching their teenager smoking weed and saying I don’t care if you do it but if the other parent catches you, then your own your own. In this case the states refer the the first parent and the feds to the other.

      2. Also I would like to add the feds have always mentioned they might overturn state laws. When California became the first state to legalize medical in the early 90s the feds considered actions and it was unclear what Obama would do after WA and CO legalized recreational in 2012

  3. Oh yes, and we need to hurry up wth the Acts mentioned and then he would be virtually powerless. He would have to resort to the Federal Courts and argue Supremacy Clause. I could say much more on this as I feel the passion and the rage, and will back on here later. Thank you for now.

  4. also, very good article and some truly frightening ideas. More later…..I have more to say later on.

  5. The remedy of all is to remove marijuana off the Control Substance Act of 1970 entirely. Historically WE all know why it was there in the first place as Class One substance. It doesn’t matter if you believe in any of the propaganda, the joke classifying it as a dangerous drug still remains.

  6. So let me get this straight. We are supposed to Believe the sky is falling because some old white guy wants to praise Nancy Regan era strategies while denying substantial evidence regarding medical effectiveness and public opinion.

    All this while anyone (and I do mean anyone) can access legal cannabis in and around the district?

    Really? The most honest thing this guy said regarding cannabis is when he acknowledged that the federal government does not have the manpower to enforce federal prohibition laws. And even if enforced, the next stop in the assembly line of the criminal justice system at the federal level would easily be overwhelmed by attempts to prosecute the large number of independent operations that continue to grow.

    The reality is this. Marketplace innovations have increased acesss in ways that make traditional law enforcement obsolete. And.. unchecked youth and young adult access has led to a more “informed populace”.

    Keep up with the advocacy! We are winning!

    1. I agree. I believe California delivery services can run circles around the DOJ, literally. Asset forfeitures? Gonna have to catch my @$$! Already too much state revenue from legal job creation has taken place to make a crackdown anything but a disaster for the GOP.
      I still worry about a Federal injunction invoking the Supremacy Clause, but that hinges on either passing HR 975 or renewing the Rorhabacher-Farr amendment, which hinges on us taking action, clicking on the Act tab and calling our Federal reps.

      1. 20% rules over the 80%. What is the 80% excuse? Lazy? Unconcerned? Stoned? Whatever the excuse it is muted against the reality of the next four year. Get involved 80% or get lost – but that’s what you’ve done already isn’t it?

      2. “Oooooh DOonna…
        Ooooooh Doonna…
        I had a girl…
        Donna was her name…
        Since she wrote here I
        Get 20 percent blame
        But I love getting stoned
        …and voting…
        So where…
        can I be?
        Am I IN the Twen-ty?

        (The bridge…)
        Voter supressions
        In league with Sessions
        Does she even care?

        She’s right to take notice
        Were divided for POTUS
        But smoking weed helps my heart care…
        Under there…

        Ooooh Donna…
        Smoke maaaaarijuana…
        Ooooor youre goonna
        Be twenty percent, Donna…
        (High pitch 50s fade out…)

        (Thank you. Great crowd. All %20 of you…)

      3. That doesn’t mean much, coming from you. You always like to drop your load of unhelpful judgements against others, but you never offer to actually help in any way.

        Are you hitting the “take action” tab? Are you sending the letters to your representatives? Are you donating to NORML? What ARE you doing to legalize marijuana?

        Do you serve any helpful function? What use are you, anyway?

  7. A crackdown would be the feds stealing from the piggy banks of the cannabis community. Thieves! They want to put people out of business and stop people from getting legal jobs in states that want to implement legalization AND those states that are poised to legalize adult recreational. Where is their jobs plan? Shift AND shaft? Shift the money saved from doing the dirty on ObamaCare and shaft 24 million people out of health insurance, is what it is, so that rich bastards who are already rich can get richer.

    The rich never have enough money.

    The everyman or everywoman ought to be treated like a mensch, you know, and taking away their health care just ain’t right. If Trump is such a great dealmaker, why the hell doesn’t he get the health insurance providers and the health care providers (hospitals, clinics, etc.) to give the public better deals. They all ought to give us better deals! Not give us no deal and the boot!

    This administration is hellbent on doing some damage to Americans they promised to have the government do better by.

    I sure would like to see them do better by the cannabis community. Why would you want to put people out of work without SPECIFIC PLANS to create jobs to replace the ones you just made illegal and put back in the hands of the (Mexican) cartels?

