Deputy AG: Marijuana is federally illegal and has no medical use

Cannabis PenaltiesDeputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was questioned about federal marijuana policy during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today and his responses were disconcerting to say the least.

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) asked Rosenstein about the current tension between state and federal marijuana laws.

“We do have a conflict between federal law and the law in some states. It’s a difficult issue for parents like me, who have to provide guidance to our kids… I’ve talked to Chuck Rosenberg, the administrator of the DEA and we follow the law and the science,” said Rosenstein, “And from a legal and scientific perspective, marijuana is an unlawful drug. It’s properly scheduled under Schedule I. And therefore we have this conflict.”

He further elaborated on the Trump Administration’s view of the Cole Memo, which was issued by President Obama’s Deputy Attorney General James Cole, which lays out guidelines for marijuana businesses operating in medical and legal states if they wish to avoid federal interference.

“Jim Cole tried to deal with it in that memorandum and at the moment that memorandum is still in effect. Maybe there will be changes to it in the future but we’re still operating under that policy which is an effort to balance the conflicting interests with regard to marijuana,” stated Rosenstein, “So I can assure you that is going to be a high priority for me as the U.S. Attorneys come on board to talk about how to deal with that challenge in the states that have legalized or decriminalized marijuana, whether it be for recreational or medical use…”

He also said that the Department of Justice is “responsible for enforcing the law. It’s illegal, and that is the federal policy with regards to marijuana.”

After testifying in front of the Senate Appropriations Committee, he also appeared before its House counterpart.

Representative Kilmer (D-WA) further questioned the Deputy Attorney General on the Cole Memo and the Department of Justice’s pending review of it, asking for an update on Attorney General Jeff Sessions view on it.

Rosenstein responded: “I do not have an update. I can tell you, it’s a very complicated issue for us. Under federal law as passed by the Congress, and given the science concerning marijuana, it’s a Schedule I controlled substance. That’s a decision I’ve talked with (DEA) Administrator Rosenberg about. Some states have taken a different approach and legalized or decriminalized marijuana for medical use and in some cases recreational use…The question of whether it’s legal under federal law is resolved because Congress has passed a law — it’s illegal. Scientists have found that there’s no accepted medical use for it. Cole made an effort to examine the issue and find a way forward for the department where we could continue with our obligation to enforce federal law and minimize the intrusion on states that were attempting to follow a different path.”

Despite these critiques, Rosenstein stated any revisions are likely to happen further down the road.

“For the moment the Cole memo remains our policy. There may be an opportunity to review it in the future, but at the moment I’m not aware of any proposal to change it. But I think we’re all going to have to deal with it in the future.”

You can watch the exchange on CSPAN by clicking HERE

Send a message to your member of Congress to support legislation to end federal marijuana prohibition by clicking HERE. 

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  1. This testimony today by Deputy attorney general Rosenstein is proof that the Feds are still living 40 plus years in the past regarding recreational and medical marijuana laws.For starters, Congress must act and respect the will of the majority of their constituents and pass HR 975 The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2017.

      1. The famous Dr.Sanja Gupta could put them to shame over this issue who use to be anti marijuana but now adter seeing scientific proof of its medical value has changed to pro medical marijuana.
        These asshole I bet all drink alcohol the WROST DRUG avaviable causing more problems than all other drugs combined.HYPOCRITES

  2. The madness continues….I worry, folks, I am very, very worried about a crackdown….however, maybe Rosenstein is saying he does not know because he knows the Feds don’t have the immediate resources to fully crackdown and start raids, even if they do they would have to do it gradually, if not sporadically. We need California shops on board, and I say again, we need more states. Every state we add makes it harder and harder for them to crackdown. Sessions seems distracted right now, but this…Rosenstein matter is not good for us. Not good at all. Still, stay strong, and keep fighting! Victory is already in our hands, any crackdown will NOT look good for the DOJ, and DEA, and I DO think they know that.

    1. purposeful intentional lies….for some reason keeping marijuana illegal fits their agenda. Like everything else in their perverted agenda, they bend toward blatantly ignorant views (creationism as a science, conversion therapy, denial of climate science, favoring of most restrictive and most authoritarian sect of Christianity, to name a very few).

      I suspect that they know very well that cannabis in fact does have medicinal benefits-MANY-as well as perhaps intellectual benefits or even spiritual benefits that don’t fit their agenda.

      My take, based on personal experience, is that pot enhances critical thinking if you use it wisely, and it promotes a view of universalism (have you ever had the “world within worlds” conversation when stoned where you theorize that you might also be a cell in some giant’s body?) that leads you to want to detach from the commercial rat race. For me this has led to a realization and confirmation that I don’t want to work insane hours for the opportunity to go to Disneyland once a year, nor do I want to participate in the insane pursuit for the next greatest gadget and contribute to the production and disposal of plastics and harmful chemicals that get dumped in our oceans or shipped overseas for poor brown kids to sift through.

