Study: History Of Marijuana Use Associated With Decreased In-Hospital Mortality In Trauma Patients

thumbs_upTrauma patients who test positive for marijuana upon their admission to the intensive care unit are less likely to die during hospitalization than are age-matched controls, according to data published online ahead of print in The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.

A team of researchers from the University of Arizona analyzed the in-hospital mortality rates of adults admitted into the ICU over a five-year period, of which 2,678 were matched (1,339: marijuana positive, 1,339 marijuana negative).

Authors concluded: “Patients with a positive marijuana screen had a lower mortality rate (5.3 percent versus 8.9 percent) compared to patients with a negative marijuana screen. … Prospective studies with long-term follow up will be useful in answering many of the remaining questions surrounding the specific impact of marijuana on outcomes after trauma.”

Prior studies have similarly reported greater survival rates among marijuana-positive patients hospitalized for traumatic brain injuries and heart attacks as compared to matched controls.

An abstract of the study, “How does marijuana effect outcomes after trauma in ICU patients? A propensity matched analysis,” appears online here.

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  1. The full medical benefits of cannabis cannot be known or utilized until we legalize it completely.

  2. Smoke up, People.

    As Michael Moore says in his Broadway show, we all live in Flint MI now. We’re all in line for environmental poisoning, one way or another, if not overt violence. America is now officially a banana republic, under a new management team called “Putin” aka, “Russia.”

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    This does not make America great.

    Further, Trump is willing to nuke the entire planet, rather than let Mueller put him in cuffs. You know I’m right.

    So smoke up. For all kinds of reasons.

  3. The longer you smoke MJ, the higher your blood pressure will go. Heard that on the news this morning. Having smoked the stuff for almost half a century, why am I not dead yet?

    [Paul Armentano responds: The methods of this study in question are seriously flawed; so much so that I’m surprised it passed peer-review. See my critique of this paper here:

    1. Your link said “Page not found” Paul. Hope this one works;

      Anyone who thinks marijuana increases blood pressure more than tobacco cigarettes needs to see a picture of the inside of the lungs of one person who smokes only marijuana and another who smokes only cigarettes. The heart pumps harder when the bloodstream isnt getting enough oxygen. Hard to get oxygen when your lungs are shriveled up from cigarette toxins and caked in tar. Not saying marijuana smoke doesnt produce resins or the smoke doesnt contain carbon monoxide, but those resins are more easily metabolized. And dialation of the blood vessels, a symptom of marijuana consumption, increases oxygen intake and nourishment to the brain, the leading factor regulating heart pressure. I think these reachers in this link lack the oxygen required for peer reviewed science.

  4. As most of us know, cannabis has many medicinal properties regardless of what the lying DEA says.

    Could it be that our Government does not want us to use cannabis for that reason? After all, if we die sooner then we won’t get to collect our Social Security.

    I have so little trust for our Government that I wouldn’t put that bit of logic and thought past them!

  5. I can’t help but believe that AG Sessions is having his eyes opened with all the latest statistics regarding pot. The fact that even some GOPers have resisted his efforts to crack down immediately must have him in a state of confusion. “But. . . but . . . they’re bad people . . . “

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