    Will Trump meet with a polite group of pro-cannabis, pro-legalization lobbyists and delegates? Someone needs to advise him to legalize.

      1. Yep. It doesn’t amount to anything from me – but it is interesting to see the buying power and transformational potential of marijuana consumers. Looks like we could produce a hundred million per good-sized state, in taxes to help with roads and schools and what all. Alcohol related traffic fatalities among young adults will go down. Prescription drug related overdose deaths will go down. Beer sales will go down. Meanwhile teen use will remain flat. Problem drug users – and underage drug use suggests, if not defines, “problem” – will still use drugs. But the prevalence of a safe alternative will keep some of them alive. I don’t know why the Heritage Foundation has to hate. I guess they are a hate group.

      2. It took me 3 seconds to google “Who funds the Heritage Foundation”


        But I already knew the Koch Brothers did because of good investigative reporting from Greg Pallast over the Crosscheck program:


        See the Kochs and a group of evil batman villain billionaires like the Mercers, John Paulsen and Sheldon Adelson would like us divided over every political issue including marijuana policy in order to achieve high rates of voter supression. Nobody votes? Bad billionaires get to make bad laws like the CSAct. Its that simple.
        Whats not so simple is motivating people to ACT, to VOTE, to PARTICIPATE like clicking on the Green Act Tab on this webpage… because the Kochs pay off all sides so the Dems will throw the fight unless WE contact our state and federal Congressman to make better marijuana policy and cut the Koch-lead tax-evading bull$#!+ out of our state and federal legislatures. How many years have I read… “bbbut the Kochs like marijuana… they donate to some magazine that talks about weed…” Yeah, like when they paid for summer interns for the Drug Policy Alliance and they turned out to be moles? They “donate” for “good” press then use the info they mine to develop policies to protect their precious petroleum patents that would never be able to compete in a fair domestic hemp economy.

  8. Erik, years ago I met with you briefly when Allen St Pierre was Ex Dir and I had the fortune of meeting Keith Stroup at the office on K street. We had an interesting discussion where we agreed state legalization and Congress is where we should be focusing our efforts but people only seem to vote or get energized by Presidential campaigns or sometimes focus entirely on the President and not even vote during state or federal Congressional elections.
    Since then I have seen some profound and encouraging momentum at the state level here in Texas; first from my state Representative Jason Isaac, R-Dripping Springs who cosponsored HB81 (decrim) and HB2107 (mmj) followed by a committee hearing on HB81 last week where for the first time there were no Sherrif’s Association testifying against a marijuana reform bill using our tax dollars to protect asset forfeitures.
    But as with many things in life, the answer between focusing on state or federal marijuana reform (while raising a family) is not an “either or” but “both and more” issue.
    Youre right; We need to shove it in the face of federal Congress that it was Congress who started this horrible mess in the first place with the CSAct and it is they who must end it by descheduling marijuana entirely. (And then encourage whatever legislation theyll settle for in between, like the Rorhabacher-Farr amendment which expires next month!) And we need to suit up and meet our state reps and committee chairs in person. Get to know our state capitol, and ask questions like wheres the House Kiosk? Wheres my state Rep, and why in the hell do they make it so hard to navigate in these places? Its worse than trying to get in and out of a f*king shopping mall in the Texas state capitol!
    To be continued…

  9. Let’s distinguish between what the Trump administration WANTS to do to thwart marijuana legalization, and what the Trump administration IS ABLE to do to thwart marijuana legalization.

    It is clear the Trump administration wants to thwart marijuana legalization. This is a matter of record. Incompetence, on their part, doesn’t negate that point, nor does an inability on their part to overturn state election results. Those were hard-won gains for the marijuana legalization movement, and Sessions can’t undo that, much as he would like to. But Trump DOES NOT GET TO TAKE FRAUDULENT, LYING ASS, PHONY FUCKING CREDIT FOR THAT!!

    So to all you Republicans: can we please, now, cut the crap that somehow the Trump administration supports legal weed?

    (And before you say “Trump supports medical”, one: No, he doesn’t; and two: all weed is medical, so again — cut the crap.)