      If they attempt to crack down on medical-or recreational-cannabis, I think there has been enough public experience with managing marijuana in society that there’s no turning back. Since legalization in Washington Oregon and Colorado went into action, the benefits have vastly outweighed any drawbacks, so much so that other states have adopted similar policies and it’s getting talked about more an more in state governments. And now California has crossed the river, so look for those dominoes to fall. And the California governor already has a contentious and defiant attitude toward the WH so doubly look for a showdown if they try to roll back the progress that’s been made.

      1. Very well said Fireweed. Marijuana has indeed contributed to my own personal evolving neurogenesis, epiphany and coevolution that deflates my ego enough to accept that we are components of a living, breathing, thinking and feeling Universe. After all, would we live without the several pounds of microbial life that live in our guts and permeate our flesh? It is precisely marijuana’s own synergetic, living chemical key that it has coevolved with our collective mind and spirit that allows us to understand this vital symbiotic concept of micro and macroorganisms. Once we have learned how to coexist with the psychoactivity and homeostatic balance cannabis provides us, cannabis becomes more than a tool but a force of nature and perspective. This intuitive insight naturally helps us cut through all the political bull$hit and connect our collective resources to those that would prohibit them for profit. Probably why Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act… those pesky hippies were conquering their fears and asking the government too many questions…

      2. Strange thing happen with me when I srated smoking pot in college my grades shot up and made Deans Honor Roll 5 times ,and President Honor Roll once. Hum.

  3. My god, WHY don’t they just reschedule it and get it over with already? Vested interests in Pharma? Look at the potential billions legalization could bring in! Who needs Pharma if marijuana becomes legal. A stupid thing to say, plenty of people need Pharma, but I think you know what I mean.

    1. “properly scheduled.” What a joke, the DEA just does not GET IT. Or, maybe they do, equally as scary if not more so. What a joke, Rosenstein. The DEA needs better guidance. Why not focus on the opiate, heroin, and fentanyl crisis instead? The leadership at the DEA is a total joke, and none of us are laughing. I am surprised a leader like Obama appointed Rosenberg.

    2. Matt, you ask good questions.

      One your questions, asking why the DEA isn’t focusing on the real drug problems of the country, opiates, heroine, etc, have been discussed on these boards: Certain Senators and Congressmen are benefitting financially from the prison-industrial complex, and the pharmaceuticals.

      I believe that the other reason for the refocus on marijuana, has to do with the old drug warrior mentality. Some of the most vehement opponents of MJ legalization are old cold-warriors from the friggin’ 1970s and 1980s! (See asshole Jeff Sessions and co-asshole Rod Rosenstein.)

      Tho assholism is not a partisan phenomenon, the GOP seems over-heavy in this regard. (And they are currently emboldened by Drumpf’s election.)

      I honestly believe that if we can weather this current storm–the eye of the hurricane being Drumpf himself–that we can emerge from it in a position to finally push legalization through on the national level.

      However, this will only happen in the near future if the Dems regain control of the House. The Republicans won’t have our backs for at least another decade, likely longer.

    3. when something doesn’t make sense, suspect a hidden agenda. for some reason legalizing marijuana gets in the way of some agenda with them. Maybe it makes people want to slow down and drop out of the rat race. Maybe the health benefits prevent chronic illnesses so decreased demand for drugs and medical devices. Maybe it makes you think more deeply so you don’t fall prey to draconian religious mindsets.

  4. Rosenstein can squawk and rattle his cuffs, but this genie will not be put back in the bottle.

  5. Cannabis is helping the opioid epidemic… Pharmaceuticals are killing Americans on a daily basis. Of course Cannabis is medicine. Apparently Mr Sessions is committed to big pharma!

    1. Close but no cigar. The ‘opioid epidemic’ is a pro propaganda piece cleverly timed to go along with insider plays at the federal level, to roll back and inhibit the effective peoples movements to legalize MJ and bring free markets back to otherwise monopoly controlled industries. Most importantly though, you’re right, the medical industry does not want any other legal competition.

    2. [Legalized] Cannabis is helping [reduce] the [potential] of the opiate epidemic.

      We know what you meant, Rene, but we have to be careful and cite our studies from this website when we personalize pretexted scripts and write our Congressman on the Act link. 😉

  6. I’d like Rosenstein and his buddies to go to some disabled veteran’s home and tell him/her that ‘marijuana is not medicine.’ Let’s see how long his capricious little attitude lasts then.

  7. Why does the federal government have a patent on synthetic THC if there is no scientific evidence of usefulness?

    1. Excellent question. Evidence of a complete hypocrisy legally and morally. Scientifically, the difference between synthetic THC and whole plant cannabis is night and day. Big Pharma is investing heavily to create a legal distinction so they can market synthetic cannabinoids through the FDA process. They cant patent whole plant cannabis, which is safe and effective, so they invest in its prohibition while marketing deadly synthetics.

