New Mexico: Governor Vetoes Bill To Expand State’s Medical Cannabis Program

Republican Gov. Susana Martinez has vetoed legislation, House Bill 527, which would have greatly expanded the state’s decade-old medical cannabis program.

For those keeping track, this is the third marijuana-related bill the Governor has vetoed this legislative session. In March, Gov. Martinez rejected without explanation a pair of measures that sought to license the cultivation of industrial hemp in compliance with Section 7606 of the Federal Farm Act. Governor Martinez previously received a ‘F’ grade on NORML’s 2016 Gubernatorial Report Card.

In her veto statement of HB 527, the Governor opined that she did not favor adding new qualifying conditions by legislative action. She specifically expressed concerns regarding the use of cannabis for those suffering from opioid dependence, and for those patients registered in other states. Studies report that the use of cannabis is associated with a reduction in opioid use, abuse, mortality, and hospitalizations.

Had HB 527 been signed into law, it would have permitted qualified patients to receive organ transplants, it would have expanded the list of qualifying illnesses for which medical cannabis may be recommended, and it would established reciprocity for non-residents, among other changes.

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  1. Sad to think my childhood which was a very happy one was mainly spent in clovis, hobbs, and lovington New Mexico. Sad people can die from using pot now but only from buerocrat’s

  2. Sounds to me like another governor who lives like a dictator. And doesn’t care about what the people want. We currently I have one in New Jersey.

  3. I was in pain in the hospital in New Jersey the doctor ordered morphine, morphine I told him I don’t want it to give me medical marijuana, I was told No! I said you want me to take something that’s has killed people but I can’t have something that has never killed anybody,

  4. Governor Martinez of New Mexico strikes again. Such IGNORANCCE! I hope something is done so New Mexicans can get the medicine they need. New Mexico is a PRISON STATE. Just sad, I hope the politicians who state AGAINST Prohbition put a stop to this madness. Martinez needs to GO.

  5. For those of you who wonder why I criticize GOPers so often on these posts, Gov. Susana Martinez is a prime example.

    I know there are Dems out there who act just as unreasonable. But, like many other GOPers out there, she seems to have this intolerant, close-minded attitude, where nothing will change her mind, not evidence by scientists or anyone else. Her mind’s already been made up–her sheriff daddy made sure her mind was already made up before he unleashed her on the world.

    I hate that close-mindedness. So, I’m just treading water here in NM, until her terrible reign is over, which it will be in 2018. Then, maybe NM can finally go ahead and enter the 21st Century and legalize pot!!

    1. I am a long term activist Republican. I am also a hardcore advocate of the repeal of cannabis prohibition. You can’t paint all Republicans with the same brush. About 1/3 of the G.O.P. are libertarian. Unfortunately there are others still living in the 1980’s.

      1. I hate both parties with a passion. That makes me non-partisan.

        As I have said with Democrats, Republicans with common sense (like you) need to make your voices heard. Stop allowing filth like Martinez to represent your party. We Independents know that, coming from Republicans, “law and order” is a cover for “police state”. Your party’s elite have not graduated beyond Nixon.

        Republicans, including Rand Paul, joined in lock-step to appoint the most undeserving Attorney General in USA history. This is unforgivable.

        Please fix your party.

        Non-Partisan America

      2. Don’t forget, Martinez has been a darling of the GOP. She was one of the people who was seriously considered for VP by a few of the GOP candidates this past year.

        So no, my criticisms of the GOP stand. I know not all GOPers are prohibitionist assholes, just as I know not all Dems are enlightened. But it’s the majority of the party that counts politically, and even more so its leaders. And the party that controls Washington politically right now, the GOP, has regularly demonstrated a hostile attitude toward legalization. Some of these politicos are in the hip pockets of their donors; others are stuck in the 1950s. Either way, these intolerant prohibitionist asswipes must go the way of the dodo bird.

      1. Check the NORML Congressional scorecard, read ’em and weep. My question to you: are you clicking the links? Are you contacting your reps? If not then stop talking and start walking your talk.

      2. Republicans are against everything that is good for this planet. Whether it’s believing in scientific facts or letting women make their own decisions. Sorry dude Republicans are on a whole other level then democrats that so called want to take your that will happen in murica. Republicans like oil and lead in streams. There is a difference.

  6. Good! Not only will this end her tenure as Governor of NM but it will effectively end her political career. People are dying due to decisions like these! Politicians like her will have much to answer for!

    One shoe down!

  7. America is prepared to send a message to ALL politicians like this ALL across the country! Respect the voters! Respect the polls! Respect public opinion or move to Russia!

    Prohibition of Cannabis cannot and will not be tolerated!

    Personally I look forward to watching Jefferson B Sessions III pop a blood vessel when he realizes he and his brood have been outed and routed!!

  8. I just wanna make sure I understand this. We elect our politicians. We put them in office. They work for us, and we pay their salaries. Yet, they’re the ones telling us how to live, creating unjust laws for us to follow with sometimes no input from us, and they put us in jail if we break these unjust laws. Then, the rest of the citizens pay for the incarceration costs.

    Wow. Hahahahaha! I guess the joke’s on us. They’re trading jokes all the way to the bank, and we’re the punchline.

      1. Ain’t that Fascism? And don’t we need an appropriate name for it? “Land of the free” my ass!

  9. Can’t the legislature pass the bill over her veto???

    N. Mexico is not a dictatorship consisting of only the executive branch.


  10. She has done nothing for NM in 6 years. Closed minded drinker who will be gone in 2018. Worst gov we ever had. She’s a Tejana….Go back to Texas bitch.

  11. Mexican cartel funded governor or just behind the times? How else can anyone justify her actions or at the very least explain said actions?

    I think what amazes me is there is a clear shift across the nation toward full legalization and there is still this tiny contingent of old school prohibitionists that want to keep locking up stoners simply because it is an easy bust. If it isn’t that what is it?

    Was your campaign funded by the wealth of industries that lose out if cannabis is used to its full potential? What gives?

    Veto all you want, eventually the people get what they demand.

  12. It’s a shame the Prohibitionist are so close minded,if they work for us they should read the latest reports on the many benefits of medical marijuana.We all need to keep being active in putting into office the people who promote medical marijuana.Get educated on who is willing to pass the laws that the people want and vote.

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