Take Action This Memorial Day

for_painVeterans have served our nation honorably. So this Memorial Day, why is the federal government denying those veterans suffering from debilitating ailments like chronic pain and PTSD access to the therapeutic effects of marijuana?

Presently, V.A. doctors residing in states where medical cannabis is legal remain forbidden from providing the paperwork necessary to complete a medical marijuana recommendation — thus forcing military veterans to seek the advice of an expensive, private, out-of-network physician.

Recently introduced legislation, HR 1820, ends this prohibition.

Send a message to your member of Congress and tell them to support veterans by supporting HR 1820. 

Last year, majorities in both the US House and Senate voted to include similar language as part of the Fiscal Year 2017 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill. However, Republicans sitting on the House Appropriations Committee elected to remove the language from the bill during a concurrence vote.

Our veterans deserve the option to legally access a botanical product that is objectively safer than the litany of pharmaceutical drugs it stands to replace.

Tell your Representative, don’t play politics with the health of our veterans.

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  1. I am a Gulf War veteran using marijuana for PTSD. Please eliminate this senseless ban.

  2. Just sent my local REP an E mail, doubt that it will do any good, all the people in office in Arkansas are draconian, they still can not believe the voters passed MMJ last election, and they still will not let anyone have any either.

    1. @ Mr.CC,

      Your email did some good, even if your Rep ignored it. That’s for several reasons; for one, you’ve done your civic duty in this matter, for which you should be commended. If knowing that empowers you, and lifts your spirits, and strengthens your resolve, go ahead — take it! You’ve earned it.

      Additionally, numbers matter, and we need to demonstrate that we have the numbers, politically. For this, your participation was, in fact, needed.

      So, see? We’re all needed in The Resistance, as with Trump and Sessions and Ryan and McConnell in power, the Cannabis Revolution and The Resistance to fascism are very much one and the same in these dangerous times.

  3. Ostensibly, American soldiers protect American freedoms.

    There are limits to freedom — “Your right to wave your arms around ends at the tip of my nose.”

    But if the freedom to grow and consume cannabis is not well within those limits, then that is a freedom that is shallow and impotent, indeed.

  4. I sent a message to my Virginia representatives. I find it completely outrageous that after serving my country as a marine that I cannot use cannabis to treat my mental and physical ailments. I know from years of experience with cannabis that it works; at least for me! That should be reason enough to let me and others like me to be able to use it without idiotic legal consequences…

    1. @ MSimon,

      Bullshit, you’ve been a Trump apologist all along. “War on Republicans?” You really are crazy, aren’t you? That time has passed, asshole — that was called the “election”, remember? That was your chance to vote for Hillary, and defeat the Republicans.

      All you have done since then is bitch about Hillary and President Obama.

      You are so full of it.

      Say “I fucked up, I should have voted for Hillary, but I didn’t, and that’s how traitor and loser and Russian stooge Trump stole the White House.” Or, I just don’t believe or listen to a thing you say. Fuck your links.

      War on Republicans? Vote Democratic, fool!

    2. For a mentally healthy individual, a war on our children is synonymous with a war on ourselves. But not for MSimon. His beef with that war is that it doesn’t “sell really well.”

      This shows you that his loyalties are not with the children. He doesn’t mind exploiting those same children for the purposes of his perpetual white nationalist propaganda, however.


    3. MSimon,

      I really want to agree with your unusual stance (at least unusual for this blog)… which begs the question:
      Does “going after Republicans” include Trump?

      While the Congressional scorecard here at NORML reveals that Republican politicians are far more prohibitionist by far:
      Here in Texas, giving credit where its due, my state Republican representative Jason Isaac worked across the aisles with Democratic Representative Joe Moody-El Paso and Eddie Lucio III, Brownsville to legalize medical marijuana and decriminalize.
      As with most hot topics in the US, marijuana policy transcends every issue, whether we are talking about veterans, mental health and opiate suicide or how the opiate epidemic fuels child abuse. The evidence from JAMA that shows a reduction in opiate addiction in states with legal mmj or recreational marijuana policy is the game changer, and we cant stop drilling these facts on any of our politicians.
      Ive written here before about how corrupt CPS and the Department of Health and Human Services are here in Texas, and how this corruption becomes intertwined with marijuana prohibition, bad federal grants, kickbacks, the DEA’s S.O.D. Program and predatory behavior from within these agencies. One bad judge, one bad case worker and payoffs from the DEA to close drug related cases and a marijuana piss test and we have a corruption ring at the expense of children. Meanwhile the underlying problems such as alcohol, opiates and the way we pay private child custody goes unaccounted for. The Texas legislature tried to fix this from the Governors desk signing 4 reform bills for CPS and child welfare today:


      1. @ Julian,
        Doesn’t appear that MSimon is going to answer your pointed question. As usual, he drops his load of propaganda and takes off. He is intellectually dishonest.

      2. I dunno, Mark. I think we mighta broke him. Last time I just tried to reveal to him the fact that playing the battered wife to Trump wasnt going to stop his child-abusing opiate policies… y’know reveal that he’s contradicting himself by supporting the Drumphenfuhrër.
        Now he’s all “going after Republicans.” I just hope he seeks proper psychological counciling before he ends up on the 10 o’clock news.

    4. Isaac was able to add an amendment to the Compassionate Use Act to protect parents from prosecution who are in compliance, but the law doesnt effevtively treat those in need.
      But without legalizing marijuana and reducing opiate addiction, the root cause of so much violence and child exploitation, the extra money and bureaucratic shuffle does as much harm as good. “Caretakers” have opiates presribed to them while the mere mention of marijuana can have children taken into state and federal custody. On this much I believe we can agree. Taking direct action, citizen lobbying, demanding in writing the “alternative evidence” or facts, supporting law suits against injustice are all part of our responsibility to protect the children in our community. And thats no matter whether we are Democrat, Republican or Independent: We legalize marijuana as Americans first.

  5. NORML! I believe Ive diagnosed the addiction disease that prohibitionists have! I call it Tax Reduction Addiction for Predatory Prohibitionist Enforcement Deception! (T.R.A.P.P.E.D.)

    Just read the addiction checklist!


    Look at Jeff Sessions, Kevin Sabet or Donald Trump, read this checklist and you tell me if they arent TRAPPED!

    Talk to a weedcare provider if you experienced two or more of these symptoms in the last year:

    1). Often taking more of the substance (asset forfeitures, drug donations and tax free offshore drug accounts) for a longer period than intended
    2). Ongoing desire or unsuccessful efforts to reduce use (still bringing back mandatory minimums?)
    3). Great deal of time spent to obtain, use or recover from substance. (Did the DOJ lie to Congress AGAIN?)
    4). Craving the substance (“Whats wrong with asset forfeitures?” -Sessions)
    5). Failing to fulfill obligations at work, home or school as a result of continued use (where to start?)
    6). Continued use despite ongoing social or relationship problems caused or worsened by use (Example: The Melania slap).
    7). Giving up or reducing social, occupational or recreational activities because of use (What if the recreations ARE the asset forfeitures and tax evations?)
    8). Repeated use in physically dangerous situations (like releasing the location of our nuclear subs to warm up to sociopathic murdering drug-war dictators just to get a permit to build an emolument tower).
    9). Continued use despite ongoing physical or mental health problems caused or worsened by use
    Developing tolerance. (Private Prisons, finasteride)
    10). Experiencing withdrawal symptoms after reducing use . (Is that what Obama’s executive orders did to these private prison leeches?)

    1. I think you’re onto something there..

      John Lennon said that the world was being run by maniacs, for maniacal reasons, but if you ever say so, they will put YOU in the loony bin!

      1. Generally true, with an extra “Ack!” in ” maniac to this current administration.

        Just look at all these predatory addiction “rehab” services out there, ca$hing in on prohibition and expanded private medical insurance. To me, watching one of my friends getting unwittingly busted and turned informant by his own “friend” who worked in drug rehabilitation made the game real clear to me from the beginning. Or he could have just handed him a joint and talked about his real personal reasobs for cocaine addiction. Big difference there.