  10. As if being whipsawed between providing legal aid to families torn apart from bad marijuana policy and lobbying for better marijuana legislation wasnt hard enough, we are also constantly bombarded with distracting and divisive cynicism which tends to expect the entire fate of our marijuana policy rely on the Presidents policies. If I had a dime for every time I wrote “please focus on state and federal Congress” on this blog I could have bankrolled NORML’s budget and bought a few Congressman to boot.
    Yet here with the Cole memos we have a fascinating game of Texas Holdem where the Trump card is not as wild as the game pretends, the stakes are high as theyve ever been and Sessions wont annie up:


    “Because, within minutes of the above declaration, [Sessions declared marijuana is as bad as heroin to a Sherriff’s Association gathering in Richmond, defying even DEA director Chuck Rosenberg’s previous assessment to the contrary] Sessions said that he won’t be able to use the Justice Department to shut down America’s burgeoning marijuana movement—and that the hands-off approach taken by Barack Obama’s Justice Department is ‘valid.’”

    Keith made a very tactful legal observation that creating a federal crackdown, either by ramping up asset forfeitures and defying the Cole memos or by simply taking state legalization to Federal court through the Supremacy Clause and “Trumping” states rights, during a time when states are legalizing and decriminalizing at an unprecedented rate with growing momentum… will simply create an enormous boost to the black market demand, thereby increasing violence both on the street and within the DOJ as organized crime moves in on once peacefuly regulated legal territory and the DOJ and law enforcement fattens up on asset forfeitures instead of preventing real violent crimes. Et tu Trumpe?

    1. @ Julian,
      I hear you, regarding focusing on the state level politics rather than presidential politics with respect to marijuana legalization. And I agree.

      But, may I just add: I do think it is extremely important to be “vigilant against bullshit” (as Jon Stewart put it) regarding Trump politics.

      The reason is this: Trump and his supporters are trying to use and exploit us — “us” being the marijuana legalization. If we stand down from that fight, our cause will suffer.

      There’s the nuts and bolts of politics, and there’s the hearts and minds of politics. I’m on the hearts and minds side, but only because I’m working from a deeper personal fight for truth and integrity within my own life. I’m not in “politics” directly, only indirectly, and that’s because the fight has been brought to me by the prohibitionists.

      I’m not in the business of making predictions. I’ve said often that I expect a federal crackdown under Trump, and either I’m right, or I’m wrong. But either way, I’ve placed no bet — my stake is simply that of a medical cannabis user.

      But, what I will not tolerate on this blog is Trump supporters (be they robots, Russians, or rednecks) attempting to deceive us into being lulled into inaction while white supremacist, authoritarian fascism takes over America.

      It’s already happened. The fix is in. The Democrats are about to pull out of the investigations into the Russian connections, because the corruption may already be too thorough to eliminate — the goddamn Republican traitors sold America to Russia, entirely.

      We don’t want Russia calling the shots on marijuana policy! But, that’s where we’re headed: fascism. So, Trump politics definitely matter to the marijuana legalization movement! We cannot survive under authoritarian fascism.

      But this NORML blog will not be complicit in this traitorous betrayal of America — not if I can help it.

      1. I get it on Trump… although you may find my analysis that Trump and the GOP are failing and bleeding like a wounded dog, and the feral dog pack of billionaire surrogates are turning on eachother as we speak while the microphones turn off after this latest failure to repeal Obamacare. Seven years weve been hearing this $#!+, “Repeal Obamacare” and now that they have the House, Senate and the Presidency they STILL cant pull it off? Do you realize how unbelievably pathetic that is?
        Sessions still hasnt had a press release from the NSA on his Russia links and theres already leaks of another Sessions-Trump encounter with the Rissian ambassador during the campaign that Sessions failed to disclose AGAIN in his revised report to Congress. This Russian investigation is far from over. Senator McCain is calling for an independent investigation. And the way greedy Trump is bullying his way into defense contracts I wouldnt be surprised to see Lindsay Graham and a few other Republican Senators agree on that decision.
        To clarify, however, our focus must be on state and federal Congress. The President just needs to stay out of our way on marijuana policy, and if the Rorhabacher-Farr amendment holds together (meaning if we force Congress to do so while we push HB 975 and HR1227) in April thats likely to happen.