    1. Again; RED BLUE RED BLUE! Do you need a political cracker or something. I suppose you’d have rather had no borders, muslim migrants bombing everywhere like in the UK, UN troops door kicking and gun grabs, and continuation of the largest political cartel to hit this country ever? Please, only the simple minded people of this country actually believe one person can change the world. It’s up to you, where do you spend your money? The power of the purse and free markets is the only power that matters. Wake up!

      1. Without robust regulations (which corporations and Republicans hate,) the free market is nothing but a screw job on the poor (which corporations and Republicans love.)

        Capitalist swine!

      2. Yep, I guess I’d have rather had no borders, in 1972 they kicked me out of Europe for a piece of hashish the size of your fingernail.

    2. You betcha! Proof Trump is doing a great job is the libtard democrats are getting more and more upset.

      1. @ Gary,
        I think you will find, in the long run, that a political strategy that consists solely of pissing off people of good will, is going to backfire on you. It’s not exactly a brilliant strategy, now is it?

      2. Its a little vague in the republican white one seems to remember anything .sessions,rosenstein cant answer simple questions .i dont recall bleats sessions ..what a joke for the world outside america watching.good americans have never had it so bad.

    3. What the hell does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Obama appointed Rosenberg you uneducated ignorant jerk. I voted for President Trump and will again! Questions?

      1. @ Jose Valdez,
        I have a question. Does the cavity in your cranium have an echo?

      2. Jose Valdez, csaaphill, MSimon–the Trump apologists are back–en masse no less.

        I have to wonder who gave you all your sudden marching orders. That’s the way it usually works with conservatives. You hear them all on all the talk shows repeating the latest talking points.

        Valdez, you said you’d vote for Drumpf again. So, I’m guessing you like his AG, and the fact that his AG wants to crack down on MMJ. You know that, right Jose? Or maybe you like the fact that Drumpf gave classified info the Russian ambassador? Or that Drumpf “drained the swamp” then promptly refilled it with worse vermin?

        Here’s another question Jose Valdez–Drumpf said during the campaign that states should be allowed to decide whether or not to have MMJ. Now, Prexy Drumpf says MMJ is bad, that we should not allow it. Which Drumpf do you believe, Jose?

        You asked if there were any questions–I just asked you a couple. Waiting for your ANSWERS, Jose.

      3. Trying to reason with Republicans is like arguing with your TV set. You can’t have a two-way dilogue with a one-way marketing campaign! If you try, you’re being manipulated, and wasting your own time.

        Every Republican who does not reject Trump is complicit with Trump, and is every bit as much a racist, traitorous scumbag as Trump.

  8. What is so hard about just changing the damn law. We all know that these characters only have one thing on their minds and that is payoff money. They are still using the old tatics of touting how it is against the law and old outdated corrupted data from whom? the government…I say we have had enough of this inequality at the hands of bigoted people in the White House….Trump lied, about equality for all and stood and told us veterans that he was supportive of our medical use…these both have turned out to be lies….

    1. You’re remiss to presume that Trump controls the policy of these other persons. Once he appoints someone he does not have control over them like you presume. Hopefully he will fire Sessions. You’re remiss to blame trump directly, but would be fully justified to state like I have; We will not vote Trump 2020 if he allows Sessions to take away hard earned rights regarding legal MJ. Please stop it with the ‘bigoted’ presumptions. You’re off point, because the reason MJ is illegal is about power and cash, prohibition of truly free markets where source materials are readily fungible without excess taxation.

      1. Wow. So by that logic, if I appoint someone to guard your house, knowing full well he is a serial killer, and then he murders you and your entire family, I am absolved of all guilt and responsibility? Hmmph. Thanks, I never saw it that way..,

      2. @ guestguestguest,

        America is multi-cultural, multi-racial, and we reject Trump and his white supremacist agenda. He is racist and hateful, he is a liar and a fraud. You are a goddamn bigot. Only a bigot could support Trump. NORML, and the marijuana legalization community in general, opposes racism and bigotry. Your maniacal rants will not change that.

        By appointing and confirming Jefferson Peckerwood Sessions to the position of AG, Trump and the Republicans have certified and notarized their racist, sexist (see Warren) and wholly corrupt ideologies for all to see.

        So fuck off, redneck.

      3. Point to remember: just as smoking marijuana does not make one a bad person, neither does it make one a good person. Similarly, just because a Trump supporter smokes pot, that does not make them a part of the marijuana legalization community. You have to actually support marijuana legalization for that. That is why a non-toker who votes for legalization is of more use to the cause than a Trump supporter who smokes an ounce of weed every day.

  9. Rod Rosenstein x Chuck Rosenberg = the new Rosen-Steinberg hybrid cannabis strain!!!

    Hm, guys, your little echo chamber and love fest parroting incorrect information that has cannabis in Schedule I isn’t working. You two assholes + that asshole Sessions and anybody else in this administration who is a prohibitionist asshole, your opinion and official positions and legal positions don’t mean shit. You’re not going to stop legalization. Cannabis is simply NOT going away. You can’t arrest your way out of it. States are NOT going to help the feds fuck up a great jobs and revenue stream, plus the savings and more realistic relationship law enforcement has then with the public.

