Marijuana Legalization Bills Introduced in Canada

legalizationToday, the federal Liberal government of Canada released a slate of proposed bills that would legalize and regulate the commercial sale and adult use of marijuana in the country. The legislation would establish 18 as the minimum legal age to purchase marijuana and would create a legal framework for production, sale, and distribution. The bills were introduced in the House of Commons by Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, Health Minister Jane Philpott and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freehand.

You can read more details on the proposed legislation HERE.

This sensible approach to marijuana stands in stark contrast to the direction and tone United States President Donald Trump and his administration have been taking on the issue. While the Canadian government is moving in the direction of legalization and regulation, the Trump Administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions seem more intent on reviving outdated and erroneous Drug War rhetoric than allowing science and facts to dictate public policy. The United States should follow Canada’s example and end our own costly and disastrous prohibition on marijuana.


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  1. I never did find out if Trudeau and Trump talked about legalization when they first met. Canada is a sovereign nation so I don’t want the U.S. pressuring for prohibition. For years, I’ve been saying you shouldn’t have to leave the country that bills itself as the freest country on Earth, you know, home of the free, to buy and imbibe in the sacred herb in a shop. There need to be more Mokums!

    You shouldn’t have to leave your own country to go to Amsterdam in order to be freer than in your own country, which is supposed to be the freest country in the world.

    I’m sure hoping the current President Mr. Donald “Superlative” Trump understands that there’s no freer country than America and that’s one of the things that makes America great.

    Please, the magic word, please President Trump legalize in the U.S. Just think of the positive superlative to go in the quotes of President Donald “best president ever” Trump to the cannabis community OR President Donald “worst president ever” Trump. The negative superlatives could be downright vulgar, full of curse words.

    Donald, just legalize.

    1. You’re absolutely right, America LOVES to bill itself as the “land of the free.” Part of the reason for that is that many Americans have never been out of the country, and actually don’t realize there’s a hell of a lot of “freedom” out there besides ours. In the minds of these people, America is the only country that gives aid to other countries; America is the only country to which people want to immigrate; America has the best cities, the best healthcare, etc etc.

      “Free” is of course a relative concept here, because in too many ways we’re anything but free. In fact, in too many ways we’re actually living in a police state.

      MJ legalization will do much to reduced the grip and effects of the police state.

  2. Congratulations Canada. Tell us how much your opiate overdose and suicide rates drop!

    While we are making incredible progress at the state level to legalize marijuana here in the states, at the Federal level Congress and the Trump administration are in league with Satan, and by that of course I mean synthetic and opiate pharmaceuticals like Insys Therapuetics.

    Please click on the green Act tab to support legalization here in the US, both state and federal.

    Soooo… Dan Marino for Drug Czar of the ONDCP? The pharmaceutical @$$-licker extroardinair? Leafly tries to say at least he hasnt said anything bad about marijuana, but since the Drug Czar is muzzled by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 now he CANT say anything good about weed. In fact, by law, the drug czar is required to use our tax dollars to deny the medical efficacy of marijuana. Even if his “focus” and voting record shows he’ll help deregulate Big Pharma while “cracking down” on opiates in the street. Sure, like THAT will help keep people from overdosing.
    Oh wait, but Chris Christi has been appointed as director of a special Presidential commission to “combat” opiate abuse. Thats like appointing Chris Christi on a Presidential Commission to combat obesity. Good luck with that Trump.
    If we take all this together with AG Sessions calling the very real fact that states that have legalized marijuana have REDUCED RATES OF OPIATE OVERDOSE AND SUICIDE “ridiculous,” then I think this administration paints a clear picture they will profit from the opiate epidemic and death of our own US citizens. Youre right Trump; Putin may be a killer but our leaders really DO bad things.

    1. Sorry, Julian, I just read an email from NORML explaining that Trump is picking Tom Marino as Drug Czar.

      And Tom Marino is infinitely worse than Dan Marino–I’m guessing–when it comes to pot legalization. According to the NORML email, “Representative Marino is a longtime, rabid drug warrior . . . ”

      Seems our beloved president just can’t get enough of the rabid drug warriors in his administration.

      1. LMAO!
        Of course, as Im sure you surmised, I meant Tom Marino!!!
        All I can think about when I say ” Dan Marino” is that episode of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective when Dan was behind the smuggling of the Dolphins mascot. Priceless…

  3. Right on point from my previous post here is our Political Director Justin Strekal on RT talking about Big Pharma financing prohibition at the state level in WV and AZ and the Federal level with court cases through AG Sessions:
    While Insys Therapuetics is the most high profile prohibitionist pharmaceutical group killing with opiates for profit, Sessions has been long financed by HealthSouth which was purchased by CVS.
    To keep it on topic, how is Canada avoiding this parasitic legal drug onslaught? Oh yeah: they have universal health care so they dont deal with parasitic private health insurance which owns the US Republican party. Makes a big difference dont it?

  4. It seems that Canada is the new “Land of the Free”.

    With Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions III filling the position of the Attorney General of the United States a more approprate moniker for us is “Land of Prisoners”.

    I just can’t imagine how that fits in with President Trumps plan to “Make America Great Again”. I think it makes us, Americans, seem really really stupid!

    1. With Jeffersondavis Bullyguard Secessions it’s 1861 Again and we’re “Land of the Fear”.
      As for Make America Grunt Again, well we need exercise to combat heavy obesity (morbid obedience– buying heavily advertised sugarpop).

  5. The United States should follow Canada’s example and end our own costly and disastrous prohibition on marijuana.

    Shouda’…Couda’… Woulda’and five bucks will get you a cup of Starsfucked coffee.

    What are you going to do ?…when a Dictator says NO!

    Explain?…minus the delusion that Democracy exists in America?

    I mean to say…what are you personally going to do but keep whining about rights you no longer possess.

  6. Sessions is intellectually stuck in the 1950s, that is, in 1950s Alabama. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone–especially our whole country.

    Dan Marino? The Miami Dolphins quarterback? Things just keep getting weirder with this prexy.

      1. I’m so relieved it’s not Dan, lol. Now I can call Dan up and smoke a fatty with him! (We can commiserate the ’84 Super Bowl.)

  7. Sessions should be in jail period. That said, because of America’s electoral stupidity in 2016, marijuana reform won’t come until after 2024. Happy Drug War America! You deserve it! As for Canada, at least they know which side their bread is buttered. Enjoy cannabis freedom Canada, you deserve it!

  8. Canada deserves this and I welcome them to cannabis freedom. As for the US, since Americans love their little drug war because it validates their worthless existences, I say “don’t worry”, America’s drug war will continue full steam ahead and for those that want to end prohibition, well Trump’s second term expires in Jan. 2025, perhaps we can talk then.

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