  11. The shorter way to condense that run-on sentence:
    A Federal crackdown on state marijuana would be a nightmare of a disaster, and Sessions knows it. He cant help but be reminded as law enforcement… even those not associated with the Law Enforcement Action Parternship… stand up and tell Sessions prohibition does NOT make our streets safer.
    The whole premise of Trump’s campaign (that the GOP is hopelessly trying to hold together) was that Mexicans and weak borders are to blame for our domestic drug violence. But as Sanders enters WV to shed light on an opiate epidemic, Sessions is running around saying states with legal marijuana reducing opiate addiction is “ridiculous.” Former Trump zombie supporters are starting to smell the fresh herb.
    The pendulum of our two party system just hit the right wall. Just read the scorecard:
    I will always advocate speaking to any Representative of our government, Ds or Rs or Independents that will listen to reason and support good marijuana policy. We dont have to vote down party lines; we can put our phones on silent and google our red, green or blue choices while we vote.
    And certainly there are some bad prohibitionist Dems out there like Representative Debbie Washoney Shultz, D-Miami Dade FL or Senator Manchin, D-WV. And Defense Contractors donate to all our Congressman, even Sanders.
    But the Rs supporting Trump are gonna feel it in 2018 for screwing over their own supporters, feeding them opiates and backing Sessions. I guess the rest of the nation had to figure out what people from the NE already knew; Trump is a con man and eventually everyone that supports him buys a ticket to get-fucked-ville. So yes, NORML, its still time to focus on our state and federal Congress, like HR 975. Hit that green Act tab now!

    1. Very handy congressional scorecard.

      Just scanning several of the Southern states, the “Red” divide really stands out. The GOPers in those states are throw-backs to the bad old days of Harry Anslinger.

      For every “enlightened” GOPer, there seems to be 5 or 6 throwbacks. But slowly but surely they are getting “weeded” out.

      1. Furthermore, Evening Bud, the “pendulum” hit the right wall so hard this time that the glass in the clock shattered and revealed a table of billionaire batman villains behind the mirrored glass: The Kochs, the Mercers, John Paulsen and the rest of the vultures, Riddlers and Jokers.
        (Hence, my favorite link;)


        Its gotten so bad that the majority of the people visiting this website dont hit the Act tab, they just watch the billionaires duke it out, like George Soros or Jeff Bezos are gonna do it all for us and legalize marijuana despite Sheldon Adelson’s dirty laundry business.
        I have to say its encouraging to watch the momentum were making at the state level with local NORML chapters and grassroots activism. But the amount of money we are dealing with at the Federal level is absurd. It was so twisted to hear Senator Whitehouse, D-RI, grill Gorsuch about dark money that stole Obama’s Supreme Court nomination while giving him a hearing that Garland never got. Gorsuch tried to say “Its Congress who should pass legislation. The Supreme Court doesnt get into politics.” And Whitehouse replied, “What could possibly be more political than a decision [Citizens United] by the Supreme Court to lift the limits on campaign donations that cant be determined where the money comes from?”

      2. When we add this factor in, the greed and “need” of politics to hide where the campaign money comes from, or the Republican Crosscheck program that steals the votes of Democratically voting last names like Jackson, Wong or Martinez, we can see why disproportionately arresting so many Democratically-voting minorities for nonviolent marijuana possession has appealed to Republicans since the days of Nixon; because they knew they… Republicans and the billionaire class that purchased the GOP agenda… couldnt win an election in a fair fight without dividing us; because they knew blaming our socioeconomic inequality on drugs would divide and conquer our Democratic Republic and not only supress minority votes with unjust criminal records, and cyclical poverty, but turn a frustrated working class “white” population against itself through miseducation, opiate addiction and false idols.
        We are all victims of the drug war. Its time to participate in what is left of our Democratic Republic, unite with our brothers and demand from every representative and campaign that the dark money and the drug wars are DONE claiming our freedom.

        Please… anyone who hasn’t, or hasnt in a while… click on the Green Act Tab on this webpage every chance we get. MEET with your Reps face to face when marijuana policy or keeping money capped out of politics is on the table. Otherwise were just handing over our power to a table of billionaire Batman villains that will sell us short and divide us at every given opportunity they have.

  12. Not to mention that living in Kentucky (the state that should have went legal to begin with especially after coal and tobacco was taken away from us) but yet the government still uses its military against our own people every Spring through to Autumn in a fight against the marijuana prohibition. When is enough enough? All the mean while we could save all the gas money and resources for terrorists and homeland security. All over a harmless plant that has historicly proven itself to be the most safe and effective medical or recreational substance that you can possibly consume! I mean they literally get to ride quads or four-wheelers, helicopters and side by side’s and even humvee’s all through our land and private properties and they get away with it because there are less people that live here and most are to poor to fight the fight against the military. It’s time for a change or eventually the government is going to have a huge fight on their hands…..