    These few assholes, influential as they may be, Can Not be everywhere all the time to arrest their way out of legalization.

    Give it up! Legalize now!

    Trump Cannabis & Seeds

  10. Admission that the Cole memo is still law by who will potentially be our new AG is a victory in itself.

    The “further down the road” comment refers to a variety of connotations:

    1). Rosenstein is still working for Sessions, who is a prohibitionist and whose job is on the line because our pathologically insane President still blames Sessions for recusing himself from the Russian investigations.

    2). Rosenstein cant play hard ball with his boss, Sessions, who has demonstrated he will fire people involved in the Russian investigation despite his recusal or the interests of the American people.

    3). Trump Administration is in disarray and has not appointed more than 400 cabinet positions ir Federal judges and US Attorneys that would turn the tables on marijuana policy much less the Russian investigation.

    The good news is Rosenstein demonstrated he respects states rights when he refrained from prosecuting mmj cases in Maryland after that state legalized.

    The other good news is that its going to be much easier for Trump to fire AG Sessions than he can fire Special Prosecutor Mueller. And Trump still thinks he’s hosting The Apprentice where firing is his job after each episode.

    Furthermore, the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment has been continued until September. Perhaps a foreshadowing translation of “further down the road,” means “we dont have the tax payer money for a crack down yet.”

    If Trump fires Rosenstein or Mueller against the interests of the American people we will see a case of the US v. Trump that will lead to his impeachment.

    1. Your presumptions that blue and red are indications of right and wrong are way off base. Please don’t be a parrot in a cage, shouting RED BLUE RED BLUE all day long. Do you need a political cracker or something? You were remiss to not mention the possibilities that Trump is waiting to fire many people and may be unable to make effective policy placements due to the false narrative which is now exposed as such, the russian collusion false conspiracy. How about firing sessions and returning to the campaign promises? If you continue with the blue vs red frame of mind, you might not be happy with the results of blue any more than red. Big pharma regulating MJ will be worse than dealing with criminal enterprises whom sell dime and ounce bags on corners. The point people need to understand, in order not to be useful idiots and or marionettes, is that liberty is the only consideration. Ron Paul; Ideas matter, politicians are for the most part, pretty much irrelevant. Our focus should remain on reform and promotion of liberty. Please, take off the red blue glasses. I’m an American. I place liberty first. That is all you need to know, in order to respect me, and vice versa for me to you. Don’t play games.

      1. Here’s a game for you: Fuck Trump and his racist supporters. Enjoy.

      2. Dont worry; smoke marijuana every day and stop watching cable news and youre going to make a slooooow recovery. That illogical anxiety youre feeling is a good sign you still have a conscience left, repressed deeply under the fear and psychosis that has infected your mind and spirit.
        Listen “guestguestguest” (is that the echo in your head or Valdez the human Pez?), President Trump is “unable to make effective policy placements” because he is a shame-suppressing sociopath with narcissist personality disorder suffering from violent psychosis due to possession of a little dick and balls from repeated abuse of finasteride and cable news addiction. Oh, and because he’s a fraudulent con with impaired memory that has absolutely no idea what the fuck he’s doing or saying. Fortunately for us he blurts his psychosis out in tweets we can use in a court of law.
        As Obe-one-Kinobe said; “Who is more the fool? The fool? Or the fool who follows him?”

      3. guestguestguest,

        I honestly understand where you’re coming from on the red-blue issue. I had a tough time voting for Hillary because of her umbilical-like ties to the military industrial complex; I did vote for her because of the alternative–Drumpf!

        But I believe you are being willfully naïve when you paint both parties with the same broad brush on every issue. If you can’t see the difference between the two parties on so many relevant issues of our time–abortion, voting rights, gun control, immigration, marijuana (!!) it’s because you aren’t looking.

        Bring up NORML’s scorecard if you don’t believe me–facts don’t lie.

  11. Infowars just censored a similar post as this: If this war on MJ is allowed to stand, we will not be voting trump in 2020. In Colorado we have shut down criminal cartels state wide and it’s nearly impossible to get ‘hard drugs’ anywhere outside of urban areas for regular people. We have nothing to do with cartels and have effectively shut off their income by growing our own. The example Sessions set forward regarding cartels growing in CO is a misleading example, but rather a temporary issue which will be nullified when MJ becomes legal in more locations. Marijuana oils certainly do stop tumors, I’m living proof of that. This is the most disconcerting action to come from the Trump presidency. There is already ‘laws on the books’ to manage migrant cartels. They merely need to be enforced and renewing the war on drugs as a fast track to migrant issues is absolutely unethical. How many more otherwise innocent Americans need to be incarcerated by the federal governments advocacy towards big pharma and big prison? Sessions should recuse himself and be sanctioned. What can be done? We The People. We have spoken. Legalized MJ reduces crime and gateway access to actually dangerous drugs dramatically. Hemp; Food, Fuel, Fiber, Medicine.