        Its a mind warp for people who are still subdued to the politics of power and have not conquered the fear of prison for simply speaking out and challenging our DOJ. But if we think about it, people in the DOJ and law enforcement are fed the drug of tax free cash. Some are hooked on the thrill and adrenaline of “busting” innocent, nonviolent people for unaccountable profit from marijuana prohibition… (or just being addicted to the feeling of being on the same team during a drug raid, even if it means pulling the trigger before you know theyre really traffickers just for cash… i.e. Legal Thieves and Murderers). …whose really addicted here?

      2. As a recovering alcoholic myself, I take it real personal when I see addicts desperate for a solution being exploited and lied to for profit. It is an evil so great, my wrath is insufficient.

        Addiction and recovery are complicated and often baffling matters, making them fertile ground for predatory profit-mongers who exploit those who need help the most.

        But that’s the capitalist way, is it not? Look at the GOP position on health care: the more desperate you are,the more it is going to cost you. That’s human predation, which is evil, by definition.

      3. @ Julian,

        I read the NPR transcript at the link, and now understand the scam going on there. But I am already familiar with the scam from decades of working for “The Man”, mostly in contracting.

        What I observed over time is a corporate culture in America which feels no obligation whatsoever to provide an actual service or product in exchange for the money they charge, and receive, for said service. Their objective is to get the money while providing as LITTLE service as possible, preferably nothing. They wouldn’t pay their employees at all, or provide any service whatsoever, unless they felt they had to.

        They justify all this by saying, “It’s just business.” well, okay. But that’s why I say “To hell with the business community. They’re parasites. Who gives a fuck what they want?”

      4. @Mark
        I empathize with your frustration with our morally bankrupt “business community” ethics, but I urge you to show restraint on painting the “business community” or corporate America with such a broad brush.
        Remember its fairly taxed legal marijuana businesses in states with voter initiatives that is legalizing marijuana, thanks to President Obama’s Cole memos. We represent a “service” industry that is eager to be regulated and pay our taxes because we’ve seen first hand what deregulated prohibition can do.
        The basic premise of NORML at its foundation is that we must represent consumer advocacy to keep business ethics in check, but not to destroy and condemn these businesses entirely, or we have lost the battle before we have begun.
        People trust the NORML brand. Whether its product safety, chemical and mold testing, navigating legalization policy or just recommending sites for where to get the best strains, NORML is the Lighthouse on the rock. Lets keep it that way and we can let consumers reward the best business.

      5. @ Julian,
        Of course, there are exceptions to my negative generalizations regarding the business community, and some actors are worse than others.

        The marijuana business community is not all for legalization, for example. Greedy Sellers Against Legalization cost California Prop 19 a few years back… They sold out to Capitalism!

  6. Yep!

    Don’t book your vacation to Nevada this summer just yet. A cannabis coffeeshop out a ways from Las Vegas gets the tourists who aren’t really all the interested in gambling as they are in enjoying Amsterdam in the desert. Vegas has that international flair like a poker game at Epcot Center or a day at a Busch Gardens theme park.

    Hey, you got the Eiffel Tower replicate in Las Vegas. Why not Amsterdam in the desert?

    Mokum in the desert.


  7. Trump’s Chris Christie in the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. I’ll shit a brick of nederhasj if they recommend de-scheduling and/or pulling out of the international agreements prohibiting cannabis legalization.

    That’s what needs to happen, precedent is pulling out of Paris climate agreement.

    The legal cannabis market is booming. Jobs, jobs, jobs!



    1. Jobs, jobs, jobs! And yes, thanks for reminding me.
      Alleged and/or pseudo conservatives warn that the KEY TO CREATING JOBS is to make sure a few rich guys, who know everything, have enough money to hire workers to do whatever they, the rich guys, decide needs to be done.
      Like build a casino tower– suckers bring money and “enjoy” an emotional win/lose drama binge. Or market a 24-ounce nonresealable can loaded with 8% beer– hurry drink it now before it goes flat, then magnificently flatten the accelerator.
      Alternative: examine what’s going to waste around us (like 40% of all the food and/or wood) and INVENT ways to salvage, repair or adapt and make into new product (CREATIVE REUSE). Lots of interesting inspiring handwork jobs, with or without friends around or listening to the radio.
      Uh. Oh. Cannabis can instigate an uprush of previously hidden ideas from the unconscious resulting in inventions. Millions of handworkers in every neighborhood might start making most of what their families need out of scrap and discards– shrinking revenues to Big Bucks Stores and tax collectors. How will truckfump’s lawyers make money?
      Yes, legal cannabis will help millions of Americans learn to use wood carbon to make most stuff, instead of oil and coal carbon (making more plastic toys over again after an old one was thrown away because of a spot on it = spautism).
      Serve a toke, then go out into some neglected wooded area in or near your town and see how many dead branches are lying on the ground waiting to be reused… break off two-inchers and drop them on the ground (for mulch) until you get to strong wood, then trim & haul the good sticks to town, use some and give some to your hanFworker Friends.

