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take_actionNORML’s 2017 Conference at the Capitol Hilton in Washington, DC and Congressional Lobby Day at the United States Capitol is scheduled for September 10th-12th. Hundreds of marijuana consumers, activists, patients and business owners are expected to attend a day-long training and informational conference on Monday and re-convene on The Hill Tuesday to personally lobby their elected members of the House of Representatives and Senate.

Whether you’re a longtime activist, college student, medical marijuana patient, or simply a NORML supporter, consider taking this all important step to directly lobby your members of Congress in support of common sense marijuana law reform. During your stay, you will meet and network with like minded activists from across the country, and your time on Capitol Hill will ensure that our message is brought face-to-face to those in Congress who need to hear it the most.

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We will be lobbying for expanded protections for those states that have reformed their laws, and to protect the progress that we have made from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his rogue Justice Department. Time and time again, AG Sessions has made it clear that he thinks those of us who consume cannabis are “not good people.” We will be in the halls of Congress to set the record straight.

Sunday, September 10
DMV NORML Coalition Welcome Reception & Vanguard Awards
(Hosted by the DC, MD, and VA Chapters of NORML)

Where: Dew Drop Inn (2801 8th St NE, Washington, District of Columbia 20017)
When: 7pm
FB Event Page:

The DMV NORML Coalition, composed of DC NORML, Maryland NORMLand Virginia NORML, invites you to the Welcome Reception for the 2017 NORML Conference. You’ll enjoy an evening networking with activists from around the country, NORML leaders, and local legislators. The Coalition will present their annual Vanguard Awards to three lawmakers from the DMV who have significantly impacted marijuana policy reform. Proudly sponsored by Kulture

Monday, September 11
NORML 2017 Conference

Where: Capital Hilton (1001 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036)
When: 9am – 5:30pm (Coffee and light refreshments will be served from 9am-10am)

Agenda includes:
– Putting the Grass in Grassroots Activism (How to Reform Marijuana Laws at the State and Local Level)
– Our States Legalized Marijuana, Now What?
– Smoke the Vote: How Marijuana Can Win at the Ballot Box
– Shifting the Overton Window To Get To 51 (and 218 in the House) (How to Effectively Lobby your Federal Officials Training)
– Marijuana Regulation: Impacts on Health and Safety — The Evidence to Date
– Let My People Grow? Principles Versus Pragmatism in Marijuana Law Reform
– Legalization as an Economic Stimulus

We will also have a very special awards presentation and keynote speakers to be announced shortly.

End Prohibition Again!
(Prohibition Era Themed NORML Benefit Party)

Where: Attendees will receive the secret venue location in advance of the conference, optional shuttle service from the Capital Hilton to the venue to be provided.
When: 7pm

Tuesday, September 12
NORML Lobby Day

Where: Congress
When: 9am – 4pm

We will meet in the morning in a reserved room on the hill. Registrants will meet with the offices of their elected officials throughout the day as scheduled (NORML staff will be assisting with setting up these meetings, so please register as soon as possible so we can start booking those with your specific officials). After lobbying we will reconvene one final time for happy hour drinks and to share stories of our efforts at a local establishment.

Please register ASAP if you haven’t already so we can better plan scheduled lobby meetings and anticipate the number of attendees.

Get your tickets now!

See you in September,
The NORML Team

21 thoughts

  1. Citizen lobbying is the single most important, empowering thing we can do as marijuana reform activists. Congress works for us. And they need to hear from their constituents. Federal Congress alone must clean up the CSAct, our rogue DOJ and end prohibition.

    With that said I just got back from DC and visiting the NORML headquarters on H street is a rewarding and informative experience in itself. Take some time to thank Keith, Justin, Erik and any student interns for their hard work. Legalizing isn’t easy. We all need to participate.

    Glad to know ya’ll picked the Hilton. I like their honors program and theyre fairly marijuana tolerant. Better than giving Trump any money and the Holiday Inn is not marijuana friendly. Try and find someone with a vaporizer for hotel consumption so you dont get desperate and shotgun a beer like me just to make a beer bong. That aluminum will take the brain cells marijuana created away. Much rather enjoy a craft beer and sneak a toke on a cheap, disposable (or giftable) one hitter. Careful to check your bags before traveling.