    1. While Colorado’s legalization most certainly has reduced illegal cartel trafficking, there is a cartel in operation since the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, and it is being run primarily by our AG Sessions out of the DOJ, President Trump, our Commander-in-Chief who sets forth executive policies, and CONGRESS, who ultimately makes or breaks the law. The ONDCP uses our tax payer dollars to deny the medical efficacy of marijuana, so the DEA can lie to Congress like they did a few weeks ago after killing innocent people for cash on a water taxi in Honduras like the thieves and murderers they have been deputized to be.
      All of the above accept money from synthetic pharmaceutical companies, private prisons and Trump $upporters, so do us all a favor and vindicate your poor choices by donating to NORML, clicking on the ACT tab, then calling and VISITING your state and federal representatives to help reform marijuana law. Check out the Congressional scorecard and vote for the good graders:

  12. Let us acknowledge what is happening here: white supremacist, authoritarian fascism.

    I don’t think people yet fully understand that we are now an arm of the Soviet Union. Trump has no intention of yielding power to anyone, and the openly racist GOP is all in, fully complicit. And Trump supporters? Too stupid and violent to care one way or the other.

    Do you really think Trump will allow anything to get in the way of his absolute power? Then you haven’t been watching.

    1. In my above comment, I meant to say Russia, instead of The Soviet Union, but whatever… The point is that marijuana legalization, along with all other causes for social justice, are doomed unless we can defeat fascism. The problem is much worse than it appears, and as bad as it looks, it is actually much worse. Forget about voting — even protesting is quickly becoming illegal. That’s your fascism barometer. Look at how they deal with protestors in Russia, and compare that to the bills that Republicans all across America are trying to pass regarding the right to protest: same damn thing.

      When Trump starts assassinating reporters, will you be surprised? Not me. Shocked, horrified, yes… But not surprised. I called it right after the election — I said it was a total scam, and I was right.

      So eat shit, Republicans.

      The thing about fascism, you have to stop it at the beginning, or it solidifies, and we lose our freedoms, our rights, and naturally, our weed.

      1. Did you see the recent, televised circle-jerk Trump arranged, where everyone who works for him had to blow him, publicly?

        The press said, “Wow, that looks like fascism,” which is true; but it would have been more accurate to say, “That IS fascism.”

      2. Look at the chain of reasoning. Even before the election, it was clear that, for Trump, a run for the presidency was never about public service. Please. Give me a break. So, what, then? Answer: money, obviously. Self-enrichment, one way or another.

        Trump scammed you out of your wallet, motherfuckers, except that wallet is The United States Of America. Now what do you think he’s going to do with it? Answer, enrich himself. And that is where the Russian Oligarchy come in. Trump gets rich, and the rest of the oligarchs divvy up USA for good.

        This is a broad outline, but don’t take my word for it — there it is, take a look!

  13. To go along with my email to Director Henderson, of Perrysburg, Ohio, who wants a medical ban in the city. I found this article, some good news for elsewhere. Hope Perrysburg follows suit and rejects a medical ban. I don’t know what happened with those Tenn. cities whose legislators, some of them, wanted a repeal of legalization. Hope they see common sense, too, but this article is some good news that some areas of Ohio are waking up. Hold onto your hope, we will get legalization done. City by city if we have too, or otherwise.

  14. It’s all big pharma,tobacco, the textile industry,and racism. Its all about the filthy rich getting richer. Marijuana is a tool for the political base to arrest and remove voting rights for certain people in this country. There is one legal state that will only let the rich get into the industry.

  15. My political statement that has a big direct cause of why marijuana would not become legal under Federal law.

    No matter who you voted for president, the Yankees has it all controlled. The Democrats v.s. Republicans or the Liberals v.s. Conservative are just names of teams under one secret party. When States defy federal law, their days are always numbered because they have no rights. What’s given to the states is temporary. They can take it away anytime they want.
    I have no solution, but that is the way it has always been.

    Have a Happy Fourth of July 1776!
    Celebrate Liberty, Freedom, and Independence.

    During the War of 1812, find out what New England did?

  16. This nation is not grateful that Trump appointed Sessions, an obvious crackpot. His also’obviously’ advanced senility should not place him in any position of responsibility or for his job as AG. Sessions should join with Lamar Smith and go into retirement. They could sit in their rocking chair where they can rant and rave all the day long

    1. We didn’t vote for Trump, either. We gave more votes to Hillary than Trump. He’s still a fucking loser.

  17. “Properly classified?”
    How is it that the “science” serves to support the LIE that cannabis is a hallucinogen?

  18. Worry but watch especially if Trump Gets re-elected. Like Obama who came after our second amendment after 2012 Trump will wait until then, but I wont for now be voting for him again.
    Yeah lots of us voted for him because of what he’d said about it. So don’t go blaming Trump voters. by his own appointment Sessions violated why people voted for him, so suck it to above who’s calling people who voted for Trump idiots. Couldn’t vote Hillary she’s the wicked witch. Wanted to but when Garry Johnson turned out to be an idiot, and had no chance Trump was the only viable candidate who did say he supported possibly the legal recreational use of it, and did say he supported at least the medical part so….

