Michigan NORML Joins Fight to Legalize Marijuana in 2018

11926482_725769350861687_111475490193713040_oMarijuana activists across Michigan are gearing up for a renewed effort to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and up. Last week the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol took the first steps to qualify their new proposal for the 2018 ballot by formally submitting language to the State of Michigan for review.

If passed by voters, adults 21 and up will be able to legally possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana, and grow up to 12 marijuana plants in their residence. For retail sales, a 10 percent tax will be applied. Tax revenues are expected to be used for schools, roads, enforcement costs and a unique study that will examine the use of medical marijuana to prevent veteran suicides.

If you’ve been following legalization efforts in Michigan, you’re probably aware that advocates pushed for a similar initiative in 2016. However after collecting more than 350,000 signatures – more than enough to qualify for the ballot – Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation that disqualified the measure from the ballot, a decision the state appellate courts let stand.

This changed everything. Organizers of the effort quickly went from having more than enough signatures to needing over 100,000 to make the ballot. However, refusing to accept defeat, many involved in the campaign quickly regrouped and shifted their focus to the 2018 ballot.



With the backing of Michigan NORML, the Marijuana Policy Project, MI legalize, Drug Policy Alliance, the National Patients Rights Association, the Michigan Cannabis Coalition and several others, campaign organizers and volunteers are confident they now have the resources and support needed to be successful.

“Michigan NORML is pleased to have been included in negotiations over the language filed in Michigan by the Committee to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. The initiative includes best practices from around the country,” said Matthew Able, executive director of Michigan NORML. “We expect to collect the necessary 253,000 signatures over the next six months, and look forward to approval by the Board of Canvassers so that we may begin the petitioning process.”

If approved, Michigan will become the ninth state to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and up following Colorado, Alaska, California, Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and Washington.

TAKE ACTION: Contact federal lawmakers to demand an end to the federal prohibition of marijuana by supporting HR 1227.

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For future updates on marijuana law reform efforts in the Wolverine State, follow Michigan NORML by visiting their website and Facebook page! To make a donation or to join Michigan NORML, please click here!

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    I do not know if we can succeed next year….we need to get those signatures within 180 days I think….also…not only are there many Republicans in now RED STATE Michigan, but we also have the Sessions problem looming.

    BUT WE ARE GOING TO GIVE IT EVERYTHING WE’VE GOT! Time to join the FUTURE, Michigan! Legalize! Shove the opposition aside this time!

    1. The rustbelt fall for Trump’s con-sale of “bringing jobs back” was overinflated. The real reason Michigan fell to the prohibitionist brand of GOP was voter caging:


      There are plenty of signatures to gather… self identified Republicans too… whether they watched Trump get slapped out of NAFTA negotiations or not, marijuana legalization is a bipartisan issue. Just make damn sure youre using a reputable notary and start collecting signatures immediately from college campuses to the state legislature. Be prepared for an epic legal battle.

    2. We need marijuana to be legalized it would get our state out of debt can you imagine how great it would be to see Michigan Prosper again

  2. And although I have said it in the past and not returned (busy schedule) this one I WILL be coming back to, as I have more to say on this article. As this is my home state once again, after leaving Ohio from uni. (yes, was present when the disgusting and disasterous Issue 3 and Curt Steiner thing went down, Ohio is a joke as well, but kudos for medical). Will be back!

  3. I love Detroit. Make the Motor City a cannabis mokum city. There will be no stopping folks bringing it over, across the lake, over the hills and through the woods by trail when Canada legalizes. Those Alcohol Prohibition smuggling ways are coming back big time. You might as well legalize and cash in and simultaneously avoid the Elliott Ness nightmare costs. Pot shops in Windsor. Sourced in Canada. Smugglers Paradise. Just legalize!

  4. I would love to stay in a nice hotel in downtown Detroit, see a basketball game or a concert, and sample the Michigan cannabis. What do they cook in Michigan? I would get some local food, too. I am not a high roller but I might spend a thousand dollars in Detroit in Y1L, Year 1 of Legalization, that I would have spent in a different state. I bet there are a hundred thousand like me within a day’s drive to Detroit. A hundred thousand times a thousand starts to add up, in terms of tax dollars.

  5. damn, I am so late….

    Hi, everyone….I want to share links for our movement before I get ready for work, we are already under attack, opposition movement forming (yes, the mb….comments are mine, but…:)) the first is our movement, the SECOND, is an article from TheCannabist which really pissed me off….we are facing opposition from De Witt and Gordon and, apparently, whomever proportadly supports them and some movement. Here are the links….but this needs to be addressed.

