Uruguay: Retail Cannabis Sales Begin Today

Select pharmacies in Uruguay are now dispensing marijuana to adults, under regulations that went into effect today.

Sixteen pharmacies are presently licensed to engage in cannabis sales, and some 5,000 adults so far have registered with the state to purchase marijuana products — which are capped at a price of $1.30 per gram.

Sales to foreign tourists are not permitted under the law.

Federal officials initially approved legislation in 2013 lifting Uruguay’s criminal prohibition of the plant. Under the policy change, citizens may cultivate up to six plants per household, and engage in collective cultivation as part of membership clubs. Rules and regulations governing the distribution of marijuana for medical purposes are overseen by the Ministry of Public Health.

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  1. They truly are a shining and wonderful example for other South American states to engage in, and it would even put a dent in the drug cartel problems in this region of the world even, even bang up the Mexican cartels as well a bit. Uruguay is a beautiful country with kind, loving people. I have not been as of yet, but I am marking it on my list of places to visit. Way to go, Uruguay! I hope other countries take point and follow suit!

  2. Thats great. For years the United States has exerted control over a large part of the Americas and led these nations to punish those who use marijuana. But, with the recent legalization push, that looks to be slowly dying as well. Hope these things keep happening, good day y’all

  3. I know $1.30 sounds really cheap for a gramme but when you compare it to the cost of any other agricultural produce it is still really low. It still values a typical plant in a greenhouse at over $100 retail which is a massive value compared to other crops that could be grown in the same space and for the same length of time (i.e. having a similar production cost)

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