    1. @ csaaphill,
      Yes, I do blame Trump voters, because it was obvious at the time, and you goddamn well should have know better, and you sure as shit did know better, because we all tried to stop you, but you were determined to fuck things up big time. You knew you were voting for a fraud. You knew what a racist piece of shit you were supporting.

      Goddamn right I blame you!

    2. One question Csaaphil: When Senator Sessions endorsed Trump back in February of 2016, after Trump began his campaign blaming Mexico for our socioeconomic inequality and violence (just like Anslinger did when prohibition began)… did that set off any red flags that MAYBE Trump was a fraudulent candidate?

    3. When did Drumpf say “he supported possibly the legal recreational use of it”?

      I remember him waffling on the subject several times, but never coming out and saying he supported recreational MJ.

  19. What ever happened to “…for the people, by the people’s”?. Who says big government can’t be bought. I am as conservative as they get and I still know that cannabis has Medicinal properties. Rosenberg and Rosenstein need to do their cannabis history lessons and Google the products Eli Lilly and Park Davis sold as MEDICINE. How ignorant and close-minded can these idiots really be? I expected Trump’s cabinet to be much sharper than this. Cannabis as a medicine is a historical fact not speculation. GET CANNABIS AND ESPECIALLY INDUSTRIAL HEMP OFF THE CSA NARCOTIC LIST.

    1. Whooooooooah bear…

      “I expected Trump’s cabinet to be much sharper than this…”


      When Sessions endorsed Trump in Feb. ’16 and said “good people dont smoke marijuana?”

      When Rick Perry was appointed as Energy Secretary from the same Department he said he would abolish, forgot the name of it during the debates and then subsequently tried to broker deals with Big Oil until it had to be explained to him that the Energy Department deals with our nuclear arsenal?!

      At what point did you stop researching and give up on life?

  20. The so-called federal government is morally and financially bankrupt swamp. How long can Donald J. Trump tread water?

    1. Surely you’re not suggesting the moral degenerate Trump is not morally bankrupt? He is plundering America, and deserves to rot in a Siberian prison for the rest of his pathetic life. Sink, Trump, sink!

  21. He said they are taking away funding for local opioid enforcement and giving that money to the dea. Do you think the dea is going to look the other way in mj legal states when they find mj? I don’t think so

  22. They can’t admit they never did like science. Too hard to understand. Did they all go to private school and opt out of the hard facts classes

  23. NORML mods have repeatedly censored comments that don’t fit the liberal narrative. It’s gotta stop. Cannabis should not be a political issue. This much, most of us agree with. And while NORML likes to say the same, they often conduct themselves in ways that alienate half the cannabis consumers in the country.

    Stop the bullshit. Stay on message. Legalize cannabis, period. It’s not just republicans, Trump, or Sessions gridlocking progress.

    Hypocritical fascist behavior does us all a huge disservice.

    Stop allowing some and not others. Very unprofessional.

    1. “Guestguestguest? Hmm… still echoes in here.
      Well, whatever you wanna call yourself, the very fact that NORML staff, working on a very limited budget, just allowed you to post that weak nonsense is proof they believe in our Freedom of Speech.
      And you little Trumpuppets posting here never seem to ask much less realize whether anyone criticizing Sessions or Trump is moderate, liberal or conservative or analyze what these words even mean… or whether anything you say even has any effect because naturally, once confronted with the dump you leave on our blog you never have the balls to honestly answer legitimate questions do you?
      You didnt give any clear examples that are near comparible to Trump and Sessions on whatever you define as “liberal.” The only Democrat prohibitionist I can think of offhand is Debbie Washmoney Shultz and she still doesnt even come close to the attrocities Trump and Sessions are committing to marijuana policy, much less the freedom of speech you now defend in their name you written contradiction of self-inflicted failure. Are you even clicking on the Act tab and writing your Congressman to reform marijuana law? What is your purpose on this blog anyway? Your words sound really, reaaaaally stupid.

    2. Get the fuck out of here with that fascist propaganda… I say, “To hell with Trump and his racist, redneck, dumbfuck supporters, now and forever!”

    3. It’s interesting that you choose to attack NORML. Your complaints sound very similar to those of Drumpf, himself: when you can’t win the argument with logic, go after the medium. Fake news! Fake news! Fake news! Cons and Liberts do love their rhetoric.

  24. Trump supporters are not your friends, NORML. Hint Hint: Jeff Sessions. Not one Trump supporter on this site has questioned Sessions barbaric anti-cannabis policies. What say you Jose Valdez and all you other Trump lovers? Do you like the new drug war that you have forced on the American people? Do you love Sessions? I hope Sessions jails you Trump lovin’ folks that claim to like weed. I hope he and his goons come after you.