  13. Also one more thing why is the military allowed to be used on the state of Kentucky unlike let’s say California? It is because of discrimination and location which is not an excuse at all….. if they were to do a federal crackdown in the bigger states just come to Ky during the summer and you will see what it would be like.

  14. My opinion is Trump understands math, and we all know he wants to get reelected in 2020. Considering the hghi percentage of Americans now believe cannabis should be legalized, it would suggest that his reelection would be in jeopardy just based on the numbers. So this obviously is a conundrum for the Trump administration and I think we will not see much going on here for quite some time considering he has many of the big problems to solve and insufficient resources.

    1. Trump doesnt want to get reelected. He never even expected to win: he was betting on a loss to wash his tax debt… and debt to the Russians… by loaning out to his own campaign usings funds from all the doners he conned.
      As hard as it is to accept youve been conned, the only way to fix this evil is to focus our support on institutions of truth and justice such as NORML, the ACLU, and investigative reporting by the Washington Post, Alternet and individuals like Greg Pallast. This is especially important after strategic failures in our national security like 911 are used to confuse us into giving up more of our hard earned liberties. Its the oldest trick in the book. Click on the Act tab, react with activism and investigative education with a hard background in historical context and civics and dont get conned again.

  15. I think a federal crackdown on marijuana could look a lot like the beginning of a civil war! We are tired of being considered criminals for our choice to use cannabis. How much longer do we have to put up with this stupid bullshit (I’m calling it what it is)?

    If the political elite are free to smoke their cigarettes, cigars, and drink their alcohol then they have absolutely no right to go after us because of our choice and screw them if they do!

  16. Trump, Sessions and the rest of these clowns SHOULD BE SCARED BLEEPLESS right now with this Russia CRACKDOWN that is happening to them. Right now Sessions must have a hard time falling asleep each night. Just like this MFer has put fear into cannabis consumers, farmers, by creating uncertainty and fear of arrests and crackdowns, Sessions very likely has compromised himself with regard to Russia, and is sweating like a stuffed pig wondering what “they know;” and may end up a traitor and in PRISON, along with other Trump clowns. The tables are turning on these marijuana haters….

    Anybody who can read people can see that Trump is running scared. That stupid chin up half smile signals that he is not only uncomfortable with his job, but most likely wishes he was somewhere else. He must know that his days are numbered, along with his conservative Christian ilk who have gotten in bed with Russia because they hated liberalism, multiculturalism, diversity, and many other progressive traits that harbor acceptance and cooperation among ALL people. It almost seems that Session’s reefer madness rants are more of a cover for his personal stance, if it ever came out that Russia wanted a Trump administration to crack down on legalizing marijuana as a payback for stealing the election. This seems very likely since Russia has publicly stated that they are against legal marijuana and want to roll back other countries that have relaxed cannabis laws. So it seems likely to me that when Sessions met with the Russians, legal marijuana came up.

    Now this MFer can stew in the uncertainty of what the Feds know and how far this Russia inquiry goes. Kinda like poor stoners wondering if the cops are on the way because the neighbors must have smelled the weed.

    1. I would be thrilled if Trump, Sessions, Bannon and crew all end up in prison! They do not represent the majority of the people in our country; far far from it…

      They are all selfish bullies who have found their way into power. It’s scary and I pray that America will soon be rid of them.

    2. You’ll be interested in this Jeedi;


      Sessions neglected to add another high profile meeting with the Russian ambassador while touring with the Trump campaign when he resubmitted his “revised” testimony to Congress.

      Senator McCain just announced support for an “independent investigation” into the Trump administration’s ties to Russian influence over the elections, “because Congress is no longer credible i its investigations, and I dont say that light heartedly.”

      And the irony is were investigating a president who publically encouraged Russia to hack Hillary’s god-forsaken emails during the campaign. Trump’s pathetic decoys over wiretapping wore thin day one.

      At this point I dont know when this administration will find time or resources for a drug war when theyre imploding internally.

      1. Well… except for the Rorhabacher-Farr amendment expiring next month. That will provide major resources for Drug War III. Unless we click on the Act tab NOW!

      2. YES, click the ACT tab for marijuana now. AND, contact your reps for everything else. I have contacted my reps this week over healthcare, Russia, EPA and more. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE. It is important to contact your reps with MORE than marijuana to show that you are serious about many issues. So this double prong approach diversifies the marijuana consumer’s outreach, but puts additional pressure on this criminal administration. EVERY WEEK hit up your reps with a complaint about this creepy clown administration. Tell your friends and family to call, email, visit with their reps on EVERY BLEEPING ISSUE THAT is fired off by this criminal administration. E-mail everyday if you can. Swamp the govt with complaints about this POS president and his criminal gang.