    Folks, we have wanted legalization in a MIDWEST state for so long, Wisconsin, even Minnesota, anything. NORML…please consider selecting a target Midwestern state to try and open this area up, I know though, that it is so hard with the Trump reigme now running things. Thanks. I just hope we can legalize in MI next year, please help us defeat the opposition, at least now we know who some of them are!!!! Matt

    1. Sorry, reply, then, main. Have to go to work soon, but I think about this every day.



      MI NORML:

      This post is late, but I am coming back in future posts with more.

      It is so critical, NORML, that we open up a Midwest state, Wisconsin, Minnesota, MI, OH, someone….we are dying for legalization and progressive reforms out here. Please remember the Midwest, and the critical importance of opening up this formerly progressive area to, at the very least, our cause. Thanks, and I am on as soon as I can—-Matt

    2. Sigh…ok, had some links listed, but please go to:

      1. MI NORML website at ORG
      2. The Cannabist
      3. MI Legalize, they also have a Twitter

      It is truly disgusting that we have not legalized marijuana in either Ohio, now, Michigan, in the Midwest. This is an area, NORML, which is so appropriate. MI and OH are TIRED of waiting. We want legalization, and we, resoundley want it NOW. We want legalization out here, and some of us are tired of being stopped, over and over again. But, such is my post. NORML, please do not forget us activists in the Midwest. We want legalization, and education is no stranger to some of us. Please consider the STRATEGIC influence legalization would bring if you captured one of our states. Thank you. Matt

  6. oh, I see the links now, sorry NORML, lol, I had another window opened and did not now if the reply posted, 🙂 Matt.

    Section 5.1 tells you what you want to hear. 10 ounces in your home, grow 12 plants, etc. And then Section 15 says ANY ADULT caught doing anything in section 5.1 will be still responsible for a civil infraction and can be fined $100 and their pot will be confiscated!

    NO ADULT can grow ANY plants for their own personal use without risking fines! NO ADULT can possess ANY amount of pot in their own home without risking fines!
    This 2018 proposal is a betrayal of spirit of MILegalize and I refuse to support it.

    It is clear that the writers of this proposal believe that pot smokers are stupid people who will not be able to figure out the deception until it is too late. If you vote for this proposal then they will be right. Read Section 15 carefully. It negates ALL the personal rights it grants in section 5.1. Adults over 21 will only have the right to BUY marijuana. They won’t be allowed to POSSESS, SMOKE, GROW, or GIVE AWAY ANY amount of it even in their own homes.

    MI Legalize has gone over to the dark side!

    1. Oakland, I will look into your claims. But if you are just trying to spread anti-legalization propaganda, you will surely lose. We were defeated once. We shal’nt be so defeated again. Legalization is coming to the Mitten State, the Wolverine State, MY state. And if you or the opposition get in the way, this time, we WILL push you aside. Thank you. Please consider the common sense of supporting legalization. Your spirit is strong on this issue if this post is genuine. Frankly, I, PERSONALLY, have often said I CAN accept a legalization bill with no home grow, other conditions IF possession is legalized. WHY! Why is the glaring question? Because I believe we can work these issue out, but FIRST, FIRST, we MUST, at the very least, LEGALIZE. To expediate the process, my point is, we should not be picky if we want to limit delays. But, of COURSE, ideally, home grow, FULL legalization is my dream too! Immediately? Goodness, YES. So, if this is propaganda, try again. If not, I hear your anger and your call. Don’t worry, I have faith this time we can succeed! That is up to the supporters once again. And you and me, brother/sister. Peace, and, in solidarity…Matt, your comrade in legalization, in progress, in the future, for all of us in the global community, for all human beings.

      1. Matt. I no longer believe the MILegalize 2018 proposal is deceptive. Just poorly worded. It has been pointed out to me that Section 15 contains the exclusionary phrase “and is not otherwise authorized by this act to conduct such activities”. Which means normal responsible adults will not be subject to any fines or penalties for exercising their rights granted in section 5.
        I still can’t figure out who WOULD be subject to the fines in Section 15.1 because Section 5 authorizes all persons over 21 while Section 15 says it does not apply to persons under 21 (section 4.1.c). So who’s left? Sounds like a null set.
        Thank you for recognizing my passion. Yes, I will support this proposal now and sign the petition.

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