New Hampshire: Decriminalization Passes Senate, Soon Heads To Governor To Sign

arrestedNew Hampshire is the only New England state that has not either decriminalized or legalized adult marijuana use but that is soon to change.

Today, the state Senate passed an amended version of House Bill 640, which eliminates the threat of jail time for a possession conviction of less than 3/4 of an ounce and reduces the fine from $350 to $100.

HB 640 is a long overdue, fiscally sensible proposals that is supported by the voters, and that will enable police, prosecutors, and the courts to reallocate their existing resources toward activities that will better serve the public.

Governor Chris Sununu (R) has indicated that he will sign the bill.

Sixty-eight percent of New Hampshire adults support “legalizing [the] possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal recreational use,” and seventy-four percent of respondents endorse marijuana being sold at state-licensed outlets and taxed in a manner similar to alcohol.

After years of stonewalling by former leadership, we commend lawmakers for finally correcting this injustice. Once law, Granite state residents will be one step closer to being able to truly ‘Live Free’ and not just ‘live free, but potentially be incarcerated.

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  1. HALLELUJH, I never thought I live long enough to see this glorious day. So, just about approximately WHEN can we expect our gracious Governor to sign this wondrous legislation into law??

    1. So as far as long it depends on a few things. The house originated the bill and passed it with a 1oz limit- the senate ammeded it to 3/4oz. So first, it goes back to the house and they can agree or disagree (they will agree). Then it goes to the committee of enrolled bills. They double check for clarical errors and stuff like that. Then it gets read to both houses and signed by the houses. Then its fowarded to secratary of state who gives it to govenor to sign. He has 5 days to sign or veto from that point. Once he signs, you are good to go. Id expect 30-60 days or so.

  2. I am so digging the Amsterdam style venues that are going to open in Denver.

    Good bye, Sessions!

    Pennsylvania should legalize and sell adult recreational through the state store system, and then those jobs can stay while the rabid Republicans get to private the current state-run liquor system. That is exactly what Pennsylvania needs to do.


  3. I don’t see anywhere in this bill a provision providing for the same penalties for marijuana paraphernalia. It will remain an a misdemeanor (arrest annd possible jail) to possess paraphernalia unless the legislature amends this bill to include paraphernalia decriminalization. Maryland had to revisit this issue after decriminalizing marijuana. They had to pass a bill including paraphernalia the next year.

    1. @Doug, if there is such a thing as “Paraphernalia” (paranoia-infernal-alien) it is 700-mg-per-lightup Hot Burning Overdose Monoxide ($igarette) Papers. But if you compete AGAINST those, you are Banned– the gift $igarette companies get in exchange for their Gifts to (mostly Republican) candidates.
      Their blacklungmoney opposition to cannabis legalization is to large extent based on their sensing that progressive thoughtful cannabis users are in danger of inspiring presentday $lave niggotine $moking addicts to switch to Vaporizing and/or 25-mg-serving flexdrawtube oneheaters and the once all-powerful papered tobackgo $igarette “industry” will be ancient history within a decade.

  4. This is good. Especially with recreational cannabis stores opening across the border in Maine and Mass soon.

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