  17. It is up to the legislature to change the laws. It is up to the people to change the legislature’s membership. If MJ is “all that” for enough folks, the change comes. If not, then that’s the way the horsefly flies…LOL! We’ll just go back to the old fashioned black market way of doin’ things.

  18. Everybody KNOWS that marijuana is not dangerous. We’ve now had 4 years of legal recreational pot, and more than 20 years of legal medical marijuana, and yet we haven’t descended into chaos. States that have legalized recreational have seen a boom in tax revenues, job creation, decrease in crime and none of these states have fallen into the ocean. So we-including Republicans who are constantly touting the principle of personal freedom and government staying out of people’s lives, getting grid of so-called job-killing government regulations-we ALL KNOW that pot’s not dangerous and repealing these draconian laws has helped the economy-just what Republicans want. So there must be some other reason why Republicans want so badly to banish marijuana from the country. Could it be that they’re being paid off by pharmaceuticals?

    1. Or very brave… or very stupid… any liquid is prohibited in the halls of the US capitol:


      Important to know when we go citizen lobbying our Congressman.

      And I realize you meant any Congressman who consumes alcohol but prohibits marijuana is a hypocrite. But honestly if Representative Tulsi Gabbard needed a glass of wine after addressing Congress to deschedule marijuana I would say “salud” and toast to her brave tenacity. A “salud” and a puff at that…

  19. Uhhh I don’t think ANYBODY asked for Jeff sessions, how the hell could any of us know who he would APPOINT you Douche.

  20. some one needs to inform the administration that Cannabis availability to Veterans as well as all Citizens will bring down healthcare costs overall.
    Cannabis is a cheap and useful non-toxic medicine. Cannabis will compete with the dangerous and many times, UN-nessesary drugs, which will bring down costs in a healthy competitive environment.. Let the market work, a normal ‘republican platform’, along with the personal responsibility platform we keep hearing about from the ‘republicans’. I see this as a no brainer for the administration to remove Cannabis from the CSA and let the states do whatever.

    1. And that person is YOU Dave! Well, us, those of us that can vote and have a voice to speak to the Congressman that represent our districts. Forget this administration; theyve been bought by the Russians. Congress is who we needed to focus on all along anyway.

      In 2013, 6 million people visited this webpage. Out of that, only 130,000 clicked on the green Act Tab.

  21. If the federal government wants to crack down on marijuana it should start in its own house. They should be forced to prohibit the medical and de-criminalization in the only location in the country where the federal government has original and exclusive jurisdiction, the District of Columbia. Marijuana is a medicine and legal in the National Domain of the federal government, but cross into any state and all of a sudden the feds can seize your property because they claim marijuana has no medical value (except for them)

  22. I honestly think Trump, in anyway cracking down on marijuana is unlikely. Or him moving towards Legalizing. He’s to busy dealing with fanatical tinfoil hat wearing liberals raging about their Russia conspiracies. And their lust for unlimited immigration from Mexico and the middle east.

    That being said if supporters of Legalizing showed their support for Trump it might help.
    Well at least the pro marijuana folks that aren’t batshit crazy liberals.. Which I hope Is a minority.
    If any of you need help overcoming your Marxist indoctrination in school let me know. I’ll give you a nice list of books to read that’ll open your minds to different ideas. The majority being freely available on the Internet.

    1. Forget it.
      Trump has no credibility. We don’t want the kind of “help” Trump has to offer. He’s headed for a Siberian prison!

    2. Eat $#!+ and die. Trumpsky is following a communist police state regime and your nonsense is fooling no one on this forum.

  23. Washington state has already said they do not intend to cooperate with Sessions in any way.
    Would be good if people were up in Arms over this if Sessions tries this!

  24. Here’s a financial motive for Trump to keep Session’s under control: by continuing the status quo, weed shop owners can’t deduct their costs from fed income taxes — they are taxed on their gross income — so a shop that invests one million and brings in two million pays (35%?) on the 2 million — it amounts to a $350,000 tax on the first million invested plus the $350,000 tax on the second million. In other words, the feds are profiting hugely on the legal markets with this unarticulated “investment tax.” Let’s hope this alone will keep the lid on for as long as it takes to get cannabis rescheduled. Peace out.