      1. PS. Check out free wiki article “Preschool-education/essential-toys” on Wikiversity.org. Sign in and add ideas you got after a toke.

      2. @ mexweed,

        People need to be able to motivate and entertain themselves, as you do; weed can help the mind pull itself out of other people’s agenda for one’s own personal thoughts and actions.

        Like Bob Dylan said, they “never understood that it ain’t no good, you shouldn’t let other people get your kicks for you.”

  8. I’ve heard that medical marijuana is a better substitute for PTSD than other drugs.

    I’m assuming there haven’t been any VA studies because it breaks a federal law? Would VA hospitals in states that allow medical marijuana be able to run studies?

    1. Quite possibly relevant to PTSD is this in usually prohibigot Daily Mail:
      Boldface title: “One puff of cannabis DOES help relieve stress, study confirms– but any more is bad for your anxiety levels.”
      Someone at Daily Mail knows they’re losing the prohibbattle, and hey, maybe this means they might be ready to bite at the Microdosage Compromise!
      Not that they really mean it yet– the top picture on the article is, you guessed it, someone’s hands fondling a newly rolled 500-mg HBOMP hot burning overdose monoxide puffjoint! After “one puff”, do I carry the Old Stinky with me on the bus? An additional picture shows a big jar with many ounces of unsifted buds, but no mention of how to prepare herb for 25-mg vapetokes.
      Notice they use the harshly aggressive word “puff”– used over past century in $igarette advertising to promote the high temperature combustion habit, and delay the public learning about Slow Draw Vaporization utensils. And the URL features the word “bad” (as in truckfumptweets) to reassure bigot readers “We still hate weed”.
      As has been said here before, any progress better than nothing. PS. Send Sabet a picture of a flexdrawtube oneheater and remind him what “little marijuana” really means (25mg)!

  9. Ok, sorry about that last sarcastic post. This one will be much more sarcastic, I promise. 😉 Considering TexasNORML has already occupied the acronym “Operation Trapped,” for our Texas Veterans to protest marijuana prohibition,


    I suppose I’ll have to change that prohibition addiction acronym to Gerrymandering Overdose of Prohibition. (Wait, thats what GOP always stood for, isnt it?)

    In other news, the Secret Service is making headlines because theyre having so much trouble recruiting agents that are prepared to take a bullet for Trump… that theyre lifting their zero tolerance drug policy for employment requirements:


    Now of course there are plenty of other reasons that Trump is giving the Secret Service a run for their money… He’s got our tax dollars protecting Mari Lago, Trump Towers in NY and his golf course in New Jersey where the good President spends most of his time tweeting our rights and national secrets away. And if the DEA is still luring the Secret Service to those Ho-tells in Cartagena using “sexpionage” and collusion with the Colombian cartel to distract the media from a failed drug war Trump could end up making even the prostitutes run for their money! Talk about a recruiting problem! (“Whaddyou mean we cant find a hooker for Trump? Wont Anybody sleep with him?”)

    Its well known that there is little piss testing in the tech business or companies couldnt hire the best IT people because most of them smoke a lot of weed. The FBI has to do a lot of contracting for the same reason. Now it looks like the gig is up for the Secret Service too. To protect this President our agents have to be on drugs. How’s that for consumer-demanded legalization?

    1. Or how bout those sex tapes the Russians are using to extort Trump? Talk about piss-testing… Trump’s the only guy who volunteers for a piss-test! He needs a piss-break!

  10. shared it widely and sent ky comer two emails, it seems like a loosing battle when I believe it would help me, its all about money tho

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