    If your federal Rep is a complete dickhead like mine, Lamar Smith, focus on supporting his progressive, marijuana reforming opponents in upcoming elections. Ask the candidates questions and see if they would approach NORML for a beer and talk to Justin. We can crowd-fund to get some of the worst douchebags we hate the most… like Ted Cruz… out of office by supporting their opponents;

    1. Julian, I was all set to get some tickets to the event, and even lobby my senators. But if I have to deal with people like you who throw around words Iike “douchebags” and “dickheads,” I have to hesitate. There are many more voters like myself who lean conservative. We don’t run around bad mouthing politicians who just might help the cause.

      1. Glad to see Justin recycled this blog so I can respond to your post Bob.
        Allow me to respond in order of your comments:

        First, and foremost, Senator Ted Cruz is so gross and detestable his own daughter pushed and cried in disgust when he tried to kiss her on stage just for pics to make him look more human during the Presidential campaign. (Perhaps he should try being a father?) His face looks like a douchebag. Just look at him. He looks like a vantriliquist doll fucked a used car salesman. He claims he backs states rights; he even claimed he would end mandatory minimums, only to flop and vote FOR them at the last minute. Cruz has no integrity to his word either as a Senator or as an individual. So I defend my remarks.
        Furthermore, let the NORML Congressional Scorecard speak for itself:

        I dont even know how this douchebag got a “C”? He never voted on any marijuana reform NORML ever supported. He went and fetched Trump’s shinebox after his wife was publically humiliated by Trump during the campaign. He’ll tell you anything to get reelected then suck the teets off private prisons and Big Pharma.

        And as for Representative Lamar Smith… who looks like a two-headed rattlesnake fucked a wax figure of President Nixon, this dickhead got an “F” on the above link I suggest you click and read often. He claims to support our veterans on one hand but wont support access to marijuana to our veterans with PTSD. Like I said; dickhead.


      2. I contact their offices often and most of the time they dont bother to answer. Too busy killing veterans for profit.

        And I work closely with my Republican state Rep. Jason Isaac who I consistently vote for to legalize marijuana in Texas. I’ll vote for anyone with integrity enough to reform marijuana law, because hemp and marijuana are conservative. They conserve water, soil and wasteful health care spending on synthetic drugs for symptoms preventable with whole plant marijuana.

        But dont let me discourage you from going to Washington and citizen lobbying… go ahead and get in their faces; shame them into answering the hard questions like “how will you not vote for the SMART bill if you’re for states rights?”

        But dont expect a paradigm shift in what they are or who theyll kill to get what they want.

        My question to you, knowing now what these so called “conservatives” stand for… is what do you call conservative?

      3. “Whosoever postureth before you as a Conservative, ask first what they propose to Conserve.”

      4. @ Bob,
        That sounds a little bit like extortion. You support the cause, but then again, maybe you might not, if you don’t get what you want, which is political cover for Republicans and their sensitive feelings.

        Show up, have some humility and candor about the Republicans currently shitting on us marijuana consumers, and I will bet that Julian would be willing to smoke one with you in peace and civility.

        You are privileged if you have the time and the means to go. I wish I could go. Don’t waste it!

      5. Yeah, I would. Theres a few Congressman that need to pull up a chair n roll one with us too.

    2. Julian,
      Thank you for your comments, opinions. America is beautiful and I’m glad we can speak freely. I’m a 100% Disabled Veteran(OEF/OIF). I HAVE been given every type of NARCOTIC PAIN KILLERS for 8 years! Yes, I believe the Narcotics has its place, but when your not getting better, it is time to move on and NORML knows where they are going. The first time I tried marijuana at 45yoa, I instantly got 80% relief. It just got better each time. I live in Maryland, where it is legal, got my 1 yr recommendation to use medical marijuana! But, where the heck is it? I’m a wounded soldier who needs medical marijuana and not the family, life destroying NARCOTICS. I LIVE way down on the eastern shore and I don’t know how to get marijuana on the street. Make it available where it is already LEGAL and push hard for the states who do not have legal medical marijuana! It is time to get together and put like minds and ideas at work. I’ll be at the convention, money willing, in September 2017. I want answers, but most of all I want to help! And also hold those states, who voted for legal marijuana,a accountable to get thier programs up and running. I will help NORML! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO. RESPECTFULLY, GARY C.,WOUNDED SUFFERING DISABLED VETERAN. FYI: IM ALSO A RETIRED POLICE OFFICER/CHIEF.

