Study: No Increase In Problematic Cannabis Use Following Passage Of Medical Marijuana Laws

no_marijuanaThe enactment of medical marijuana laws is not associated with increased rates of problematic cannabis use, according to data published online in the journal Addiction.

Columbia University investigators assessed cannabis use trends in states in the years following the passage of medicalization. They reported “no significant change in the prevalence of past-month marijuana use among adolescents or young adults (those ages 18 to 25)” following legalization. They also found no evidence of increased cannabis abuse or dependence by either young people or adults. States with largely unregulated medical programs were associated with increased self-reported use by adults age 26 and older, but states with stricter programs were not.

The study’s findings are consistent with those of numerous other papers reporting no uptick in youth marijuana use or abuse following medical marijuana regulation, including those here, here, here, here, here, and here. The findings contradict those of a recent, widely publicized paper in JAMA Psychiatry which speculated that medical marijuana laws may increase the prevalence of cannabis use disorder among adults.

An abstract of the study, “Loose regulation of medical marijuana programs associated with higher rates of adult marijuana use but not cannabis use disorder,” is online here.

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  1. Here hear!!

    Copy paste and send people! Click on the Act tab, paste one or all of these studies into the prescripted dialogue and SEND!

    State and Federal Congress are our path to freedom.

  2. I don’t think there really is such a thing as “cannabis abuse disorder.” That’s a mouthful of words that don’t mean shit. Sounds like someone rephrased the concept of a “thought crime” into some scary-sounding psychiatric jargon.

    1. Yeah, I heard that Mark. But there damn sure is something called Prohibition Use Disorder. We can clinically diagnose it just watching our AG giving testimony to Congress!

      1. Ha! Definitely. Those guys all have a serious case of “P.U.D.”! Plus, they just are a bunch of puds.

        Look at the damage it does to their minds, the damage it does to their critical thinking skills.

      2. “Puds.” Sounds about right. I think we just clinically diagnosed an American epidemic.

  3. Think, isn’t the main reason for “no uptick in use by minors” fear of sneak sudden attack “drug” testing leading to a life sentence of “on your record”, “expulsion”, family “disownment”, “unemployability”, “shaming” and “poverty”?

  4. It’s always great to get verifiable research like this to counter unsubstantiated claims. Thanks for sharing!

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