  25. If these guys want to go after criminals, they should start investigating members of our Govt. that are trying to tear this country apart. To me this appears to be a narrative that the Justice Dept will go after so as to give them and prison guards something to do, it’s all about numbers with these scoundrals

  26. How much more proof does anybody need to realize the fact that big Pharma sells POISON. But you have these ignorant people that refuse to believe that our cannabis possesses medicinal property’s.And you know what,they can but for those of us that would rather use cannabis as opposed to the opiates i was addicted to for years due to head on car accidents. If you have been on opiates for a decent amount of time you will need help of Methadone or Suboxone. But once you get your levels down Medically there is absolutely no doubt you can stay clean with MMJ or Medicated chocolate or capsules, with not a single side effect.Not One,zero.The cannabis movement is only going forward it isn’t going away no way no how. Fuck you Jeff Sessions you little fucking Dwarf. Why are you so against something you have never tried? Why are you such an asshole and why can’t you tell the truth. Plus Sessions is invested in pay for prisons. No wonder he wants mandatory minimums back as horrible as they are.

    1. Weve been down this same conversation before, with some of the same Trump supporting sock-puppets as before;

      In this blog I connect Jeff Sessions to receiving longtime contributions as Senator from HealthSouth which is now CVS Caremark. Sessions makes it easier to peddle opiates from the nation’s largest drugstore. Sessions was given large sums of money to make sure lethal drugs like depakote could be sold to epileptic children. After the lawsuits over the deaths, here he is still trying to cut out the only safe, effective treatment for epilepsy so he can kill more children for profit. Read my links. Its that bad.

      1. Go back and listen to the conformation hearings on Mr (inside drug trader) Price who was under investigation for inside trading when he was confirmed and put in the position in charge of the US Health Dept! That will make you sick! He bought 6 stocks from a source that no one else had access to them he pushed the 6 med stocks he’d bought through legislation then he cashed in millions on those inside traded illegal med. stocks! That’s who telling Americans that marijuana is not of any use medically? You must be kidding, I bet he does think that and will push it to the hilt because he’s making millions and millions on his and others sky high pharmaceutical medications that 75% or more Americans can’t afford to pay for and die each year because of it! You can look up on the internet the conformation hearings for Tom Price and watch him lie and get caught lying then the republicans confirming him anyway. It’s just disgusting and immoral as far as I’m concerned. Most of the current administration belong in jail that’s for sure!

      2. Oh sweet Dee…
        (reference to Always Sunny…)
        I don’t usually post this far back into the blog, but when I do, it’s because you’re RIGHT!
        Thankfully we’re not the only ones catching on to this parasitic behavior. Their time will come. We just have to keep contacting our Reps and clicking on the Act tab, and getting in our state legislator’s faces until then. Keep up the good fight Dee!

  27. 3 comments:

    Its not about president and his cronies Sessions/Rosens..etc. Its the US congress and senate that refuse to come to the table. They set the laws and are elected to represent their constituents. Clearly, they are not doing what they are paid to do with regards to marijuana laws.

    Second, big pharma is clearly out funding marijuana legalization on the lobby and stuffed yellow envelop under the table fronts. Of course, this is big money and they will do anything in their power to keep marijuana illegal. Same goes for the legal/prison money machine. They stand to loose by legalization and will therefore continue their agenda alongside big pharma.

    Lastly, Dems and Reps are both for and against. It is not party issue. I personally know more reps that are in favor of legalization than dems. We need ask them to do their job irrespective of party affiliation.

    My take — have a great day!

    1. While I can find plenty of state and federal Congressman as examples of prohibitionists or marijuana law reformers on both sides, to say Rsa d Ds are the same on this issue is a false equivalency:

      Read’m n weep. The Rs have too many prohibitionists stacked on their side of the table. The stakes are getting higher and so are we though.
      I agree the pots not yet right… we need to annie up, donate to NORML and citizen lobby our state and federal legislators.

    2. Well, right now the GOP controls congress. It is up to the GOPer Representatives to bring up legalization; Dems have no power to do so.

      You say you know more Reps than Dems who support legalization–who are these GOPers? Please provide us with their names, so we can all send them messages of support. Or were you referring to GOPers you personally know, like the guy who lives down the street? You post was a bit confusing in that respect.

      The truth is that Dems support legalization over GOPers by a pretty substantial margin. Just look at NORML’s report cards–they post them all the time. Yes, there are Dem assholes who are prohibitionists; but the number of GOPers who are prohibitionist assholes are far more numerous.

      All of the states that have legalized recreationally so far are blue, except Alaska. Most of the states that have legalized MMJ are blue. Most states that are lagging behind in legalization are red. These are FACTS.

    3. You said, “Lastly, Dems and Reps are both for and against. It is not party issue. I personally know more reps that are in favor of legalization than dems. We need ask them to do their job irrespective of party affiliation.”

