Delaware Legislature Advances Full Legalization To Full House Vote

norml-bumper-sticker2Never in the history of Delaware has a marijuana legalization bill passed out of committee – yet these days NORML chapters throughout the country are writing a new future.

After organizing of heroic proportions, Delaware NORML has driven the phone calls, lead the meetings, organized the town halls, and created momentum so strong that yesterday, HB 110, to legalize and establish a regulatory system for distribution, passed committee 7 to 2.

Senate Majority Whip Margaret Rose Henry, the author of the state’s medical marijuana legislation and sponsor of HB 110’s Senate companion legislation, said at a recent Medical Marijuana Act Oversight Committee meeting “Education is suffering. Revenue from legalizing marijuana could help struggling schools and seniors, among other causes and close major budget deficits in Delaware.”

According to recent polling data compiled by the University of Delaware, sixty-one percent of state voters favor legalizing marijuana.

DE resident? Click here to send a message to your lawmakers to support marijuana legalization in your state. 

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11 thoughts

  1. Wayne’s World, 1992:

    “Or imagine being magically whisked away to…
    (…no applause)
    “It’s got a bridge…”

    (Lol) Way to go Delaware! Legalize and Ill pay to travel and get high on your bridge anyday!

      1. More like a lack of basic civics and geography in the US core curriculum. Im actually rooting for Delaware to lead the way in legislative legalization if Vermont gets vetoed. Just met some people from Delaware today visiting the capitol during the marijuana march in Austin. I’ll be driving through Delaware in July and I really mean it when I say I want to buy some weed at that pit stop before the bridge.
        We need every legislative boost we can get for legalization for states without voter initiatives to mangle Sessions judicial plans for prohibition. I think Deleware can do it.

  2. Good to hear, good to hear, not thinking about stupid Vermont right now. Way to go, Delaware! Time to join the FUTURE!

  3. Hey guys I’m from Delaware and let me tell you there’s a lot more in delaware than a bridge. If this gets approved your welcome to come hang out with me!!!!!

    1. Hahahaha…
      Just joking! I just love that old clip from Waynes World. While we were driving across Delaware last year my Mexican wife once woke up over the bridge and asked where we were. I told her and she said, “De la WHERE?” (Lol!)
      Sure would be nice to toke up at that rest stop before the bridge and enjoy the view! Ya’ll need to sell weed at every 711 and truck stop in state and ca$h in on the commuters. Hell, what about a vaporizing cabin on Amtrak? I wanna at least be stoned before we derail…

  4. Delaware! Hell Yeah! No state sales tax so this is a revenue stream, and Delaware is in the perfect location for mid-Atlantic states, borders on Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and damn if I95 doesn’t go right through it. Perfect for the East Coast, it’s the other bookend of legalization in the megalopolis that extends from D.C. to Boston, right through all those states.

    Do it Delaware! Legalize adult recreational, and allow Amsterdam-style venues! Denver of the East!

  5. A long way we’ve come since the days of Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” combined with associating immorality with cannabis to today’s scientific approach and public’s shift due to being hoodwinked. The tide has also shifted. And there’s nothing pekerwood Sessions or his treasonous boss can do about it.

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