  25. Crackdown? HAHA Right. Crack UP!
    This was EXACTLY what our cause needed!

    Trump, dumb-ass, says he’s gonna ‘crack down’ on budd biz?
    Can’t just raid SOME shops, has to be ALL shops in ALL states.

    I’d LOVE to see Trump (dumb-ass) try to tell Colorado that they must remove $150,000,000.00 in cannabis tax from their 2017 budget so that $1.6 BILLION in weed can be sold on the black market instead of being pumped into the US economy.

    And that’s just Colorado!
    They’d have to go after all 8 States with legal weed!
    It would be easier to try to kill all the houseflys in the US.

    Meanwhile, it has given the majority of America the catalyst needed to hasten the reversal of the 80 year old LIES told by a demon named Anslinger!

    THANK YOU DUMB-ASS! I mean, Mr President-Elect!

    1. They won’t care if we keep selling it — they’re counting on it! What they want is the forfeitures.

  26. #1 – There are more of us than them

    #2 – Get your buckets and grow tents out

    #3 – Guerrilla grow indiscriminately by forcing a hermi and creating a thousands of feminized seeds and throw them out along the highway, on walking trails and gardens randomly, that will keep them busy for a while…

    1. Re #3: the Brownspliff program, named after several Browns, uses unobtrusive brown paper to roll $igarette-like seed-planting devices, to contain quality potting soil and a seed or two. Ride your bike at night, with hundreds of these in a rucksack, use a sharp object to poke a 2-inch hole among the roots of a somewhat neglected hedge or Bush, stand the Brownspliff upright in there, ride 200 yards before planting the next one (you need the exercise).
      The plants will germinate, get a good nourished start, rootburst through watersogged paper into neighboring earth, receive both moderate shade and gentle drippage from the hostshrubbery, reach seed maturity unobserved, following year entire neighborhoods hempovergrown.
      Such worldwide widespread hempfication will help batterdown the sociopsychobarriers to the high-THC weed promotion we also care about, meanwhile terpenetic ditchweedleaves (you’ll know where to find ’em) are worth harvesting to blendergrind into your high-nutrient vegggie smooothies day by day.

  27. The irony of this Trump Admin on marijuana is that Hillary would be doing the same thing on gun control, this Web site would be vacant and second amendment advocants would be on the NRA Web pissed off at her pick for AG, you can have this but you cannot have that. The bottom line is as American citizens we should not have to pick one over the other, we are not Free until our government stays the fuck out of our personal lives.

    1. Nice Hillary fantasy. You may have a personal problem there… Bit of an obsession, maybe?

    2. I detect bull$#!+.
      As of a Federal Court hearing less than a couple of years ago its a felony to be in posession of marijuana and a firearm and we didnt see the NRA or any of you 2nd amendment cheerleaders backing us up. Meanwhile we were busy contacting our Congressman clicking on the Act tab to reform marijuana policy at the state and federal level. You should try it. Because a Demicratic Republic without citizen lobbying is truly what we can describe as “vacant.”

  28. The swamp can never be drained when the Federal Reserve secretly supplying the stagnate water.

  29. I suppose it would start in the District because it lacks state sovereignty. Then the rioting in the streets will begin, and the nationwide strikes and protests would ensue. The lawyers will have had enough time to mobilize by then and state Superior and District Courts will intervene. The comedic guy with the braggadocio will shame his party once again. We are NOT going back to 1930’s America. It will not happen.

  30. “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”

    “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

    “If the people let government decide which foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

    ~ Thomas Jefferson

    1. Tyranny =

      arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.
      Synonyms: despotism, absolutism, dictatorship.
      the government or rule of a tyrant or absolute ruler.
      a state ruled by a tyrant or absolute ruler.
      oppressive or unjustly severe government on the part of any ruler.
      undue severity or harshness.
      a cruel or harsh act or proceeding; an arbitrary, oppressive, or tyrannical action.

      1. If you ever visit the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C., be sure to look at the engraved quote on the west wall, and copy this to your state and federal Representatives:

        “I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and Constitutions. But laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.”

        -Thomas Jefferson

  31. If they do manage to shut off legal access to pot, all it will do is make those people still fortunate enough to have a “magic phone number” give their friend a call. Back to the basics. As far as pot is concerned, we’ve all been living in an occupied country for decades.

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