      You are correct, technically, but the devil is in the details. Don’t believe me and my liberal propaganda? Just look at NORML’s scorecard–that tells it all in black and white.

      I personally know a lot more Dems who smoke pot than GOPers; but that only proves I know more Dems who smoke than GOPers. The bottom line is that more Dem politicos are helping our cause than are GOPers.

      In my state, NM, it is Dems who are leading the attempts to legalize, and GOPers who are largely standing in the way. I suspect that in more cases than not, that is the situation across the country.

      If you know of any situation in the states where GOPers are leading the effort to legalize and Dems are obstructing–please inform us. I’m serious. We occasionally hear from people like you who say it’s not a partisan issue, but I never see the situation where GOPers are leading the efforts and Dems are obstructing. Again, if you know of such situations, please apprise us.

      I am always willing to lay off GOPer politicos who help our cause; I won’t call them hypocrites or opportunists.

  28. One more idiot in the list of people who cannot and will not be educated. They are willfully ignorant and have no use for anyone or anything that disagrees with their beliefs. Is there anyone out there running for office that’s not dirt-stupid?

  29. This whole thing is a sham! I don’t use marijuana but as far as them saying it has no medical use, that’s a bold faced lie and they know it! The only reason they say that and are dead set on making it illegal and unobtainable to people, especially those that are in pain, have cancer, seizures and all other sorts of terrible medical problems that it help greatly with, is because they are not the only ones making all the money on the sale of it. Look at the US Health dude, Mr. “inside trader” Price, who bought stocks (but only 6 certain ones that he had an inside line on, then he passed a bill on the 6 he bought through legislation then he cashed in big time on them! It was illegal and he was under investigation for that crime when Trump put him in charge of the US HEALTH DEPT FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZENS!! Now knowing that perhaps you can figure out why they want to do away with marijuana and sell pills to people instead at the pharmacy that charge $600. to $800. just for a dam epee-pen, used for those allergic to bees! That’s just a small example, people are dying every single day because they can’t afford the disgusting prices that the government are robbing them for to be able to live. They don’t want people in pain or that are sick to have medical insurance now and they want to do away with marijuana but the dam meds keep going higher and higher and higher every day and are pretty much now unobtainable to most people! They are disgusting and just plain greedy criminals that don’t give a S*#@ about anyone but themselves and how much money they can steal from the American people while they are dying because of their own scummy greed and putrid selfishness! The current administration makes me sicker every day and it just keeps getting worse.

  30. This whole thing is a sham! I don’t use marijuana but as far as them saying it has no medical use, that’s a bold faced lie and they know it! The only reason they say that and are dead set on making it illegal and unobtainable to people, especially those that are in pain, have cancer, seizures and all other sorts of terrible medical problems that it help greatly with, is because they are not the only ones making all the money on the sale of it. Look at the US Health dude, Mr. “inside trader” Price, who bought stocks (but only 6 certain ones that he had an inside line on, then he passed a bill on the 6 he bought through legislation and made millions on them then he cashed in big time on them! It was illegal and he was under investigation for that crime when Trump put him in charge of the US HEALTH DEPT FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZENS!! Now knowing that, perhaps you can figure out why they want to do away with marijuana and sell pills to people instead at the pharmacy that charge $600. to $800. just for a dam epee-pen, used for those allergic to bees! That’s just a small example, people are dying every single day because they can’t afford the disgusting prices that the government are robbing them for to be able to live. They don’t want people in pain or that are sick to have medical insurance now and they want to do away with marijuana but the dam meds keep going higher and higher and higher every day and are pretty much now unobtainable to most people! They are disgusting and just plain greedy criminals that don’t give a S*#@ about anyone but themselves and how much money they can steal from the American people while they are dying because of their own scummy greed and putrid selfishness! The current administration makes me sicker every day and it just keeps getting worse.

  31. Gods laws is the only laws that we need to follow God gave us the life given herb Everything that he made he saw was good Then AG Sessions says that good people don’t smoke pot, what does good people do take oxycontin, methadone,suboxone, perocet, thats what good people they help keep medical herb from the true good people,just say no—o to dictatorship,

  32. While the totality of what Rosenstein said in regards to its legal status is disheartening at the least, there appears to be a glimmer of hope at the end of along dark tunnel: “Cole made an effort to examine the issue and find a way forward for the department where we could continue with our obligation to enforce federal law and minimize the intrusion on states that were attempting to follow a different path.”

    A small effort, any effort for that matter, geared towards finding an amicable solution that affords both parties enough of what they want to be deemed a suitable arrangement is, for now, good enough. Why? Because it’s progress. It’s a stepping stone, a foothold, or whatever you want to call it. Either way, it’s at least a leg for both parties to stand on and together, we can continue functioning while we work towards a long-term solution that appeases what is hopefully all sides.

  33. Its a sad day in america pot has been legal for the past 20 years in california it is inhumane to withhold this valuable medicine from the sick and dying let each state make their own laws keep on smoking its less harmful than alcohol.

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