      1. Hi Gary,
        Thank you for your service both as a law enforcement officer and to our military. By supporting marijuana legalization through NORML, along with the Law Enforcement Action Partnership, our goal is to restore integrity to the uniforms our servicemen and officers wear. Advancing this goal requires more people like yourself to bravely meet with our legislators face to face.

        With great exception to Rep. Andy Harris, you have some great allies representing Maryland in federal Congress. Here is the scorecard;

        By all means contact them on your own as well as coordinate with national NORML here for prescheduled events to meet with your Congressman. It is an honor to represent veterans for our Congress and we need your support! Tell it to’em! Anyone who doesn’t support the SMART bill does not support our veterans or states rights!

      1. No, unfortunately not Jordan. But Executive Director Jax Finkle will be and she is in a much better position to answer any questions in regards to Federal Texas lobbying of our Congressman:

        I just returned from DC last month and had a great discussion on strategy with Justin and Kevin. I “highly” recommend you visit them on H street whenever you can. Its worth the while.

        For those of us that cant make it to DC check out this webpage for your local NORML chapter listings and click on the ACT tab to find out what state legislation we need to support to reform marijuana law. Meeting our state representatives can be the most effective and rewarding experience as we become active citizen lobbyists.

        To that end, at the federal level, I would advocate respecting states rights to regulate marijuana free of Federal interference is the single most effective policy we can push through a Republican controlled Congress.

      2. Julian – Thanks again for stopping by the office and all of your diligence in Texas. Keep up the fight down there, it’s going to be easier here in DC if we get The Lone Star State to set a good example (on marijuana policy at least…)
        – Justin

  2. Once CA shows Feds how much can be made, as government agency, by taxing MJ, you watch how fast they not only jump on board, but try to take over regulating at federal level, (so they can get some of the $ being made right now…).

    1. Colorado already brings in $3 MIL a week in cannabis tax. Last yr they took $1.3 BIL in cannabis sales off the black market. If that argument was going to work it would have already. IMHO

  3. It’s amazing. We as older people struggled to use pot illegally in the 70’s on up through the 80’s and we were always demoralized by the people who are looking forward to their little kids using it today. I have a whole family of relative in other words cousins who thought we were the worst people in the world. Today they have lots of kids that are grown up and they are smiling and looking forward to the easy life their kids are going to have and you are helping what doesn’t in the least deserve help, because if this were Ronald Reagan’s day whom my dirt-bag relatives voted for Old Reagan would be drafting the children instead of getting them high on weed.
    I don’t like helping dirt bags.
    Especially spoiled rotten children and are they soiled.

    1. @ Okay for everything,
      Nobody “deserves” to be arrested for marijuana, no matter whether they are “spoiled” or not. Bitterness is understandable, but don’t be so judgemental.

  4. Are there any scholarships or financial assistance? I would love to go but as a victim of the Cannabis Wars, my legal expenses have left me without funds to attend.

  5. I would love to go and Lobby. Missouri raided my husband’s Cannabis Garden in 2014, arrested both us old folks, didn’t give him medicine in jail, and killed him. I survived but had to sell our home to cover legal, medical and funeral expenses. I don’t have the financial means to travel, but I tell a compelling story for Cannabis Reform if there is any scholarships available.

    1. Dolores,
      I’m terribly sorry to hear about your husband. No one should be arrested for nonviolent possession of marijuana then die from being denied its medicinal use. You are due reparations for such an interable injustice.

      While you cant make it to DC to lobby day, there is plenty more you can do to support marijuana legalization in your home state of Missouri, or even from the device or PC youre using.
      Clicking on the green Act link on this page you will find a host of prescripted letters to your Congressman. Take some time to personalize your message and mention what has happened to you. Call your Congressman. Find out when the next town hall is and tell your story in person, face to face.

      Have you heard the good news? New Approach Missouri is on its way to getting enough signatures to qualify medical marijuana for a 2018 ballot initiative.

      Contact them with this link and see how you can get involved.

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